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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jack lets Erica know that he had caught Greenlee knee-deep in a case with Aidan.  Greenlee arrives at work to find everyone busy as little beavers.  Babe asks for some time off to go on a picnic with Little A and Emma.  Krystal has only good things to say about Wes to Tad.  Annie looks at the picture of Richie and wonders what he is up to now.  She promises to kill him if he comes near her family again.  Wes (Richie) looks at a picture of Emma.  Annie demands to go home for Emma’s sake.  Annie thinks that their marriage is jinxed.  Krystal finds out that Wes is taking Little A and Emma on a picnic.  Adam comes to the bar to talk to Krystal about Stewart.  Jonathan goes to see Ava, but runs into Lily.  Ava comes into Fusion and blasts them when she thinks that they are trying to marry her off to Jonathan.  Ava begins to cry and hugs Greenlee.  Adam manages to convince Krystal to let Stewart come by her house again.  The women at Fusion try to convince Ava that marriage is not the worst thing in the world.  They advise Ava to take some time and think about this before giving Jonathan an answer.  Lily finds a ring box on the ground and realizes that Jonathan asked Ava to marry him.  Jonathan nods his head, “yes.”  Lily begins to hyperventilate.  An argument erupts between Kendall and Greenlee.  Kendall begins to laugh in Greenlee’s face.  Tad and Hannah have a conversation while she plays pool.  Tad challenges Hannah to a game of pool.  Ryan and Annie consider the Coast Guard as a means of getting off the island.  Ryan and Annie manage to get off the island with the help of the Coast Guard.  Babe, Little A, Wes and Emma leave for the picnic. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Noah's father pretends to accept Luke and Noah's relationship by going to have dinner with the Snyder family at the farm.  Sly returns to the junkyard because he feels guilty about leaving Dusty in such bad shape.  Sly only wants money so he agrees to go to the farm to tell Lily Dusty's location because Dusty promises him Lily will give him money.  Sly runs into the Colonel at the farm and since Dusty told him the Colonel shot him Sly decides to negotiate with the Colonel and tells him Dusty isn't dead yet.  Parker finds an experimental treatment for Carly and wants to pay for it with the trust fund money Rosanna gave him.  Carly tells Rosanna about her illness and the experimental treatment but she tells her sister the treatment won't work for her kind of tumor.  Craig pressures Meg to either act like a wife to him in every way or leave him.  Meg gives into Craig's pressure and they start to make love because Rosanna tells Craig he must get Meg pregnant right away.  Paul discovers that Rosanna had a private detective follow him when he sees the video of him and Meg talking.  Paul leaves the house but the maid gives the cell phone video back to Rosanna on orders from Paul.  Rosanna fears she has lost Paul because she lied to him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick glances at a magazine spotlighting Brooke’s boo boo of not appearing at the fashion show. She walks in and apologizes again. Jackie is not as nice and blasts away at her. Nick jumps in and tells her that Brooke is not responsible for saving this company; he is! He thinks they have to change gears, even selling wristwatches, sheets, anything for a profit. Ridge greets Ashley and she is still a bit frosty that he scooted out to see his ex-wife’s underwear in the middle of their wedding plans. Bottom line, she is important enough for him to explain the situation or she is not. He admits he has had trouble drawing the line, but finally reveals that Brooke was raped. He has taken Brooke to a rape crisis center. She wants to get on with her life and have nobody else know about this. He just happened to be the one she turned to. Ashley feels badly for Brooke and understands Ridge being caught in the middle. They re-affirm their love. Donna brings Eric coffee the next morning. She sees him moving Stephanie’s gun from the bedside drawer. She immediately jumps to the suggestion again that he get Forrester Creations back from Nick. He kisses her and agrees, it is time for him to take back what is rightfully his.

Katie warns Brooke that she hopes she is not reading more into Ridge helping her that is there. Donna announces to Nick that Eric is there and wishes to speak to him. He and his mother exchange glances and decide to play nice. Eric makes them an offer they can’t refuse. He will buy back Forrester Creations at fair value, they can keep their shops, he has his own. Nick vows he will bury the company before he turns it back over to Eric. Donna intercedes and speaks in Eric’s behalf. Stephanie is gone and Eric is his own man, starting a new life so Nick should too. Everyone can get what they want; a once in a lifetime opportunity to bail out.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lucas tells Kate to get out of his life. Kate insists that she wasn’t involved in his breakup with Sami but Lucas doesn’t believe her. Lucas decides to cut all ties with Kate even going so far as to change his last name.

EJ tries to convince Andre that the feud is over but Andre doesn’t believe him. Sami calls Bo for help on diffusing the bomb but Roman insists that Bo convince Sami to leave and save her life. Stefano tries to talk Steve out of killing him but Steve doesn’t back down. Bo calls Hope to help keep Steve calm but once the guard shows up instead of Steve, they both rush to the hospital to find both Steve and Stefano gone. Steve kidnaps Stefano and hijacks a TV news show so he can broadcast a ransom demand from Andre. Andre is about to bail as the timed bomb ticks down but sticks around when he notices Steve’s broadcast.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Carly and Tracy wrangle over where Lulu should live; Tracy wants Carly to get Jason to evict the girl, Carly refuses. Nikolas is not happy with Emily for going to Jax about his condition and insists that nothing but stress is wrong. Lulu makes it clear that she does not now and will never again trust Logan. She also is quite aware of how slutty Maxie is. Missing Patrick is making Robin into a difficult person. To Spinelli's dismay, he is able to figure out Carly and Lulu are both texting Johnny, and that Lulu has agreed to meet him. Then, he realizes it's Carly pretending to be Lulu who has agreed to the meeting and tries to warn Jason, but can't get him. Just as Spinelli is about to stage his own rescue, Jax, who realized his wife lied to sneak out for some reason, arrives to ask what is going on. Earlier, Spinelli had called looking for her. Sonny does his best to comfort Kate and lets her cry on his shoulder, literally. Then, they move on to more intimate pursuits. Nikolas confesses to Emily he is losing time.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Daisy is pregnant! Could the Cooper, Lewis, Spaulding, Rivera lives get anymore controversial? Daisy is quiet and emotional as it sinks in she has made the same exact mistake that her parents and Rafe’s parents made.

After the Internet reports the body has been found, Reva and Alan disagree about telling Jeffrey the truth about what happened while they were out of town. Alan wants to keep quiet and lay low. Just let the whole thing die down Alan advises. Since Reva’s conscience won’t allow her to, she is busting at the seams with guilt.

Reva almost tells Jeffrey, but she makes eye contact with Daisy and Daisy bolts. Reva knows something is wrong and runs after her granddaughter. When Reva catches up to the teen, Daisy hesitates but confides her problem to Reva who promises no matter what she will help young Daisy fix what ever is troubling her. “I’m pregnant.” Reva just holds Daisy when she can’t find any words. Jeffrey knows how close Reva was to spilling the beans and tries to bluff Alan, but it doesn’t work.

Natalia is desperate to find a job so she can pay her way through life. She wants Rafe to find a job as well. When Rafe checks his blood sugar on Main Street, a woman with the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation asks him if he will come work with her as a role model for kids and teens who are diagnosed as diabetic. Natalia quickly agrees for her son. Rafe goes along with it and decides he really likes it after meeting an 8-year-old boy. Natalia runs into Remy who is trying desperately to escape the stalking clutches of Lola the law clerk. Natalia covers for Remy. Remy wants Natalia to hold off on job hunting for today, so they can have some time together. Natalia tells Remy that Alan kissed her and Gus took issue with it. Natalia thinks it was nothing, but Remy is angry.

Coop invites Ashlee to go away with him. She would be glad to. Ava hints that Coop will drop her when he gets what he wants and that time came for her after going away for a trip. This makes Ashlee reconsider going to the Bauer cabin with him. Doris gets jealous when she sees Coop and Ashlee kissing. Ava isn’t helping Doris’ anger and jealousy issues mend. Ava has set her sights on pitting mother against daughter to win Coop back.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Blair squirms as Judy questions her about her past with Todd and the things that he did to her.  Markko and Cole spend some time together after they have fights with Langston and Starr.  Langston comes to visit Starr and finds her gone.  Dorian connives to get closer to Langston to find out more about the girl and her family.  Bo encourages the girl to show him and Will some sign that she recognizes who they are.  Talia admits to Lindsay that she made a mess of pretending to have a boyfriend to Antonio.  Blair tries to rectify things for Todd’s sake.  Dorian catches Langston in a lie about her parents.  Starr demands to be able to testify for her father’s sake.  Judy harasses Starr on the witness stand and reduces Starr to tears.  Cole comes to the courthouse to lend Starr some moral support.  Markko and Langston kiss and make up after their argument.  Todd’s lawyer calls Michael to the stand.  The lawyer questions Michael as to how long he knew that Tommy was Todd’s son.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Jack is still upset with Sharon. She goes to see Phyllis in prison and tries to convince her that the kiss didn't mean anything. Abby visits with Brad. Victor gloats about Jack's problems, Jack reminds him he has problems of his own to worry about. Meanwhile Jack's scandal is causing a lot of problems for Clear Springs. Lily and Colleen try to figure out a way to get Lily closer to Cane. She tells him he has a paper to work on, on life in Australia, and asks for his help. Heather tells Cane that Ji Min may have been murdered.

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