Monday 9/17/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 9/17/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Aidan searches the house and finds Annie gone.  Ryan is in his car and he telephones Annie, but gets no answer.  Ryan keeps calling and gets Aidan, instead.  Ryan wonders where Annie is.  Aidan lets him know that Annie is gone.  A strange man comes into the Comeback Bar and orders a beer.  Ryan lets Aidan know that Richie is Annie’s brother.  Kendall arrives at Greenlee’s door and Greenlee is surprised to see her there.  Greenlee and Kendall begin to argue, as usual.  Kendall lets her know that every time she turns around, there is Greenlee.  Kendall lets her know that this grief that she feels is all-consuming and she must rid herself of it.  Zach comes into his office and finds Hannah sitting in his chair.  Zach wonders what she is doing here.  Hannah questions him as to how much Kendall knows about their last night together.  Greenlee lets Kendall know that Aidan was mugged and that is why she was at the hospital.  After talking to Aidan, Ryan comes to the realization that Richie has Annie.  Aidan reveals to Ryan that the locket watch that was stolen from him was found in Annie’s purse.  Ryan doesn’t want to believe that Annie would have knocked Aidan in the head just to get back the watch.  The man in the bar pretends as though he is going to the jukebox when suddenly he grabs Babe from behind and puts a knife to her throat.  The man (Richie) demands the key to the cash register.  Babe tells the bartender that the key is in her pocket.  The bartender pretends that he is going for the key, but instead he grabs the man.  Richie gets spooked and runs out of the bar. As Babe bandages the cut on the bartender’s arm that he got when Richie slashed at him, Derek walks in and gets information about the attack from them.  Hannah tells Zach that she had planned on having a child to plan for right now, but it hadn’t worked out.  Kendall lets Greenlee know that they must put Fusion first and take things one day at a time to get past all this.  Greenlee tries to hug Kendall, but Kendall backs away.  Kendall puts several stipulations on their reconciliation including that Greenlee not apologize anymore and that she not see Kendall’s sons ever again.  Annie describes Richie to Ryan.  Annie vows to herself that she must get rid of Richie herself.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Allison is not feeling well after her treatments. Cole suggests the unthinkable to Sophie. Iris shows up unexpectedly to see Gwen. Rosanna thinks about giving up their revenge scheme against Craig, but Paul strongly suggests there is no alternative. Craig serves Rosanna with papers, making their resolve to bring him down more so. Allison almost misunderstands what Iris knows and spills the beans, but they are able to cover. Cole promises if Sophie gets the abortion, then they will have plenty of kids later on. Iris accidentally tells Gwen about Sophie’s planned abortion and Gwen is incensed that Cole would suggest this and that she would give him money. Paul suggests to Rosanna that she not tell anyone that she doesn’t remember. Craig wants Margo on his side if anything happens again with Rosanna’s case, but Margo tells him she will arrest him if the evidence points that way. Rosanna starts to remember. Sophie tells Aaron about her planned abortion. She has to do it because they don’t have the money or resources and she needs Cole to stay with her. Allison shows up to see Aaron not feeling well. Cole somehow even manages to get out of accompanying Sophie to her appointment. Aaron offers to take Sophie to her appointment, but she lies and tells him that Cole is going with her. Allison admits that she isn’t feeling well and Aaron offers to take care of her, as Sophie watches them happily leave together. Gwen is concerned for Sophie’s well- being and makes a call. Sophie makes an appointment for an abortion. Rosanna remembers seeing Craig’s face in her rearview mirror that night two years ago and remembers it all when she was run off the road.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke relays the rape story to both her sisters, Katie and Donna. Eric joins them and then she lays the real bombshell on them, it was Stephanie who helped Andy with all the details about finding the key. Eric can’t believe Stephanie actually sicced Andy on Brooke, but he also can’t excuse her actions. She is gone, and he doesn’t know when or if she is coming back. He buoys Brooke with his pep talk. None of them will ever let anyone hurt her like this again. Bridgett has dinner with Carl at Cafe Russe and they happen to see Nick arriving with Taylor. Right away Carl wants to hop into the baby egg switch. He still doesn’t buy into this is the donor’s eggs, yet Bridgett won’t budge toward his conspiracy theory either. Bridgett is stunned when Taylor and Nick ask her to be the Godmother to their child. Ironically, Donna and Eric end up at the bar at Café Russe, trying to forget the same problem. He answers Donna’s question; Stephanie will have to answer for this. She asks if this means divorce?

Bridget assures Nick and Taylor she would be honored to be the Godmother. Brooke waxes nostalgic to Katie about how good Ridge has been, here at his home, it’s almost like old times. Eric quips he learned a long time ago not to make plans about his future while drinking martinis. Donna states she can’t believe that he is a man who is the head of a big fashion industry and who loves women, yet he is married to a cold fish that can’t love him back. She gives him one piece of advice – he needs to think to be happy. He pays the tab and says he will send his car back to take her home later. Carl catches up with Bridgett in her car and insists on discussing the pregnancy and her being Godmother. Bridgett’s PDA is accidentally on and sending message and Nick retrieves it and overhears some disturbing facts he doesn’t understand.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Shawn decides to mix liquor with fire to try and blow off the freezer door. It doesn’t work to open the door but they are rescued when Bo and Hope think to check the pub.  EJ takes offense at having to be sent away from Sami any time Lucas is around. Lucas makes EJ admit that he loves Sami. Sami vents to Marlena about Lucas’ jealousy but Marlena questions whether Sami has feelings for EJ. Benjy shoots Stefano but it doesn’t do any damage because the police thought to dress Stefano in a bulletproof vest. The shock however wakes Stefano and he is furious. Andre ties Kate up but knocks out Roman when he arrives to rescue Kate. Andre knocks out the undercover cop so he can pose as the limo driver. Everyone buries what they think is an empty coffin but discover a tape recording of Andre laughing hidden in the bushes. Kate calls Lucas to bring her clothes because Andre has left her naked. Andre uses a tape recording of Roman’s voice to call Bo.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jax finds Kate; she has a head injury, but is alive. Sonny suspects Jerry of being the one to drug Kate, despite his warning and denials. Jason comforts Robin, but she has to leave to attend Kate, and much to Patrick's obvious displeasure, Jason gives her a ride to the hospital. Georgie's efforts to lure Spinelli fall flat; he's still obsessed with "The Blonde One," and making Lulu see the truth. Sam and Lucky hit the sheets, but Liz just does not really care any more. Emily reports to Jason that Liz loves him. Georgie is the bearer of bad news to Spinelli, that Lulu has moved in with Logan.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Ava is determined to dig up dirt on Ashlee no matter the cost. When her falsified friendship with Ashlee is found out by the mysterious man from Clayton, Ashlee’s home town. Ava uses another way to get close to Jack Summers, her sexuality. Ava invites jack to be her date to the Spaulding Gala after she gets a rise out of Ashlee when she mentions Jack’s name. Jack is apparently a counselor that Ashlee once saw but for what reason no one knows exactly. Coop and Ashlee try to make the best out of their fresh relationship but Ashlee’s past seems to be standing in her way.

Doris is busy campaigning with Alan at her side. When Doris witnesses a kiss and Coop tells her how devoted he is to her daughter Doris becomes worried that Ashlee’s may be duplicating her past.

Reva can’t seem to stay away from Alan. Every time Jeffrey turns around Reva is missing. In outward appearances Reva and Alan have made peace but in private they bicker and struggle with what took place while they were out of town. Finally after making love to Jeffrey Reva’s guilt gets the better of her again and she slips away going to the Spaulding mansion. Alone in the dark drinking Reva and Alan bond over hiding what they did. Kill someone.

Dinah is struggling to keep Mallet from working himself to death while he is struggling to keep her from having to worry about their debts. Mallet is taking even more work, now being employed as private security for Doris. Mallet promises that he will do whatever it takes to keep Dinah happy and safe but on that note he has to rush off back to work. Before he leaves he does drop a hint that he may figure a way to pay of their bills and set them up for a while. Dinah frustrated with the whole situation that she feels she created calls Matt to hang out with her when Mallet won’t stay home.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Todd is on the phone when there is a knock on the door.  When he opens the door, he is surprised that it is Blair and Starr.  Starr lets him know that although Marcie is her teacher, Todd is her father and she is going to stand by him in court.  Natalie wakes up in bed with Jared Banks.  She is beside herself when she thinks that they made love.  Jared lets her know that they did not make love.  Jessica and Nash argue over his business involvement with Jared Banks.  Antonio and Cristian are in the sauna.  They discuss Sarah’s work at Capricorn and how Antonio wants Cristian to remain as his club manager.  Talia has just arrived back from New York where she visited her old precinct house and saw some of her old friends.  Talia and Bo discuss her visitation to Ground Zero and how she felt.  Natalie visits Jessica and lets her know that she found herself in bed with Jared Banks.  Nash and Antonio have a confrontation in the sauna.  The DNA test reveals that Todd is Tommy’s father.  Marcie and Michael’s lawyer reveals that they will prove that Todd tried to kill his son.

Passions Recap Written by Cherri

A demon tries to kidnap Endora.  Miguel attempts to save her, while Kay and Tabitha tell him that they are witches.  The demon takes Endora into the basement.  Miguel follows, determined to save her.  Once Tabitha and Kay get the door open, they rush down to find the basement completely empty. Fox and Esme discuss their future together.  Fox tells her that he thinks he could be happy with her.  As he gets up to leave the room for something, he is shot in the chest by an unknown figure hidden behind the curtain.

Ivy throws a fit about not being able to see Ethan, and storms off. After Theresa announces that Ethan is awake, Sam goes after Ivy, and tells her Ethan is going to be okay.  He thinks that they will be okay, too, and leans over and kisses her.  Luis walks in and is happy to see Fancy and Pretty getting along.  Pretty leaves and they are alone together.  Fancy throws her hands up to her face and cries out in pain.  Her nose starts to bleed and Luis goes to call 911.  He turns around and Fancy passes out on the floor.

Sheridan threatens to kill Spike if he is lying about Marty being alive.  He takes her to a room filled with computers where he pulls up a video of Marty playing with a train set.  To prove it is live feed and not recorded, he zooms in on the calendar in the corner, which shows September. 2007. Vincent threatens to kill Valerie and orders her not to tell Eve that he is alive.  Eve tells Valerie that Vincent is dead, and Valerie states that she doesn't care that he fell off a cliff.  Eve wonders how Valerie knew how Vincent died as she did not tell her.  Valerie says she heard it on the radio on the way home from work.  When Eve leaves, Valerie tells Vincent that it is safe to come out.  Vincent talks, and his voice comes from Valerie.  Standing in front of a mirror, Vincent pulls off a mask of Valerie's face.  Ethan tells Theresa that he heard her tell him that he had a son.  He tells her he wants to see his son.  Pilar goes to get Little Ethan.  Then, out of nowhere, Gwen walks in carrying a baby boy and tells Ethan that the baby is their son together.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Lily is embarrassed about kissing Cane. Colleen isn't happy when Daniel and Amber show up at the party but they refuse to leave. Lily feel sick after drinking someone else's drink. Cane and Colleen help her out. Neil and Karen kiss. Kevin is upset that Jana has taken him off of the list of approved visitors. Devon is at the party with his date, Roxanne, but has to leave to attend to some business at Newman. When Devon returns to the party he asks Neil about Karen and tells him it's okay for him to move on. Neil is still having trouble doing that. Heather informs Daniel, Amber and Kevin that the money was found in the fire at the Athletic Club, however they are still facing charges.

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