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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Watching Erica’s interview of young Jason, Kendall learns he has cochlear implants and realizes that Zach had been working with her mother to trick her into meeting the boy.  Babe and Wes come to the morgue to identify the body of the man, who tried to rob the bar.  Derek tells Ryan and Annie that John Doe died of a drug overdose.  Annie realizes that as hard as she tries, this will never be over.  Adam feels confident that Colby will be home for good.  Tad comes to visit and advises Adam that Colby is happy and content where she is under his roof.  Krystal apologizes, once again, for kissing Stuart.  Stuart admits to Krystal that Adam had impersonated him more than once.  Wes continues to be at Babe’s beck and call.  Adam and Tad bicker as they open up old wounds.  Zach tries to convince Kendall that he thought if she met Jason that it would help her to come to a decision about Spike’s future.  Annie informs Ryan that she is going to confess about what she did to Richie on the witness stand and that she lied in order to get him sent to prison.  Tad warns Adam never to go near Jenny again.  Later, Tad admits that he is in love with Krystal as Krystal listens at the door.  Kendall blames Erica for trying to control every situation.  When the coroner uncovers the body, Annie looks at it and faints.

ATWT Recap Written by Dani

Katie begins her day fearing Carly’s interference but Henry and Vienna calm her down. A visit and presents from Jack definitely put Katie at ease. Jack comes by to pick up Sage’s dress for the wedding. Carly gives Jack her best and they say their final “good-byes.” Carly struggles to hold herself up but she keeps her secret from Jack. Carly wanders alone on Main Street unable to sit at home and face the passing minutes ticking by. Her physical and mental state weaken as she tries to avoid the ominous fate of dying prematurely from a brain tumor and the love of her life marrying another woman. She collapses. A Good Samaritan rushes to her side but Carly cannot recall her own name when she comes to. Brad is running around the farm trying to find a specialist to help Carly. Instead of helping out with last minute preparations, he stays on his cell phone. The wedding party on both the groom and bride’s sides are having a wonderful time. Katie and Jack believe it is finally going to happen for them. They will be married.

Paul fights to get his way. The prosecution of Craig. Rosanna confesses to asking Craig to the house the night before. Paul believes Craig tried to strong arm Rosanna into not testifying against him but in fact Rosanna just wants to put that behind her and move on with Paul. Paul however cannot let go of all of the injustices Craig has gotten away with. Paul tries to solicit testimony against Craig from Will and Gwen but Will isn’t willing to put Gwen through reliving that trauma. When Paul returns home angry at Will and angry at Craig Rosanna shares her thoughts of letting the past remain in the past. Rosanna feels cheated out of the last two years of her life and doesn’t want to lose another minute with Paul due to Craig. Paul struggles to make Rosanna understand the torment Craig caused and will continue to cause if he is not made to pay. They make love and Paul asks Rosanna to marry him. She agrees to marry him and testify against Craig.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke pleads her cause, her future with Ridge. Never mind, that Ashley seems to be standing smack in the middle. She really wants a new beginning for herself, with him, R.J. and Hope. She asks him to give himself back over to her, and he won’t want to look at another woman again. She says she loves him very, very much, kisses him and then takes off upstairs. Rick brings some designs to Ashley and they realize just how much they still have in common…..and how much he appreciates her. He wastes no chances in letting her know that Ridge and Brooke, Brooke and Ridge, they are a package deal...... Brooke calls and he comes running, but Ashley deserves so much better. Eric shows Donna around the pool, as she has never seen all of his place. She praises him, but points out that while he is a most gifted man, he sits around playing dirges on the piano. He needs something else in his life. She challenges him to jump in the pool and get his endorphins a' moving. Neither of them have a suit, but Eric quips to not let that stop her. She does comply and Eric compares her to Stephanie when she used to be that kind of woman. Donna comes on seductively and says she wishes she could have known him when he was that lively man. He could be again, he just needs to let him out. Eric helps Donna out of the pool, without looking. She flirts that perhaps he should, it might jog his memory……or something else. He reminds her he isn’t THAT old! He initiates a kiss they both enjoy and want more.

Ashley relaxes in the steam room thinking of meeting Ridge there. Rick slips in and tenderly puts his hands on her shoulders. She comments that it feels so good before realizing that it is Rick and she jumps away, telling him he had no right to put his hands on her like that. Why not, he says, if it brought her such pleasure? Ridge calls the jeweler to his house to select a diamond ring. He calls Brooke and asks her to come over to his house around eight o’clock, they’ll have dinner, some conversation. She replies that she will love it. He’s looking forward to it and last thing he says is that he loves her more than she will ever know. He stares at the ring and makes note that tonight begins the rest of his life.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Nick approaches Jett about being friends again but Jett questions his motives. Chelsea asks Billie to give Jett a job and though hesitant, Billie agrees. Billie is unable to get any information about the boys for Nick. Stephanie and Kayla argue over letting Jeremy leave without calling the cops. Kayla only agrees not to call when Stephanie threatens to move back out. Jeremy decides to leave on his own rather than take Kayla’s offer of fighting the charges so Kayla calls the cops. Jeremy insists that Nick put him up for the night.

Steve calls Bo over to check out Rolf’s coded drawing and they are still there when Andre shows up. Steve pretends to be there alone and attempts to reason with Andre. Andre stabs Steve to get away and Steve sends Bo to chase after Andre.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lulu stops Johnny from being shot, just in time for the Zacchara goons to show up and take him home. Jax joins Carly and the boys on the Island. Nikolas apologizes to Georgie for strangling Logan. When Logan insults Maxie, Coop defends her. Trevor, Kate, Ric, and Sonny find themselves in a debate that spans her situation, to the past with Adela, and how both of the other two men treat Ric. It ends in Ric declaring his independence and determination to best Sonny on the basis on all the times Sonny has tried to kill him and otherwise abuse him. Nikolas is angry at Alexis for associating with Jerry. Lulu regrets her involvements with both Logan and Johnny. Liz runs into Jason and tells him that Lucky and Sam are together. Sonny gets a text message warning him that Leticia's death was the first only.

GL Recap Written by Dani

It’s party time! Guests arrive for the big Spaulding fundraiser. Everyone is having a good time despite the drama in each guests life. Marina and Harley are on police detail to cover the event while Frank is left behind to log evidence. Frank discovers missing money from the sack of cash . He searches Mallet’s desk and finds the missing money. Frank goes to confront Mallet. Dinah overhears as Mallet begs for forgiveness and tries to explain how desperate he is. Dinah feels horrible, she must do something. Something drastic. Matt’s idea to attend the party to have a good time blows up in his face. Matt arrives drunk and tries to cause trouble for Vanessa and Billy who are enjoying each other’s company as friends.

Dinah stops Matt and claims to have decided to peruse her feelings for him. She loves mallet, she explains, but she doesn’t want to give her and Matt a chance. Dinah tips a waiter to go find Mallet and bring him to the docks. When Mallet arrives looking for Dinah he finds her pinned to the wall and a shirtless Matt kissing her. Seeing Matt drunk gets to Billy, he knows he hasn’t changed like Vanessa thinks. Billy leaves Vanessa at the party and goes to his room to drink.

Gus glares at Alan and Natalia as they mingle at the party together. He tries to speak to both of them about being out together but neither want to have this particular conversation with him. Alan accuses Gus of being jealous. Gus denies it but makes quite a show of dancing with Natalia for Alan’s benefit.

Marina slinks around the party trying to figure out how Cyrus plans to rob the Spauldings. Cyrus prepares to make his escape with Marina who still won’t commit to leaving with him. Cyrus tries to be helpful for the lady in charge of collecting and recording the donations. He reads each check’s name, routing and account numbers off. Griggs is in a room at the Beacon just as they planned recording the information. Marina finally catches on. The Spauldings are one thing she tells Cyrus but to steal from everyone in the room that is another. Marina holds Cyrus at gunpoint, unable to let him get away with stealing from so many people.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Todd offers Marcie and Michael a large sum of money in order to get his son back.  Marcie pretends that she wants to hear his offer.  When Todd offers them ten million dollars for his son to be returned to him, Marcie tears up the check and tells Todd that she was playing him all the time.  Jessica encourages Natalie to hire Jared at Buchanan Enterprises.  Natalie doesn’t understand what has come over Jessica that she would ask her to hire Jared.  Cristian assures Layla that Sarah would make a good roommate.  Jessica admits to Natalie that Jared has been blackmailing her in order to get the job at Buchanan Enterprises.  Layla agrees to let Sarah move in with her.  Rex, Adriana, Cris, and Roxy come to the courthouse to lend their moral support to Lindsay as she faces her bail hearing.  Nora informs R.J. that she is going to request that Lindsay be remanded immediately following her arraignment.  Michael informs Todd that now they even more evidence to prove that Todd is an unfit parent to Tommy.  Todd visits Blair and tells her that he visited Marcie and Michael and might possibly have made matters worse.  Nash questions Jared as to why a picture of Jessica is on his cell phone.  Lindsay shocks the court by pleading guilty to murdering Spencer Truman.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Nick and Victoria wonder why Victor isn't willing to help Phyllis without getting something in return. Victor has a change of heart and makes a few phone calls to try and get Phyllis out on work release. Later he gives the DVD from Gloria to the press noting that he has to remain anonymous. After JT overhears some Newman employees wondering why Victoria would be with him, he begins to doubt the strength of their relationship. While Jack is practicing his speech for the press conference in front of Sharon, she gets a phone call from Noah's school. He has been in a fight with some other kids who were giving him a hard time over Jack's scandal. Jack goes to get him and postpones the press conference for a little while so he can talk to Noah. When they get back, they see a breaking news item about the DVD.

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