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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At ConFusion, Ava asks Jonathan to talk Ryan into investing in J.R.’s new business venture.  At New Beginnings, Kendall thanks Erica for introducing her to Jason.  Kendall also tells her that she and Zach are considering cochlear implants for Spike.  Erica is thrilled.  Zach comes into his office at Cambias Industries and finds Hannah going through his desk drawers.  Ryan walks up and catches Aidan and Greenlee in a very compromising situation.  Ryan asks Aidan if he can talk to him privately.  Aidan fills Ryan in on the details of how he suspects Annie of hitting him on the head.  Jonathan suggests to Ava that they leave J.R. out of their lives and launch the network on their own.  Babe and Wes come into ConFusion and run into Amanda and J.R.  Amanda insists that Babe and Wes join them at the table.  When J.R. and Wes excuse themselves from the table, Babe confronts Amanda as to what she is trying to prove by inviting them to join them.  Ryan reminds Aidan how important it is to stop Richie before he can strike again.  Hannah admits to Zach that she was searching for the letter that she wrote to him when she left town.  Zach gives her back the letter and informs her that he hadn’t read it.  Erica is disturbed when she finds out that Kendall is once again being friendly with Greenlee.  Erica catches Kendall on the phone with Greenlee and Kendall lets her know that she is plotting revenge against Greenlee so she will be out of their lives forever.  Greenlee maneuvers Aidan into letting her help him.  Jonathan warns Ava about J.R. and says that he is not to be trusted.  Babe suggests to Amanda that she be cautious and not give her whole heart to J.R.  J.R. cannot stop thinking about Ava and the kiss they shared.  Wes and Babe share a kiss.  Ryan secretly tells his private investigator to stay on Greenlee and that he wants Greenlee’s phone tapped.

ATWT Recap Written by Dani

Meg’s return to Oakdale is a joy for Craig but their happiness doesn’t last long. Rosanna calls the police to report Craig’s multiple crimes. Dallas arrests Craig for kidnapping and fraud. Paul and Rosanna are on had to watch the moment. Meg attempts to defend her husband but Paul shuts her down. At the police station after speaking with Craig meg begins to fear that Craig lied about running Rosanna off the road intentionally. Meg feels the only way to learn the truth is to speak with Rosanna. Meg goes to Fairwinds but Paul will not let her see his wife-to-be. Meg and Paul argue and struggle. The struggle lands them in what appears to be an intimate position when Rosanna walks in. Craig lets himself in right behind Rosanna. Paul and Rosanna are appalled that Craig is out of jail and rude enough to just walk into their home.

Brad returns to the wedding only to be yelled at by Jack. Jack screams at Brad for his gall and inconsiderate behavior. Brad tries to make Jack accept that where he had to be was important but Jack belittles Brad’s intentions. Brad admits to being with Carly which only infuriates Jack more. Brad tells Jack that Carly is dying and is in the hospital. If Jack doesn’t believe either of them he should go see for himself. Jack does. Brad breaks the tragic news to the adults left at the party. Jack can’t face the truth that Carly has accepted. Jack promises to support her and not let her dye alone. Jack wants Carly to fight for him, for the kids, and for herself. They weep together fearing the short future they are going to face together. Katie waits for jack to join her in a room at the Lakeview after he post pones their honeymoon. Katie feels horrible for Carly and the kids but she does feel personally slighted when Jack comes to the room from the hospital and goes to bed turning his back to her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie admires Donna’s ring that Thorne is holding. He is glad she spoke up when she did, the marriage would have been a disaster. He pulls out a photo of the two of them at a previous wedding, and quips the families can get along. They chuckle over the dance they did back then and he asks her out to another 90’s club night, and she accepts. With both ladies gaping, Ridge has to explain the ring wasn’t meant for Brooke, he was going to ask Ashley to marry him. Brooke goes ballistic; he can’t do this! She begs her cause. This time will be different; his mother is out of the way. He reminds her that she dumped him for his half-brother, and how that made him feel. They are just not meant to be after all. Donna continues to kiss Eric, until he finally pulls away. He isn’t sure what is wrong, but he thinks perhaps she should go home. He doesn’t want to take advantage of her.

As Brooke continues to grovel, Ridge tells her she will always have a place in his heart, but he can’t go there again. Ashley is his future; the woman who is made for him. With tears flowing, Brooke slips the ring off and hands it back to him. Ashley walks in as Brooke leaves and eases into Ridge’s arms, no words. Eric goes to bed and Donna surprises him by slipping in besides him. She says she couldn’t leave, and she didn’t think he wanted her to. He shows her his wedding ring, but she coos that he could always use some warmth and tenderness, so just do what he feels is right. He kisses her. Ridge explains to Ashley that Brooke misread the whole thing; he was only trying to set a tone and he didn’t mean for her to find out like this. And he is sorry that Ashley walked in on this too. He intended a more romantic setting, but he gets down on one knee and asks her to become his wife. He has never been more sure of anything, or anyone.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Stephanie slips up and tells Steve that Jeremy was headed to Seattle but Steve agrees not to tell the cops. Max overhears Steve forcing Stephanie to admit that she still loves Jeremy. Jeremy hides when Chelsea stops by to see Nick and the boys rat him out. The strange man who had been following Nick and the boys introduces himself as Umar Abboud. Umar claims he has come to warn Nick of the boys being in danger.

Bo rushes to tell Sami about Lucas but Sami neglects to tell Bo about Andre’s demands. Sami slips out while Bo isn’t looking and meets up with Andre. Andre shows Sami two tarps that he claims to be covering Lucas and EJ forcing Sami to choose one over the over in order to save Roman. Stefano approaches Steve about ending the vendetta if EJ returns home safely.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lulu begins to settle in with Spinelli and Jason. Jason greets the Jax family as they arrive home and informs Carly that she has to move in with Sonny if she wants to stay in Port Charles. Lucky and Liz decide to divorce. When Nikolas lashes out again, Emily calls him on his behavior and will not back down or let him evade. Though he never really answers, things settle down. Thanks to Carly and Liz, Diane has new family law cases; Liz's divorce and explaining custody to Sonny. When Carly finds out about the divorce, she decides to protect Jason. To Spinelli's glee, Lulu rejects Logan. Jax warns Trevor that if he doesn't back off on Carly and the boys, Jax will ruin Zacchara in business. Skye turns to Ric for help getting Lorenzo's money.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Cassie and Josh are lost in their own moment of long-awaited bliss while Springfield is being fleeced by Cyrus and in a frenzy to locate Marina. Though reporters are camping outside of their room at the Beacon, Cassie and Josh make an escape to go sign the marriage licenses to make their union legal. It’s pretty uneventful. They sign the papers and happily walk home by way of Main Street together. Beth and Rick are walking to the Spaulding party when Beth goes into premature labor. Josh and Cassíe jump right in and help get her to the hospital safely. At the hospital while the doctor is with Beth, Rick calls Alan just in case the truth may need to come out for the baby’s sake. Luckily it doesn’t come to that, and baby and Beth are both fine. Beth is curious why Rick called Alan. Rick lies, claiming he wanted to use the Spaulding helicopter if need be. Josh worries Rick’s call to Alan stirred up Cassie’s feelings of hate for Alan. Cassie admits she hates Alan and always will, but she knows that Rick is the right father for Beth’s baby girl.

Alex is realizing Cyrus has hung her out to dry. Alex pushes her hurt down to deal with Cyrus after he is arrested. Harley just happens to row up in a boat as Cyrus swims after the fleeing boat. Harley places Cyrus under arrest after he tells her exactly what happened. Harley and Frank work the case from the police angle while Buzz and the family worry about the fate of their beloved Marina. Frank’s emotions are impairing his ability to dictate his police force. Harley wants to let Cyrus go in hopes he will lead them to Griggs and/or Marina. Frank is hesitant.  Buzz feels guilty for giving Marina the advice to follow her heart. Daisy helps Buzz to feel better. Alex visits Cyrus in jail angry with him and unwilling to accept any of his excuses or apologies. Alexandra does offer the police department full access to all of Spaulding’s resource to help get Marina home. When Griggs has Marina out in the middle of nowhere, he makes a call. Apparently Griggs has another partner. Griggs wants to know what to do with Marina now that he’s got her. On the other end of the line, Alexandra tells him to just hold on to her for now. And the plot thickens……..

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Nora returns to the Buchanan mansion and lets Clint and Dorian know what happened at Lindsay’s arraignment.  Cris comes home and lets Sarah know that Lindsay suffered an emotional meltdown at her arraignment hearing.  Angrily, Jared tells Natalie and Nash that it doesn’t matter who Jessica claimed to be when she him sent to prison.  Cole consoles Starr and assures her that this matter with Tommy will resolve itself in time.  Sarah offers Cris sympathy as he wishes that he could help Lindsay in this sticky situation.  Jessica explains to Jared that she suffers from multiple personality disorder.  Dorian points the finger of blame at Nora for her involvement in this situation.  Rex blames himself for Lindsay’s meltdown.  Insisting that Jessica pay for what she did to him, Jared tries to force Natalie to give him a position at Buchanan Enterprises.  Nora suggests to Dorian that Lindsay may have pulled a fast one in order to get out of standing trial for murdering Spencer Truman.  Natalie challenges Jared to a game of pool to determine if he gets the job at Buchanan Enterprises (B.E.).  Markko mentions to Cole and Starr his concerns about Langston having so little contact with her parents.  Jared defeats Natalie at her own game and requests the corner office at B.E.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Jill and Katherine begin to investigate who could have gotten the footage from their security system. Jill is worried about someone seeing the tapes of the times she and Ji Min had sex at the office. Kevin and Gloria barely get out of the office with Kevin's laptop as security is confiscating everyone's computers to track down the hacker. Gloria sees William's brother Jeffrey, who tells her that he thinks that William may have known he was going to die. William had also sent him a package that got lost in the mail and he just received it. He tells her there is face cream in there. Gloria suspects it is the tainted cream and tries to get him to pass it along to her. Sharon and Jack worry about someone spying on them. Jack asks Paul to come over and check out the house but he refuses to help. Jack asks Daniel if he thinks Kevin could have hacked into the security system. Daniel pokes around and tells Jack that he may have done it. Maggie arrives to question Jack. JT jokingly says that he will love the baby even if it's "evil", which makes Victoria angry for about a minute.

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