Friday 9/14/07 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Aidan visits Annie to find out more about who could have knocked him in the head and stolen the locket.  Annie opens her purse and finds the locket inside.  Aidan becomes suspicious and asks Annie how it got there but she refuses to tell him anything.  She becomes offended when she thinks that Aidan suspects her of sending the locket to herself.  Ryan visit’s the prison where Ritchie was held and finds out from the psychiatrist in the prison that Ritchie got a good lawyer and has been released.  The psychiatrist refuses to give Ryan the whereabouts of Ritchie.  When the argument comes to a boiling point, the warden steps in and forces Ryan to leave.  Zach meets Greenlee in the hospital corridor and suggests that she leave town for the good of everyone.  Greenlee turns the tables on him and reminds him what he did to her in destroying her eggs.  Kendall meets Rachel, Spike, and Emma in the park where a carnival is going on.  Kendall takes care of Spike while Rachel takes Emma to ride some of the rides.  Kendall realizes that she must do something about Greenlee.  Zach walks into his office and finds Hannah sitting in his chair.  Kendall arrives at Greenlee’s door.

ATWT Recap Written by Dani

Jack rushes to his daughter’s bedside who turns out will be okay. His concern for Carly isn’t so much. Jack becomes angry with Carly when she can’t offer him a reason or explanation for the crash. Jack is beginning to pick up on something that is off about Carly’s behavior. When he asks her about it, she won’t reveal that she is sick. Brad is agitated that Carly will not tell Jack the truth. After Jack leaves with Sage, the doctor returns with some concerns. One of the tests he ran when Carly came into the ER revealed some abnormalities that is cause for grave concern. Carly acts as if this news is frivolous while Brad is taking it very seriously. The doctor wants her to see a neurosurgeon immediately. Brad drive Carly home where they argue over whether she should tell Jack and if there is something wrong with her. Brad wants to stay the night but Carly kicks him out. Jack tells Katie who is remarkable supportive and worried for Carly that he is scared for his ex-wife.

Maddie is still trying to cope with the fact that Noah has feelings for Luke. Noah tries to make things right with her for the sake of saving face with his father. Maddie sees through it and will not have an part of his lies anymore. Noah tries to talk to Luke who defends himself and his friend. Noah knows in his heart what Noah and Maddie are saying is true but he does not want the wrath of his father. Noah meets his father for dinner to tell him about the break up. Winston doesn’t take it well and tells Noah to do whatever he has to, to fix the relationship. Noah sees Luke come in with his mother and begins to try and explain that the relationship can’t be fixed. Winston knows what his son is saying but turns his anger towards Luke when he sees Luke watching them talk. Winston threatens Luke and blames him for turning his son into “one of your kind” Luke stands proud of what he is and that he didn’t do anything to Noah.

Dusty meets with Tom and tells him of his alternate theory for Cherie’s murder. Tom isn’t so convinced but Dusty promises he is working on getting the evidence. Tom is afraid Dusty is going to or has broken the law to save himself from a murder conviction but Dusty assures him, everything will be in place soon to take to the DA.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke is incredulous that Stephanie could have fed the information to Andy. As horrible as it is, Ridge does believe she made it possible for that bastard to do this to Brooke. All the pieces fit. It’s a sick obsession, but how and why would she do this? They call Stephanie’s cell phone and both leave a message. Brooke was raped and she says they will never ever forgive her. Ridge asks if Brooke wants to press charges; Stephanie could be prosecuted as an accomplice? He just wants her out of his life. They leave for the Forrester house to get some answers from Stephanie. Eric frantically searches the desk drawers at home looking for any more clues. In a locked drawer, he finds Andy’s number on a piece of paper. Bridget interrupts and she realizes that her dad knows about Brooke’s rape, and that he still loves her.

Both Ridge and Eric think they hear or saw Stephanie leaving the house. They do find a letter left for Brooke. She reads it. It’s from Stephanie admitting her involvement with Andy and how terribly sorry she is for this to have happened. She went too far and though good intentioned, what she did was unforgivable. She was only trying to protect Brooke’s children. She knows Brooke will never forgive her, and she needs some time away to forgive herself. Once again Brooke is incredulous; sorry – that isn’t good enough! She berates Stephanie for all the years of looking down at her and that condescending tone when all she wanted was to be accepted. She goes in a tirade; tearing and crumpling up the letter and insisting that she wants Stephanie’s head served up on a silver platter. She screams coward over and over and throws picture after picture of Stephanie to the floor in disgust. She claims that Stephanie tried to ruin her, but she is not going to let her. She vows she will always be the woman she was. When all is said and done, she will not let this beat her, she will be stronger. She will be a survivor, proud and strong!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Andre breaks down the door to the pub. Shawn sneaks up behind Andre to fight him off of Kate. Andre knocks Shawn out and holds a knife to Kate’s throat before she can finish calling for help. Andre forces Kate to help him throw Shawn into the freezer. Belle stops by looking for Shawn but Andre takes her hostage as well. Belle calls Bo for help but Andre takes the phone to talk to Bo himself. Andre tells Bo to leave the funeral alone and check the hospital to find EJ. Andre locks Belle in the freezer with Shawn. Bo lies to Hope about their kids being involved with Andre’s call but Hope realizes the truth when Marlena asks about being unable to reach Belle. Bo confronts EJ at the hospital but EJ insists he knows nothing about Belle and Shawn’s location. Hope tracks Bo down at the hospital and makes him tell her the truth. Benjy, determined to get revenge on Stefano, hides a gun under his blanket as the funeral begins. Andre has surveillance video of the funeral and allows Kate to watch it as he forces her at knifepoint to call Roman over to the pub.

Colleen refuses to be forced into making a decision on Santo’s marriage proposal tonight. Colleen convinces Santo to give her until tomorrow to decide. Sami and EJ continue to offer commentary as they watch Colleen and Santo act out the story. Sami and EJ argue over EJ’s theory that they are fated to be together just like Santo and Colleen. Lucas decides to leave the funeral when he learns EJ could be with Sami. Lucas throws EJ out of Sami’s hospital room and confronts Sami about spending so much time with EJ.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Nikolas tries to convince Sam to let Lucky alone, let him save his marriage, but she is adamant about seducing him. Lucky sees his brother there and lashes out in anger. When Nikolas leaves, he says he's ready to be seduced. Kate tells Sonny she finds their relationship too distracting; so they are breaking up. However, Trevor still does not call the advertisers to get them to run their ads in the next issue, so it will have to hit the stands ad free. Kate is dismayed. Jerry convinces Jason of the wisdom of letting Trevor live so that he can get information from him and so that Zacchara won't retaliate and hurt Carly and the boys. The Quartermaines do an about face and encourage Lulu to move in with Logan when Tracy says Luke will surely divorce her if that happens. Robin and Patrick clash on how to treat a patient. She winds up wandering her way to Sonny's coffee house and talking to Jason. Lucky realizes he wants to sleep with Sam for the wrong reasons. It hits Lulu that she's barged into Logan's life uninvited. Jerry warns Sonny that Kate may have been drugged, and she does seem blurry as she drives. The show ends with her having an accident.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Ashlee dreams of herself wearing a dress she sees in a store window. Coop startles her and tells her she should buy it. Ashlee passes it off as she would have no where to wear it but Coop has that answer. She could wear it to the big Spaulding charity party next week when she goes with him as his date. Ashlee begins to get all weirded out and won’t commit one way or another to going with Coop. Coop follows Ashlee back to her room where he wants to watch the interview with her of her and Doris. Ashlee doesn’t want to watch it and becomes uncomfortable when a question is asked about where she lived before.

Ava is sucking up to Doris to pry information out of her believing Ashlee did something terrible where they last lived. Doris appreciates the flattery and help on her campaign. Ava gathers as much as she can to get her started looking into the Wolfe’s’ past. Ava turns up a name and number of a man that lives in the same town Ashlee is from. After getting the address from the operator she goes to the man’s apartment to speak with him about Ashlee.

Josh is furious when he learns from Frank that Cassie has come forward and taken the blame for hiring the subcontractor. Josh confronts Billy about it and they argue. Josh punches Billy. Billy calls Cassie and tries to talk her out of it. When he tells her he has been drinking Cassie is more determined to help him rather than hang Billy out to dry. Billy is filled with guilt.

To Cassie and Jeffrey’s surprise, Reva barges into the lake house demanding that Cassie stop pointing the gun at Alan. Alan and Reva work together as friends to try and convince Cassie and Jeffrey that their time away was a truce of sorts. They have decided to let the past go and start fresh, working together to help their families. Neither Jeffrey or Cassie buy their almost unbelievable story. Reva returns home to meet with josh to sign the divorce papers. Later when Josh and Cassie meet up he tells her he can’t believe Reva signed the papers without a fight. What Cassíe can’t believe is Reva and Alan becoming friends. Josh can’t believe this either.

Jeffrey tries to get an answer out of Alan but Alan sticks to the story he and Reva were telling at the lake house. At home Jeffrey doesn’t do much better getting to the bottom of Reva and Alan’s bizarre behavior. Reva changes the subject and tries to slip out to pick up carry out but Jeffrey insists on going himself. Reva slips out the back door to go see Alan. In the study over drinks, they both agree they came close to getting caught and they had better stick to their story and keep their secret to their dying day.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Blair comes to visit Todd, but he doesn’t seem to want to hear anything that she has to say.  He tries to force her to leave, but she insists on staying until they get things worked out.  Roxie pays Michael a visit and wants to know what he is getting Rex involved in.  Marcie barges in on Rex in the sauna.  She drags him out, thus making him drop his towel as he goes out the door.  Natalie and Miles walk up just as Marty kisses John and are stunned by the actions.  Jessica visits Jared in his hotel room and finds Nash there with him.  Nash senses that something is wrong between the two.  Nash receives a phone call and leaves Jessica alone with Jared.  He tells the two to play nice.  Jessica wants to know why he wants to involve Natalie and Nash in this instead of just leaving it between the two of them.  Natalie and Miles are cordial with Marty and John, but they are highly resentful of the whole situation.  Marcie and Rex arrive back at Marcie’s.  Upon seeing Rex, Roxie wants to know what they are getting him involved in now.  Roxie leaves them alone to talk.  Michael and Marcie inform Rex of their plans to bring Todd down no matter what it takes to protect their son.  Rex is reluctant because there are Starr and Jack to consider.  Marcie informs him that she wants Todd brought down no matter what it takes.  Natalie comes to visit Jared just as he had asked.  She begins to drink one drink after another and then she opens up as to how John had treated her.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Kevin is upset that Jana doesn't want to be with him. Jill tells Cane how Amber saved her. He thinks Amber could have set the whole thing up to make herself look good. Neil brings Karen to the divorce party. Paul tells JT that he is concerned that he will be hurt by Victoria. JT and Paul set up a public fight so that JT can go undercover at Clear Springs. Daniel and Amber are upset when they hear about the party. They decide to crash the party. Meanwhile Lily picks up the wrong drink and doesn't know her cranberry juice also has vodka in it. When Cane tells her that he didn't bring her a gift, she tells him it's okay, he can just give her a kiss! Amber and Daniel walk in just as they kiss.

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