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AMC Recap Written by Mary

When Ryan and Annie return home from their vacation, Annie tries desperately to reach Julia by phone.  After rain ruins their picnic, Wes and Babe find an abandoned cottage for shelter.  J.R. reminds Greenlee how much they have in common since they fell out of favor with Kendall.  Hannah admits that she lied when she told Zach that she was all right not having his child.  She owns up that she didn’t want his child, she wanted him.  Outside the NICU, Kendall tells Josh that one of Ian’s fellow preemies passed away despite the nurse’s valiant attempts to save her.  Julia explains to Annie why she had let Babe take Emma on a playdate with Little A.  When Babe questions Wes about his family, he shares with her his difficult relationship with his sister.  Kendall is thrilled but a little apprehensive when the nurse tells her that she can finally feed her baby.  Annie calls Babe to make sure that Emma is all right.  Since Greenlee confesses to J.R. that she wishes things could be as they were years ago, he states that maybe he can get her there.  Zach reminds Hannah that her memories of their night together aren’t as she remembers.  Shocked back to reality, Hannah admits that she had only fantasized about making love to Zach.  Ryan and Annie realize that Richie is with Emma after Greenlee recognizes the photo of Wes.  Kendall and Josh walk into Zach’s office and find him hugging Hannah. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Rosanna is still insecure about Meg so when she runs into her in Old Town she tells her that she and Paul are going to get married on Halloween.  She goes on to say that she should stay away from Paul because he doesn't need any distractions getting in the way of his happiness.  Barbara warns Alison she had better not mess things up regarding Will and Gwen's chance to have a baby or she will answer to her.  Iris thinks Sofie is keeping Cole's baby because she wants child support from her and she tells Sofie she won't get any money from her.  Sofie finally realizes she made a mistake getting involved with Cole after her talk with Iris.  Sofie thanks Aaron for letting her stay at the farm but she tells him she is leaving the farm today.  Jack takes Parker to see Carly's doctor so he can stop holding on to hope that his mom is going to be okay.  Parker tells Carly he is ready for Jack to adopt him.  Carly and Jack cry as they hold each other and Carly tells him she isn't ready to die.  Meg goes to the cabin where she helped Paul after he was hurt.  When she is ready to leave, someone knocks her over the head and she falls to the floor.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ashley presses Ridge to finish their wedding plans. And she notices his mother’s name is not on the guest list, can’t he forgive her? But he does make her happy when he starts “measuring” her around the waist and bust without a measuring tape. He says she’s the last woman he’s going to measure this way – good answer. Brooke cowers in fear in the cabin thinking of the rape and seeing Andy’s face again. Panicking, she calls Ridge and he rushes out to be with her. Eric shows up at Forrester's and Nick says he looks like a man who’s made a decision, and he has. Eric says it’s anything but a simple decision. Nick says he is not conceding anything, they have just hit a rough spot. He re-emphasizes he doesn’t want Stephanie to step into this room again, so this deal is for Eric only. The ball is in his court. Eric says he accepts. He dodges the part that he will divorce Stephanie, but says she will never have a place in this company, he can promise him that. Nick won’t accept that, he wants no part of Stephanie. Eric gives in and says he will end his marriage, he has his word. They sign the papers. Ridge to the rescue, he holds Brooke while she clings in fear to him. He reminds her she will have good days and bad days, but she will get through this, it’s just going to take time. She apologizes for calling him. She just didn’t know those people out there and she didn’t want R.J.’s friend's parents to think she was crazy. He’s glad she did call, but hesitates when she asks if he has to leave?

Eric leaves a voicemail for Stephanie, who is still not answering his calls. He reminds her she has responsibilities here, things are happening and they need to talk. Donna is crushed when she finds out Eric doesn’t intend to divorce Stephanie after all, he just HAD to get the company back. He doesn’t know where things stand, but this appreciation he does like. He appreciates everything Donna Logan has brought to his life. Wisely, Ridge declines the offer until R.J. shows up unable to sleep also. He bunks him down on the floor and promises to stay. With R.J. in the middle, both Ridge and Brooke slip beside him. Ashley returns to Ridge’s office, not finding him, but the sketch of her wedding dress.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Steve is arrested with Kayla by his side. Bo tracks Andre to the roof where Andre threatens to jump with Hope. Bo tries to convince Andre to release Hope in exchange for his own freedom but Andre doesn’t believe Bo would really go through with the deal. Bo hints to Hope to shove Andre out of the way so Bo can shoot at him. Andre falls over the side of the building but survives. Hope falls after him but Bo is able to pull her back to safety. EJ and Stefano discuss how to keep Lucas out of the way of his marriage to Sami. Lucas asks Sami to leave Salem with him and the kids but Sami refuses to desert her family. Will overhears Lucas and Sami arguing about getting a divorce. Max convinces Adrienne to give him a job at the bar. Stephanie and Chelsea ask Max to participate in their charity auction but Max refuses.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Skye's meeting with Ric is interrupted to allow him to stop and warn Alexis that if she continues to be anywhere near Jerry, he will sue for regained custody. That makes her change her mind about dropping him as a client. Johnny intervenes in Logan and Lulu's dispute, but she's not happy about him having a gun and then tells Logan there is no way she'll ever get back with him. Jason and Carly have a discussion about Johnny and Lulu. Georgie nearly tells Spinelli that she cares for him, but backs off with a feeble excuse he fails to see through. After being rejected by Coop, Maxie goes over to harass Logan. Trevor demands that the investigation into Leticia's murder be shut down. Emily reassures Nikolas that he has not hurt her, and she believes he is himself, but his anger controls are failing. Jerry is disappointed that Alexis will not consider a romance with him. What Carly calls protection, Lulu terms betrayal.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Jeffrey feels as though he has hit a brick wall when it comes to Reva and learning what she and Alan are keeping from him. Jeffrey decides to see what he can get out of Gus but doesn’t learn much. Frustrated Jeffrey looks at the framed photo of Jonathan and Sarah that Reva left behind. On the back of the frame a newspaper clipping from Tourmaline, CA is attached. Jeffrey begins to put the connection together. Jeffrey goes home to book a private plane to CA.

Alan and Reva are coming apart at the seams. Reva is sick of Alan telling her what to do and Alan fears Reva is close to cracking. Though things on the home front are getting dicey the keep their alliance.

Natalia has gotten a job as a maid at the Beacon. Alan doesn’t like it and asks her to quit but she won’t. Natalia wants to talk about their kiss. Alan says that it is nothing he just needs a friend. Natalia agrees she will be his friend. Natalia runs into Gus later at CO2. She tries to help him and talk to him but Gus wants to dwell on Alan kissing her. Gus also has something to tell Natalia. He has given Rafe permission to see Daisy for one hour because Rafe has showed responsibility and honesty. Natalia doesn’t like it but accepts Gus’ decision as Rafe’s father.

Daisy is struggling with her recent news of pregnancy. Reva is pressuring to tell her parents and Rafe so they can sit down together and help her and Rafe through all of it. Daisy is resistant thinking it isn’t that simple. When Daisy gets to school Dylan is there to congratulate her on winning student class VP. Dylan is so proud of her he knew she could turn her life around. Daisy doesn’t tell. She almost tells Rafe who is also proud of her. She comes close but she can’t bring herself to tell Rafe he is going to be a daddy.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Michael reminds Marcie that they could win permanent custody of Tommy away from Todd and Blair.  Jack tells Todd and Blair that he cannot wait until his baby brother comes home.  Rex, disguised as a cable repairman, goes to Langston’s house to do some investigating.  At St. Anne’s, Dorian once again presents Lindsay with her “Woman of the Year” award.  Miles is happy when Natalie tells him that she isn’t angry with him.  Dorian slaps Lindsay to bring her back to reality.  Langston explains to Markko why she pays all the bills in her parents' home.  John admits to Marty that he is worried about Michael and Marcie losing custody of Tommy.  Todd and Blair take Jack to the emergency room after he vomits up his breakfast.  Michael convinces Marcie to leave Tommy with him at the hospital when she goes to visit Lindsay at St. Anne’s.  Lindsay’s doctor is quite impressed with her sudden turnaround.  Marty and John kiss.  Natalie and Miles spend some time alone together and vow to keep the other out of trouble.  At the hospital, Michael leaves Tommy alone with a nurse while he goes to see a patient.  Todd wanders into the room and sees the nurse alone with the boy.  When Todd finds out that the nurse is indeed holding Tommy, he tricks the nurse into letting him hold the child.  Lindsay lets Marcie know that she heard Rex and Michael talking about who Tommy’s father really was.  Michael walks back in the room and orders Todd to take his hands off his child.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Amber is now working for Kevin and isn't happy to see Cane and Heather there together. Lily talks to Colleen about Cane. David lets Nikki know that Victor is behind the drilling at Clear Springs and it was always his intention to make sure she failed. Nikki and Victor argue and decide to divorce. Nikki goes to David and says that Victor just doesn't care, but after putting up a brave front, Victor is shown alone, crying. JT and Victoria head to Clear Springs, where he proposes to her.

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