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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Kendall reluctantly agrees to help Annie get the guards attention so that she could sneak into Richie’s room.  At the police station, Greenlee visits Ryan and Aidan.  At Aidan's suggestion, Ryan agrees to call off his surveillance of her, since she stood by Annie through all this.  At The Comeback, Adam makes his entrance which distracts Krystal.  Krystal introduces Hannah to Adam, but then realizes that Adam and Hannah are cohorts.  Ava happily displays her tattoo which she had put on her hip that gives Jonathan the answer to his proposal.  Jonathan is quite distracted because Ava has photographers there to take pictures of her tattoo and of her.  Ava is happy that she is finally marrying Jonathan, but Jonathan begins to have second thoughts.  With Kendall and Greenlee’s help, Annie finally makes her entrance past the guard and into Richie’s room.  An argument erupts with Annie going for Richie’s throat.  The guard rushes in to pull her off him and drags Annie out of the room.  Ryan and Aidan make their appearance in court with Greenlee and Annie by their side.  They are all distracted when Richie walks in.  He vows to make things right because it is what Annie wants.  Kendall vows to move on up to the next step in her plan against Greenlee.  J.R. confesses to Amanda that he is working with Zack in order to gain access to Greenlee’s stock in Fusion.  When Amanda questions him as to what he is going to promise Greenlee, J.R. refuses to tell her anything more.  J.R. meets up with Ava outside The Comeback and tells her that she will be making a mistake if she marries Jonathan.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Luke makes it through surgery, as Holden remains distant towards Lily. Carly says her prayers… praying for more time with her kids and Jack. Katie is concerned about where her relationship stands after Jack’s admission. Jack tries to convince her nothing has changed. Katie is battling her insecurities about how Jack feels about Carly. Margo talks with Noah, who is still in the dark about the depth of his father’s crimes. Colonel Meyer sneaks into Luke’s room, but a nurse catches him. He later eyes a syringe. Lily confronts Holden about the way he is acting towards her. Carly asks for sign, as her telephone rings. Katie makes the suggestion of a live-in nurse so they can spend more time together and Jack doesn’t have to feel guilty, but Jack turns her down flat, which Katie realizes he would do deep down. The doctor calls Carly wanting to talk ASAP, which worries her. Noah learns from Margo what his dad has been up to and that his father killed his mother just recently. Lily finds Colonel Meyer preparing to inject something into Luke’s IV. Lily struggles with him before Dusty shows up. A stunned Carly learns that her doctor believes she was misdiagnosed and will live. Katie asks Jack to move out so she doesn’t have to watch him leave constantly and wonder when she is going to see him again. Jack vows that they will get through this. Dusty and the Colonel struggle before a police officer breaks them up and arrests the Colonel. Holden finds Lily and Dusty hugging. Carly is thrilled to find out she has an abscess rather then a lesion that can be treated simply with antibiotics. The Colonel and Noah share words at the station, as Noah walks out on him. Lily and Holden tell Luke what happened. Luke tells them that he feels numb. Jack shows up at Carly’s and she is anxious to share her news before Jack admits he and Katie fought and that she wants space. Katie tells Henry that she thinks Jack is still in love with Carly; Henry thinks she should just have patience and everything will be fine. Dusty suggests to Noah that he go see Luke since he feels he has no one left in the world. Noah overhears Luke’s panic and devastation when he can’t feel his legs and rushes off unnoticed. Carly asks Jack not to leave; Jack agrees to stay the night.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Ridge the kids are at a sleep-over, so they are alone and can talk. He apologizes for changing his mind about being there for her therapy session. Brooke understands; that Ashley felt threatened. But she looks askance when he tells her all of that has to stop as of tonight. She agrees he has been sending her mixed signals, and she thinks that means he has mixed feelings. She even springs a photo album of happier times out to give to him. Katie brings Thorne a doorplate for his office. She thinks it is disgusting when Thorne tells her that her sister, Donna, is having an affair with his dad. Eric promises Ashley she will still have a place in the company. He agrees that Ridge needs a strong woman in his life. She asks about Stephanie, and he replies he’s only had a couple of letters. Donna walks in, so Ashley leaves. Donna asks how things went with Thorne? And what is Eric going to do when Stephanie walks in his door, and she will? Eric is not sure until he actually sees her.

As Ridge looks at the photos, Ashley is wondering if he is home and why isn’t he calling? Memory Lane is great, but Ridge takes the album and says he really has to go.

Eric tells Donna he is not going to sidestep her. He hopes he is as good for her as she is for him. Ridge sneaks in and Ashley asks how did things go with Brooke? He puts it off by saying they can talk in the morning. He lays beside Ashley, but both he and Brooke’s minds seem to be on each other.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chelsea and Max ignore Stephanie’s attempts to keep Morgan from winning a date with Max. Max delights in seeing Stephanie so jealous. The ladies reaction to Max entices the rest of the frat boys to participate winning Chelsea and Stephanie a guaranteed spot in the sorority.

Philip confronts Steve and Kayla about having Tyler. Social services launch an investigation into whether Steve and Kayla made Pocket sick. Stefano decides to drop the charges against Steve but Steve is still skeptical of his motives. Lucas convinces Sami to spend 24 hours thinking it over before signing the annulment papers despite EJ’s threats of resuming the vendetta.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

After seeing blood that Nikolas fails to explain to her satisfaction on his shirt, Emily goes to the hospital to ask Jerry if Nikolas is the one who stabbed him. Lucky continues to wrestle with his divorce issues. Spinelli urges Lulu to not consider Scott's offer or trust him to keep his end of the deal. Tracy misses Luke. Leyla and Patrick really hit it off. Someone sends Jax dirty pictures of him and Carly. Jerry tells Emily and Jax that Nikolas attacked him, but won't tell the cops. Lulu agrees to give Logan a second chance. Luke surprises Tracy and comes home.

GL Recap Written by Dani


The search for Marina continues but brings Harley and Cyrus back to Springfield. After Harley isolates background noise off the call from Griggs she discovers the Springfield bells tolling in the background. Cyrus is plagued by visions of Marina as he fights exhaustion. When they return to town things only get dicey for the con and the cop after the town is wallpapered with Wanted Posters for Cyrus. Harley believes it is all a misunderstanding but soon learns that it isn’t. Frank wants Foley back in jail.

As Cyrus waits for Harley to return from clearing up the open warrant issue, he gets wind of Alexandra’s near brush with death. He rushes to check on her. Alex wakes up and panics after learning she has been out for a week. She desperately calls Griggs begging him not to react in a dangerous way. Griggs wants his money and he wants his money now.  Alex and Cyrus agree for now the best they can do is stand by each other.

Harley is juggling her kids, Frank, Gus, and keeping Cyrus free and hidden. Time is being wasted sneaking around and making cover stories, so Harley lies to Frank again claiming Cyrus hit her over the head and ran. Now that Frank isn’t focused on capturing Cyrus, they can begin to investigate around the lighthouse.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Dorian encourages Langston that she is no longer alone.  John tells Bo that the judge awarded custody of Tommy to Todd and Blair.  Happily, Starr tells Jack that their baby brother is coming home.  Todd, enraged that Marcie had taken Tommy and disappeared, blames Michael for having been in on this with Marcie.  Langston belittles Dorian for prying into her personal life.  Cole downs Starr’s spirits by telling her that he feels sorry for the McBains.  Markko tries to console Langston when she confesses that her parents are dead.  Michael tries to call Marcie, but she will not answer the phone.  After Bo and John arrive at Michael’s home, Todd insists that Michael be arrested for his part in the kidnapping scheme.  The later it becomes, Blair and Starr begin to wonder what happened to Todd and his bringing Tommy home.  Marcie heads for New Jersey with Tommy.  Dorian arrives back home with Langston.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Jeffrey talks to Maggie about the skin cream case. Later he sees Gloria at the club and tells her the real reason he and William were estranged is because he was in love with Miranda too, but William ended up marrying her. Later Gloria guesses he is staying in town because he has fallen in love with her too, but he is shown looking up articles on the tainted cream case on the internet. Heather tells Colleen that Adrian is an amazing professor. Colleen offers to loan her a book and while at Colleen and Adrian's apartment, Heather sees a figurine that belonged to Macy, the student who killed herself. Adrian comes home and tells her that Macy's family gave it to him. Kevin tells Jana that he is making a website about her case so the public knows that it was the tumor that caused her actions. Nick brings Summer to the prison to see Phyllis. They learn that the decision on her appeal will be in that afternoon. Michael tells them to fax it to his house as soon as the decision is made. The fax starts to come through.

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