Thursday 9/20/07 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Krystal finds out that Adam had been posing as Stuart when he comes to visit, and she decides to teach him a lesson.  Ryan shows Annie information proving that she sent the locket to herself after she told him that her brother sent it to her.  Annie is hurt when she thinks that Ryan doesn’t believe her story.  In talking to Zach, Josh warns him that Hannah cannot be trusted.  Babe advises Ava to keep her distance from J.R.  Kendall tells Erica how good it felt to hold her son in her arms for the first time.  Stuart is puzzled when Krystal tells him how much she misses the passion that she felt when she was with Adam.  In talking to J.R., Babe demands to know what his plans are for Ava.  Annie comes clean with Ryan and tells him that Ritchie convinced everyone that she pushed their father out the window.  Kendall meets a very interesting ten-year-old boy named Jason at the "New Beginnings" studio.  Ryan promises Annie that he will always fight to protect her.  Josh is touched by Zach’s love and gratitude for his family.  J.R. tries to convince Babe to help him get his business venture off the ground, but she still has her doubts.  Ava congratulates J.R. for manipulating Babe so effectively.  Krystal kisses Stuart (thinking it is Adam) and to her horror, realizes her mistake.  Derek brings Annie and Ryan information about the whereabouts of Richie.  Kendall is taken aback when she learns that Jason is also deaf.

AMC BONUS Recap Written by Fran

Ryan and Annie discuss the fact that Aidan discovered that Annie originally sent the pendant watch to herself at the Slaters.  Annie gets upset and accuses Ryan of falling under Richie's spell as everyone in her life has even without knowing him.  Ryan assures her that he loves her and will do everything in his power to find Richie and get to the bottom of what is going on.  J.R. and Babe discuss his concept for a shopping/fashion website with Ava as the focus.  Babe informs him that Kendall and Greenlee will never agree to allow Ava to take part in another endeavor while she's under contract to Fusion.  Krystal waits at The Comeback for Adam to arrive masquerading as Stuart.  When he comes in, she starts to talk and act seductively, confiding how much Adam continues to mean to her.  She pulls him close and kisses him passionately, only to discover that it is indeed Stuart and not Adam as she suspected.  Zach and Josh discuss Hannah’s return.  Josh reveals that he knows that Hannah propositioned him before she left town and gives his brother-in-law fair warning that he will retaliate if Zach hurts Kendall.  Confessing that he is “off his game," Zach asks Josh to keep his eyes and ears open to all that is going on in the company and with their dealings, in particular with Adam.  Erica stops by Fusion and encourages Kendall to join her for a taping of “New Beginnings” after which they will have lunch and a trip to the spa.  Kendall joins Erica at the studio and entertains a charming 10-year-old boy while Erica talks with the boy’s mother.  Kendall finds the young man intelligent, articulate, and extremely accomplished.  Zach enters the studio as Kendall watches from the wings while Erica interviews Jason.  Kendall is stunned when Erica informs her viewers that Jason is totally deaf.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Maddie helps Noah realize that he is gay but she tells him she hopes they can be friends.  Noah comes out to Luke but admits he is afraid that he will be alone if his father rejects him after he tells him he is gay.  Luke tells Noah he won't be alone because he will be there for him.  Colonel Mayer admits to Dusty that he killed Cheri and set him up for her murder.  Dusty puts up a fight but the Colonel shoots him and drags his body to a junkyard and leaves him for dead.  Dusty wakes up and calls for help but he is very weak and passes out.  Carly tells Brad she is dying and makes him promise not to let anyone until after Jack returns from his honeymoon.  Sage tells Jack that Carly went to the doctor but Carly lies to him again.  She tells him she did go to the doctor but she is fine and tells him to concentrate on his wedding tomorrow. 

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick makes another frantic visit to Bridget’s about this potential mix-up with the baby eggs. When he gets back to his office, he finds Brooke there holding pictures of the ultrasound. It’s a little unsettling, but she says she wasn’t snooping; they were just lying on his desk. As they talk, she confides in him about the rape. He’s devastated she has gone through this. She swears him to secrecy, even from Taylor. She states she is just going to concentrate on her children now. Thorne stuns Donna by coming back to the scene of the crime where he dumped her. He reminds her the last thing he wants to do is torture her. It wouldn’t have worked, their relationship was for all the wrong reasons, but he wants to thank her. She pulled him out of his tail-spin; she saved his life. She’s grateful too, and gives him back his ring. Ridge schmoozes with Ashley and after a night of love-making she doesn’t take it well that he says he has to run off and see Brooke again today. She wishes he trusted her enough to discuss this about Brooke with her. She refuses to live with secrets about an ex-lover.

Brooke also confesses she thinks Ridge is still her destiny and she may be getting him back. Nick is speechless that she’d put herself through that again. Donna slips in to get her purse while Eric is tickling the ivories. He calls out before she can make a retreat. She explains why she was there earlier to see Thorne. Eric is still down with this whole involvement about Stephanie and Brooke’s rape. Ridge asks Brooke’s permission to tell her about Brooke’s rape. It’s not fair to Ashley or their relationship with him keeping secrets from her. In no uncertain terms, Brooke tells him she wants to make it perfectly clear – his future is with her, their children, not with Ashley and it’s time she knows that. Nick can’t get this confession out of his mind either.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Abe informs Jett that he’s been fired from the agency. Abe refuses to give Jett a job at the police station without seeing Jett prove himself so Chelsea offers Jett the chance to work with Billie’s security company. Jett claims he doesn’t remember the ambulance ride where he professed his love for Chelsea. Kayla spots Jeremy as he is trying to sneak out. Jeremy secretly calls Stephanie on his cell phone so she can hear the situation. Stephanie rushes to the suite but refuses to turn Jeremy in.

Steve questions Stefano about Roman but Stefano denies any knowledge of Roman’s whereabouts. Steve gets Stefano to agree not to hurt any of his children in exchange for being kept informed about the police’s search for Andre. Steve crouches in hiding as Rolf leaves a coded drawing on the front door for Andre.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny and Jason divide their attention between handling the Zacchara situation in general, clearing Kate, and finding Lulu, who is with Zacchara's son. Trevor plans to use Sam's show to smear Kate. Maxie has the "poor me" blues because people blame her for Lulu being upset. Nikolas tries to strangle Logan. Jason and Spinelli find the car Lulu got into, abandoned. They hear Lulu scream. She's running away from Johnny. Just as he finds her, Jason pulls a gun on the punk. Kate's arrest turns into a media circus. Ric finds himself torn between helping Sonny spite his father or vice versa, after he realizes Sonny is right, Trevor set Kate up.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Today is the day of the big Spaulding charity fundraising party. Alex has another big surprise in store other than being the hostess with the mostest , and I’m not talking about her husband robbing her blind. Ava is the first to tell Alex about Alan stepping down and making her CEO of Spaulding. This news only adds to Alexandra’s already great mood. She can’t wait to share the good news with her husband who can’t seem to be found at the moment.

Between making the final preparations with Griggs to cipher party guests money from their accounts and staying cozy with his wife, Cyrus finds time to drop in on Marina to give her the meet time and location for them to run away after the party. Oh, and make love to her. Marina still hasn’t decided if she is willing to throw her life in Springfield away and abandon her family all for the sake of love that may or may not last. Cyrus is confident in what they have and doesn’t question the decision she will make. Buzz doesn’t do much for keeping her around when he tells her that he would do anything for love and the times he had with Jenna were the best of his life.

Could Cyrus and Griggs gig be up? Alex catches Griggs in the party hall and wants to know who he is. Before calling the police Alexandra is surprised when Griggs leaves it to Cyrus to answer to Alex.

Billy and Lizzie seem to be dodging lawsuits and criminal charges for the collapsed building. Billy feels renewed and anxious like a school boy to start dating Vanessa again. Lizzie urges Billy to ask Vanessa to the Spaulding Gala. When he finally gets around to asking Vanessa accepts just before Matt causes a scene and announcing he is dating too.

Dinah has a bad episode at Company and an impatient customer calls her stupid. The incident leaves her and Mallet down in the dumps and more desperate for a solution to their problems. To add to the issue Frank is forced to write mallet up when he is missing work assignments and calling out of work to sit with Dinah. Matt drives Dinah home where he draws the wrong conclusion from their relationship. Mallet returns to the police station where he hides the stolen evidence money deeper in his desk drawer. Dinah sets Matt straight about her devotion to A.C. Mallet decides to pass on all work for the night and buys Dinah a cocktail dress. He promises everything is going to be okay and just for tonight he wants it to be just them. A.C. wants to take Dinah to the Spaulding Gala and have a good time the way they used to.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Britney harasses Cole about the latest behavior of the Manning family.  Layla overhears Adriana and Rex’s plan that they move in together.  Nora reminds Will that Lindsay has to pay for murdering Spencer Truman.  Marcie visits Lindsay in jail and encourages her to believe that she will soon be free.  Todd explains to Starr and Blair how the custody hearing went from bad to worse.  Michael tells John that Todd’s behavior in court helped him to win sole custody of Tommy.  Will accuses Nora of carrying out a vendetta against Lindsay because of their hatred for each other down through the years.  Layla is extremely upset with Adriana for not consulting with her before she agreed to move in with Rex.  Rex suggests that Layla and Vincent move in together to share expenses.  Sarah bets Cristian that she can book a well-known band to play at Capricorn within one week or she will be out of his life for good.  Starr lets Langston, Cole, and Markko know why she is supporting her father in his custody battle against Marcie and Michael.  Rex assures Adriana that he will handle things if Blair tells their secret to Todd.  Sarah begs Layla to take her on as a roommate.  Blair and Todd each make separate plans to regain custody of Tommy from the McBains.  Blair visits Lindsay in jail and tells her that she will help her if Lindsay will help Todd gain custody of Tommy.  Todd visits Marcie and Michael and wants to buy Tommy back from them.

Passions Recap Written by Cherri

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Sharon and Nick take Noah to see Phyllis in prison. The warden is still refusing to let Nick see her so he tries to convince him to let him. He tells him about the plane crash and his amnesia and tells him that he has fallen in love all over again with Phyllis. Sharon overhears this and looks upset. The warden relents and Nick gets to see Phyllis. She tells him about the deal Victor offered her. He is furious and tells her that if Victor has the power to get her released he will get him to do it, and without conditions. He goes to Victor and tells him to make it happen. Brad tries to make amends with the people he has hurt. He talks to Colleen and she eventually agrees to go to Synagogue with him. Victor and Jack argue again. Jack calls the press to tell them he has a big announcement to make later. Gloria and Kevin make plans to give the DVD of the security footage of Jack to Victor. Gloria meets with Victor and gives him the DVD, telling him that he has to make sure it can't be traced to her or Kevin. Michael is furious when he realizes what they have done. Cane sees Lily at the club. He invites her to a concert at a club in Milwaukee and is surprised when she tells him she is only 19 years old.

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