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AMC Recap Written by Mary

In the courtroom, Ryan kisses Annie unaware that Richie lurks just outside the door.  Annie turns around and sees Richie as he walks into the courtroom.  He looks at her for a moment and then turns to leave.  Annie asks him to stay and then she tells him that she gives up, that he wins.  They begin to argue.  Annie invites him to dinner.  Kendall still argues with an imaginary Greenlee.  Zach walks in and wants to know whom she is talking to.  Kendall tells him that she was talking to Greenlee.  Kendall goes on to explain that she saw Greenlee at the hospital that day and it really shook her up.  Kendall tells him that she was just venting her emotions.  J.R. sits at a table at the Yacht Club with Adam.  J.R. lets him know that he obtained the funding for his business venture.  Adam is impressed.  J.R. then tells him that Ava is planning to marry Jonathan.  Greenlee and Aidan discuss their plans to leave town when she receives a phone call from Kendall.  Kendall invites her to spend some time alone with her since Zach wasn’t going to be around for a while.  At first, Greenlee refuses, but after talking to Aidan, Greenlee calls Kendall back.  Greenlee accepts Kendall’s invitation and they agree to meet in the park.  After hanging up, Kendall mumbles to herself that they have Greenlee.  Ava and Jonathan walk in to have dinner at the Yacht Club.  When Ava sees J.R., she wants a private table closer to the water.  Jonathan lets her know that he wants to show off his beautiful fiancée.  Annie arrives home with the groceries and bending to pick up her keys that she dropped, she is unnerved when Richie walks up behind her.  He lets her know that he arrived early, in case she wanted to make this dinner his last.  During dinner, Richie comments on how good the food is.  Richie lets her know that he is going to find a way to take seven years away from her life.  Ava feels uneasy about being in love with Jonathan and feels that Jonathan deserves someone better than her.  Annie asks Richie for his forgiveness.  Ryan has purchased a revolver and checks to see if the clip is full.  Kendall makes yet another entry in Greenlee’s journal.  Ryan arrives home and finds Richie there.  Ryan pulls out his pistol and aims it at Richie.  Annie steps in front of Richie, and the gun goes off and hits Annie.  Annie falls to the floor.  Greenlee comes to the park to meet Kendall and is surprised to see that Kendall has Spike with her.  Adam wishes J.R. good luck as he gets up to leave.  Adam checks his messages on his cell phone and as he turns around, he notices that Zach walked in and joined J.R.  Adam begins to suspect that J.R. and Zach are up to something.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Holden and Dusty come to blows. Noah kisses Maddie, but Maddie reminds him that he can’t change who he really is. Lily wonders about the state of her marriage. Katie tells Brad about her and Jack separating. Carly continues the charade and almost gets caught. Dusty suggests that Lucinda go see Lily, who needs her support. Katie thinks Carly is Jack’s true love, as Brad tries to be there for her. Luke has no interest in physical therapy. Noah is racked with guilt. The doctor wants to see Carly and Jack offers to go, as Carly has to be careful that he doesn’t talk too much with the doctor. Katie walks off the set when the author talks about people and their true loves. Katie tells Brad about Jack kissing Carly; Brad calls Jack, but he doesn’t get anywhere. Carly almost gets caught when Jack and the doctor start to talk. Luke is angry with everyone, as Lily decides to have Dusty find Noah, against Holden’s wishes. Dusty gives Noah a pep talk and brings him to the hospital, which thrills Lily, but doesn’t get the same reaction out of Holden, who spies Lily and Dusty hugging. Luke awakens to see Noah at his bedside and is happy. Carly tells Jack that she isn’t going to do chemo because the other medication is working enough; Jack worries about Carly and the time they have left, which touches Carly deeply. The Real Estate agent convinces Katie that she needs that home to make a family and something permanent with Jack. Brad goes looking for Jack and Carly at the hospital and finds Carly’s doctor, who tells a shocked Brad that she isn’t dying. Jack asks Carly if he can move in again? A thrilled Carly readily agrees.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge pulls away from Brooke on the bed and says it feels right, but it isn’t. They have to move on with their lives. Brooke says she can give him up if she has to, but if she doesn’t have to……….she slips off to go to Taylor’s baby shower. Jackie is nasty to Donna at the shower, and warns her she won't be welcome back in this house again when Stephanie gets home. Ridge is equally foul to Rick by insinuating he should go to Paris and stay there. They square off about the Ashley-Brooke-Ridge triangle and Rick pulls no punches that he thinks Ashley will come back to him. Nick manages to bring Thomas home so Taylor can spend some time with him before the baby; no such luck with Steffie who is deep into her studies abroad. Ashley and Brooke play cat and mouse with their words about leaving Ridge behind while Ashley goes to Paris….and Brooke says she thought she knew where she was going just before the shower but she got sidetracked. Brooke gives a speech about Taylor and the impending baby, how envious she is, wanting another baby herself. Taylor is delighted when Nick brings Thomas in. Everyone seems overjoyed except Bridgett with the sour face.

Ridge tells Rick not to try to undermine his relationship with Ashley; it wouldn’t be healthy. Thomas joins in on the toasts to Taylor. He has a really good feeling about this, seeing her for himself that she is so happy. In the midst of Nick declaring how happy yet crazy he is, Taylor doubles over in pain. The baby is coming; it’s too early, but the baby is coming!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

A vision of Colleen stops Shawn Sr. from cutting off Andre’s life support. Andre chooses to cut off his own life support and dies. Stefano is convinced Shawn Sr. murdered Andre and vows revenge even though Bo and Hope believe Shawn Sr. when he explains what really happened.

EJ stalks Belle but his plans to harm her change when Sami calls him back to the pub. Sami tells EJ that her family has convinced her to tear up the annulment papers. EJ unsuccessfully tries to convince Sami again that she truly has feelings for him. While they are talking, John is the victim of a hit and run driver.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Patrick is upset by Robin's desire to use a sperm donor and thinks she is merely reacting to the break up. Lulu continues to insist that she is going to keep her word, though she does not really want to. Scott and Luke fight over their children's involvement. Jason tries to get the truth about Leticia out of Johnny. When Lulu shows up, she says she doesn't care if Johnny lives or dies. Cody tells Lainey that helping her father die was the best thing he's done and doesn't want her to confess to anything that would hurt herself. Luke confronts Nikolas about falling down on the job of taking care of Lulu. Nikolas reminds him that he was an absentee dad. Sonny and Kate get closer. After seeing her, he confronts Trevor, who wants Johnny released. Sonny wants a face to face with the boy's father. Trevor says it's not do-able. Nikolas proposes to Emily that they throw a bacchanalia.

GL Recap Written by Eva

Cyrus and Harley continue to look for Marina with no new leads until Harley has a hunch that Alexandra has been making phone calls from the public phone at the hospital.  Harley has her men check the phone records and discovers that Alexandra has been calling Griggs.  Cyrus is stunned when Harley tells him the new information and also tells him that she suspects that Alexandra paid Griggs to kidnap Marina.  Daisy asks Natalia what it was like to raise Rafe as a single mother. Daisy also apologizes to Dylan for getting pregnant and tells him she intends to tell Harley the news when Harley accompanies her to her next doctor's appointment.  Harley is unable to go with Daisy to the doctor because she is working on Marina's disappearance so a confused and scared Daisy goes inside the doctor's office alone. 

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

At Michael’s apartment, John assumes that Marcie could have ditched the car and rented another one.  Bo lets John know that he is too close to the case and he was suspended from the police department.  Bo instructs the officer to do as John asked.  At La Boulaie, Todd is on the phone and gives the person a description of Marcie.  Blair walks into the kitchen and finds Todd on the phone.  She asks him how he slept.  He lets her know that he was just outside the door when Marcie left with his son.  Clint leaves Dorian a message for her to call him when she receives this message.  Natalie comes into the living room and lets Clint know that she fired Jared Banks.  Jared arrives on Nash’s doorstep.  Jared lets him know if he doesn’t get his job back at Buchanan Enterprises then Jessica will be getting her meals through a slit place in a jail door.  Dorian comes into the kitchen and asks Todd if there is any news on his little boy.  Todd lets her know that there is no word.  Todd starts out the door.  Blair calls after him asking where he is going.  He tells her that he is going to look for his son.  Marcie has landed up on the doorstep of her family.  Starr offers comfort to Langston on the death of her parents adding that she wouldn’t know how it would feel if she ever lost Blair and Todd.  Marcie’s brother instructs Marcie to eat breakfast, feed Tommy and then get in her car and go back to Michael.  Marcie looks at him, angrily, and tells him she doesn’t want to do that.  Marcie’s brother tells her that if she doesn’t do that, then he will call Michael himself and tell him where she is.  Marcie can’t believe her ears.  Ron and Marcie receive a call from Llanview and Ron is reluctant to answer it.  Jessica and Nash make light of Jared’s demands.  Ron lies to Michael as to the whereabouts of Marcie.  Clint lets Natalie know that she acted irresponsibly in firing Jared after just hiring him.  Marcie vows that she will never surrender Tommy to Todd.  Natalie and Jessica stand their ground against Jared.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Jack continues to work to try and get Phyllis released. Phyllis starts to warm up to Jana. Phyllis mouths off to the warden and is taken back to her cell in cuffs. Amber isn't happy when she has to serve Maggie, Heather and Cane at the coffee house. Daniel takes Amber to play some basketball, and Cane and Heather end up there too. Heather sprains her ankle and Cane takes care of her. Amber decides to go back to the hotel and get the money she stashed so she can make her demo. She sees Cane and Heather kissing. Jack reluctantly agrees to let Sharon work on Cassie's Challenge with Nick. He likes the idea more when Sharon suggests they have it at his new casino. Sharon and Nick talk about how much they miss Cassie. Jack learns that his ethics committee meeting has been postponed indefinitely. His festive mood is ruined when Maggie shows up to ask him how his dog's fur ended up on Ji Min's body if he didn't touch him.

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