Wednesday 9/26/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 9/26/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Colby and Adam spend some quality time together sharing breakfast.  Greenlee and Aidan arrive at the police station where Greenlee poses as the widow of the man who died of a drug overdose.  She argues with the officer when he will not release the manís personal effects to her.  Annie lets Ryan know that if Richie is coming after her, then all the locked doors and windows and all his army of men will not stop Richie from getting to her.  Sean takes photos of the musical group on the beach.  Adam and Colby go fishing and Adam apologizes to Colby for the way that he treated her and Sean.  Tad joins Krystal as she feeds Jenny.  After talking to Tad a few minute, she questions him as to what he wants from her.  Krystal sets some ground rules for Tad as to what he can and cannot do.  Tad tells Krystal that he does love her and then informs her that he wants Adam nowhere near Jenny.  Aidan sees Jack entering the police station and makes a beeline to stop him before he sees Greenlee and blows her cover.  Ryan shows Annie a knife that he found under her pillow.  Annie informs Ryan that she is done waiting.  Ryan encourages Annie to go away with him.  Annie, reluctantly, agrees. 

Ryan lets Annie know that Kendall is considering a cochlear implant for Spike and Annie is relieved.  Krystal tells Tad that she does not intend to let Adam back into her life but Tad still doesnít believe her.  Krystal has Tad watch Jenny while she goes to take care of something.  Adam denies getting past what Krystal and Tad did to him.  The personal effects of the man, who had taken the drug overdose, are released to Greenlee.  Greenlee manages to get past Jack as he and Aidan walk into the room.  Adam suggests that Colby stay for dinner.  Krystal visits Adam and tells him to tell Stewart to stop coming by her house because it reminds her too much of Adam.  Krystal tells Adam that she is through with the Chandlers.  Greenlee manages to make it out of the building with the manís personal effects, but is soon caught by Jack.  He demands to know what is going on.  Annie and Ryan prepare to leave for their trip.  An unknown man comes out of the side door by the elevator and prepares to enter Ryan and Annieís condo. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Dusty clings to life in the junkyard and is found by a guy named Sly who refuses to call the police to help Dusty because he has an illegal auto parts business.  Once Sly leaves, Dusty imagines Cheri telling him to let go and tells her he is going to fight but then he shuts his eyes.  Aaron defends Alison to Dallas when he thinks she has been in contact with him because they were once more then friends.  Sofie is determined to stay with Cole and be happy with their baby even though Gwen continues to warn her to keep the baby away from Cole.  Sofie can't bring herself to tell Cole she is still pregnant with his child.  Cole is happy to have the freedom finally to be himself since his father is going on a long trip that he gives Luke a kiss but he doesn't know his father is watching them.  Craig tells Rosanna that if she sends him to jail, Paul will return to Meg because there are still sparks between them.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Before greeting Brooke, Nick reflects on what he’d been told…..the baby Taylor is carrying might not be from the donor, but Brooke. She states she is ready to come back to work. She’s just a little concerned about Ridge. He gave Ashley an engagement ring. She didn’t think he would, but looks like they are going to get married. She goes on how she was blindsided thinking the ring was for her. Nick comes straight….Ridge is getting on with his life, perhaps she should too. Her life is like a soap opera! She shouldn’t give up on love, just give up on Ridge. He ponders again when Brooke says when you have children together, there is a bond for a lifetime. She does not intend to give up on this. Ashley flashes her ring and hopes Rick can support her decision to marry Ridge. No more flirting or touching in the sauna. Rick points out that Ridge is sending his mother mixed signals. There is no one on this planet that he would like to see more out of his mother’s life than Ridge, but that usually doesn’t happen. Ashley assures him this is a done deal, nothing Brooke can do about it and Rick has to accept it too. Taylor and Phoebe congratulate Ridge, but he asks them not to spread it around the office just yet. He also wants to call Thomas and Steffy to break the news to them. Taylor tells him his taste in women is at least improving. She is glad he can count on Ashley the way she can with Nick and this baby.

Ridge tells Taylor that he knows this is going to be tough on Brooke. Perhaps he led her into thinking they had a future when he took her and the kids to Big Bear. She assures her there is no longer anything between Brooke and Nick either. She only wants Ridge to be happy. Brooke stops by the lab to see if Rick is there. She thinks Ashley is being presumptuous when she apologizes for last night, that Ridge didn’t mean to hurt her. She warns her that this will never be over with Ridge; he still loves her. The two women spar, and Brooke states that Ashley is in the way. Ridge has loved her most of her adult life, he is her destiny and no one is going to get in the way, certainly not Ashley.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Nick denies having the boys but his lie is proven when the boys come running at Umar’s call. Nick tries to stop Umar from leaving with the boys but Umar punches him. Jeremy comes running out of the bedroom and threatens to shoot Umar. Umar seizes the opportunity to run when a neighbor stops by to complain and threaten to call the cops. Jeremy agrees to come back to Nick’s apartment after the cops leave when Chelsea promises not to turn him in.

Hope, Marlena, Doug, John, and Julie gather to read the next batch of letters. Colleen tells Santo that she will marry him and he is ecstatic. On the other hand, Colleen’s father is furious and disowns her. Sami tries to bargain with Andre and volunteer herself as a hostage in exchange for letting Lucas, EJ, and Roman go free. Lucas urges Sami to run and save herself. EJ volunteers himself as the one to be killed and Andre gives Sami a gun to shoot EJ. After deciding she can’t shoot Andre since he’s the only one who knows where Roman is, Sami prepares to shoot EJ. Andre spooks Sami and her aim is redirected accidentally shooting Lucas in the leg. Andre turns his back momentarily and Sami seizes the opportunity to knock him out. Andre comes to and runs but EJ is unable to catch him. Someone opens Roman’s casket.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jason lays down the parameters of what Lulu can do while staying with him and Spinelli; i.e., she must not ask or be told any business related matters. Nikolas expresses concerns to Alfred that Emily might be suspicious, but of what? Then, when Jerry arrives to see Alexis, Nikolas punches him. When Alexis arrives, the fight breaks up and she is irate at her nephew for attacking her guest. Nikolas is not pleased that she defended Jerry in his home. Liz and Lucky break the news of the divorce to Cam. Before Kate's hearing, Sonny, Ric, and Trevor clash one more time. Carly wishes to deny Trevor a room in the Metro Court, but Jax wants to keep business separate from the Mob wars. He also assures her that he has taken steps to keep Zacchara from hurting his family. Spinelli is able to determine that the text message warning that Leticia was only the first to die was piggy-backed from Mike's phone. Then, he freaks when he notices Lulu texting Johnny. Later, he is unable to investigate Johnny, due to Lulu's threat to move out if he hassles the guy. However, her confession to Jason may have cleared that worry. Carly is incensed when Sonny moves the boys to his home. Kate's judge is not prepared to give her special treatment because of her status. After Alexis leaves, Nikolas questions Alfred about why the butler lied for him, apparently, and about how he has been acting. When Alfred replies, Nikolas fears something is truly wrong with himself.

GL Recap Written by Dani


Determined to get her life back in order, Dinah concentrates on her focus. If she doesn’t constantly focus on one thing at a time, she can’t do or say anything. The doctor tells Dinah that she has reached a plateau in her recovery. He teaches her a new way of dealing with things. Start from the end and work your way backwards. Cassie tells Dinah news about Marina. Dinah feels like she once again is the reason Mallet is being put on the back burner at work when she hears her name brought up in a disagreement between Frank and AC. Mallet is glad to see her and tries to make sense of what she did with Matt. Dinah tells him again how she hates the way he constantly treats her like a child and damaged goods. Dinah goes to Cyrus to get the money he owes her. Cyrus is more concerned about Marina than any of the money. He gives Dinah the laptop telling her if she can find it she can have it. Dinah works to locate the money in the laptop, but she just isn’t sharp enough. When she witnesses Lizzie reaming two Lewis employees out, Dinah asks her for help. Lizzie hears Dinah's plan and problem out but tells her she is not going to help her steal the money. Dinah tells Lizzie she is really on top of her game when she is being bad.  Dinah goes to the room to pack her things and move out. She is alone at first but Mallet comes home. He doesn’t want her to go. She asks him to help her pack and he refuses. Lizzie knocks at the door right after Mallet walks out. Lizzie thought about it and she is going to help Dinah but not help her steal the money. Lizzie offers Dinah a job at Lewis. Dinah is happy with the offer, hoping to prove she is a worthy whole person again.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Cris comes downstairs just as Sarah finishes her packing up to move out.  Adriana prepares to move out from Laylaís.  Layla is upset that Adriana is moving out and admits that she doesnít want Adrian to move out.  Natalie remembers her game of pool with Jared.  John walks up and comments on the game.  Nash comes into the living room just as Jessica e-mails her Mother in Paris.  Jessica encourages Nash to talk about what happened between them when she confessed what she did to Jared.  Todd stops by and invites her to his wedding.  Blair looks through a catalog for the perfect gift for Lindsay at the psych hospital.  Blair lets Dorian know that the next time Todd appears in court, he will be a married man.  Dorian wonders who would be idiotic enough to marry him.  She is overwhelmed when she finds out that Blair is planning to re-marry Todd.  Jared appears on the Buchanan doorstop and tells Nigel that he wants to see Renee.  John and Natalie share small talk about Todd being Tommyís biological father.  Natalie questions him as to how long he knew.  John tells Natalie that he owes her an apology.  Renee comes downstairs just as Jared argues with Nigel and she just stares at Jared.  She confesses that she canít get over his resemblance to Asa.  John owns up to Natalie that he gets it now and he wants things to be different between them and admits that he wouldnít like it if he saw her kissing someone else.   

Natalie thanks John for his apology and asks him if he and Marty are together now but John refuses to talk about it.  Renee questions Jared as to how he knew Asa.  Adriana is just about to leave when Sarah arrives.  Nash questions Jessica as to why she did what she did to Jared.  John and Natalie play a game of pool together and she owns up to John about Jared.  John lets Natalie know that he had been suspended again.  Blair and Dorian still argue.  Dorian lets Todd know that if he wants her help and silence, it is going to cost him.  She makes him promise that he will fight for custody of Jack and Starr.  In return, Todd wants Dorian to throw him and Blair the biggest wedding at LaBoulee.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Sharon and Jack are upset at a story in the paper that basically insinuates that Sharon is a gold-digger. Jack vows that he will make sure it doesn't happen again. Later Victor warns the reporter that while Jack is fair game, Sharon is off limits. Later at Newman, Sharon is talking to Brad. He flips on the intercom without her knowing, and brings up the fact that she and Nick kissed. In the other office, Jack hears the whole thing! Lauren is angry with Michael for all the trouble that his family is constantly getting into. They have meetings on Clear Springs and do their best to undo the damage that Jack's scandal has caused. Gloria gets a visit from Jeffrey, who shows her the stuff William sent. He insists she wear gloves when touching the letters. The gloves look just like the ones she wore when she poisoned the face cream, leading Gloria to believe that he knows that she is guilty. David suggests to a reporter that there may be more to the story of Ji Min's death. Phyllis is less than impressed when the warden, angry that Phyllis seems to be wanting preferential treatment, gives her a new cellmate - Jana!

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