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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Aidan and Greenlee can’t seem to get enough of each other, unaware that Kendall hides in the apartment.  Babe and Wes kiss.  When Ryan shows Annie the picture that Aidan sent him, Annie exclaims that it is Richie and wants to know where he got the picture.  Wes tells Babe that coming to Pine Valley was the best thing he ever did.  Babe questions him about his life.  As Ryan assures Annie that she is safe, she panics about Emma's safety and wants to return home immediately.  Jonathan prevents Ava from going into business with J.R.  While Zach and J.R. talk business, J.R. wants to know what he has to do for him to agree to go into business with him.  Zach tells him to get rid of Greenlee.  Ryan calls Aidan and tells him that he made some changes in the picture which Annie confirmed is her brother and will be sending it to him, but a storm knocks out their electricity and phone signal.  Aidan leaves Greenlee alone while he goes to the office to receive the picture.  After he leaves, Kendall makes a noise, alerting Greenlee who grabs a pair of scissors and goes to investigate.  Jonathan assures Ava that he is doing this for her own good.  Zach wants J.R. to talk Greenlee into handing him her shares of Fusion.  While Greenlee showers, Kendall installs some software on her laptop that will enable her to access it and plant damaging information.  Annie calls Julia to check on Emma, but her call gets cut off.  Since Kathy is sick, Julia calls on Babe to watch Emma.  Wes invites himself to Little Adam and Emma's play date the next day. Annie remembers when Richie tore up one of her dolls and then told their parents that Annie had done it.  Jonathan asks Ava to marry him.  Wes (Richie) sneaks into Annie and Ryan’s apartment and makes himself at home.  He picks up a picture of Emma and tells her that she doesn’t know him yet, but he is her Uncle Richie.  He laughs a devilish laugh.  When J.R. asks Zach how he can give Greenlee Ryan’s child, he hints that he didn't destroy her fertilized eggs after all.  The light on Greenlee’s computer continues to flash as Kendall writes a letter to Spike from Greenlee. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Cole gets angry with Sofie for not having an abortion and his loud outburst gets her fired from the Lakeview.  Carly and Jack talk to her oncologist about an aggressive chemotherapy that could give her a little more time with her family.  Katie and Jack buy a new house and then make love on the floor.  Rosanna pretends to be confused during her testimony in court yelling at the judge that she can't remember for sure what happened, so the judge dismisses the charges against Craig.  Meg suspects that Craig did something sneaky to get Rosanna to change her testimony.  Paul is very upset with Rosanna and wonders why she lied in court.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke is disgusted; berates herself. She doesn’t want to be the person she has been. She can see Andy laughing and taunting her. Ashley hears from Rick where Ridge was and is miffed that they are planning their wedding and he runs off to see his mother in her underwear. Donna confides in Eric, and she blames it all on Stephanie. She urges him to try now to get his company back. He doesn’t believe Nick will sell him back the company. Nick explains to Brooke that none of this is her fault; she just needs to focus on herself. He quiets his mother before she can say more. He explains to her later, and assures her they will move on. Ridge wants to take Brooke home, but he takes her to her therapist first. She doesn’t think this is necessary, but reluctantly agrees as long as Ridge stays in the room. Ashley calls and since Ridge can’t talk because he’s with Brooke, she hangs up in a huff saying she doesn’t want to say something she will regret later.

Donna wants to be Eric’s identity consultant and gives him a refresher course what it is to have fun. She takes off her clothes down to the sexy, skimpy underwear she was wearing at the fashion show. Eric recognizes one of Garrison’s designs as being his own, but the effect is working on him and he kisses Donna. The therapist reaffirms to Brooke that the rape was not her fault. Nor what a woman is wearing; there is no excuse for rape. Ridge is affected once more by her re-telling the story; that somehow because of his mother this is still partly his fault. Brooke wonders if she will ever trust men again or not recoil from a kiss. To prove it, Ridge gives her a quick kiss on the lips and she smiles through her tears.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

EJ approaches Bo and Abe offering to help find Roman but instead argues with Bo about whether Sami will actually marry him. Lucas questions Sami’s intentions for agreeing to marry EJ as he tries to change her mind. Stefano gloats to Kate about orchestrating the breakup of Sami and Lucas. Kate demands tangible proof of this before she will show her gratitude to Stefano. Lucas comes to confront Stefano but assumes Stefano was plotting with Kate when he finds them together in Stefano’s hospital room.

Steve tries to enter Stefano’s hotel room claiming to have orders from Bo but the guard won’t let him. Steve tricks Bo into telling the guard to leave his post by letting Bo believe he’s still talking to Steve. Once inside, Steve pulls a gun on Stefano. The cops find Roman’s badge in Benjy’s grave proving that Roman was buried there. Andre leads barely conscious Roman into the pub delighting in Sami’s reaction to seeing her father returned but also strapped with a bomb.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lucky and Elizabeth clash over his desire to use Alexis, not Diane, in the divorce. The two attorneys also argue over the matter, then decide that they will simply each represent one party. Diane insists to Sonny that she cannot destroy Trevor legally or otherwise, until the man himself shows up with the news that he has made good on his promise to destroy Kate's career. Immediately, she flies into a rage and promises to destroy him in return. Emily is alarmed when she sees what Nikolas did to Logan. Carly's concern for Lulu touches Jax. She admonishes the younger woman that a man she can't trust is not someone to love. Despite Alfred's warnings to try and keep rational, Nikolas goes into a rage when Lucky seeks sympathy. To Maxie's dismay, Lulu thanks her for opening her eyes to Logan. Kate rejects both Sonny's sympathy and Kate's offer to sue the pants and everything else off the magazine and or Trevor. Swallowing his pride, Sonny turns to Jax for help in helping Kate. Spinelli is aghast when he finds out Lulu is still texting Johnny. A very worried Emily asks Jax for help in Nikolas' situation, thinking the prince might be honest with the brother of his poisoner.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Josh feels badly for and about himself for bombing the interview with the church board. Cassie tries to life his spirits but Josh has resigned himself to the fact that he didn’t get the position. To his and Cassie’s surprise Josh is called back to Company where he is asked to be the minister at the church. Taken completely off guard Josh is speechless. Caught up in the moment of celebration Cassie blurts out that she wants to have a baby with Josh. Josh tells her he isn’t ready to be a father again and doesn’t know if he ever wants to have another child. Right now the family he has and his new extended church family is his first priority. Cassie doesn’t want to be non-supportive of Josh’s calling but she is hurt.

Gus won’t give Natalia an answer about who or what he wants. Instead he runs off to NY to find Harley. It’s a good thing too, because Cyrus has locked Harley in the apartment and she can’t get out. Gus saves her and they try to figure out how to save marina. To both of their surprise Cyrus returns. He has a personal cell number for Griggs and wants the police to track it by satellite. Harley thinks the plan will work and doesn’t need Gus anymore. She sends him back to Springfield to get working on tracking the cell. Cyrus and Harley hang out waiting for word from Gus about a location. While they wait Cyrus and Harley talk about their love lives. What they have had, what they have lost, what they want.

Natalia gets word from Rick that the specialist she and Rafe visited not long ago wants to try the experimental procedure on Rafe to help ease his lifestyle of living with diabetes. Natalia finds Rafe and Daisy hiding out in Dylan’s room. Natalia is disappointed when Rafe doesn’t want to try the procedure. He goes home to talk to Gus about the transplant and Natalia talks to Daisy. Natalia wants to see both kids go to college and have a better life.

Daisy has bigger problems. She is sensitive to smells, sick to her stomach and lightheaded. Could she be pregnant? Daisy goes to the hospital to inquire about a pregnancy test.

Harley has once again been put on the back burner to allow Gus to deal with his new family. Harley doesn’t understand why he hasn’t called yet with some kind of news. Gus is trying to talk Rafe into having the cell transplant. Reluctantly Rafe agrees.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Bo arrives back from the ranch and Talia and Nora welcome him back.  Nora lets him know that Lindsay pled guilty to the murder of Spencer Truman and then suffered a nervous breakdown.  Will waits at St. Anne’s to see his mother.  Michael surprises Marcie with a necklace.  Michael assures Marcie that they will be able to keep Tommy.  Starr tells Cole that her parents are going to court today.  Blair and Todd share a cordial breakfast together.  Todd mentions that he cannot wait to get custody of Tommy so they can all go back to the penthouse.  Blair informs him that he said nothing about going back to the penthouse.  Starr lets Markko and Langston know that her parents got remarried.  Marcie panics when she finds out that the testimony occurs today.  Judy arrives for a special consultation before court today.  In court, Todd lets the judge know that he and Blair got remarried for all the right reasons.  Marcie blurts out that Todd tried to pay them ten million dollars to buy back his son.  The judge looks at the letter and then calls Todd “stupid.”  The judge calls Blair to the stand.  Blair tells the judge that she married Todd for love.  Lindsay is extremely incoherent when Will tries to talk to her.  Antonio invites Talia and George to Capricorn for a drink.  A drunk is brought into the police station whose name is none other than George.  Starr owns up to Cole that Todd and Blair only married in order to get Tommy back.  Markko finds out that Langston forged her parents' names on some papers.  When Bo speaks to Lindsay, she turns her head to look at him.  Blair’s testimony continues.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Noah notices that Jack and Sharon are acting strangely. Nick and Jack argue over Nick kissing Sharon, until they are interrupted by Noah. At home, Nick makes a video for Phyllis. Sharon is comforted by Neil when she tells him about her troubles. Sharon tries to be romantic with Jack but he isn't interested. Colleen invites Brad to dinner at her and Adrian's apartment. At the apartment, Brad checks out Adrian's research on the reliquary. Lily is upset to see Cane at the Athletic Club working out with a beautiful woman. Later he tells her that he would like to work out with her and the other woman has nothing on her.

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