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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad admits to Adam that he is in love with Krystal.  Krystal comes into the room and questions Tad as to his latest comment to Adam.  Thus begins a tug-of-war between Adam and Tad.  Krystal threatens them both if they don’t let go of her arms.  Tad leaves, leaving Krystal and Adam alone.  They begin to argue as usual.  At the morgue, the medical examiner uncovers the dead body.  Upon seeing the body, Annie almost faints and Ryan catches her.  Annie reveals to Ryan that the dead body is not Richie.  At the beach, Aidan and Greenlee go over the details of when he had been hit in the head.  Jason stops Kendall to talk to her about his deafness as well as the deafness of Spike.  Greenlee is resentful when she thinks that Aidan believes that she could have hit him over the head.  After talking to Aidan a few more minutes, Greenlee comes to the realization that Aidan thinks that Annie could have been the one, who hit him in the head.  Derek informs Annie and Ryan of the identity of the man on the slab in the morgue.  Ryan encourages Annie to let him buy her a gun.  Before Ryan leaves, he makes sure that all the doors are locked.  Annie locks the door behind him and then sinks down to just wait for Richie to appear.  Zach and Kendall discuss Spike’s uncertain future with his deafness.  Tad talks to Joe about Krystal and says he doubts that he will ever win her heart because she still loves Adam.  Kendall and Zach talk to Joe about cochlear implants for Spike.  Krystal fights her feelings for Adam.  Aidan and Greenlee grow closer.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Jack and Katie's wedding begins and when the minister says can anyone show just cause why these two should not be married Brad gets a call from Carly to pick her up at the police station because she was brought there after she collapsed in Old Town and couldn't remember her name. Brad rushes out of the wedding and persuades Carly to go to the hospital. Jack and Katie wait what seems like hours for Brad but they decide to get married without him. The doctor wants Carly to get treatment that might prolong her life a little bit but she refuses saying she won't spend what remains of her life on medication. Brad tries to persuade her to fight her condition for the sake of her children. Brad returns to the wedding in time to catch the bouquet and face a hurt and disappointed Jack and Katie.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge readies everything for ‘the night’, he wants it to be just right. Brooke is ushered in, big smiles all around. Ridge talks about his son, the future, that’s what this night is all about. She promises him that she will bring stability and trust back into their lives and he won’t regret it. They will have a nice, romantic dinner and she is hopeful they can begin anew and their love stronger than ever. Donna is sitting only in a towel at the swimming pool while Eric listens to her but before she can throw herself any more at him, they hear a car pull up. Could it be Stephanie? Donna scatters; it turns out to be Felicia. Constantine went on tour and she’d like to go join him in Seattle. Eric says he can watch the baby, and he is sure her boss will let her off for a few days. She advises him to have it out with Stephanie when she returns, but don’t make any hasty decisions that he will regret later. He owes Stephanie at least a little forgiveness. He and Stephanie belong together. Donna is on the way out when a delivery boy brings another letter from Stephanie. Donna signs for it and while her first thought is to burn it, she meets up with Eric and hands it to him. He doesn't bother as he is sure he has heard it all before.

Rick shows back up at Ashley’s lab, but she does not wish to talk as she has to rush off to meet Ridge. He chides her for setting herself up for another disillusionment. With more buildup to how wonderful their relationship has been, while Ridge is away checking on dinner, Brooke finds the engagement ring on the table, puts it on, is besides herself with glee when Ridge walks in. She tells him how much she loves it, how much she loves him and is hugging him when Ashley walks in. Of course the big rock on Brooke’s finger doesn’t escape her attention, and she is beyond shocked to find they are engaged.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Instead of waiting for the ambulance, Steve returns home to Kayla. Steve only agrees to go to the hospital after confirming that Bo is okay. Bo tracks Andre down to an old factory at the pier. Sami and Lucas enlist supporters to help pass out fliers in hopes of finding Roman. Lucas questions EJ’s motives when he shows up to help but Sami sends them out together to post fliers since Lucas insists she stay behind. Lucas and EJ come by the pier to pass out the fliers but Andre jumps out and grabs Lucas. Andre sends Bo running into the factory by claiming that Roman is inside. Bo is thrown back when Andre throws a grenade into the factory. Andre escapes with Lucas and EJ as hostages during the commotion. Though there is no sign of Roman in the factory, Bo finds the leather folio. Sami demands that Shawn Sr. tell her how Colleen died but he still refuses. Andre returns to the pub and insists that Sami must now meet him later tonight with her decision as to which of his hostages gets to survive the ordeal.

Chelsea claims to be helping Max when she chases away his latest date. Max admits that he flirts with random girls because they won’t hurt him like Stephanie might. Max doesn’t want to hear Chelsea’s insistence that he belongs with Stephanie.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jason levels with Liz; Sam, Amelia, Lulu, and Diane all know about Jake. Plus, Sam paid off the guys who threatened Liz and the boys. Trevor threatens Sonny if Johnny gets hurt. As Lulu spills her guts to Spinelli, Lucky shows up with an offer of a new place to live, but she intends to move in with Jason. Tracy and Edward object. Jerry sneaks onto the Island to prove to Jax and Carly that they are not safe there and should go farther away. Nikolas throws a glass at Alexis, then later denies it and basically acts like most Cassadines. Anyone who remembers Stefan will be reminded of his darker side. Robin reacts poorly to her break-up with Patrick.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Cyrus believes Marina is going to arrest him now that she has his plan figured out but Marina gives him an option. Cyrus can’t have the money and her, he must chose. Cyrus decides she is more important than the money. Now ready to run away together and be broke Marina goes home to pack and Cyrus goes to stop Griggs from transferring the money. Cyrus rushes in snatching the laptop with all of the account information. Before going to the boat to meet Marina Cyrus refuses to be poor. He transfers the money into his account, double-crossing Griggs. Griggs knows that Cyrus won’t let that much money go not even for Marina. He kidnaps Marina at the docks when she arrives to meet Cyrus. Cyrus tries to stop them from driving off in his boat but Griggs is too fast.

Marina’s kidnapping isn’t the only problem Cyrus has. Guests at the party begin to figure out their bank accounts have been compromised. Alex is forced to face the music alone.  Ava watches Ashlee’s discomfort at the party when she arrives with Jack as her date. Doris is furious with Ava for bringing jack into Ashlee’s life again. Doris drags Jack out of the party. Outside Jack confronts Doris for setting him up only because she was jealous about how close Ashlee was to him. Ava overhears and Doris admits that she did set Jack up. Ava and Doris form an alliance to each get what they want. Coop out of Ashlee’s life.

Mallet punches Matt who fights back when Mallet finds him kissing Dinah. Dinah and Vanessa break up the fight. Dinah has an emotional break down claiming that she turned to Matt in more ways than just as a friend because of how Mallet makes her feel. Mallet is crushed but he doesn’t blame Dinah.  Dinah is angry with herself for hurting Mallet but feels she actually saved him. Matt stands by Dinah even though she set him up. Dinah tells Matt that she had to do something because Mallet’s life is being destroyed over her and her medical bills.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Jessica admits to Natalie that Tess had Jared put into jail.  Nash notices Jessica’s picture of Jared’s cell phone and he demands answers.  Although Will urges Lindsay not to plead guilty, she goes against his wishes and pleads guilty to murdering Spencer Truman.  Todd tells Blair that he can regain custody of his son if she will agree to marry him.  Jared reveals to Nash that he came to Llanview to get revenge on the woman that ruined his life.  Blair reminds Todd that he paid Tea five million dollars to help him keep Starr so Blair wants to be compensated in the same amount.  Jessica and Natalie break up a fight between Nash and Jared.  Lindsay reveals to the judge that she killed Spencer because he refused to keep quiet about whom Tommy’s real father was.  Blair reminds Todd how bad they are together but Todd continues to pressure her to marry him.  Michael and Rex listen as Lindsay tells all to the judge about how she murdered Spencer.  Jessica reveals to Nash about Tess setting Jared up for robbery.  Jessica is surprised that Jared lost his job and that he went to prison for two years.  Blair agrees to remarry Todd, but on her terms.  With Lindsay in a catatonic state, her lawyer suggests that she be sent to St. Anne’s for a psychiatric evaluation.  Nora has no objections.  Jared wants payback from Jessica for Tess landing him in jail.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Nikki starts to feel the fallout from Jack's involvement with Jabot being made public.  David tells her he will do whatever he can to help her and prepares a statement that basically distances Nikki from Jack. Jack, meanwhile, has decided to go ahead with his press conference. Sharon and Noah are proud of him. When the reporters are doubtful that Jack had planned to come clean earlier, Sharon steps in and speaks on his behalf. Traci has also come to town to support Jack and Phyllis calls from prison to say she is proud of him for doing the right thing. Kevin and Gloria gloat about the mess Jack is in but realize they have to be careful, the DVD can't be traced back to them. Gloria, however, can't resist remarking to Jack that he is getting what he deserves. As Jack and Sharon are leaving the Athletic Club, they see Gloria and Victor toasting in celebration. Katherine makes plans to speak with the husband of the woman who died from the tainted cream. Jana calls Kevin to tell him she is sorry that she cut him out of her life and that she was transferred to prison. Kevin immediately goes to see her and vows to do anything he can to help her. Jana is surprised and happy to see Phyllis in prison.

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