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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital while Kendall waits to see Dr. Martin about Spike, she talks to her mom on the phone.  Kendall tries to assure Erica that everything is fine with Greenlee and that there is no way that she can forgive and forget.  J.R. meets Zach and Zach gives him a file that contains valuable info.  At the Yacht Club, Greenlee gets a phone call from Aidan.  He wants her to join him in Chicago, but Greenlee wants to remain in Pine Valley.  Dr. Martin tells Kendall that there is an opening for a cochlear implant for Spike.  Annie tells Ryan that seeing Richie brought back so many memories from their childhood.  Richie comes to visit Babe at The Comeback and asks for his old job back.  Babe refuses to give him his job back and tells him to leave town.  Richie lets Babe know that he really wants her.  Aidan meets with the parents of the boy that Richie killed.  Kendall calls Zach and lets him know that Spike could be having the cochlear ear implant.  Once Zach, Ryan, and Annie arrive at the hospital, Joe explains the cochlear ear implant and how it works.  Joe takes Spike for a series of tests.  At the Yacht Club, J.R. delivers the info inside the file to Greenlee that her fertilized eggs may still be out there somewhere, and she could still have Ryan’s child.  After talking to Mr. and Mrs. Banachek, Aidan realizes that Richie killed their son in order to gain control of his baseball card collection.  Richie gives Babe a valuable Mickey Mantle baseball card to give to her son.  After talking to Mr. and Mrs. Banachek, Aidan calls Ryan and tells him that he has proof that Richie killed the Banachek boy and there was an eyewitness.  Joe comes back out with Spike and announces that it may not be possible for Spike to have the implant surgery.  J.R. shows Greenlee proof that her frozen embryos could still be out there.

ATWT Recap Written by Dani

When JJ, Parker, and Sage learn that Jack is moving in, they aren’t as happy as their parents thought they would be. The kids don’t want a fake life for whatever time Carly has left. They would just as soon Jack go back to Katie instead of living a fake life. Carly speaks with the boys in private. In a roundabout way she reveals that she isn’t going to die and she is getting better. For now Carly asks the kids to keep that just between them. Later Carly gets emotional when she sees a photo from Montana. Carly asks Jack to take her and the kids. Jack won’t, he doesn’t feel she is up to traveling. Carly tries to assure him she can handle it. Jack goes behind her back to ask the doctor. Carly catches him. She is worried it will come out that she isn’t dying after all.

Katie is down in the dumps fearing she has really lost Jack for good. Brad tries to lift her spirits but seeing her brother-in-law only makes it worse. Katie tells Brad she can only see him at work. Determined to help Carly drive Jack and Katie apart, Brad brings Snickers to cheer Katie up. It works until Snickers gets lose in the diner.

Desperate to get pregnant, Meg lures Craig into a hot passionate lovemaking session. After they have worked up an appetite, Meg dresses in a wickedly sexy dress to have dinner downstairs. Meg’s mood is turned when she walks into the dining room to find Paul seated with his family and Rosanna. Paul is toasting the love that he and Rosanna share. Barbara has asked Paul and Rosanna to the Lakeview to celebrate the fertilization of the donor egg for Will and Gwen. The evening turns out to be full of love and family togetherness. Everyone is especially happy when Gwen gets a call. The egg has been successfully fertilized.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric tells Felicia he's well aware of her so-noted displeasure about Donna. She wonders what her mother did so badly to deserve this? He has to tell her Stephanie had a hand in Brooke’s rape. Eric grumbles about the way that Stephanie handled the aftermath too, not even having the guts to face Brooke. While Taylor holds the baby, Bridget gives Nick the high sign that she needs to see him. She wants to go run the test for the baby’s donor. Grandma Jackie holds the baby while Phoebe and Thomas happily look on. Carl horns in and insists on being there for the testing; he’s been waiting for months to find these results. The doctor tells the parents the baby is gravely ill with SCID (an auto-immune deficiency), but they caught it in time to treat it with a bone marrow treatment. They will test Nick and the donor mother also as candidates.

Felicia listens but tells Donna to stay the hell away from this house and her dad, don’t mess with her anymore. Despite that, Eric comforts Donna and tells her it will be all right. Nick soothes a crying Taylor; he’s the baby’s father and this will work out - one day at a time. Carl runs the donor match test, but Bridget can’t look at the screen. Just tell her what it says.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Max brings Morgan to the pub after visiting the racetrack. Morgan reveals that she knows Stephanie has been following them and it leads to a discussion of Max and Stephanie’s prior relationship. Chelsea encourages Stephanie to tell Max that she still has feelings for him. Sami signs the annulment but Lucas refuses. EJ denies Lucas’ accusation that he was behind John’s accident but doesn’t deny that Stefano could have been involved. John wakes up and has Marlena lie with him for a few minutes before all the family and friends start coming in to say goodbye.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Kate and Sonny have a talk about their relationship and he is able to accept that she can handle it. Max saves Carly from Nikolas, but she is not appreciative, thus driving him to go on a drinking spree with Diane, who likewise feels unappreciated by Sonny. Lulu and Johnny compare notes on their dads. Tracy and Luke continue to discuss Lulu. Spinelli finds information that indicates Zacchara is more dangerous than they had realized. Jax is unable to persuade Sonny that Nikolas could be a killer, and he goes home to find Carly not amenable to listening to his warnings either. When a car spots Lulu and Johnny together, the boy panics. Emily lets Nikolas know that Alexis and the girls will be going to their own home; he suggests she do the same.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Vanessa is consumed with jealousy that Dinah has won Matt over so quickly. Vanessa is determined to get her husband back, no matter what it takes. Dinah give Vanessa the perfect opportunity to make true on that promise. Matt is sad that he has to miss out on his visitation day with Maureen, because she is taking am important test to get into an exclusive private school. Dinah decides to pull her little sister out of the test and bring her to Matt. Matt is glad to see Maureen but really had hoped she could get into the private school. Vanessa goes to Mallet to bring Dinah in for removing Maureen from school. Dinah turns angry when Matt doesn’t defend her or stand by her. Dinah’s day gets worse.

At the police station Vanessa is waiting with a doctor to commit Dinah. Mallet didn’t know about this part of the plan and doesn’t go along with it until Dinah makes a dangerous move. She pulls his service revolver from his holster and refuses to go anywhere. Mallet is afraid for Dinah and others she may hurt. It breaks his heart but he agrees Dinah needs more help than she is receiving in Springfield.

Cassie is pushing and pressuring Josh to agree to having a baby. Josh maintains he does not want another child. They try to come to a compromise but one can’t be found.

Rick and Beth are stalked by a reporter wanting to do a piece on Beth leaving Alan for Rick. After weeks of barely any contact, Beth and Lizzie make up.

Billy is disappointed to learn that Vanessa isn’t willing to give him a chance beyond a friend, but right now his son is a bigger concern. Lizzie is there to help Billy with getting to the bottom of Little Bill’s problem in Venezuela and dealing with losing Vanessa all over again.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Markko and Langston sit by themselves on a park bench and she lets him know that she has something to tell him.  Cole is surprised to hear that Langston’s parents have been dead for over a year and a half.  At first, Cole doesn’t want to believe Starr.  Britney listens to their conversation.  Dorian is on the phone and she is quite upset that the bank doesn’t have an answer for her.  There is a knock on the door and the person is very insistent.  When Dorian answers the door, she is glad to see that it is Clint.  Marcie and Ron watch a news broadcast in which she finds out that her case had been turned over to the FBI.  The newswoman interrupts Roxy and brings up some things that Roxy did in her past.  Rex and Adriana come up with a solution to get Marcie, Tommy, and Michael out of the country.  Langston tells Markko that she is not breaking up with him and he is relieved.  Langston lets Markko know that her parents have been dead for over a year.  When things get too hot for Roxy during the interview, Miles steps in to defend Roxy and orders the reporter out.  Michael pleads with Marcie via television to come home.  Markko reveals to Langston that they had gone to grade school together.  Langston wonders why he never told her.  Markko lets her know that he wanted her to know him as he is now.  Markko tells Langston that he loves her.  Langston reveals that she also loves him.  Clint lets Dorian know that he loves her.  Dorian is very much surprised.  In the park, the social services agent arrives and tells Langston that they have been looking for her everywhere and she has to come with them.  Britney beams with delight that she finally got revenge on Starr and Cole.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Victor buys Victoria a book of baby names. Victoria, Victor and Nick talk about possible names for the baby. Amber and Daniel complain about their former spouses having moved on. Meanwhile Lily is feeling bad about her life and can't believe she ended up divorced. Amber arranges to have her demo recorded. She reads Daniel some lyrics of a song she wrote about Cane. Nick has to go to Clear Springs for a few days so he asks Daniel to stay at his house and watch Summer. Jill is having a really hard time dealing with Ji Min's death. Cane gets news from JT about the guy who is ripping them off at Clear Springs. He also warns the supervisor that some of the workers don't seem to be doing a good job. Victoria heads up to Clear Springs to see JT.

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