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AMC Recap Written by Mary

A jam session to create a demo goes on at the Chandler mansion.  Erica encourages Kendall to stop this vendetta against Greenlee for her own sake.  Aidan fires Greenlee from the Richie case.  Zach insists that J.R. get Greenlee’s shares in Fusion.  Kendall insists to Erica that she leave her alone.  J.R. lets Zach know that he never meant to hurt Kendall.  Adam, reluctantly, agrees to let the band “jam” at his house.  Sean comes in to join them.  Sean is still upset with Adam for setting him up for drug possession and he tells him this in no uncertain terms.  Krystal introduces herself to Hannah at the Comeback Bar.  Erica pleads with Kendall to forget about this vendetta with Greenlee and concentrate on herself, Zach, and her family.  Zach instructs J.R. to get Greenlee away from Fusion by implying that out there somewhere may be some more of her eggs fertilized by Ryan.  Ren and Dre once again argue over the importance of the anti-war movement.  Colby tells Adam not to give up on Krystal and his love for her.  J.R. begins to wonder if Zach does have a way for Greenlee to bear Ryan’s child.  Erica is happy when Kendall finally agrees to give up the vendetta against Greenlee but, later, Kendall continues her vendetta against Greenlee.  Hannah and Krystal discuss their experiencing dealing with loving Mr. Wrong.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Paul tells Rosanna that he is leaving.  Aaron finds out Sophie got fired, and wants to get the story.  Maddie seeks solace from Henry and Vienna.  Luke worries about the Colonel’s 180, but Noah thinks it is ok.  Dusty awaits Lily.  The homeless man confronts the Colonel.  Rosanna admits that she lied on the stand because she thinks that Paul still loves Meg and she wants an honest answer.  The Colonel comes up with a story when Holden finds him with the homeless man.  Paul refuses to admit to anything with Meg.  Alison doesn’t want to keep Holden waiting so she convinces Aaron to talk with Sophie later.  Maddie admits that she is worried about the Colonel’s about face.  The Colonel gives the man $1,000.  The man suggests he can get more from Lily so the Colonel calls his bluff.  The Colonel asks if Dusty is still alive.  The man lies and tells him that he isn’t.  Alison feels uncomfortable at the Snyder dinner when Holden gently rebuffs her attempts to help.  Margo interrupts to tell them all about Dusty’s disappearance.  Dusty was researching countries with no extradition to the U.S.  Alison defends him, and then she feels uncomfortable as everyone looks at her funny, so she rushes out.  Paul finally admits to Rosanna that he has some residual feelings for Meg – but they are from a different time in his life, and he only wants her now.  Aaron and Alison find an emotional Sophie with her suitcases packed.  Cole walked out on her and left her with nothing.  Alison suggests a shelter, but Aaron tells her that she can stay at the farm, much to Alison’s chagrin.  Maddie wonders if she should share her concerns about the Colonel.  Dusty uses all of his strength to get up and leave the car when he realizes no one is coming for him.  Holden asks Faith if he should call Lily.  She gives him the answer he knew she would, so he breaks the news to Lily.  The Colonel asks Luke to go fishing with him and Noah, but he is reluctant when Luke asks if his father can come.  The Colonel promises that Luke’s father can join them the next time.  Rosanna asks if Paul can forgive her.  Paul wants to put this behind him, as they become closer than ever as they talk.  Paul wants to marry Rosanna now as fast as he can.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric points out to Nick this is a very attractive offer, a win-win situation. The company will be his and his alone, Stephanie will have no part of it. Nick accepts on one condition…..get a divorce from Stephanie so she can never be part of this company. Jackie is all for the takeover. He’s shocked that she might reap from the fringe benefits, still interested in Eric Forrester. He reminds her Eric is always going back for repeats. Eric rewards Donna with kisses for her role. But he’s still married to Stephanie, so is he being an old fool for believing this might work? Donna asks does he still have a shred of love for Stephanie, no matter how horrid she is? Ashley and Ridge revel in the pick of their wedding date in one month. Ridge thinks he is up for the challenge of designing the world’s prettiest wedding dress for her. He tells Brooke that he confided in Ashley about the rape, and Ashley relays her sorrow to Brooke. Brooke is going on a camping trip with R.J. and of course wishes Ridge could come along. She volleys with Ashley of how Ashley has managed to have her own secrets, like sleeping with her son, Rick. Wonder how Ridge is really handling that? Ashley doesn’t want to go there or play this game. She and Ridge are planning their wedding and she can’t have Ridge go running to Brooke for everything, it’s not fair. Brooke feels she is being put on notice.

Donna asks if Stephanie came home right now and pleaded her case, would he take her back in his life? He knows she is manipulative and controlling and trouble…..careless and dangerous, but she’s still his wife! Nick calls and tells Eric he’s had time to think, deal or not deal? Donna tries one more time to convince Eric. On the camping trip, it seems so real as Andy, the dead rapist, revisits Brooke while she is sleeping. She lays crying and whimpering on the floor.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

The sorority kidnaps Chelsea, Stephanie and the other pledges for a late night gathering. At the gathering they announce a contest where the pledge that raises the most money for their chosen charity in the next 48 hours, gets guaranteed acceptance into the sorority. A visit to the Cheatin’ Heart gives Stephanie and Chelsea the idea to work as waitresses for tips and to organize an auction of men for college co-eds.

Andre agrees to turn off the bomb and honors Stefano’s orders to do the exchange of hostages. Before leaving the pub, Andre ties Sami and EJ together and leaves them in the kitchen with a gas leak. EJ is able to cut them free of the ropes but passes out from the gas. Lucas walks in on Sami cradling EJ as he comes back to consciousness. Bo tries to disarm Andre when he arrives at the TV station with Roman. In the struggle, Andre takes Hope hostage. Bo forces Steve to let Stefano go and offers himself as a hostage instead but now Andre won’t even heed Stefano’s orders to let Hope go. Andre leaves with Hope.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny gets a text message from the killer. Carly's confrontation with Johnny Zacchara is tense. It ends with Jax, who pressured Spinelli into revealing where Carly had gone, arriving to rescue her, simultaneous to Trevor showing up to see what Johnny's up to now. As it turns out, Logan is Scott's son, and now Mr. Baldwin is most contrite for not believing him. Emily uses the Cassadine name and clout to push the lab to an MRI scheduled for Nikolas. However, he may miss it, as Scott has decided to file assault charges on Logan's behalf against the prince. Logan insists he is not going to let Lulu walk away from their relationship. Suspecting that Johnny is behind Leticia's death, Sonny assigns Spinelli to find out all he can about the insane young man. To avert trouble, Trevor informs Johnny he's being sent home and warns Carly to keep her cousin away from his boss' son.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Buzz decides to film a love letter to and from the citizens of Springfield about Springfield after viewing a slanderous commercial Doris released attacking Buzz and his family. Buzz, Coop, and Ashlee hit the streets to interview Rick, Jeffrey, Blake, Olivia, and Mallet. All start off with kind words but ultimately end up pointing out the flaws of Springfield and its people. Buzz feels sad and defeated. Alan tells Buzz he is chasing a dream of what Springfield is not. Buzz is preoccupied with the search for Marina and Doris’ bragging that she is indeed the candidate that touches Springfield. Maybe the people do deserve her, Buzz asks himself. Ready to throw in the towel, Buzz gets a second wind after seeing Olivia and Jeffrey smiling and hugging Ava, their daughter they discovered in Springfield. Buzz takes a different approach. Second chances. Redemption is the theme of his documentary. He now interviews Ava, Dinah, Rick, and Billy, who have all found a second chance at a life they thought they would never know or have. Finally Buzz interviews himself. That is what Springfield is, a special place to find second chances, redemption, long lost children, love, and each other. All of them are in this life of ups and downs together. Desperate to help ease his son’s pain, Buzz asks all of their friends and neighbors to gather at Company to show their support and love for Frank and Marina.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Although Sarah boasts that she had booked Timberland to perform at Capricorn, Cris refuses to believe her.  Talia tries to come clean with Antonio, but Layla shoves Shawn into the picture and claims that he is the “George” in question.  Dorian hires Rex to find Langston’s parents.  John brings Tommy by Marty’s, supposedly, on the pretext that he needs her help with him.  Michael faces some very difficult questions from Todd’s lawyer.  The lawyer questions him as to how long he knew that Tommy was Todd’s son.  Talia plays along with Layla’s scheme, but soon lives to regret it.  Michael lies and tells the court that he only found out about Tommy when Todd announced it in open court.  Langston overreacts when Markko picks up a picture of her Mom and Dad.  Marty and John share another tender moment.  Shaun kisses Talia.  Marcie takes the stand to tell the court how much Tommy means to her.  Rex reluctantly agrees to help Dorian find Langston’s parents.  Talia beats herself up for permitting Layla to make things worse.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Lily worries that Cane won't date her because of their age difference. The Winters family has dinner together, along with Cane and Karen. Sharon tries to get back on Jack's good side with a romantic dinner. It works and they make love. Brad places a call to a tabloid about Nick and Sharon to try and sabotage her marriage.  Gloria schemes to steal the face cream from Jeffrey. Meanwhile he finds out that William was investigating a tainted cream case and when Gloria calls him to ask if she can have the cream as a memento of William. She says she has something for him too (a book that she claims was William's but was actually Michael's). He gets suspicious and gets another bottle identical to the one William gave him. Before he meets with her he gets a call from his lawyer letting him know he has no claim to William's estate. When he meets with Gloria he gives her the fake bottle.

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