Tuesday 9/18/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 9/18/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Pam doesn’t like it when she sees Jack nibbling on Erica’s shoulder.  Erica and Jack convince her that they will work it out on camera during another episode of “He Said, She Said.”  Krystal busily cleans to keep her mind off Babe being held up at gunpoint.  Tad joins Colby in the living room and he wonders how Krystal is doing.  Babe comes in and notices that Krystal is busily cleaning.  J.R. brings Little Adam in and gives him to Babe.  Krystal sees Babe and questions her as to what was she thinking and then hugs her.  Babe assures her that she is fine.  Krystal vows to sell the Comeback Bar.  Adam comes in and lets Krystal know that Colby is not working another day in her bar.  Kendall and Zach share a happy moment.  Ryan and Annie come in to join them and let them know that they are moving out.  Kendall questions him if he is taking Spike away from her again.  Julia and Jonathan try to make Ava as comfortable as possible on the sofa after her emergency appendectomy.  Julia and Kathy leave.  Jonathan tells Ava to stop feeling sorry for herself.  J.R. insists to Adam that Colby was in no danger.  Colby tells him that having a job makes her feel like a responsible person.  Adam lets Colby and everyone there know that he got the mansion back.  Adam tells them that he wants his daughter back.  J. R. questions Adam as to how he got Zach to give him back the mansion.  Ryan reveals to Zach and Kendall about Richie and the issues that he has against Annie.  Kendall insists that Annie and Ryan are not going anywhere.  J.R. confronts Adam about his dressing up like Stuart, pretending to be Stuart.  J.R. realizes that Adam wants them all back in his life including Jenny.  Annie and Ryan leave Emma with Kendall and Zach and as they leave the Slater house, Richie lurks in the background and then follows them. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Cole is upset when Gwen and Will laugh at his songs then he tells Gwen she has no feelings.  Gwen is determined to stop Cole and Iris from forcing Sofie to get an abortion.  Allison and Aaron get closer as he takes care of her when she feels sick after the hormone shots.  Sofie comes to Aaron crying and tells him she couldn't go through with the abortion.  Paul and Rosanna are determined to put Craig behind bars even if he can't be convicted for attempted murder since he already served his time.  Carly is heartbroken when Jack tells her she can't go to his and Katie's wedding.  Carly's bad day gets much worse when the doctor tells her she has a lesion on her brain.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick paces as he remembers the cryptic message he overheard of Bridget talking to Carl where she told him to forget the lab, forget the eggs, forget Taylor’s pregnancy. Carl follows Bridget home and insists they continue to talk about this. She reprimands him that if he continues with this, she is going to have to cut off any association with him. As Nick pounds on her door, she pushes Carl to the rear of the house. Nick demands to know if there is something wrong with the baby; he wants to know now! She’s astonished that he knows about the conversation with Carl, but she stammers everything is alright with the baby. He still insists on knowing what was going on over the phone. He knows it has something to do with Taylor’s baby, and he won’t leave until she tells him. Ashley drops off some new packaging and fragrances to Taylor for Phoebe. Taylor quizzes her about Ridge, and Ashley admits she hasn’t seen him in a few days. Brooke shows her gratitude to Ridge for being so good to her, being there for her. Now she can reclaim her life. She doesn’t want to reclaim her life without him. He assures her that she has already done that by fighting back; now she can take the next step. The sooner they can get back to normal, the better off they will be. Ashley confesses to Taylor that she has heard about Brooke’s enormous hold she has on her men. Taylor is thankful that she doesn’t have to deal with Brooke in her life again. Bridget explains to Nick it all started in Australia. When Brooke came back and wanted Nick again, Brooke wanted to make sure she could still have a baby, and she checked that out….and in the process Taylor was being implanted with donor eggs, and the two sets showed up showing Marone. There might have been some confusion…..they can’t be 100% certain which eggs were implanted in Taylor. He asks her to please tell him she is not saying that the egg inside Taylor did not come from the donor, but from Brooke.

Ridge tells Brooke to please not take this the wrong way. She jumps in, she knows he started something with Ashley but something changed all of that at Big Bear. They belong together, and she doesn’t think he will ever forget that either. Taylor warns Ashley to never let her guard down when it concerns Brooke. She will probably never let Ridge go. Ashley states that she won’t be drawn into any competition for any man, even though Taylor finds that hard to believe. Nick can’t believe this is happening. Bridget tells him mistakes can occur, but she thinks the odds are very low in this case. He’s even more upset when he finds out she has known for six months. She still insists all of her professional instincts tell her this is the donor’s baby. But, he asks what if she is wrong and Taylor is going around carrying Brooke’s child. What should he do?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Stephanie denies to Chelsea that anything happened between her and Max in the cave. Max vents to Stephanie about losing everything thanks to Jeremy but is shocked when Stephanie still defends Jeremy. Jeremy follows Stephanie back to the suite and asks to stay with her. Jeremy keeps Stephanie from turning him in. Max arrives to ask to talk things out with Stephanie but Stephanie tries to get him to leave without opening the door. Nick has Chelsea stand by him when China comes back to retrieve the kids. China wants to renegotiate their annulment deal because she wants to leave the kids with Nick permanently.

Shawn laments to Lexie about Philip trying to win Belle back. Philip invites Belle out to dinner with him and Claire but confronts Belle about her feelings for him when she refuses. Belle tells Philip that she can’t help him look for Tyler anymore and begs Shawn for forgiveness. Philip interrupts their reconciliation with news that Billie has tracked Lauren to San Antonio. Shawn can tell that Belle wishes she were going with Philip and gives her permission to go. Steve rushes Pocket to the hospital when he gets sick and learns that Pocket had been fed poisoned formula. Steve is convinced Andre is behind it. Bo and Caroline, desperate to find Roman, beg Shawn Sr. to tell them what truly happened to Colleen. Roman is buried alive in Stefano’s coffin.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lucky goes home and, to be honest as they promised they would be, lets Liz know he slept with Sam. They discuss whether or not their marriage is still viable. Sam is not shy about sharing this fact, or that he's a better lover than Jason, with Nikolas, who is angry that she deliberately seduced a married man. Emily begs Jason to claim his potential family. Later, discussing things, she and Nikolas are unhappy with what's going on with their friends. Then, she sees him have a temper fit over an injured horse's prognosis. Trevor gets a copy of Kate's blood alcohol report from the D.A.'s office and informs her she's in huge trouble unless she obeys him. Sonny suspects, very vocally, that Trevor set her up to have the wreck so that she would be forced to turn to him. Georgie tries to tell Spinelli that Lulu will figure out that Logan is into Maxie and drop him, but he is inconsolable and turns to vodka. Maxie takes joy in telling Lulu about her bet and the terms of it, including that she slept with Logan. Lulu runs off. Logan, thinking she might have gone to Jason's, heads there, and Spinelli gets the chance to deck him. After he reveals why Lulu was upset, Jason warns him off the girl. Meanwhile, Lulu hitchhikes a ride with "Johnny." Sam and Maxie reflect that while revenge might be sweet, it turns bitter after a while.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Daisy tries in vane to reach Rafe but Natalia and Gus have him on lock down. Daisy tells Ashlee what it was like being with Rafe for the first time and then the humiliation that followed when they were discovered by Harley. Ashlee is acting very nervous but she tries to listen like a good friend. Rafe sneaks and calls Daisy but Natalia catches him. They argue and Gus intervenes. Gus has moved into the mansion to help keep a closer eye on Rafe. Later Rafe, Natalia, and Gus are on Main Street when Rafe and Daisy see each other. They run into each other’s arms, and Gus and Natalia have to break them up. Secretly Rafe and Daisy meet at the docks where they promise nothing or no one will keep them apart.

Alan doesn’t have much time to deal with his family problems though he does throw his opinion in once in a while. Currently he and Reva are feverishly trying to cover their tracks after being MIA for a few days. Jeffrey wants answers and is not going to stop until he gets them. Alan can think of only one solution. Reva must end her relationship with Jeffrey or the whole cover could fall apart.

After focusing on her son and Daisy, Natalia is ready to cut loose and have some fun with Remy. But Gus is opposed to the date, feeling they should be doing more “parenting.” Natalia keeps her promise to Remy and agrees to go out with him, regardless of what Gus wants or needs at the moment. Before Natalia leaves on her date, she runs into Alan who is fuming mad over Jeffrey O’Neill. She calms Alan down and in return, he insists she accompany him to the diabetes fundraiser the Spauldings are hosting. She agrees.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

John tries his hest to get Tommy to eat, but Tommy just sits there and looks at him.  The judge opens the DNA results and it is revealed that Todd is Tommy’s biological father.  Marcie’s lawyer reveals that Todd is an unfit father since Todd already tried to kill the child.  Natalie still lies sick on Nash’s sofa.  Nash tells her that he hasn’t paid for that sofa so if she needs to vomit, he will get her a bucket.  Natalie remembers the drinks that she had with Jared.  Jessica goes to Jared’s apartment and socks him in the stomach.  Jessica orders Jared to stay away from Natalie.  Rex and Adriana join Roxy at the beauty shop.  John continues to try to feed Tommy when Marty comes to visit.  Todd denies all the allegations that Marcie’s lawyer has accused him of.  Rex reveals to Roxy that he gave Marcie’s lawyer some very good evidence to use against Todd.  Rex reveals that they have some very good news.  Roxy exclaims that Adriana is pregnant.  Dorian comes out of the back room when she hears Roxy’s exclamation.  Natalie and Nash discuss how Antonio made Jessica very happy.  Marty gives John some pointers on feeding Tommy.  Adriana reveals that she and Rex are moving in together.  Natalie reveals to Nash that she walked in and saw John and Marty kissing.  Jared reminds Jessica that he rescued Nash from having to work with Antonio.  Jared tells Jessica that he wants a job at Buchanan Enterprises.  Todd’s lawyer pleads Todd’s case in front of the judge.  John and Marty share a passionate kiss.

Passions Recap Written by Cherri

Pretty and Alistair argue over whether or not she is his favorite. She steals the controller from him, threatening to expose him to Fancy and Luis. After he convinces her that she is his favorite, she gives it back. Meanwhile, Alistair ups the power to Fancy's implant.  When she starts twitching, Luis calls the hospital.  Suddenly, the implant kicks in, and she slaps Luis.

Ethan has Theresa hold his son.  Gwen tries to convince everybody not to bring Little Ethan into the room.  When Ethan asks Theresa how she knew about his son, she continues to beat around the bush.  Julian reveals to Ivy that Fox is dead.  Ivy mourns his loss, and remembers all the ways she and Julian failed him.  Meanwhile, Sam considers Esme a suspect.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Michael warns Kevin, Amber and Daniel that even though the money has been found, they could still go to jail. Michael convinces Cane to testify against Bonacheck, thinking it will help out Daniel, Kevin and Amber. The authorities eventually agree to drop the charges against all three. They will face 2 years probation and 90 hours of community service. Jill is upset with the newspapers speculating that Ji Min had stolen the money. Sharon thinks Jack should tell the truth, people would understand why he wanted to get his father's company back. Jack doesn't think so and continues to say the tape is a fake. She is disappointed in him but when asked about it by a reporter, she says that she supports her husband. Meanwhile Kevin and Gloria are mad that Jack may get away with this and plot to get the footage they have of him talking to Ji Min about owning Jabot made public. Nick talks to Phyllis and later asks Heather if there is anything she can do about him not being able to visit her. She won't help him so he starts calling around using the Newman name to see if he can get his visiting privileges reinstated. Daniel visits Phyllis in prison. She seems to be upbeat and trying to make the best of the situation.

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