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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall and Zach visit the nursery and look in on their sleeping son.  Zach tells her that it is time that she held her son.  Kendall tells him that she can’t.  Zach is puzzled by her statement.  Annie is looking through a small chest when Ryan comes home.  She has to get up and let him in because she has the safety chain on the door.  She explains to him that the watch is back that she threw away on the beach.  Greenlee angrily puts the things back into the picnic basket since she thinks that Aidan has stood her up but when she starts to leave, she finds Aidan knocked unconscious.  Ava is still unconscious as Lily pleads with her to wake up and not die.  Aidan explains to Greenlee that he had been knocked unconscious and she immediately blames Ryan for doing this to Aidan.  Once at the hospital, Greenlee calls Ryan and bawls him out for doing this to Aidan.  Ryan goes to the hospital to see what is going on with Aidan and Greenlee.  Having another pain in her side, Ava agrees to the appendectomy.  At the hospital, Aidan explains to Ryan and Annie what had happened with the locket and how it had been stolen from him.  Annie and Ryan look at her puzzled.  Kendall finally agrees to hold Baby Ian.  Zach leaves them alone to bond. He meets up with Adam in the hall and Adam asks Zach for the mansion back.  Zach asks for a dollar in exchange for the mansion saying that is all that it is worth to him.  Ryan hires Aidan to look into the matter concerning the locket.  Jonathan thanks J.R. for getting Ava to the hospital in time before her appendix burst, but then tells him to leave.  Reporters converge on Ava’s hospital room clamoring for pictures and statements about her condition.  J.R. tells one of the reporters that Jonathan is a psycho and is the man involved with Ava.  He then tells him that a competitor’s magazine is planning to release the story along with photos. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Cole is upset to find out Sophie is pregnant and even tells her that he isn't sure the baby is his because Aaron could be the father of the baby.  Iris gives Cole money so that Sophie can get an abortion so as not to ruin his dreams of a music career.  Aaron consoles a heartbroken Sophie and encourages her to have a plan B in case Cole doesn't accept his child.  Allison is thrilled when Aaron accepts an invitation for a non-date to go to the movies with her.  Katie and Jack have their wedding shower and a good time is had by everyone.  Carly asks Brad not to tell Jack she is sick and promises to go to the doctor.  Carly has a bad headache while driving Sage to the wedding shower and almost hits another car.  Jack and Katie get a call about Carly's accident and they are upset that Carly put Sage in a dangerous situation.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Felicia continues to get more details from Brooke about the rape and Ridge trying to get an accomplice’s name. Brooke states she will have no peace until this person is found. Felicia thinks there needs to be a day of reckoning, she needs to report this to the police and press charges even though Andy is dead. Even finding his mother’s number in Andy’s cell phone records, Ridge denies that his mother could have been involved in this. He goes home, looking for clues, and Eric scolds him for not being there for Thorne’s non-wedding. When he won’t let up on Brooke and Ridge just leaving her be, Ridge tells him the shocking news and swears him to secrecy. She wasn’t just out on the town socially with Andy, he followed her home and raped her. Eric is absolutely shocked that someone helped Andy with Brooke’s details and that a phone call even was made from their home. Bridget comes by Brooke’s and they both get nostalgic when the conversation turns to babies and the joy of giving birth.

Eric realizes that Stephanie has done things in the past “for the good of the family” that has horrified them. Could she have done this, helping Andy? Bridget realizes that Brooke is leaning on and depending on Ridge and more than just as good friends. She is fantasizing and thinks they have a future, Ashley or no Ashley. Ridge comes back and Bridget leaves. Brooke is afraid he is empty handed and did not come up with a name. Just the opposite, he has and he sputters out it’s his mother!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Philip arranges a meeting with Lauren through the center’s director. Before the meeting can happen, Lauren bails and leaves a note taunting Philip about never finding her or Tyler. Philip tells Belle to go home and be with Shawn. Belle doesn’t like the life Shawn has provided for her. Hope is blunt with Shawn about being so jealous of Philip.

 Andre eavesdrops as Kate heads to the Brady Pub to be with Roman rather than stay home alone. Anna and Tony stop by the pub where Anna and Kate purposefully try to irritate each other. Kate is alone at the pub when someone starts to bang on the locked door and try to open it. Roman is alone with Stefano’s comatose body at the funeral home when he receives a flower arrangement from Andre offering sympathy at his own demise. EJ insists on joining Sami to read the next round of letters. Sami and EJ can see Colleen and Santo acting out the next part of the story and yell at them their differing criticisms at the couple though Santo and Colleen can’t hear them.  Santo proposes to Colleen but Colleen wants time to think about it. Santo demands that Colleen decide tonight.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Robin is angered by the sight of Patrick and Layla playing with racing cars and unleashes her steam. Jason asks Kate for everything she knows about Trevor. Like it or not, Jerry tells Sonny, they're on the same side, protecting their mutual family. Scott and Logan agree to take the DNA test. At the risk of the court's wrath, Sonny confronts Trevor and warns him that he'll pay if another person he loves is hurt. Jerry dares Sam to shoot him, then when she doesn't, wants to know if she had any luck with Trevor. She didn't get information, so he makes it clear that inciting his anger is dangerous. Then, he warns Jason not to kill Trevor. After the Quartermaines make Logan very unwelcome, Lulu announces she plans to move in with him. Trevor threatens to ruin Kate's magazine if she does not stay on his side and if she continues to see Sonny. Robin and Patrick begin to consider that they may no longer want the same things in a relationship. Lucky asks Liz why he should be faithful to a woman who won't sleep with him.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Marina receives a package from Cyrus. Inside is a bikini for her to wear when he takes her to France. Marina struggles with her love for Cyrus and leaving her family, career, and morals behind. Marina is convinced she can’t love Cyrus and just be herself, there fore they cannot be together. Cyrus continues to fight for her to give in and run off with him. Marina’s big fear is that it won’t be long before she is the one being left behind. Cyrus gets a bit of bad news. After Alex is confronted by Jeffrey who is in desperate search of Reva she calls of the fundraising party. Cyrus manages to flatter her into not calling off the party but things still aren’t looking good for him. Alex has decided to challenge Alan for leadership of the company and everything will be looked at by her and double-checked.

Alexandra has hopes of bringing Lizzie back into the family fold and company but Lizzie doesn’t want any part of either. Especially after she learns that Reva is missing and Alan is most likely responsible. As things are escalating with the fallout of the building collapse, Lizzie has to call a halt to Billy’s drinking. Now that it is causing problems she can’t allow him to drink anymore.

Cassie is determined the best thing for Lewis Construction is if she claims to be at fault for hiring the subcontractor, but her heroic efforts are going to have to wait. Jeffrey finally tells her what he believes has happened to Reva. Cassie doesn’t doubt it for one second but just to be on the safe side, she sends a secret message to Reva from Shayne in hopes she will contact them. When there's no word from Reva, Cassie is certain something is amiss.

Jeffrey calls in some of his covert government contacts to try and get a lead on their missing persons. Jeffrey is tipped off that Alan is on his way to the lake house. He and Cassie wait for Alan and the authorities to arrive, but Alan gets there first. Unsuspecting Alan walks through the door only to find Cassie waiting with a gun drawn on him. She demands to know where Reva is.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Natalie is at work at Buchanan Enterprises when she receives an e-mail from Jared who has disguised his email address.  She asks who is writing to her and he asks her what she is wearing.  She calls him a “psycho.”  He mumbles to himself that she doesn’t know the half of it.  Miles meets up with Marty in the corridor at the courthouse.  She serves him with the annulment papers to end their marriage.  Todd and police officers pay a visit to Michael and Marcie.  John watches Marty as she talks to Miles about their marriage and ending it.  Marcie refuses to give Tommy to Todd or even let him near her son.  Miles wishes Marty happiness with whomever she can find it.  The conversation continues between Natalie and Jared via the internet.  He convinces her to meet him.  Marcie and Michael try to convince Todd not to go through with this but Todd refuses to listen.  Marcie then shows him pictures of her son doing some of the fun things that he loves to do.  Marty and John go up onto the roof to have a talk.  He takes her annulment papers and makes a toy plane out of them.  John explains to Marty that he had known for two weeks that Michael and Marcie had Todd’s son, but he kept it a secret.  Todd tells Michael and Marcie to be in court and to be sure and bring Tommy.  Blair confesses to Dorian that she and Todd had told each other that they loved each other, but then this happened.  Blair insists that she is going to make things right as she leaves Dorian’s kitchen.  Natalie is just about to leave her office when Miles comes in.  He lets her know that he received his annulment papers from Marty and she suggests that they go for a drive.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Lily and Cane flirt. Later he flirts with Heather and invites her to the party. Amber comes up with a scheme to burn some of the money to make it look like all of it was destroyed in the fire. Nikki misses a meeting with her family because she is in bed with David. She refuses to answer calls and finally talks to Victoria. Nick and Victoria worry about their parent's marriage. They meet with Victor at the Athletic Club and when Amber's fire sets off the fire alarm, they are surprised to see that Nikki with David as they all file out of the building. Jill has managed to get locked in the steam room and Amber helps her out.

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