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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Everyone is surprised when Richie walks into the courtroom.  Richie says that he wants to make things right because that is what Annie wants.  Jonathan walks in and wants to know what Richie is doing there.  Jack soon joins them and they all find out that Richie had not made a statement as to what happened to him.  Richie lies about everything in order to clear Ryan and Aidan of all charges.  Ryan, Aidan, and Annie are all leery as to why Richie is doing this and what he wants in return.  Kendall takes care of Spike and tells him that she is going to get revenge for what Greenlee did to him.  J.R. lets Ava know that he got the money for his business scheme.  J.R. is completely beside himself when Ava announces that she is still going to marry Jonathan.  During Richie’s statement, Ryan attempts to attack him, but the others hold him back.  All the charges against Aidan and Ryan are dropped.  Kendall continues her vendetta against Greenlee making additional entries in Greenlee’s journal.  Kendall soon imagines that Greenlee is in the room with her and they are arguing as usual.  J.R. and Ava attempt to have a roll in the bushes, but Ava soon pushes him off and lets him know that she is engaged and is going to marry Jonathan.  After Greenlee leaves the courtroom, she meets Aidan at The Comeback and he tells her that he is leaving town on business to find out about Richie’s past.  At first, Greenlee is hurt when she thinks that Aidan is leaving her, but he invites her to join him on the trip.  Greenlee is reluctant to agree to accompany him since she and Kendall are trying to reconcile, but when Aidan begs her to go along, she happily agrees.  Jonathan walks up and sees Ava with J.R. and tells her that the charges against Ryan and Aidan have been dropped.  Jonathan questions Ava if he is interrupting anything and she tells him that he is not.  Ryan vows to make Richie pay for what he did to his family.  Kendall continues her argument with Greenlee and tells her matter-of-factly that she will kill her if Greenlee ever comes near her children again.  Zach walks in and wonders what is going on as he overhears her comment.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Luke is devastated when he learns that he might be permanently paralyzed.  Noah doesn't want to go see him because he blames himself for Luke's accident.  Noah drowns his sorrows in alcohol and kisses Maddie.  Alison is positive she is a terrible person and breaks up with Aaron because she thinks he belongs with someone like Sofie.  Luke's crisis tears Holden and Lily apart instead of bringing them together when Holden tells Lily he doesn't trust her anymore.  Dusty tells Holden he shouldn't take his anger out on Lily but instead take it out on him.  Holden takes Dusty's advice and punches Dusty in the face.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna tries to drag out of Brooke the details about Ridge and the photo album. Is there another chance? She needs to see Katie and then she will meet Brooke at Taylor’s baby shower. Ridge oversleeps, and Ashley finds the photo album and presents him with it. She’s had enough, this is more than insensitive. She’s been patient, but don’t insult her intelligence when he says this was Brooke’s way of saying goodbye. He apologizes, but this feels like an ultimatum. But for Ashley, he vows he will deal with Brooke once and for all. Katie tells Donna how disgusting she thinks she is, to think so little of herself and to take advantage of another person’s marriage. Donna accuses Katie of having a crush on Thorne and this is why she is concerned and why she broke up the wedding.

Nick and Bridgette discuss having a test to prove once and for all who is the mother of this child that Taylor is carrying. Brooke sees Ashley leave and walks in on Ridge as he is emerging from the shower. Trying to overcome his modesty or rather the inappropriateness of her being in his bedroom, Ridge offers Brooke to go back downstairs with him. However, she lingers and spots the photo album on the bed and guesses that Ashley didn’t like it and gave him an ultimatum. She denies it was a ploy, it was more like therapy for her. Ridge tells her that he is marrying Ashley, and Brooke has got to let go, get these notions out of her that his feelings for Brooke are more than they are.

Donna is through being lectured to and tells Katie to lighten up and have a little fun. She could care less that Katie is embarrassed by both hers and Brooke’s actions. Brooke tells Ridge she does not want to complicate his life, but how can she go when she feels it is not over yet? She feels he is the only man she will only want. But she will put the good ex-wife’s smile on her face and play that role. Ridge sits beside her on the bed and kisses her……and kisses her again……and again as they lay back on the bed.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

To keep Philip from following through on his idea to break into the social worker’s office to find Tyler’s location, Belle talks the social worker into talking to a judge to speed up the family court process. Philip is so grateful that he kisses Belle.

Lucas gathers Bo, Hope, Marlena, and John to help him convince Sami to turn down the annulment. Angry from being rejected, EJ threatens harm to Will. EJ goes to Stefano for help in carrying out the threat but Stefano refuses. EJ follows Belle as she heads to class. Shawn Sr. and Stefano argue over who was at fault in Colleen and Santo’s love story. Stefano admits that he purposefully told Shawn Sr. about his mom being alive so that Santo and Colleen would break up. Left alone with Andre, Shawn Sr. considers pulling the plug.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Luke and Tracy have a catch up session as she tells him all that has gone on, including that Scott has an illegitimate son, Logan. Jerry explains to Jax that he likes the balance of things in his relationships with Carly, Jason, and so on, which is why he did not tell the cops that Nikolas stabbed him. Besides, Nikolas might have the right to a bit of revenge. Robin discusses motherhood, Patrick, and why the relationship ended with Kelly. Patrick tries to convince Leyla that he is sincere about wanting to be with her. He wins her over with a kiss. Jason does his best to shut down Carly's schemes to get Johnny and puts Spinelli onto finding out who took the pictures of her and Jax making love. After Emily is evasive about his rages/blackouts, Nikolas confronts Jerry, who he thinks lied to Emily. Neither Luke nor Logan likes the deal that Lulu made with Scott. Lulu insists on keeping her word, even when Logan lets her off the hook and Scotty does as he promised anyway. Nikolas decides to undergo a full battery of tests to find out what's happening to him.

GH Recap Written by Beth

As Josh starts moving into Rev Rutledge's office, Cassie tells him his first meeting with a parishioner is Reva. The meeting is uncomfortable as Reva confides in him that Daisy's pregnant. After they reminisce having their first child together, Josh confides that he doesn't want to be a new dad again.
While moving out of her room she shared with Mallet, Dinah runs into Matt and tries to explain why she's leaving Mallet while she still loves him. Matt thinks she doesn't want to choose between him and Mallet. She says she's choosing to be on her own. Mallet runs into Daisy outside of Company where Reva sees her get sick and is the only one who knows she's pregnant. On Main Street, Rafe tells Daisy about his difficult childhood and how Gus told him he should go to Europe. Rafe offers to trade in his first class ticket for two coach tickets and go together after graduation. Realizing how excited he is about the trip, she says she'll call him later.
At the hospital, Dillon sees Daisy's name of a patient list. Reva walks in, sees him demanding information from a nurse who won't share anything with him. Reva tells him Daisy's pregnant. Reva tells Dillon that Daisy needs his support. Dillon says he doesn't think Daisy can handle having a baby and she has choices. Cassie tells Josh she has a void. Josh found something that makes him feel whole and she wants that, too. She wants to have a child with him. She knows how he feels but it doesn't make how she feels wrong.
Rafe stops to visit Natalia at work bringing her lunch as Gus shows up doing the same. Gus gives Rafe an invitation from Alan for a visit to Europe by himself as a graduation present. Natalia tells him they'll talk about it when he graduates. Gus visits with Natalia again while she's at work. Natalia tells Gus she's on a break with Remy. She accuses him of checking up on her and she doesn't want that from him. Rafe sees them kissing from the hallway kissing and accuses him of using his mom. Rafe doesn't want Gus to hurt Natalia again. Gus assures him he will always be good to Natalia. Daisy goes to talk with Natalia about her problem.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Michael is on the phone with Marcie and urges her to come home with Tommy.  They argue and Marcie hangs up on him when she hears Todd’s remarks.  Langston lets Blair and Starr know that she had been lying to them that her parents were dead and had been dead for a year and a half.  Langston starts to go home, but they all insist that she stay with them.  Starr takes her upstairs to the room close to hers.  Marcie calls Michael back and lets him know that she is not coming home.  Todd insists that the FBI be called.  Bo is reluctant to call them until he knows for sure that Marcie is not coming home with Tommy.  Clint urges Nora to continue to live at Asa’s mansion.  Nora has second thoughts until Matthew walks in and tells her to consider him and what he wants.  After talking to Matthew for a while, Nora agrees to continue to live at Asa’s mansion.  Renee suggests that they have a party to honor Nora and Matthew continuing to live there.  All agree.  Renee even suggests inviting Natalie and Jared Banks.  At Buchanan Enterprises, Jared explains to Natalie about his life before Jessica framed him and he went to prison.  Natalie offers her sympathies and suggests a truce.  Jared agrees and they shake on it.  Jared grabs Natalie and kisses her.  Natalie pulls away and tells him that he is fired.  She tells him that the kiss could be considered sexual harassment.  Jared lets her know that if she fires him, then he will go to the police and let them know what Jessica did to him.  Blair tells Dorian that someone will have to be told about Langston, and her parents being dead.  Dorian doesn’t answer.  Michael questions John as to what will happen next and if Marcie will go to jail for what she did.  Marcie vows to Tommy that she has to do what is best for him and she will never to go back to Llanview.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis' appeal is denied. She is disappointed and Jack lays into Michael when he finds out. Nick goes to Victor and tells him to try to get Phyllis out. Jack visits with Phyllis. David comforts Nikki when she finds out that the projected sales from Clear Springs are now lower than before. Jana has decided she wants to spend the rest of her life making up for what she has done. She starts by trying to make amends with David. Nikki spends time with Summer and tells her what a horrible person Victor is. Heather tells Paul about her classes and finds out from Macy's parents that they didn't give Adrian the figurine. Paul tells Maggie that he feels bad that he hasn't told Heather that he is her father. Michael meets with Nick, Nikki, Victor and Jack and tells them that Phyllis could be released on a work release program, however it can't just be any job, she has to be essential to the position. He suggests that she work on the Clear Springs project. Everyone must agree that she is vital however. Nick goes to see Phyllis at the prison, who is furious that he left Summer with Nikki.

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