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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee is overjoyed when Kendall brings Spike with her for their meeting in the park.  Greenlee tries to reach out to Spike, but Kendall quickly stops her.  Adam starts to leave the Yacht Club, but sees Zach walk in and go up to J.R.’s table.  Adam watches them for a few minutes because he knows that they are up to something.  Ryan holds a gun on Richie.  Annie steps in front of Richie and the gun goes off and shoots Annie instead.  Ryan tells Richie that Annie is dead.  Richie tries to go for help, but Ryan holds the gun on him and tells him that he will be going down for the murder of Annie.  Zach orders J.R. to get on the ball in convincing Greenlee that she can still have Ryan’s child.  Greenlee tries to reach out and touch Kendall’s hand, but Kendall quickly pulls away.  Josh pays a visit to Hannah to let her know that he will be her probation officer from now on.  She tries to come on to him, but he pulls away and leaves her apartment.  There is a knock on the door and Hannah thinks that Josh changed his mind, but when she opens the door, she sees that it is Adam.  Hannah tries to brush him off in order for him to leave, but he insists that he is staying.  Adam orders her to get the goods on what Zach and J.R. are up to.  Kendall and Greenlee plan another play date for them with Spike.  J.R. comes to visit Amanda and brings her a gift of diamond earrings.  She immediately feels that J.R. has slept with someone else.  Although J.R. tries to deny sleeping around, Amanda still doesn’t buy his story.  After she and J.R. make love, J.R. mumbles something about Amanda being hot.  Amanda gets out of bed and looks closer at the earrings and admits that she believes that he did indeed sleep with Ava.  Ryan continues to hold the gun on Richie.  Richie manages to get away and runs out the door.  Richie runs to Babe and explains to Babe and Tad that Ryan shot Annie.  Annie comes downstairs and she and Ryan commend each other on their performance.  At the hospital, Zach enlists Josh’s help also in helping to rid themselves of Greenlee once and for all.  Tad, Babe, and Richie pay a visit on Ryan.  Tad confronts Ryan as to what Richie told them about Ryan having a gun and shooting Annie.  Annie comes downstairs to let them all know that she wasn’t dead.  Richie realizes that they set this whole thing up.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Brad finds out Carly’s secret. Alison nervously prepares for her procedure. Holden is angry with Lily again because she went behind his back and had Dusty help her get Noah into see Luke. Luke and Noah are glad to be with each other though. Katie goes to see Jack at Carly’s, as Brad shows up after hearing of Carly’s secret. Susan wonders if Alison is having any last minute thoughts about doing the procedure? She will no longer have any claim on the baby once she signs the papers. Alison just wants to make a positive impact in someone’s lives for a change. Noah and Luke work through their issues about what happened. Carly acts defiant when Brad throws the truth in her face. Katie tells Jack about the house, as Jack agrees to buy it with her. In the same breath though, he tells her that he has moved back in with Carly until it is over. Lily and Holden realize how big and possibly broken their marriage is. Lily wants to fight, but Holden doesn’t know if he can anymore. Brad wants Carly to come clean, but Carly can’t now. There was a reason she got sick and she feels that she and Jack are about to find their way back to each other. Brad thinks this is the worst lie Carly could tell. She will tell her kids, but she needs more time with Jack. Carly thinks it is fate, and then plays the Katie card; Katie will need comfort and he is the one to give it to her. Noah and Luke talk about being each other’s boyfriend. Katie doesn’t know if she can go on like this. She doesn’t like what she is thinking, and she wonders if this marriage can survive. Jack asks her to have faith, but she doesn’t know. Holden thinks he and Lily should live separately. Jack and Katie interrupt Carly and Brad. Katie wants to leave and Brad goes with her. Will and Alison’s procedure goes off without a hitch and they voice how indebted to Alison they will forever be. Carly sees how much pain Jack is in. He wanted to make Katie happy, but all he has done is made it worse. Brad tells Katie it is for the best that she is trying to get her mind off of Jack and Carly. Katie wonders why Brad has done a 180 on his feelings? What isn’t he telling her? Carly doesn’t want to be Jack’s obligation; Jack admits, while stroking her face, that she is so much more then that to him – right before they hug tightly.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

All huddle around and wonder if they should boil water, Taylor is in labor. Nick helps her and asks Thomas to drive to the hospital. Nick holds her hand, and Bridget and the doctor guide her through the delivery. Eric is relieved to hear she will be alright. He confesses to Donna that he still thinks of Taylor like a daughter-in-law. He’s accosted by Felicia who sees her dad profess his love for Donna. He doesn’t want to tell the family just yet and have to share his news. Jarrett is delighted to hear Ridge is back at Forrester’s and insists on a money shot of him and Brooke for a new magazine cover.

Brooke tells Ridge she is a little worried if all will be right with the baby, Nick wants it so much. They both hope that Taylor and Nick will have what they have – a healthy baby. Taylor delivers a beautiful baby boy and Bridget wraps him in a blanket and presents him to his parents. Bridget gives the news to a beaming Jackie, Thomas and Phoebe.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Stefano wants Tony to take over where Andre left off but takes offense when Tony vows to stop the violence once Stefano dies. Tony is offended when Anna is compassionate to Stefano. Though Stefano didn’t order the hit on John, EJ plans to use to his advantage Sami’s belief that Stefano did this because she refused to sign the annulment. Sami blames herself and signs the annulment. John is rushed to the hospital but his doctor doesn’t think he’ll make it through the night. Stephanie, Chelsea, and the other sorority sisters help Morgan and Cordy prepare for their dates with Max and Ford.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

When Lainey expresses a desire to clear Cody, Robin warns her he is dangerous. Jax tells Carly that Nikolas stabbed Jerry and wonders if he could have killed Leticia, though Jason denies that notion. Emily urges Nikolas to get more tests before he throws a party. Tracy and Luke confer about the Lulu/Logan situation, then she mediates when Lulu tries to assure her dad she knows her own mind. Emily is worried that Alexis' girls might be afraid at Wyndemere. Nikolas tells Carly that if he were going to stab anyone, it would be her, for taking "his son." Sonny and Jason continue to try to deal with the Zacchara threat.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Hurt that Harley has once again put her oldest child on the back burner, Daisy goes through with her appointment. Only she is going to do more than get examined; she has an abortion. Although she has mixed feelings about it, she believes it was the right thing to do. Reva arrives too late and sits and talks with her granddaughter. Reva comforts Daisy who is very emotional and doesn’t pass judgment. Abortion or baby, Reva’s only concern is that Daisy knows she would have been supported either way.

Harley confronts Cyrus about Alexandra’s involvement in Marina’s kidnapping. Though Cyrus can’t believe it at first, he is so desperate to have Marina back that he will believe anything. Cyrus picks Alex up from the hospital pretending to be concerned for her. Harley is waiting and hiding in the Spaulding study. Cyrus and Alex talk about Marina and Griggs. When Cyrus sees a bracelet that belongs to Marina on Alex’s wrist, he turns on her. Alex is willing to help and almost relieved someone else knows now of her involvement but she doesn’t have any answers for them. So Cyrus, Harley, and Alex wait, again, for word from Griggs.

Vanessa wants to discuss future treatments for Dinah with Mallet. He is concerned for his wife but can’t concentrate when he sees Dinah and Matt dining together.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Jared is at Jessica and Nash’s place.  He lets them know, as well as Natalie, that he bought into their home and intended to move in with them.  At school, Britney lets Cole and a friend of hers know that Marcie McBain split town with Tommy.  Cole questions Markko to see if he knew that Langston’s parents had died in a car accident.  Starr and Langston come into the kitchen at La Boulaie and suggest that Langston move in with them.  Blair has her doubts about the move and Dorian immediately wants to know what is wrong with the idea.  Ron tries to persuade Marcie to go back to Michael.  Marcie refuses to go back to Michael and refuses to turn Tommy over to Todd.  Todd arrives on Ron’s doorstep to pick up Tommy.  Michael and John find out that the Llanview police are stepping out of the investigation and the FBI is stepping in.  Blair suggests to Starr that Langston’s parents may have left a will notifying the authorities as to who Langston’s guardians would be.  At school, Britney lets her friend know that she is going to a boarding school.  Britney looks around at Cole and Markko.  Rex and Adriana come to visit Michael to lend some moral support.  Marcie, with Tommy, hides in Ron’s back room while Ron talks to Todd.  Ron tries to talk Marcie into going home to Michael, but Marcie refuses.  At school, Britney lets them all know that she is transferring to a private school.  Britney offers her help to Langston.  Britney tells Starr that she may not be sorry to see her go, but she will be sorry.  Dorian checks with the bank to see if Langston’s parents left a will in a safety deposit box.  Unhappily, Todd leaves Michael’s apartment.  Todd feels as though Ron is hiding something.  Later at the school, Starr confides to Cole that Langston’s parents had been dead for a year and a half.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Jack talks to Sharon about Maggie's visit. Maggie tells Jill that Jack is a suspect in Ji Min's murder. Jill goes to Jack's house and confronts him, accusing him of murder and telling him that his day will come. Sharon told Jack that she is there for him, no matter what. Heather also lets it slip to Cane that she thinks Jack was involved in Ji Min's murder. Gloria meets with Jeffrey again, still thinking that he is interested in her romantically. He asks her about John Abbott and hints that he thinks she may have used William for his money. Later Jeff and Jill talk about William. Michael tells Phyllis she has to stay out of trouble if she wants to be able to get into the work release program. She and Michael talk about John and disagree on whether Jack had anything to do with John leaving Gloria out of his will. Phyllis talks to the chaplain about John.

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