Tuesday 10/9/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 10/9/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ava visits Lily and finds her making a list of all the things that she will need when she marries Jonathan.  Amanda walks into the ConFusion Bar and immediately runs into Jonathan and he admits that he asked Ava to marry him.  Ryan orders Aidan to get Richie down from the noose that Aidan has Richie in.  Richie hears the police outside and quickly he kicks the chair out from under him.  Ryan rushes to catch his legs to keep him from hanging.  The police and Annie rush in and, to her horror, she finds Richie hanging.  Hurriedly, they get Richie down and lay him on the floor.  The detective tells Ryan that if Richie dies they will both go down.  Ryan insists that Richie had kicked the chair out from under himself when he had heard them coming.  The detective instructs the officers to arrest Aidan and Ryan.  Lily goes over her bridal arrangements with Ava.  Ava insists to Lily that she hadn’t even said yes.  Amanda tells Jonathan that he will be making the biggest mistake of his life if he marries Ava.  Jonathan tells Amanda that he loves Ava and this is what he wants.  Amanda tells Jonathan about the emotional meltdown that Ava had at work when she saw a wedding dress that she was to wear during a photo shoot.  Ava tells Lily that she doesn’t want to hurt her because she knows that Lily still loves Jonathan.  Babe visits Richie in the hospital.  Aidan and Ryan are taken to the police station for questioning.  Greenlee arrives at the police station.  Annie fills her in as to what has been going on.  Ryan apologizes to Aidan for dragging him into this mess.  Annie urges the police not to believe anything that Richie says.  Richie tells Babe about his life when he and Annie were growing up.  Jonathan points out all of Ava’s good qualities to Amanda.  Richie and Annie’s father come to visit him in the hospital.  Jack questions Aidan and Ryan about Richie.  Jonathan orders Amanda to stay out of this.  Ava finally makes her decision about marrying Jonathan.  Annie comes to visit Richie in the hospital and their father orders her out.  Aidan and Ryan are locked up behind bars. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Paul and Meg make love at the cabin but later Meg leaves Paul again when she realizes that he can't let go of his hatred for Craig.  Brad defends Katie to J.J. and makes him realize that Katie loves him and isn't trying to replace Carly in his life.  Jack and Carly kiss and Jack is shocked when his feelings for Carly return.  Jack is honest with Katie about the kiss and admits that Carly will take a piece of him with her when she dies.  Rosanna and Craig are both in deep denial about the fact that Paul and Meg still love each other.  Craig and Rosanna are determined to keep Meg and Paul apart since they both feel that Paul and Meg could love them if they were kept apart long enough to give them a chance.  Carly tells Brad she knows Jack still loves her after their kiss and she is saddened that she doesn't have enough time to fight for him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Reeling from the hard slap to her face by Brooke, Ashley tells her how dare she! Brooke also repeats how dare Ashley suggest she was using her rape to get close to Ridge. Ashley apologizes and says she supports her and for Ridge to be there for her, but she does not support Brooke taking advantage of that situation. She vehemently points out that Brooke is crossing the line when she asks Ridge to sit in on her therapy sessions and to drop everything and drive up to Big Bear when she is frightened. Calmly she tells her that her fiancée is not the sole person she can call on when she thinks she needs help. She is just sending out a distinct message to Ashley that Ridge will come running every time she puts out a distress call. Brooke sees it as Ridge still caring for her. Ashley says it is more like she is the mother of his son and he is decent human being, but don’t confuse that with an invitation for Brooke to help herself. Brooke rails that manipulation is Stephanie’s game, not hers. And she put Ashley right in the middle of it, her little pawn. She relates how Stephanie is using Ashley and how she sent Andy, that animal, after Brooke. Ashley can’t believe Brooke is saying that Stephanie is an accessory, that she wanted Brooke to be raped. Now she realizes that Ridge is involved because he feels guilty for his mother’s part. Brooke still maintains he is doing it because he loves her. Her needs will always come before Ashley’s. She suggests she talk to Taylor about this as she and Ridge is something she will have to deal with every single day. Is that the kind of marriage she wants? Thorne goes bananas when he walks in on Eric and Donna smooching hot and heavy. He screeches that he now knows why his mother left, but he thought his dad would have more sense than this. How could he fall into this trap? Eric defends that Donna is not a tramp. He is not ashamed of this relationship. Thorne barks out that he expected more of his dad than this, he’s still married.

Ridge catches up with Ashley and says he owes her an explanation of why he went to Brooke at Big Bear. Ashley reveals that she knows already, he’s feeling guilty because of his mother, but he’s not responsible and shouldn’t expect to be on call 24/7. Brooke has pretty much put her on notice, and Ashley thinks she is confusing caring and wanting to help with something much deeper. Ridge just smirks. Ashley asks is that really what he wants? Because that is what is happening every time Ridge goes to Brooke’s rescue, she is thinking more. In her opinion, he is sending her mixed signals and is doing her no favors by running to her every call. She wants Brooke to get better, and she will all on her own or with support from her sisters. Will he at least consider what she is saying and have a talk with Brooke about this? Brooke cheerfully enters and tells Ridge it is time to leave for her session. Meekly, he tells her that he wants what is best for her, but he can’t be there for her at every turn, she should go alone. She finds it hard to accept, but says she will…..and glares at Ashley on the way out. Thorne tells his dad he is quite aware of Donna’s ‘healing powers’, but his dad is a married man and even though he is separated from Stephanie right now, they will work through this. Eric defends Donna by saying is not a fraud. She has brought something to his life he thought he had forgotten. Thorne laments that he knows sex is great, but Eric has got to think here of what he is doing, what he might be throwing away. Eric will not have Thorne take this moral high-ground approach. Donna eavesdrops outside the door when Thorne tells him to think about this, Donna is not worth it. Ridge can’t concentrate on work so Ashley gives him permission to go be with Brooke and set things straight since he feels everyone else has had their turn except him. Brooke tells her therapist that Ridge is the only man for her, the only one who understands her, the only one she feels safe with. She feels one day he will walk through that door and be home where he belongs. Ridge gets there when the session is over and surprises Brooke by saying they have some issues to talk about.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chelsea and Stephanie pack the Cheatin’ Heart with college guys but they think they’re only there for free beer and to watch the game. Chelsea and Stephanie tell them about the auction but they aren’t interested, despite turning up the emotion. Max decides to step up and be the first guy auctioned off but Stephanie is unnerved when Morgan bids so much for him. Kayla brings Pocket to the hospital when he starts getting sick again. The doctor diagnoses him with chemical poisoning and alerts social services. Kayla is hesitant to follow Hope’s advice of getting a lawyer until social services decides to take Pocket away. Billie confirms with hospital staff that a baby Tyler’s age was left there back in August and Belle makes the connection between Tyler and Pocket.

EJ and Sami try to convince Lucas that there will be no romantic intimacy during the marriage and promise that Sami will be able to return to Lucas upon Stefano’s passing. Lucas still refuses to believe that EJ will abide by Sami’s conditions. Stefano brings EJ annulment papers for Sami and Lucas’ marriage.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jerry is brought into General Hospital with a chest wound resulting from being stabbed. Dr. Ford argues with Nadine, Jolene's sister, over her being allowed to administer care to that or any patient. Emily calls Carly and Jax, who are in the process of making up, to come to the hospital to see Jerry, but Jax refuses. Carly, however, goes to the hospital. Lulu wonders why Spinelli has been avoiding her and makes the first move in repairing their friendship, but rejects Logan, who continues to reject Scotty. Mike does think that Lulu is sending Logan mixed signals. Robin and Patrick admit that they miss each other. Then, Leyla arrives for her date with Patrick. Alexis confronts Nikolas about how he has treated her and they reach a truce. Kelly's boyfriend asks Robin out. Scott offers Lulu a deal; she gives Logan a second chance in return for him dropping all charges against Luke and returning guardianship to Nikolas. Jax relents and visits Jerry.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Gus grows more and more jealous and possessive of Natalia when he feels he has to compete with Remy and Alan. Alan all but wages war for Natalia going as far as to set Remy up. Alan hires a would-be debt collector to go after Remy while he is on a date with Natalia. Gus stumbles upon the altercation and breaks it up. When Remy sees his problems could have hurt Natalia, he breaks up with her. Gus sulks at the police station and finally puts a photo of Harley away facing the fact that his marriage is over.

Jeffrey tries to convince Reva she should come forward. Not because it is the right thing to do, but because he is worried that Alan will turn on her if the truth comes out. Alan finds Jeffrey and Reva discussing the murder. Alan and Jeffrey exchange vague threats but Jeffrey is the one left to make a decision that will affect all of their lives. Reva and Alan disagree about Jeffrey staying quiet about the murder. Luckily they don’t have to disagree for long. Jeffrey comes to them with news. He has made a call to some contacts in California and made the whole thing disappear. Alan is grateful and impressed. All Jeffrey wants in return is for Alan to stay away from Reva and for Reva to tell him everything in the future, no matter what . Reva is free to resume her life with Jeffrey.

Lizzie discovers that the contractor in charge of the building that collapsed was recommended by Bill. Billy knows something is up with Little Bill and tries to reach him for an explanation. The mysterious Spanish woman who answers will not give Billy any information. Billy calls back with a message for Little Bill. You’re Fired!

Josh is excited to get started on his new church. He feels energized with happiness. Everything seems to be looking up, even the case of the collapsed building. Cassie is happy for him until Josh finds an appointment card from a fertility clinic. He tells her again his only focus right now has got to be the church and the family he already has. Cassie is disappointed but promises to cancel the appointment. She doesn’t .

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

The judge decides in Todd’s favor and awards him custody of his son, Tommy.  Marcie breaks down and begins to cry and then gets up and rushes out of the courtroom.  Todd starts to leave, but John steps in front of him and tells Todd that he will drop him where he stands.  Dorian confronts Langston about what she knows about Langston’s parents being dead.  Langston opens up to Dorian and lets her know what really happened to her parents.  Dorian lets Langston know that she is not alone.  Jessica arrives and finds Nash dancing to music that he is listening to on his earphones.  Nash lets her know that they are going to see “Timbaland” at Capricorn.  Sean brings Talia a martini.  Antonio offers to let Talia and Sean join him at this table.  Natalie asks Cris to get her a good table for one, but Jared walks up and insists on a table for two.  Marcie and Michael arrive home and let Roxy know what happened in court.  Roxy leaves so that Marcie and Michael can have some private time with Tommy before Todd comes to get him.  Marcie and Michael once again argue over the fact that Michael kept it from her that Tommy was indeed Todd’s son.  Marcie also tells him that the only thing that she regrets is marrying a man who would keep secrets from her.  Michael is saying his good-byes to Tommy when Marcie comes into the room and insists on having some alone time with Tommy.  Marcie pushes Michael out the door and locks it behind him.  When the social worker, the police, and Todd arrive to get Tommy, they find that the door is locked.  When Todd breaks down the door, they find Marcie is gone with Tommy.  Marcie tells Tommy that they are just going for a little ride.  Blair comes home and gives Starr and Cole the good news that Todd is gone to bring Tommy home and Starr is overjoyed.  Natalie is very upset when Jared joins her at her table.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Victoria's family finds out about her engagement and Nick and Victoria learn of their parent's upcoming divorce. Nick decides to resume his job at Newman. Later Brad hears about the engagement and warns Victoria that if the baby is his, he plans on raising it. Brad gives Colleen a check for her school expenses. Adrian accepts a job teaching at the university. Heather tells him she will be taking the class he will be teaching. Paul congratulates JT and they talk about the Clear Springs case. David joins them and they throw accusations around. Paul thinks David is there to watch out for Victor's investment. Later David tells JT that Paul could be there to keep an eye on both of them. David finds out about Nikki's divorce.

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