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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee is furious when she finds out that Zach is behind this whole scheme. She tells J.R. that he had turned her whole life upside down. Ava comes into Fusion wearing a very outrageous outfit. When Ava takes the bow out of her hair, the other women is outraged to find that Ava had had her hair cut like Britney Spears. Kendall, Zach, Ryan and Annie find out that Spike is not a candidate for the cochlear ear implant. J.R. offers Greenlee his help and support in getting her the needed info that she needs against Zach. Zach tries to console Kendall when she finds out that Spike may never be able to hear again. Babe apologizes to Ava for their remarks toward her. Ava accepts their apology and then she makes the remark that she will do the photo shoot in her “birthday suit.” This shocks everyone in the room. The photo shoot begins and is a success even after everything that has happened. J.R. comes into the Fusion office. Amanda informs him that they are not releasing Ava from her Fusion contract and they will not share Ava with him. Greenlee pays Josh a visit and questions him as to what J.R. had told her. Josh pretends as though he doesn’t know anything. Josh tries to get Greenlee to promise him that she will give up on this idea of obtaining more info on her fertilized eggs. Outside the office, Greenlee calls J.R. and agrees to go forward with their plan. Hannah listens to the conversation. Ryan teaches Spike sign language that he is his father. Ryan and Annie are surprised when Spike responds to the sign language. Ryan calls Ryan and leaves him a message about the boy, who was a witness to the death of the Banachek boy. Ryan tries to call Greenlee, but is upset when she doesn’t answer her cell phone. Kendall calls Greenlee and tells her that she needs to see her immediately. Greenlee arrives and wants to know what this is all about.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jack surprises and scares Carly when he calls her doctor to ask if she can make the trip to Montana. Snickers goes missing at Henry and Vienna’s diner. Meg overhears Paul declare his love for Rosanna. Craig tries to play the supportive husband. Carly is able to finagle the phone from Jack and cover with the doctor. Snickers ends up in the wrong hands. Brad manipulates and then charms the woman to help Katie. Rosanna and Craig talk about their plan. Jack admits that he is glad to have alone time with Carly. The kids try to get out of the trip to Montana so Carly and Jack can go alone. JJ tells Jack that Carly told them that she isn’t going to die. Meg goes shopping for some nightwear at Craig’s request and is forced to hide from Rosanna, Barbara and Paul. Jack tells Carly that she should reconsider trying to raise the kid’s hope. Carly tells Jack she feels a miracle is about to happen after she can’t tell him the truth again about her recovery. Katie is thrilled to see Brad and thanks him for cheering her up and saving Snickers. Brad considers being honest with Katie after he sees she is sad, but when she asks him to stay with her. Meg bumps into Paul leaving the store. He is less then thrilled when he sees the negligee, but Meg is equally as mad after what she overheard. Carly can’t tell Jack the truth as they grow closer, and asks him to give her until after their trip to see how she feels before they talk with the kids again. Barbara thinks Meg is stalking Paul, but he doesn’t want to talk about her. Later, neither Paul nor Meg can get the other off their minds. Katie and Brad grow closer, as do Carly and Jack. Meg text messages Paul to meet her at the Lake the next day. Craig wakes to find Meg gone. Paula agrees to meet Meg, but is angry afterwards. Katie asks Brad what he wanted to tell her earlier, as Brad lies and tells her it was nothing. Jack agrees to make no decisions until after they return from their trip, and in the meantime they can hope for a miracle.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget looks at the monitor and sees for herself – is the baby her mother’s? Meanwhile, Nick is stated not to be a possible match, so that means only the donor mother. Taylor goes hysterical and has to be restrained. Nick demands Bridget tell him who is the donor mother? No mistake, it’s Brooke. He needs Brooke now to help his son and wants to get her over here as soon as possible. Ridge and Brooke pose for romantic photos for the newest edition of a fashion magazine. She reminds him what they share in R.J., something she will never share with Nick. She makes her plea that she feels this is her last chance to do what’s right with R.J. She confesses how much she loves him and always will. Something about those words, Ridge leans forward and they kiss.

Brooke looks hopeful, but the phone rings and spoils the moment. Bridget calls and needs her to be at the hospital right away. She then fills in Dr. Caron that her mother is really the donor mother so it’s her marrow that needs to be taken. Brooke runs into Nick first and he prepares her for the news as Bridget walks in. Brooke doesn’t understand why she has been called. What does this have to do with her? Nick relays it has everything to do with her, everything!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Morgan confronts Stephanie about following her and Max and gets Stephanie to admit that she was only watching them because she is Max’s friend. Morgan offers Chelsea and Stephanie the chance to move into the sorority house. The sorority learns that a suspected rapist is loose on campus. Nick tells Maggie about having Jeremy at his house and Maggie begs Jeremy to turn himself in. Instead, Jeremy sneaks a peek at Stephanie before leaving.

Family and friends gather by John’s bedside to say goodbye. Kate surprises Sami when she tells Sami that she doesn’t want her to marry EJ. Marlena gives John permission to die. John’s passing convinces Lucas to sign the annulment papers. The cops find a piece of the headlamp shield left at the scene from the car that hit John. Bo threatens Stefano with a syringe full of saline to try and get the driver’s identity out of him.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Patrick's obvious concern for Robin's whereabouts prompted Leyla to break up with him. Logan panicked and went to the Quartermaines then to Lucky when he could not find Lulu, who was still running from Johnny's handlers with young Zacchara. Carly yelled at Sonny over her guards, especially Max, being too close and for siding with Jax. Emily helped Liz get moved into her new place. Diane and Alexis are able to think more highly of each other after a meeting, but come no closer to agreement. Carly's next flip out is when she discovers Robin wants Jax to father her baby. When Logan tracks Lulu down, she has to intercede between him and Johnny.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Today Daisy must face the music good and bad for getting pregnant and having an abortion. Grandma Reva is right there to help her along the way while being her source of support and friend. Turns out Reva is forced to deal with Harley, Buzz, Natalia, and Dylan n her own. Dylan tells Natalia and Harley about the pregnancy but Reva has to break it to them all that Daisy isn’t pregnant anymore.

The emotions that erupt are all over the board. Anger. Disappointment. Hurt. Jealousy. Blame. Everyone except Reva forgetting right now the main concern is Daisy. Natalia decides to take issue with everyone. Reva, Harley, and Daisy. Natalia feels the pregnancy could have been dealt with but an abortion is unforgivable.

While Reva is keeping the adults wrangled in Daisy tells Rafe about the pregnancy. Rafe is excited and happy making it almost impossible for Daisy to tell him the rest of the story. Rafe caters to Daisy’s every need making her as comfortable as possible. Natalia lets herself into Reva’s room demanding that Daisy tell him or she will.

Rafe does not take the news well and storms out. Rafe is angry with everyone Daisy, his mother, himself. Natalia tries to comfort her son but he rejects her affection, making sure Natalia accepts some of the blame. If she had just backed off a little bit maybe Daisy wouldn’t have felt so trapped. Harley and Dylan find Daisy after Rafe storms out. They talk and come together as a family. A lot of old and new issues have been put to rest and settled. Rafe’s family may be falling apart over this but Daisy’s is just beginning to come together in true Cooper/Shane/Lewis fashion.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Antonio joins Cristian at the gym for a workout.  Sarah models a bra for Layla to make adjustments.  Bo and Nora visit St. Anne’s to see Lindsay.  Bo and Nora are informed that Lindsay was doing much better since Dorian’s visit.  Dorian lets Clint know that she had been going through a crisis with Starr and Jack.  Dorian lets Clint know that Langston’s parents have been dead for over a year and she hadn’t told anyone about it.  Langston insists that she is not going anywhere with the social worker.  Starr accuses Britney of being the one who alerted child services of Langston’s dilemma.  Sarah insists to Layla that there is no her and Cristian.  Cristian insists to Antonio that there is nothing going on between him and Sarah except work.  Dorian blames Viki for Clint’s sudden change of attitude.  When Clint denies that Viki has anything to do with this, then Dorian blames Nora.  Dorian grabs Clint and kisses him.  Starr attacks Britney for reporting Langston to child protective services.  The doctor advises Bo and Nora that Lindsay doesn’t understand the charges brought against her and they need to “tread lightly.”  Talia comes to visit Layla and Sarah.  Sarah gives Talia pointers on how to attract Antonio.  George comes on to a woman at the gym which infuriates Antonio.  Antonio asks George how he can do this to Talia.  Starr calls Dorian and tells her that she needs her help because Langston is in trouble.  Dorian instructs Starr to keep the social worker there until she can get there.  Dorian makes her apologies to Clint.  Starr tells the social worker that if she takes Langston away, then she will help her to escape from them and that won’t look good for their office. 

Talia and Sarah decide to go to the gym for a workout.  Layla agrees to join them.  Starr apologizes to the social worker for being rude to her.  Bo instructs Lindsay to fight this and defend the murder charge.  Dorian arrives at the park.  Nora tells Clint about what happened at St. Anne’s and how Bo threw her out.  Dorian tells the social worker that she will take full responsibility for Langston.  Mrs. Woodrow threatens to have Dorian arrested if she tries to take Langston home with her.  Vincent lets Antonio know that this thing between Sean and Talia is just for show.  Talia, Layla, and Sarah overhear the conversation.  The social worker orders Langston to say her good-byes because she is coming with her. 

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis is approved for work release. Michael warns her that she has to work, not fool around with Nick, or her work release will be revoked. Lauren goes over some things with Amber before her trip to Clear Springs. She leaves some papers behind and Amber offers to bring them to her in the morning. Jack and Sharon plan a trip to Clear Springs to relax. Nikki talks to Katherine who encourages her to try and mend her relationship with Victor. When she goes to see him, he informs her that he is calling in her loan. Nick clashes with Neil when he resumes his position as co-CEO. Victor surprises them when he tells them that Neil will also remain a co-CEO. JT butts heads with the project manager on the Clear Springs project. Later he tells him that he knows he is up to something and demands to get in on the action. Victoria sees David meeting with the project supervisor again. Just about every one in town starts to head up to Clear Springs.

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