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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie runs outside The Comeback and, to her grief, Richie has Emma in his arms.  Annie is speechless, as she doesn’t know what to say to Richie after all these years.  Babe and Little A come into the bar and immediately J.R. takes Little A into his arms and gives him a hug.  Babe demands to know why they are attacking Wes.  Tad lets Babe know that his name isn’t Wes but Richie Novak and he is Annie’s brother and just got out of prison.  Annie begs Richie to give her back her daughter.  Richie hands Emma over to Annie.  Babe thinks that this is all a joke about Wes being Richie.  Aidan, Ryan, and Adam run out of the bar in search of Richie.  Kendall can’t believe her ears that Hannah asked Zach for his child.  Kendall realizes that Zach considered sleeping with Hannah to give her a child.  Krystal hugs Babe as she realizes that she could have lost her once again.  The men come back in and tell the waiting group that they lost Richie.  Ryan and Aidan catch up with Richie and Ryan introduces himself to Richie.  Zach explains to Kendall that his father had sent Hannah away when he found out about the baby.  Zach explains to Kendall that he couldn’t possibly sleep with Hannah because she is his wife.  Kendall tells Zach that she trusts him, but not Hannah.  Josh follows Hannah and wants to know what happened.  Hannah explains everything to Josh.  J.R. blasts Babe for going up to the mountains with a complete stranger.  Ryan and Aidan continue to question Richie as to why he came to Pine Valley.  The police arrive and begin to question Babe about their trip up to the mountains.  Babe tells the officer that Richie was a complete gentleman.  Babe explains to J.R. what happened up in the mountains.  Krystal doesn’t understand why Adam is being so nice to her and Babe.  Annie finds out that Ryan and Aidan have Richie.  Aidan puts a noose around Richie’s neck and has his hands tied behind his back.  Ryan comes back in and Aidan lets him know that Richie is ready to talk now.  Adam pays a visit to Hannah and tells her to get to work.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

From his hospital bed, Dusty tells the police that Colonel Meyer shot him. Lily and Holden frantically search for Luke in the woods, as Holden does little to hide his anger with Lily. Col. Meyer has Luke in his shotgun’s sight. JJ sees more of Carly’s symptoms when they spend time together. Jack and Katie talk about a decision he made with Carly. Jack feels badly, as Katie continues to unconditionally support him. Margo lends an ear to Jack. Katie asks Brad for his help with JJ and Carly. Dusty tells his story. Colonel Meyer’s gun jams, as Noah hears Lily and Holden’s calls for Luke. Brad and Katie’s surprise for JJ is met with coldness. Brad and Carly talk in private, as Carly thinks Katie can’t even wait until she is dead to replace her. Brad explains what the surprise is and Carly warms up to Katie and thanks them; Carly convinces JJ to leave with them. Luke comes face to face with an enraged gun toting Colonel Meyer; they struggle for the gun and Luke races off. Holden, Lily and Noah arrive and the Colonel shoots at Luke. Luke is bleeding and unconscious, as Holden calls for help. Noah and his dad share some very confused and angry words before the Colonel takes off. Margo is mad with how Dusty played vigilante and tells him that he better hope no one got hurt while he did this. JJ meets Phil Simms and is thrilled, but he can’t hide his growing contempt for Katie when she joins in a picture. Jack finds Carly on the floor having fallen. Later, Jack comes across the tape Carly made for him for after when she passes away; Jack is noticeably moved. Lily finds him watching her tape and wants to tell him something else, but Jack isn’t sure he is ready. Luke is taken into surgery. Margo goes to talk with Noah, Lily and Holden. Holden is angry when Dusty’s name is brought up and won’t answer Lily when she asks if he blames her for what happened to Luke. Katie tries to talk with JJ, but she is only met with resentment. JJ snaps that he knows she is just waiting for his mom to die so she can be with his dad. Carly asks Jack for one last favor – she wants to feel how she did when he held and kissed her - one last time! Jack looks distraught.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget further discusses the donor eggs with Nick. Again he is very much against telling Taylor anything that will jeopardize the pregnancy. Eric and Ridge discuss the buying back of the company from Nick. Eric walks in on an impromptu office party and can’t wait to get back into his chair, the way it should be. Brooke confides to Nick that she certainly isn’t going to back off of Ridge for Ashley’s benefit. Ashley is somewhat cool toward Ridge at the party when he tries to explain why he was at Big Bear. Brooke joins in and announces she can’t wait to be part of this family again. She also notices the distance between Ashley and Ridge. Thorne wishes his mother was there. Donna throws a knowing glance at Eric. Jackie fills Nick in on her exchange with Donna in Eric’s bubble bath. Of course he is sorry she has to go through this public humiliation.

Donna boosts Eric about his vision with the company; she saw him practically beaming a few seconds ago. She encourages him to divorce Stephanie when she returns and move on with his life. Thorne is beyond stunned when he walks in on them in each other’s arms and kissing. Ashley overhears Brooke begging Ridge to come to her house tonight for another session with her rape counselor. Despite having a date with Ashley, he tells Brooke that she can count on him. Ashley then confronts Brooke and asks how low is she going to stoop, always pulling out that rape card when she has plenty of others for her support system, not just Ridge. Brooke gives Ashley a good slap across the face when she says the word rape and admonishes her never to say that word again.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lauren admits to Philip that Tyler is alive. Lauren’s injuries prove fatal. Shawn admits to Belle that he went after Lauren because he knew finding Tyler meant Belle would no longer have a reason to be around Philip. Billie helps Philip deduce that Lauren came back to Salem because Tyler has been in Salem all along.

EJ insists that in order to truly fulfill the vendetta’s terms, he and Sami must consummate their marriage but Sami refuses. After talking with Tony, EJ agrees to Sami’s terms of lying and pretending to have slept together. Hope gets Sami to reconsider her decision to marry EJ.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny puts a stop to Carly's meeting with Trevor and warns her against playing Nancy Drew. She wonders if not Johnny, but Trevor, is the killer. When Jolene, the killer nurse's, sister arrives, Spinelli and Epiphany are hostile to her, but Nikolas, angrily, intervenes. Alexis and Diane advise their clients about the upcoming custody case. Kate proposes starting a new magazine, one for working women, to Jax. He loves the idea, but Carly is angry; she spun the idea to Kate's bosses weeks ago. She's also insecure about Kate wanting Jax. When an emergency strains the nursing resources, Jolene's sister steps in to help. Lucky threatens to sue for sole custody.

GL Recap Written by Dani

No news is not necessarily good news when it comes to Marina. Just as Cyrus and Harley think they have Griggs and Marina in their sights, they find Griggs has fled with Marina. Now frustration grows into anger, regret, hate, and remorse. Cyrus, who is typically cool under pressure, is finding that this is a pressure he can’t handle. Cyrus is finally blaming himself for Marina being kidnapped.  Griggs calls the room that Harley and Cyrus are using for their post while in NY. Griggs won’t say exactly what it is he wants from them but makes it very clear he is watching them closely. Cyrus and Harley now feel trapped. Everything they do is witnessed by Griggs.  Frank and Mallet are tearing the department and files on Cyrus and Griggs apart but turn up nothing.

Buzz goes head to head with Doris at Company when they find themselves alone. Coop tells Buzz what Doris has done in the past to people who get close to Ashlee. Buzz fires away at Doris who tries to claim she was only protecting Ashlee. Ashlee is listening from around the corner. Finally she and Doris have their own confrontation. Ashlee knows everything now.  Doris cold, manipulative attitude reduces Ashlee to tears. Coop walks in and becomes angry with Doris for once again upsetting Ashlee. He goes after her. Coop and Doris glare at each other as Coop holds Ashlee in comfort. Buzz leaves to give Doris and Ashlee time to speak. He finds Daisy on Fifth Street, who’s been crying. Buzz sits with her. Daisy doesn’t want to disappoint him or anyone else that she loves. Buzz promises she never could. Buzz has his own issue with disappointment of those he loves. Buzz asks that she not look down on him for taking the election in another direction.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Clint and Natalie arrive at Buchanan Enterprises at the same time and discuss the report that she sent out that morning.  As he questions her about Jared Banks, he walks into the office.  Sarah and Cris prepare the Capricorn for the “Timberland” concert.  Rex walks in and can’t believe that Sarah didn’t bring “Tinberland” to him.  Layla, Vincent, and Sean arrive at Capricorn for the concert.  Sean takes Talia in his arms just for show in front of Antonio.  Antonio walks in and hugs Cris.  Rex moans to Adriana because “Timberland” isn’t playing at his club.  Dorian looks frantically for her car keys when Starr and Cole arrive.  Although they offer her a ride, Dorian refuses.  Dorian asks Starr where Langston could be.  Langston and Markko arrive home.  Markko lets it slip that he loves her.  John and Marty continue to kiss when he suddenly draws away.  Todd and Blair arrive in court.  Todd insists that he is not letting Tommy go home with Marcie and Michael.  The judge begins to make his ruling.  Sean continues to “come on” to Talia to make things looks authentic in front of Antonio.  Layla draws Talia aside to talk to her one-on-one.  Cris admits he hadn’t been with a woman in he didn’t know how long.  Adriana realizes that Rex is working with Dorian.  Starr lets Dorian know that Langston is getting ready to go home with Markko to meet his parents.  Starr admits to Dorian that she never met Langston’s parents.  Dorian arrives on Langston’s doorstop and tells her that she knows where her parents are.  The judge continues to keep the McBains and Mannings in suspense regarding Tommy's custody.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Cane gives Lily a book about Australia. Lily and Devon are appalled when Karen shows up at their house wearing one of Dru's hats, that she happened to buy at a thrift store. Neil is angry at Devon and Lily for being rude to Karen. Sharon assures Jack that she is on his side and the police have nothing on him. He tries to strike a deal with the DA and urges Katherine to play along with him. Maggie finds out there was dog hair found on Ji Min's body. Jill tells her Ji Min was allergic to dogs. Maggie and Heather go to see Jack and ask questions about Ji Min. Maggie manages to get a sample of Fisher's fur.

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