Friday 9/28/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 9/28/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

As Zack sits at his desk at Cambias Industries, Hannah comes in and lets him know that she thinks she has figured out a way to get Kendall away from Greenlee.  Zack is all ears.  Kendall sneaks into Greenlee’s apartment.  Greenlee asks Aidan whom the dead man called and Aidan tells her that it was Annie’s voice mail.  Annie and Ryan have just come in from swimming.  He hopes that this will get her mind off things at home.  Greenlee and Aidan go over the evidence that they have just uncovered.  Aidan shows Greenlee the check with Annie’s name on it.  Babe enjoys her time with Wes, learning how to bat.  Babe tells Wes how that she always wanted to be a ballerina.  J.R. is on the phone at the Comeback Bar when Jonathan comes in.  J.R. orders him a drink.  Jonathan will not agree to J.R. terms for his backing the network.  Ryan suggests to Annie that they have another child when this is all over.  Kendall continues to go through Greenlee’s things.  After reading a letter that Greenlee wrote, Kendall decides that she cannot do this to Greenlee.  Kendall looks on the mantle and finds the toy that Spike had with him the night of the wreck.  Hannah pitches her idea about Kendall and Greenlee to Zack.  She tells him that they should destroy Fusion.  Zack refuses to go along with the idea.  Lily lets Zack and Hannah know that J.R. is trying to persuade Ava to be part of a beauty network that he is launching.  Aidan calls Ryan and lets him know that he has a picture of Richie.  Ryan tells him to send it to him via e-mail.  When Ryan receives the picture, he works with the picture to remove the beard and mustache.  Annie walks in and identifies the man in the photo as Richie who is AKA Wes (unbeknownst to Babe).  Greenlee and Aidan come back to her apartment, not knowing that Kendall is inside.

ATWT Recap Written by Dani

Carly has decided to accept any treatments available to her. Jack is glad. She asks that he video tape messages from her to the kids for milestones in their lives. Jack agrees and goes home to get the video camera. Katie is sad for everyone but doesn’t put up a fight when Jack wants to return to Carly’s at such a late hour. Henry and Vienna keep Katie company. Jack and Carly both become emotional as she speaks into the camera to her kids. Later Carly awakens to find she is alone. Carly turns on the camera and records a message for Jack telling him how much she loves him. Parker walks in on her crying and thinks he should call Jack. Carly tells jack everything is okay and she talks with Parker about his feelings.

Rosanna is having her doubts about Paul’s commitment to her and marrying her so she hires a private detective. Her suspicions are correct when at the end of the day her PI has video footage of Paul and Meg passionately arguing over their feelings for each other. Meg is in search of the truth she is doubting Craig’s innocence with each passing moment.

Gwen decides to reach out to Cole and help, he is family after all. Will is opposed and it turns out Will was right. After Gwen tries to apologize and offer help with Cole’s music he is rude to them. Gwen accidentally tells Cole that Sophie is still pregnant. Gwen tries to recant the statement but Cole is starting to wonder.  Cole goes to the Lakeview and sees Sophie rubbing her belly and smiling. Sophie feels so alone now that she has cast Aaron out of her life.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Backstage all is abuzz when Brooke walks in. She remarks to Nick it’s like a beehive. He says yeah, a beehive without the honey; she’s the honey. Is she ready to do this? She reminds him again that she NEEDS this and how much is riding on this, both for Nick and for herself. She sends him off to do his thing and she will do hers. Jackie pumps her up by saying no other model can get out there and light up a room like she does. Every man always wants her, craves her, the way she connects with them….it’s a gift. So get out there and sell it! Clarke hands her the garment and tells her good luck. Jackie says she doesn’t need it, she’s going to go out there and give the most memorable performance of her life. Sitting side by side, Ashley and Ridge look through their calendars in trying to look for wedding dates. He affirms again that his mother has nothing to do with this. She is not going to interfere in his marriage like she did with Brooke. Katie interrupts and wishes to speak to Ridge alone. Ashley gives an icy stare and brushes past without a word. Katie tells Ridge her sister may need him, she is going to do something she may not be ready to do. Filled in on the details, Ridge can’t believe what Marone is thinking. Brooke is NOT ready for this! They both agree this is completely insane. She’s worried about her and maybe she shouldn’t have come to Ridge about this, but somebody has to do something. He rushes out saying yes someone does.

The show starts with models in pretty, skimpy lingerie. In particular, Donna looks like a tart. She later overhears as Nick paces and tells his mother they are losing $100,000 a day. She heads to Brooke who already is apprehensive, but claims she is up for this. She just wishes everyone would quit asking her about it. With her bathrobe covering her outfit, she pulls it off and looks at herself in the full view mirror. But all she can hear is the taunting words of her rapist about the greatest sex ever and how hot she was and how much she wanted it. As tears fall, she hyperventilates but pulls herself together and vows she will do this. Before she can go out, Ridge shows up and confronts Nick. This is bad news, but Nick replies that Brooke wanted to do this, even after what she has been through. Ridge realizes that Nick knows about the rape. Nick quips that Forrester isn’t the only man she trusts and she convinced him that she can do this, display herself. Brooke interrupts and says she is fine. Nick did try to stop her but she insisted. Ridge will only leave after he talks to Brooke, so she convinces Nick to let her do so and Ridge will be on his way. She gives him the same tired old speech, she NEEDS to do this, get Brooke Logan back. This is really important to her, so if he doesn’t mind, please back off. He gives in and says okay, if she says it, he will try to believe it.

As Jackie stands on the runway and introduces Brooke, three times, Nick panics to get the other girls back out and do something, Brooke is frozen as she looks out and sees Andy’s face mocking her. She runs back to an office, closes the door in fear. She looks around and all she sees is skimpy outfits flung about, her picture, her image, sex, sex, sex screams at her. She starts gathering it, ripping it up, having a vicious fit. She slowly walks toward the mirror and screams in horror as she sees her distorted face and Andy’s voice. Ashley comes back to find Ridge and runs into Katie still there. She tells her enough is enough with all of these Logan women. Is she campaigning to get Ridge back with her sister? Maybe Katie needs a reality check. She and Ridge ARE going to get married, and nothing can derail that. So don’t even try. If she cares for her sister, just tell her to stay away! Ridge catches Brooke in the middle of her meltdown, assuring her that he is there, she will be okay. She continues her wild behavior by tearing off her outfit, saying how much she hates it, how much she hates flaunting herself just like Andy and Stephanie said. She continues until she is down to only bra and panties and flings herself on the floor crying. Ridge puts a spread across her and comforts her that all will be alright.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Stephanie and Chelsea attend a sorority party for perspective new members to meet with current members. Chelsea doesn’t like the superficial way the members judge new members but agrees to join just so Stephanie will fulfill her dream of joining. The members decide to let both girls in. Steve has a hard time accepting Benjy’s death and vows to make Stefano pay.

Shawn Sr. tells the letter-reading group that he and their father confronted Colleen while she was with Santo and made Santo admit that his wife was still alive. Colleen chose to take her final vows but the sight of Santo returning to the church sent her running. Shawn and their father find Colleen’s discarded habit at the edge of the cliff.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Emily helps Liz look for a new house. They find the perfect one, but Elizabeth initially hesitates on taking it. When Logan approaches Nikolas to ask for his help in softening Lulu's heart, the prince attacks him and has to be restrained. Kate's first day of volunteering begins humorously when Epiphany assigns her orderly duties, not the PR job she hoped for. Carly is all set to move Lulu out of Jason's, after she delivers a lecture on the hazards of hitching a ride and being in contact with Johnny. After that, she goes to the hotel and warns Logan to get out of town and never hurt her cousin again. Sonny asks Diane to get Trevor disbarred since Jason won't kill him. Alexis offers Lucky some legal advice about protecting his rights in custody of the boys. She then agrees to represent him and draw up new divorce papers. Nikolas cannot remember attacking Logan. Trevor has Kate fired from Couture Magazine.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Good news for Josh and Cassie. Rev. Rutledge would like Josh to replace him at the church so he may take another position in Chicago. Josh is excited but it isn’t as simple as accepting. He must be interviewed by the board. The interview doesn’t go as expected. The board members have a file on Josh and all of the less than moral things he has done. Josh is ready to give up but after talking to Billy he goes back to the church board to fight for the position he was meant for.

Vanessa catches Billy drinking but rather than turn her back on him she asks him to go away with her. Billy is surprised and accepts. They are going to go visit Bill in Venezuela. Dinah and Olivia overhear them making plans and invite themselves along. Billy and Vanessa really don’t want either women to go but they insist. Vanessa gets a text from Bill just before they leave for the airport asking that they wait until next month to visit. It is a woman typing on a laptop not Bill texting from his phone.

Frank, Harley and Cyrus argue over Cyrus’ involvement. Harley wins and gets her way after she secures a million dollars from Alan to use as payoff to an informant. Harley and Cyrus get more than money from Alan. Alan tips off Griggs that they are on their way to NY. In NY Harley goes to an apartment to make the drop. When she walks in she gets knocked out. Cyrus tries to fight the masked man but he gets away. Cyrus believes his informants knew they were coming because they could tell Harley was a cop. Harley bickers with Cyrus but does search the room for a disguise. When she turns around Cyrus is gone and the ankle monitor is hanging on the door.

Alan waits with worry to hear something about Alex. In the mean time he continues his sister’s dirty work for her. Alan stays in touch with Griggs and takes control of the fiasco. In the heat of the moment Alan kisses Natalia. Gus wants to rail Natalia and Alan for the kiss but Natalia turns the tables on him. If he wants Harley he needs to stay out of her business but if he wants her he had better speak up.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Blair gets dressed for her wedding to Todd.  Todd comes into her room.  She wants to know what he wants.  He pulls her up to him and kisses her.  Dorian readies the house for the wedding of Todd and Blair.  Cole comes to visit and wants to know what is going on.  Starr lets him know that Blair and Todd are getting remarried.  Marcie is overwhelmed by a surprise birthday party planned by Roxy, Michael, John, and Marty.  Nash and Jessica arrive for the wedding.  Jared comes on to Natalie by asking her when she last had sex.  Adriana and Rex make out before they go to Marcie’s surprise birthday party.  Jared is treating Natalie to a back massage when the head of the department comes in.  Jack walks in on Todd and Blair discussing that their marriage is a fake.  Dorian finds out that Viki went to Paris.  Nash lets Clint know that he had his money back that Clint let him borrow to buy Antonio’s shares in his vineyard.  Starr tells Blair and Todd that she wants to invite Cole to the wedding, but Todd orders Cole out.  When Starr and Jack stand united against Todd, Todd backs down and agrees to let Cole stay for the wedding.  Todd winks at Blair, she smiles as the wedding begins.  Jared makes the statement that neither one has anyone to go home too.  Todd begins to make his wedding vows to Blair.  Todd and Blair are married in front of their family and friends.  Natalie finds herself attracted to Jared.  John and Marty share a kiss on the roof.  After the wedding, Blair goes to her room and Todd goes to his.  Rex gives Adriana a heart-shaped key ring to hold the key to their apartment.  Marcie and Michael play with Tommy.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Brad finds out that JT will be working at Clear Springs and talks to Victoria about the baby. JT plans on proposing to Victoria. Sharon tells Nick that Brad knows about the kiss. He goes to tell Phyllis before Jack has a chance to. She is mad but eventually forgives him. Later she calls Sharon to tell her that she knows and she wants Sharon to come up to the prison and face her. Jana tells Phyllis she has her back. Jack has a hard time with what happened and goes to see Phyllis. She tells him it was just a kiss and they can't do anything that would make Nick and Sharon grow closer. She tells him she needs to know Nick is there for her or she won't survive prison. Jack admits that he needs Sharon too. Neil and Karen spend time together at the club.

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