Friday 10/5/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 10/5/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie is completely beside herself with worry when she finds out that Richie is with Babe, Little A, and Emma.  Adam arrives at the Comeback Bar.  Krystal feels as though he come to gloat over what had happened, but Adam instead apologizes for taking Jenny and putting her through the agony and pain that he did.  Kendall and Josh walk in on Zach and Hannah hugging.  Kendall lets Zach know that she got to feed Ian.  Zach and Kendall hug as Kendall, Zach, Hannah, and Josh celebrate the good news.  Annie calls Babe, but gets no answer.  Babe went out to see if it was still raining and Richie intercepted the call.  Annie realizes that she was talking to Richie and she warns him that he had better not lay a hand on Emma.  Greenlee tries to console a grief-ridden Annie.  Ryan and Aidan go in search of Richie.  They search the hotel room where he is staying.  Ryan vows that he will kill Richie.  Although Krystal is taken aback by Adam’s apology, she still will not forgive him for taking Jenny.  Babe, Little A, Richie, and Emma leave the cabin to go back to Pine Valley.  Babe and Little A arrive back at The Comeback unharmed.  Annie goes in search of Emma and finds that Richie has her in his arms.  Zach confesses to Kendall that Hannah wanted him to sleep with her in order to give her a child.  Josh follows Hannah back to her room where they begin to kiss and undress, but Hannah grabs her clothes and runs out. while Josh calls after her.

ATWT Recap Written by Dani

Meg lies unconscious in the floor of Paul’s old cabin. Luckily Paul had the same idea she did and has arrived in time to bring her to. Meg is still a little off from the blow to the head but she regains her senses quick enough to argue with Paul about how much he hates her. Paul now worried for her and afraid it was Craig that hit her realizes all of his surprised feelings. Paul still loves meg. They kiss and make love.

Luke and Noah get together some new fishing equipment and head off on the fishing trip with Winston. Before the boys arrived as he was setting up camp, Winston stashed a rifle with a scope behind a tree. Noah is so happy and grateful that his dad has accepted him as he is. Winston sends Noah to fetch kindling for the fire and Noah to get tackle boxes from the car. While Noah is gone Winston takes aim at Luke gather the wood. He has him in his sights!

Lily has returned home with Natalie only to learn things aren’t looking to good with Carly and dusty. Margo questions Lily about Dusty skipping bail. Lily is afraid to implicate innocent people but she doesn’t believe dusty would run off. Margo makes an odd comment about Winston claiming to have seen dusty threaten Cherie. Lily has worked up the nerve to tell Margo what she knows but Margo takes a call before listening. Lily is concerned for Luke who is off in the woods with Winston, she rushes home.

Just as Lily reaches the door of the farm house Dusty staggers out of the woods barely conscious. He collapses at Lily’s feet and barely mutters the name Winston Meyer. Holden comes home also worried for Luke after talking to Maddie and getting a warning. Lily is hysterical. After the EMS take Dusty away they argue about what she knows and that she kept it from Holden.

Aaron tries to comfort and help Sofie after Iris let into her. He believes Alison told Iris where Sofie was but it wasn’t her. Alison takes offence that Aaron just assumed it was her and the worst about her. She also takes issue with Aaron being there to support and protect Sofie but not her. Things are shaping up just as they wee in Seattle.

Aaron tries to reach Alison to apologize but only gets her voice mail. Sofie runs by crying. He quickly comes to her aid. She explains she had gone to get an abortion but now it was too late. Sofie cries with worry over her plight. Aaron promises he will help her figure out a way to get by and get through. Alison comes around the corner to see Aaron holding Sofie.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Over a sleeping R.J., Brooke laments how lucky she is to be raising him with Ridge’s help; he’s a fine boy. Rick calls and has no clue where Brooke is until he hears Ridge’s voice in the background. He is very suspicious since he thought she was supposed to be alone on this trip. He wastes no time in telling Ashley that wedding dress design may be for his mom. Ridge is spending the night with Brooke up at Big Bear as they speak. He warns her this is what she is in for, always wondering where Ridge is….when he could offer her so much more. Nick wonders why Donna was so insistent to sell the company back to Eric. Was she going to stick around Forrester’s since she’s the one Eric is currently sleeping with? Eric is surprised to find Jackie with bubbles in the tub, celebrating his divorce with more bubbly. She thinks he should be too. Come on in, the water is fine. He declines, and she thinks he’s being too much of a gentlemen. Donna happens upon the scene and thinking Eric is in the romantic tub, she drops her drawers and surprises Jackie. Which one is the most surprised? Eric arrives back on the awkward situation, what a dilemma!

Jackie rails against Donna by dumping her in the tub, head and all, and then tongue-lashing Eric as well. Mostly certainly they are NOT friends anymore, she tells Donna. Brooke is assuming too much with Ridge coming to her rescue, that he still has deep feelings for her, he didn’t just come because she was scared. He wants to set her straight. She doesn’t buy it until he leaves. Ashley just misses Ridge when she calls. She won’t believe Brooke when she says she is not playing a game. Ashley ends up telling her to get it – they are engaged and going to be married. Leave him alone, he is Ashley’s.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Philip wants to call off the search for Tyler because the trail has run cold but Belle encourages him to keep going. Shawn spots Lauren at the hospital and forcibly keeps her there until Belle and Philip can arrive. In an effort to get away from them, Lauren runs into a stairwell but ends up falling down the stairs.

After venting to Adrienne, Kayla confronts Stefano and warns him to watch his back when Stefano refuses to drop the charges against Steve. Sami explains to Will why she feels she has to marry EJ and Will surprises her by being proud of Sami’s sacrifice. Lucas instead confronts Sami about wanting to marry EJ because she loves him and refuses to believe her claims to the contrary.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Hearing explosions and being cut off during a phone conversation with Anna rattles Robin. Nikolas warns Lucky not to push matters in his divorce too far. Spinelli finds himself in an awkward position when Carly invites him over to discuss a plan to help Lulu keep from being hurt by the Zaccharas and find Leticia's killer, but Jason has ordered him not to participate in her crazy plans. Yet, after hearing her case, he agrees. Sonny tries to get Diane to focus on Trevor and the Zaccharas, rather than divorce cases. Lainie visits the man who euthanized her father and says she thinks she can find a way to get him out of jail. After concluding her business with Spinelli, Carly goes to work and warns Alexis, who has just agreed to have lunch with Trevor and bring Molly along, to keep her daughter away from that man. Epiphany warns Layla that dating Patrick is not smart. Nikolas has another violent incident. Emily consults Robin about Nikolas' case, but Robin could find nothing biologically wrong with him. Sonny breaks in on a meeting between Carly and Trevor that is ostensibly to discuss heading off a Lulu/Johnny romance. Diane and Alexis continue to make Liz and Lucky's divorce an ego contest between themselves.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Reva and Alan constant bickering over how to deal with the events in Tourmaline finally comes to a head today. Reva wants to go to the police and Alan follows. They argue more at the station. Daisy and Rafe each arrive. Daisy is upset and needs to speak to Reva. Rafe followed because he can tell something is bothering Daisy. Reva and Daisy step into a private room to talk. Reva promises no matter what she will be there to help and support Daisy. When daisy and Rafe leaves Reva is ready to go as well. She tells Alan that after talking to daisy she can’t risk not being there for the people she loves.

Reva gets an urgent message from Dylan. When she arrives at the Beacon she finds Jeffrey, he lied about why he was fearing Reva wouldn’t come. He was right she tells him. Jeffrey knows where she and Alan were an why. What he wants from her is what happened. Reva confesses everything. Who the man was. Why they killed him and disposed of the body. What Alan thinks he knows about Jonathan. The whole story. Reliving the events brings Reva to tears. Jeffrey holds her.

Doris is burning up the airways attacking Buzz and his family, especially Marina and her involvement with Cyrus a known thief. The accusations and lack of leads is really weighing on Frank. Buzz decides he is through taking the high road. Buzz tells Coop to start digging, the campaign just turned dirty on all fronts.

Harley and Cyrus fight exhaustion but keep trucking along desperate to find Marina. Finally Frank and Harley get good news. Griggs cell phone was tracked to the wharf on 14th Street. Harley and Cyrus rush to the docks in hopes of rescuing Marina. They hit a few snags along the way but finally gain access to the docks and are sneaking up on Griggs’ boat , armed and ready.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Michael walks in and finds Todd holding Tommy in his arms.  Todd vows not to let him go again.  Blair has to step in and separate the two from coming to blows over Tommy.  Marcie finds out from Lindsay that Michael knew that Tommy was Todd’s son since January.  Marty questions John as to where all this is leading.  She confesses to John that she has not been with a man since her husband.  She also admits that she likes when he kisses her.  Dorian opens the letter and gets the goods on whom and where Langston’s parents are.  Sarah manages to book Timberland for the Capricorn, but Cris still doesn’t believe her.  Marcie and Michael have an argument when he finally confesses that he knew that Tommy was Todd’s and hadn’t told her.  Blair owns up to Todd that Jack may be feeling that Todd will love Tommy more than he does him.  Marty and John realize that they are both on the same page in their feelings for each other and they kiss again.  Starr tells Markko that she had never met Langston’s parents.  Cris apologizes when he realizes that Sarah had booked “Timberland” for the Capricorn and he makes her the official booker of bands for the club.  Rex walks in and can’t believe that she had booked “Timberland” for the Capricorn instead of getting them for “Ultraviolet.”  Todd and Marcie each get a call that the judge has made his decision concerning the permanent custody of Tommy. 

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Victor and Nikki decide to keep their plan to divorce private for now, but he warns her that she is in for a fight. Victor learns he will make even more money at Clear Springs once Nikki is forced to pull out. She is having trouble coming up with her loan payment. Maggie tells Paul that she suspects Jack in Ji Min's murder investigation. The tabloid story about Nick and Sharon comes out and Phyllis and Nick decide it must have been Brad who called them. Jack and Sharon are confronted by reporters at the Athletic Club and refuse comment. Maggie approaches Jack and tells him that he needs to come down to the police station for questioning. JT and Victoria see David talking with the man he suspects of being the thief at Clear Springs.

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