Wednesday 9/19/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 9/19/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

J.R. looks at a picture of Ava and Jonathan, kissing, on his cell phone.  He starts to leave, but Ava stops him.  Amanda jokes with Babe about her having a date, and Amanda wonders with whom Babe’s date is.  Kendall comes into work and lets them know how much she has missed them.  They all hug.  Greenlee meets Aidan in a bar.  She wants to know what was so important that he dragged her all this way over here.  Aidan asks for Greenlee’s help.  She blasts him for the remarks that he made to Ryan.  Ryan and Annie arrive home, unbeknownst to them that Ritchie followed them and is now listening to their conversation outside the door.  Kendall lets Babe and Amanda know that she and Greenlee will now be running Fusion together.  Babe is hurt by the news.  Amanda is furious that Kendall and Greenlee will be back at the helm.  Amanda and Babe show Kendall the photo of Ava and Jonathan on the beach.  They decide to cut their losses and let Ava go.  Aidan tells Greenlee that he only said that to Ryan about Greenlee not meaning for her to hear it.  Before Greenlee leaves for work, Aidan kisses her bye.  Greenlee arrives at work just as Kendall, Babe, Amanda, and Di decide to let Ava go.  Greenlee insists that Ava is the face of Fusion Green.  Krystal commends Wes for saving Babe’s life and gives him a promotion as well as a pay raise.  J.R. assures Ava that he is no longer interested in her.  Di arrives back at Fusion for a meeting with the other Fusion women.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly receives devastating news about a lesion on her brain and is in denial as she is told that she has only months to live. Rosanna and Craig have words. Col. Meyer has harsh words about Luke to Lily, as Dusty watches. Noah is furious with Luke. Vienna helps Jack surprise Katie with a honeymoon, but she puts her foot in her mouth when she insults the idea not knowing it is Jack’s. Carly wants a second opinion. Noah thinks Luke outed him purposely and walks away from him. Col. Meyer wants Luke away from Noah and subtly promises to do something about it if it doesn’t happen. Dusty has questions for Col Meyer that leaves him rattled. Katie and Jack decide to pick a honeymoon together. Brad wants to know what the doctor said to Carly, but she won’t talk about it because all she wants is Sage to blow off dance class and come with her, but Jack overhears and is furious. Jack yells at Carly and her spontaneous not thinking behavior and how she always pushes the envelope with him; this is making him not trust her anymore, as Carly takes off. Craig tries to convince Rosanna that Paul just wants her to do his bidding and lets her in on a few things Paul did while she was in her coma. Rosanna won’t be deterred and lets on how much she knows. Maddie is upset with Luke thinking he could have been a better friend and that he ended up getting what he wanted. Luke tries to explain his side and finally Maddie admits how low she feels about losing her boyfriend to another guy. Maddie and Luke worry about what Noah is up against with coming out. Lily and Noah talk, as he tries to defend his father; he can’t lose him especially after growing up with no mother. Carly receives a second and third opinion and they are all in agreement, much to Carly’s dismay. Carly soaks in a tub faraway in her thoughts, as she lets herself fall under the water. Craig still doesn’t think Rosanna has much to stand on and thinks ultimately she will do what is right and not what Paul wants, but Rosanna doesn’t want him to be so sure. Dusty’s drink is spiked and he drops to the floor, as someone takes his notes on his investigation. Later, we see Col. Meyer dragging Dusty to the door. Katie finds out the honeymoon was Jack’s idea and is horrified that she ruined it. They decide to actually go on his planned honeymoon and make their own memories. Brad pulls Carly up from under the water. She tells him that she is not trying to kill herself, but admits quietly to a stunned Brad that she is dying though!

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridgett tries to explain to a stunned Nick how they are going to handle all of this – that Brooke could be the mother of Taylor’s baby. He pleads that can’t there be some test so they can find out before the baby is born? He does not want Taylor to know about this and promises Bridgett to secrecy. He never intended to have a child with Brooke and he will deal with that when the time comes. Protecting Taylor now is all that matters. Ridge calls and tells Ashley he feels like an idiot for not being in touch lately, he’d like to see her tonight if possible. Taylor says maybe Brooke is losing her touch; things sound like they might be alright between he and Ashley. Begrudgingly, Brooke laments to Katie she had hopes with Ridge, but looks like that isn’t going to work out. And then there was her time with Nick, but he’s going to have a child with someone else. Ridge makes his explanations and apologies to Ashley. She tries to be accepting, but lets him know she does not want to be a part of any relationship he has with Brooke, not today, not tomorrow. He assures her that he loves her, and wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

Nick comes home and praises Taylor for how beautiful she is carrying their child. Ridge and Ashley bask in their lovemaking and vows for the future. Katie senses that Brooke does want Ridge back, who tells her anytime she gets close to a man, she seems to lose it. She knows what her destiny is, Ridge and their children. He wants Ashley now, but Brooke doesn’t see them as a future. It will be her and Ridge. That’s what it should be that’s what it WILL be. Taylor tells Nick that in all her other pregnancies she was always looking over her shoulder looking for Brooke, this will be different. He assures her this baby is hers, she is the mother in any way that counts….and she is his whole world.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Stephanie has Jeremy hide in the bedroom before letting Max inside. Max can tell that Jeremy has been to the suite because of how panicked Stephanie is acting but Stephanie still throws Max out. Jeremy has to hide in the bedroom again when Kayla and Steve come home and Stephanie claims she wants to move back in to stall them from going into the bedroom. Kayla can tell that Stephanie has an ulterior motive but Stephanie guilts them into agreeing. Stephanie demands that Jeremy turn himself in to Steve in exchange for being able to stay with her at the suite. Jeremy unknowingly leaves behind his photo ID and Steve finds it. China admits that the boys aren’t her biological sons and that she was paid to bring them into the country. The plan fell through when she wasn’t able to pass them along to the intended person. China tries to leave without the boys but Chelsea stops her by threatening to call the cops. Chelsea demands that China tell them the boys’ real parents’ names in exchange for freely walking away. China reveals that the boys’ father was a powerful man with lots of enemies who was killed thus leaving the boys at risk of being killed as well to be kept from their inheritance.

Billie points out to Philip that Lauren has not spent a dime on baby items since they’ve been investigating her leading them to think Tyler has never been in Lauren’s care all this time. Billie suggests Philip call the cops and accuse Lauren of having killed Tyler in hopes that she’ll disprove the claim by revealing where Tyler is. Belle insists that she doesn’t want to go with Philip despite getting Shawn’s permission. Shawn still tries to convince Belle to go. Belle begins to question why Shawn is so insistent that she goes on the trip but he insists that it’s to show his trust in her so she agrees to go.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

All across town, there is panic over Lulu's disappearance. Until they found out about it, the Quartermaines and Scott had been prepared to get a court order to bring her home. Milo is ready to beat Logan senseless. Emily and Nikolas are worried. Lucky and Liz's tentative reconciliation is interrupted by the news. On other matters, Jax thinks Alexis should join him, Carly, and the boys in Australia, and perhaps just move away. Using CCTV and the computer, Jason and Spinelli are able to track Lulu and see her get into Johnny's car. Tracing the license plate reveals it's a Zacchara vehicle.

GL Recap Written by Dani

“Strange Bedfellows”

Reva is tormented by nightmares that Alan and some mysterious person is after her. Paranoia begin to eat away at her and lies are catching up. With her as well. Reva’s grasp on day to day and even one moment to the next is slipping as she struggles to suppress the memories of what she and Alan did. Hoping to find relief Reva goes to Reverend Rutledge’s room to confess and find guidance but what, or who, she finds instead only adds to her angst. Josh opens the door and his heart to listen to what is troubling Reva but she just can’t bring herself to open up to him. Alan can see Reva is coming unraveled and both of their futures could be at stake so he steps in as a preemptive strike.

First faking a heart attack just seconds before Reva is about to tell Jeffrey everything then insisting that Reva move into the Spaulding Mansion. Racked with guilt for lying to Jeffrey now and keeping her and Alan’s secret Reva agrees. Jeffrey fights for the truth and for their love but Reva is hell bent on leaving. Cassie has her own feelings about Reva moving into the enemy camp. Now not only is Reva losing her freedom, mind and man she is going to lose her sister as well. Cassie gives Reva an ultimatum, move in with Alan and lose me for good. It breaks Reva’s heart on so many level’s but she knows what she has to do, at least until the coast is clear. Reva can’t sleep and feels imprisoned by Alan physically and emotionally. Alan is putting up a brave front but he is having his own bout with worry over the sin they committed while out of town. Alan longs for the one person in the world he could trust, Phillip.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

John and Marty share a passionate kiss.  Nora is eating Chinese food at her desk when Matthew comes in wearing a T-shirt with a picture of Lindsay on the front.  Will comes to visit Lindsay in jail.  Blair tells Adriana that if she chooses Rex and his family over the Cramer family, then she has no more family.  Todd asks to be sworn in so he can set the record straight about Margaret and his son.  John is upset because Michael hasn’t called yet.  Marty tries to offer him reassurance.  Marty starts to leave, but John tells her not to leave.  Adriana tells Dorian and Blair that she doesn’t want to be part of the Cramer family.  Blair and Adriana argue over Tommy being Todd’s son and not Marcie and Michael’s.  Todd’s testimony begins.  Todd, angrily, tells the court that after what Margaret did to him, he deserved to die.  R.J. visits Nora in her office.  R.J. defends Lindsay to Nora.  Lindsay lets Will know how much she missed him.  Todd tells the court that Margaret raped him and how he had planned to kill her, but he couldn’t because she was carrying his child.  Todd owns up to the court that he wanted his son dead for messing up his life.  The judge threatens to cite Marcie’s lawyer for contempt.  Todd tells Marcie’s lawyer that this isn’t over yet.  Todd, angrily, turns over a chair in the courtroom.  John starts to kiss Marty again when Marcie and Michael arrive.  Blair tells Todd that he has to come up with a plan to get Tommy back.

Passions Recap Written by Cherri

Fancy goes off on Luis.  He asks what her problem is.  She tells him it's nothing his leaving wouldn't fix.  Pretty and Alistair argue over the implant.  After awhile, Alistair declares that they are done for the night.   Pretty says she wants a turn next time, for revenge.  When the device is turned off, Fancy's headache returns, and she becomes apologetic with Luis.   Sam calls and tells Luis that he is needed downstairs.  Sheridan looks at a picture of Marty on her laptop, and talks to it as if it were really him.   Alistair walks in and they argue over whether Marty is alive.  He asks her why she keeps looking at her laptop.   When she doesn't answer, he walks over to see what is on it.

Eve walks into her house, talking to herself about how lonely she is.  She decides to put away the alcohol and take a bath.  Vincent sneaks out from behind a curtain, and places the alcohol, a glass, and a bottle of pills on top of the television.   Eve comes back downstairs, and gets confused, not remembering if she put the alcohol away, and she is pretty sure she threw away all her pills, but in the confusion, cannot remember for certain.   The phone rings, and it is Vincent.  He tells her he needs her help.  Then he says she doesn't love him and hangs up.   She freaks out, thinking she imagined the call, and starts drinking.  Pilar brings Little Ethan into Ethan's room.   Ethan introduces his new son to Little Ethan, who realizes that the baby strongly resembles his own baby pictures. Ethan sees the resemblance, and said if he didn't know better, he would think they are brothers.   Theresa tells him that the reason they look like brothers is because they are, in fact, brothers.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty   **One Day Ahead

Jack goes to see Phyllis. She brings up the scandal and tells him she understands why he did it. She agrees with Sharon's idea that Jack should come clean about what he did. After he leaves, she gets a visit from Victor, who suggests that if she was to testify that she knew that Jack owned Jabot, he could arrange for her to be released from prison early. She doesn't want to sell out her friend, but he tells her to think about it. Meanwhile Sharon meets with Brad. They argue over Jack and he tells her that Jack is a bad person and he is the man for her. She defends Jack and reminds him that he isn't perfect either. Gloria and Kevin scheme about how they can make Jack's life even more miserable. Gloria is all worked up, saying Sharon is a good person and Jack doesn't deserve her love and loyalty. Victor is also determined to see that Jack doesn't escape the scandal unscathed. later that night, Sharon is overjoyed when Jack tells her that he has decided to come clean. Gloria calls Victor and they decide to meet and talk about Jack.

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