Thursday 10/18/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 10/18/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Krystal is home alone when Adam comes to visit posing as Stuart. Krystal looks through the peep hole and sees that it is Adam. She wishes that Jenny were old enough to tell her to glue the door shut. Babe begins to burn the Mickey Mantle rookie card. Tad comes in just in time to stop her. He takes the card out of her hand and when he sees whose card it is, he wonders where she had gotten it. Babe lets him know that she had gotten it from Richie. Ryan is on the phone checking on the health of Spike. Greenlee questions Kendall as to why she had brought her here. Kendall lets her know that she needs to do something that should have been done the day that she had almost killed Spike. Kendall demands to know from Greenlee what had happened the night that Greenlee had taken him. Greenlee pleads with Kendall to let her know what she can do to help her. Krystal imagines that Adam comes in, once apologizes to her and asks her to take him back. Ryan tells Tad what is wrong with Spike. Through tears and Kendall’s demands, Greenlee tells her what had happened the night she had taken Spike. The band and Sean gather at the Comeback Bar to talk to Colby. Colby suggests that Corrina be the new face of Fusion. Babe goes to visit Richie and finds him packing to leave town .Babe gives him back the Mickey Mantle card. Richie gets a call for a job interview. Stuart (Adam) points out Adam’s good qualities. They are about to kiss when Babe comes in. Aidan calls Ryan and gives him the latest news on Tommy. Aidan asks Ryan had he seen Greenlee. Greenlee suggests that they can back before all this began. Kendall is confused. Richie goes on his job interview and the boss turns out to be none other than Ryan. Krystal rushes to Adam’s to find out what he is up to now.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Carly and Jack share fond memories of how their romance began in Montana. The couple gets lost in the woods while taking a boat ride. Once they make it back to the cabin, Jack tells Carly he doesn't want her to die and leave him. Katie films a Halloween segment with semi-homemade host Sandra Lee. Once the filming is over, she goes with Brad to get drunk at the Lakeview. Katie and Brad go to visit Sage at Will and Gwen's to give her a costume for Halloween. Katie gets even more depressed when Will informs her that Carly and Jack went to Montana together. Katie is positive that Jack and Carly are going to reconnect in Montana and she gusto her hotel room to each chocolate to try to make herself feel better. Katie realizes that Brad has always been there for her and asks him to make love to her right now.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick and Bridget explain to Brooke that Taylor’s baby needs a bone marrow transplant. She still doesn’t understand until they draw her a picture - Taylor’s baby is her biological child. Nick asks and Brooke agrees to be tested for a match. Taylor has been given a sedative so Nick leaves her to sleep. He insists on supervising the testing. Katie finds Ridge at Brooke’s and champions the idea of him getting back with Brooke. Ashley checks into her Paris hotel, and is surprised by finding Rick in her bathtub. She declines when he invites her to join him. He will have to stay elsewhere, not in the corporate suite which she had already booked.

The procedure goes well. Taylor awakes and wants to thank the donor mother. She spots a wheelchair by her bed. Ridge calls Brooke and she takes the call while horizontal. She urges him to go on home and she will explain tomorrow. She spots the baby and asks Nick to let her see him. She’s happy she can do this for him and Taylor. They will be happy and a family….just like her and Ridge. He holds her hand and thanks her for his son. Suddenly Taylor wheels herself in and calls his name. The curtain divider prevents her from seeing the face of Brooke; she just knows it’s the donor mother and she wants very much to meet her and thank her.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Marlena returns to the pier remembering her past reunion with John. Roman finds her there and has to convince her to attend the funeral. Lucas punches EJ when he arrives claiming to be paying his respects. Tony accuses Stefano of killing John. Vivian, via sent in donation, funds the entire funeral. Victor crashes the funeral to be able to speak of remorse at how he acted over Claire and how John was the better man. At the funeral, family and friends take turns speaking about what John meant to them. EJ and Kate drown their sorrows at the pub while the funeral is taking place. Kate cautions EJ to not let the vendetta ruin his life. Stefano decides to attend John’s funeral.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Kate tries to get Jason to stop Sonny from meeting with Anthony; she fears for his life. Lulu stops Johnny from shooting Logan. After Carly threatens divorce, Jax and Robin agree he won't be the father of her children. Luke and Sonny discuss the Zacchara situation, especially as it relates to Lulu. To Elizabeth's dismay, Lucky files for emergency guardianship of Jake, so Diane suggests that the truth should come forth. Robin is not happy with Patrick for interfering by telling Carly about her plan. Reluctantly, Kate tells Sonny where Zacchara lives. Skye and Ric continue to get closer. After Lulu leaves her two latest swains, Zacchara's men grab her so that they can get Johnny to come home.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Cassie helps Josh get organized and settled into his new position as minister. Olivia has organized a vigil for Marina in hopes of keeping the story in the news. Buzz is touched that Olivia would do something so kind. Josh is asked to speak at the vigil. On the way to the hospital where the vigil will be held, Cassie notices that Daisy is very upset. Cassie misses the vigil to help care for Daisy after learning how serious the teen’s problem is. Cassie takes Daisy to Josh’s office so they could be alone. When Josh returns,he is kind and gentle much like Buzz who arrives soon after. Daisy feels better and learns that she isn’t alone and hated in the world.

Coop is having problems keeping his faith alive. Coop admits to Ashlee that he believes too much time has passed and Marina is dead. Ashlee wants to support her boyfriend . Ashlee has been working at the “Marina Cooper hotline.”  She goes to the station to find someone to fill in for her so she can be with Coop. While she is waiting for her replacement, a call comes in. It is Marina! Marina asks for help and gives the address of the docks. Ashlee can’t get an officer to take her seriously, so she goes in search of Marina herself. Ashlee is scared but feels she must do this for Coop and Marina.

Rafe is drinking and skipping school. Natalia is at a loss how to help her son. With Gus out of town, she calls Remy. Remy’s bad attitude goes up against Rafe’s, and they argue. A cop walks up and catches Rafe with a beer. When Rafe gets in the officer’s face, he is arrested. Remy makes a tough call. He calls Daisy before he calls Natalia. When Remy does reach Rafe’s mom, he tells her that she must let Rafe and Daisy work things out for themselves. Daisy goes to the jail to talk to Rafe, but he sends her away and tells her he never wants to see her again.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Blair sits at a table at the Capricorn, looking over some sheet music when Marty comes in. Marty wants to talk to Blair about Todd’s son. Jared watches the game when Jessica comes in and pushes his feet off the sofa. Natalie comes to visit and tells him that she had come to deliver what he really wants. Vincent lets Antonio and Cristian know that the actions between Sean and Talia were just for show. Sean tells Talia that it is time to come clean. John and Michael are in a stakeout van outside of Ron’s apartment when Todd barges in on them. John gets a call and has to leave. Natalie tries to offer Jared his job back with fringe benefits, but Jared turns her down. Todd tells Michael that he is going to pay for what he did. John and a fellow officer break down the door to Ron’s apartment, but finds everyone gone. Ron and Marcie and a friend make plans for Marcie to leave town and vanish forever. Sean breaks up with Talia in front of everyone. Layla suggests that she and Vincent take Sean out for a drink. Antonio lets Talia know that he is not sorry that she and Sean had broken up. Talia is confused by Antonio’s. An FBI agent arrives at Ron’s apartment. He and his associate begin to search the house for clues as to the whereabouts of Marcie and Tommy. John goes over to the computer and deletes some info that Ron had had on the computer. The FBI agent comes out of the bedroom and notices what John had done. The agent begins to question John as to what he had done. John reveals the name of the car lot where Ron and Marcie had gone. The agents go to the garage and meets up with Ron and his friend. Marcie had already managed to leave.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Most of the town is now at Clear Springs. JT and Victoria discuss baby names and settle on "Bubba" until the baby is born. Jack thinks that Maggie is following him. Nick is furious when he finds out that Jack is a "person of interest" in Ji Min's murder. Nikki tells David about Victor calling in the loan. When she asks Katherine for the money, she turns her down.  She also asks Jack who turns her down. Nick and Katherine both try to get Victor to change his mind but he won't budge. Victoria tells Nikki she is going to go talk to Victor personally to get him to change his mind. Amber tries to convince Lauren to use her designs and music for the fashion show. Katherine, Cane and JT talk about the problems at Clear Springs. JT looks around and finds major damage in the structure.  Maggie finds out that Lauren used to be married to Paul. While Nikki is talking to David about Victor, they hear a loud noise and see the building collapsing. There is screaming and debris everywhere, and we see Sharon lying in the rubble.

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