Thursday 9/27/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 9/27/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Babe comes into the ConFusion Bar and sits down.  She orders a drink from Del and notices that Ava is with J.R.  Del remarks to Babe that some guys have all the luck.  Greenlee has made it out of the police station successfully with the personal effects of the dead man.  Jack comes up and wants to know what is going on.  Jack remarks that Greenlee is dressed like a hooker.  Jack is more than a little upset and wants an explanation.  Greenlee excuses herself while Aidan explains to Jack why she is dressed as she is.  Erica visits Kendall and wants to know what the plan is against Greenlee.  Zack comes into the room and immediately questions them as to what plan.  Kendall lies and tells him that she is not easy about working with Greenlee at Fusion.  Zack suggests buying her out.  Zack goes to visit Ian at the hospital while Erica and Kendall talk about Kendallís plan for Greenlee.  Zack visits Ian at the hospital and finds Hannah there.  Hannah assures him that she is not there to do anything to him or Kendall.  After Zack leaves, Hannah gets on the phone with someone and informs them that Zack doesnít suspect a thing.  J.R. and Ava discuss their plans for the network, but J.R. canít seem to keep his eyes off Ava.  Wes comes into the bar and brings Babe a present.  Babe canít seem to keep her eyes off J.R. and Ava. 

Going through the dead manís personal effects, Aidan finds a cell phone and a check written to the dead man from none other than Annie.  He quickly hides the check from Greenlee.  Taking the cell phone and dialing the last number called, he finds that the number was the number of Annieís cell phone.  Erica tries to comfort Jack in his hour of need over his daughter and what she is into now. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Dusty's spirit leaves his body and he comes close to dying but he decides to keep fighting and he manages to get up and drag himself to a car but the car doesn't start.  Noah's father is shocked and very angry that his son lied to him about being gay.  He tells Noah he isn't his son anymore but after he and Noah have a long talk, he decides to accept Noah because he doesn't want to lose him.  Noah calls Luke and is happy things went well with his father.  He also tells Luke he doesn't want to lose him.  Jack and Carly face the heartbreaking task of telling the kids she is sick.  Carly tells J.J. and Sage that she is sick but will fight to get better.  Parker knows better so she tells him she is dying.  Carly cries and tells Jack telling her kids she is sick was the hardest thing she had to do in her life.  Jack promises Carly that he will be there for her through her illness and she won't be alone.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke rushes into work all frazzled and tells Nick that she prayed last night that Ridge wouldn’t marry Ashley. He suggests she pray for something else, like for the show in two days. Jackie joins in and says the future of Forrester Creations just may lie on her shoulders. Clarke takes exception that his designs aren’t going well in the market. Jackie concedes they can not beat Forrester Originals on the runway, but they can beat them in the best thing they have, Brooke’s Bedroom Line and the Queen of the Bedroom – Brooke! Ridge and Ashley play kissy-face in the office. He tells her that his mother is out of town for now, but he won’t let her interfere in his life from now on. He calls a meeting of Thorne, Felicia and Phoebe, then Rick rushes in uninvited. Ashley shows off her engagement ring and announces the good news. All are elated, except for Rick. Donna receives a gorgeous vase of roses from Eric, and then a phone call, and then the doorbells rings and it is the man. She assumes he came to say Stephanie is back in town, it was fun, but thanks and goodbye. She can face that reality. He refuses to walk away from the most women intriguing woman he has ever met; he’s not going anywhere. He may be crazy, but he’s not stupid.

Eric keeps repeating how much he likes Donna and how special she is. This has nothing to do with Stephanie, and he’s not getting back at her. He states that Donna reminds him of the man he used to be. She’s not used to getting compliments like that, but obviously loves it. They kiss and neither want to stop to go to work, but Eric feels an inspiration.

The group gloat that they can beat Forrester Creations with their hands behind their back. Ridge thinks they should stop thinking of them as the competition, clearly they are NOT! Nick doesn’t like it, but his mother keeps selling the suggestion that Brooke is their most important asset and she should be out from behind the desk, front and center. Nick puts his foot down; Brooke asks to speak with him alone. He barks that she has not healed yet, he is not going to let her do this, something that could hurt her. She reminds him that she does not want this company to fail. She needs to do this; not just for the business, but for herself. She is a sexy, confidant woman and not afraid to show it. She needs that back. She’s going to get out there on the runway, in the spotlight and get Brooke Logan back.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami lets EJ read the folio, while Bo and Steve fill in Lucas, and it is revealed that the way to end the feud is to have Sami and EJ marry since they are seen as Colleen and Santo reincarnated. Sami makes a deal with Stefano to marry EJ in exchange for Roman’s safe return. With the discovery of the chauffer disguise Andre used on the night of Stefano’s fake funeral, Abe and Steve are able to piece together that Roman was in that coffin. After digging up the coffin, they find Benjy’s dead body in the coffin instead.

Though the group continues to read the letters learning that young Shawn has told Colleen a truth about Santo that causes Colleen to banish Santo and return to the church, they don’t know of which truth was told until an argument with Stefano convinces Shawn Sr. to tell them the truth.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Kate is sentenced to six months' community service at General Hospital, and to wear an ankle monitor. The latter aspect meets with vehement protests from Diane, but Kate is able to accept the ugly thing with aplomb. Epiphany greets news of the new volunteer with laughter. Carly argues with Jason about Jax's ability to adequately protect her and the boys. Jason does not believe it possible. The argument shifts to Carly warning him against Elizabeth. For once, Jason stands up to her and tells her to never again speak so disrespectfully to his face. As Liz and Lucky part, they resolve to remain friends. Lucky almost immediately heads for Sam's hot tub. Liz moves in with her Gran. To Georgie's dismay, Spinelli continues to affirm undying love for Lulu. Nikolas goes in to be tested to see if he could be suffering lingering effects from Jerry's poison.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Griggs tries to extort more money out of Alexandra for kidnapping Marina. Alex is in a bind at the moment because all of the finances are frozen thanks to Cyrus. This isn’t Griggs' problem; he just wants his money today. As the day passes and there isn’t any more word from Alex or his banker, Griggs begins to feel Alex has played him. In actuality the pressure mounting from the kidnapping and dealing with her broken heart gets to Alex, and she collapses in pain. Gus gets her to the ER where they learn she has a blood clot that is critical. Alex’s phone is ringing but it is with her personal effects that the doctors took off her body when she was brought in. It’s Griggs who leaves her a threatening voicemail.

Gus prepares to begin the first shift he is to work Harley since their breakup. Harley needs to be focused on her niece not Gus so she will be working with Cyrus and Gus will partner with Mallet. Gus tries to argue the point, but Harley pulls rank and orders him to get to work, with Mallet.

Reva catches Daisy and Rafe kissing when they aren’t supposed to see each other. Reva rails in to them for not obeying their parents. When Rafe smarts off to Reva, she lets him have it Reva Shane style. Natalia gets the same when she steps in and tries to defend her son. Harley is one thing but Reva is another. Reva and Daisy have a talk about sex and love. Reva becomes emotional remembering the true love Jonathan and Tammy had. Reva has Rafe meet her and Daisy at the docks. She is going to allow them to see each other but not to just hook up and have sex. They can meet in Jonathan and Tammy’s place to talk and grow together but only if they respect their parents and each other. And don’t let their grades slip, of course.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Marcie comes into the classroom much to the surprise of Starr, Markko, and Cole.  Marcie tries to get the class off to a good start, but Britney will not allow it to rest.  Britney brings up the subject of the custody of Tommy and how the whole class is behind her.  This conversation causes an argument between Marcie and Starr.  The principal comes into the room and wants to know what is going on.  The principal dismisses the class to have a talk with Marcie.  Dorian gets busy planning Toddís and Blairís quickie wedding.  Todd leaves to pick up Starr at school.  Blair reminds him to bring her five million dollars.  Nash and Jessica barge into Jaredís office at B.E. and demand that he leave.  Jared refuses, telling them that Natalie gave him a job.  Nash and Jessica canít believe their ears.  Nora fears that Lindsay will not recover from her nervous breakdown.  Natalie thanks John for his apology and leaves to go to work.  John pays the bill and bumps into Talia and Antonio, who are just coming into the bar.  Miles runs into Marty in the park and wants to talk to her.  Marty refuses to talk to him.  Miles compliments Marty on her new look and tells her that it looks good on her.  John walks up and wants to know what is going on.  Miles soon makes his departure.  Natalie arrives in Jaredís office and lets Jessica and Nash know that she gave Jared a position at B.E.  Todd goes to the school and finds that the class had been dismissed.  He talks to Marcie, who lets him know that she is not afraid of him.  Todd lets her know that he will see her in court and he feels that things are looking up for him.  The insurance check comes through so Nora can buy her and Matthew a new home.  Blair lets Starr know that there is going to be a wedding.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Sharon notices that Jack is acting strangely. Brad tells her that he will always be there for her. After some hesitation, Jack confronts Sharon about the kiss. She tells him she is sorry and it just happened. She calls Nick to warn him that Jack knows about the kiss. Jana tries to get on Phyllis' good side by making a phone call to Nick for her, since she isn't on the same restrictions as Phyllis. Phyllis is creeped out by Jana and tries to get out of being her cellmate. Meanwhile Jana has ordered a book about murderers and talks about when she killed Carmen. Jana is upset when she sees that there is something about her in the book. Maggie comes to Jabot to tell Jill, Katherine and Cane that they now believe Ji Min was murdered. Maggie asks Cane about the confrontation he had with Ji Min. He admits that they argued and he grabbed him, but that was it.

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