Wednesday 9/12/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 9/12/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica reminds Pam that she is still on probation for her previous actions of taping airing her and Jack arguing.  Jack arrives for the show.  Greenlee arrives at the Comeback Bar to have a confrontation with Aidan.  Annie still has visions from her past and hears the words, “Ashes, Ashes” they all fall down.  Annie asks Babe why they won’t stop.  Ava collapses and J.R. has to hold her up.  Ava lets him know that she thinks that she is pregnant.  Annie tries to assure Babe that she is fine.  She gets back to business as usual.  Annie still relives memories from her past.  Babe questions her as to what is going on.  Erica and Jack argue over Greenlee’s involvement in Kendall’s life.  Erica goes on to explain to him how Spike just about died because of the quack doctor that Greenlee hooked up with to help Kendall and Spike.  Greenlee calls Aidan a “fake” and a “spy.”  Greenlee accuses Aidan of working for Ryan.  J.R. takes Ava into the hospital emergency room.  Julia and Joe both come to Ava’s aid.  Joe begins to ask Ava all kinds of questions about where she is hurting.  Ava reveals to him that she may be pregnant.  Ava is relieved when she finds out that she is not pregnant, but she does have appendicitis.  Ava needs immediate surgery, but she refuses.  Aidan dangles the watch (that belongs to Annie) in front of Greenlee’s face.  Babe and Annie come into the bar and Annie sees Aidan with the watch.  Later, Greenlee has prepared a picnic lunch and goes to the beach to meet Aidan.  Aidan arrives at the beach and he sees something lying in the sand.  When he bends to pick it up, someone knocks him unconscious.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Susan is stunned when she finds out that Allison offered to be Will and Gwen’s donor. Sophie feels her baby move and shares it with Aaron. Lily, dressed up to meet Christa, bumps into Holden and pretends that she dressed up to come look for him. Jack is afraid when he tries to rouse an unconscious Carly, but after she comes to, she claims she was faking. Jack and Katie are livid and Brad wonders where she will draw the line, all of them unaware that Carly isn’t faking. Susan is worried about the ramifications of Allison being the donor and reminds them of the trouble Emily had, but Allison is determined. Holden and Lily make love. Carly pretends that this was a ploy to get Jack, but when she later almost passes out again, Brad realizes she really isn’t well. Allison assures Will and Gwen that she wants to do this for them more then anything, but Will is nervous that they can’t be let down again, as Gwen is on cloud nine as she sees her dreams coming true. Sophie tells Aaron that she is going to tell Cole that night about her being pregnant. Right after Holden asks Lily for them to put each other first, Lily secretly calls Dusty and asks him to meet her outside her room. Aaron learns of Allison’s generous offer from Gwen. Lily meets Dusty outside and tells him what she found out from Christa about Cheri’s real name and how her son might have something against her. Lily doesn’t want to stop helping him, even though Dusty reminds her that Holden is angry about this, but she thinks it will be ok in the end once they prove his innocence. Carly tells Brad that she has something wrong with her – a broken heart. She pushes Brad out the door right before she collapses on the floor. Aaron goes to see Allison, which thrills her, to tell her how brave and proud of her that he is. Holden tells Lily that he was out of line when he forgot her and Dusty’s history, but that wasn’t really what upset him, but rather that she was keeping things from him, as Lily looks guilty. He wants her to promise not to do that anymore. Jack, Katie, Lily and Holden toast to their marriage and upcoming marriage. Cole is angry after he quits his job and pulls away from Sophie, causing her to fall. Aaron sees this and blurts out about Sophie being pregnant. Brad finds an unconscious Carly on the floor, but she awakens and demands he not call an ambulance. She claims she has a bug, but until she sees a doctor, she asks Brad to keep this to himself.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ashley drops in on Eric on his working-day at home. She invites him to share his prospective on the whole Ridge/Brooke thing. He is candid and says he knows Ridge cares for her, but tells her that he thinks Ridge’s destiny is probably always going to be with Brooke. They are still in love with each other. Nervously Ashley laughs and says she knows their history, but Ridge had also told her he wanted a future with her. Eric is willing to admit that his son is trustworthy, so he’s not leading her on. Perhaps he has fallen for her too, but has he fallen out of love with Brooke? Felicia goes by Ridge’s only to find Brooke ensconced there. She warns Brooke that Stephanie may be on her way to stir things up. They speak openly and Brooke assumes Felicia will side with the others that Ridge should be with Ashley now. Felicia assures her she does not spend all her waking hours worrying about her brother’s love life. Felicia wonders if she and Katie are all working together on this; trying to get Stephanie to back off. Katie asked Felicia for her help, and in her opinion, both she and Ridge would be better off for now without each other. Ridge gets his P.I. Ed to call Andy Johnson’s secretary to see if she can unscramble the password to his cell phone so they can track some of the callers. She meets them at Café Russe and it’s clear she is not a member of the Andy Johnson Fan Club. She wants this strictly off the record, he was a pig. She couldn’t stand him. He was constantly making lewd remarks about how she walked and dressed. It was a really good job, but she turned down overtime so she wouldn’t have to be there alone with him. Ridge shares that a friend of his was also victimized by Andy, and now they want to get to his cell phone to find an accomplice. Eric confides he thinks there is something very off still with Brooke and perhaps Ridge is just helping her out as a friend or the father of her child.

She doesn’t wish to discuss it, but at every mention of moving on, Brooke turns into jelly and wants Felicia to leave. Felicia still can’t understand why Brooke is clinging so to the past. She badgers and pushes her until Brooke finally blurts it out that she was raped. Brooke promises her to secrecy as she has not even told her sisters, only Ridge and Bridget. She confides that is what Ridge is doing right now; the rapist is dead but they are looking for the person that fed Andy all the information about Brooke. She wouldn’t want to be that person now when Ridge finds him. Eric comes around and says he only wants his son to be happy. Ashley doesn’t need him in her camp, she has Stephanie. But nothing is impossible and perhaps it is time for Ridge to move on beyond Brooke. As Ridge and Ed sit and cross reference the names and numbers, one stands out to Ridge – his mother’s. Why would she be calling this man?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle is uncomfortable having to stay in the bridal suite with Philip. Shawn uses Claire to visit Belle but Belle can tell he only brought Claire down so he could spy on her. Shawn refuses to stay the night in Tulsa with Belle and Philip but leaves Claire with Belle. Max and Stephanie decide to discuss resuming their relationship. They are close to making love when Kayla and Bo find them.

Andre dresses as a clown to sneak into Sami’s room and question her about whether Stefano truly died. Lucas returns and Andre forces Sami to keep quiet until he gets away but then Sami reports his visit to Lucas and Roman. Roman is forced to tell Sami and Lucas about the mock murder plan. Andre changes into a nurse’s outfit to move about the hospital undetected.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jerry is very insistent that Sam sleep with Trevor. She agrees and begins charming him., for her sisters' sakes. Then, while Alexis is at Wyndemere stressing out to Nikolas about her fears for her girls, thanks to Sonny's latest enemy, he arrives to pressure Nikolas for information. The prince reacts violently, then takes his fury out on Alexis for her crush on Jerry. Epiphany worries that Robin will be jealous of Layla's friendship with Patrick and make the best nursing student's life a Hell. The Quartermaines are forced to ask Tracy to come back to ELQ, if Scott will not press charges against her for helping Luke. Lulu tries to tell Jason that Logan is okay, don't listen to the Jackal. This angers Logan. Tracy's first act as a free woman is to take Lulu home, away from Logan. Scott supports this decision. Liz and Lucky are worried about their marriage and confide in their two best friends. Sam invites Jason over and tells him she will soon sleep with Lucky. Trevor gets a court order, barring Jason from following him.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Daisy and Rafe prepare to have sex together for the first time. Their parents are still dealing with the aftermath of Gus and Natalie’s night together and the impending divorce.  Daisy and Rafe both lie and say they are going to study at a friends house. Their parents believe them and let them go. Rafe and Daisy met at the Spaulding lake house. They are both nervous and awkward with each other. When Rafe learns that Daisy is a virgin he isn’t so ready to move forward. Daisy is surprised to find out Rafe isn’t a virgin. Rafe feels that it would be better to wait but they don’t wait too long. Daisy and Rafe watch TV to pass the time before they are each due home. After playfully wrestling for the remote it leads to more. Rafe is gentle and loving with Daisy but the euphoria doesn’t last long.

Gus goes over to the house to pick up some of his things that Harley is complaining about being around. As he packs she doesn’t really want to part with anything. They begin to argue then it turns into a physical fight when Gus takes a blanket from the couch. Harley is hysterical. Gus can’t calm her so he forceful kisses her. The kiss leads them to the bedroom where they have sex that Harley regrets afterwards. Gus tries to fight for her and their marriage but Harley turns cold again. When she gets a call to attend to a trespassing, she doesn’t want him to go because seeing him just breaks her heart. The trespassing call Harley was called for was to the Spaulding lake house. Harley is angry and drag her half-dressed daughter and step-son out of the cabin. Harley takes them to the Spaulding mansion where Rafe is forced to tell Gus and Natalia what he did. Both are upset with him and try to lecture Rafe and Daisy about teen sex. Daisy and Rafe aren’t listening all they can say is it is different for them because they are in love. When Harley and Daisy get home, Daisy asks that Harley not ruin tonight for her because it was special and she does love Rafe. Harley remembers what it was like her first time and gives Daisy the space she needs.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Marty comes out of the bedroom just as Cole is finishing up eating breakfast.  She tells him that she wished that she had been up because she wanted to fix him blueberry pancakes to celebrate him going back to school.  Starr comes downstairs and finds Dorian in the kitchen.  John calls Michael to check on how he and Marcie are.  John goes into Bo’s office.  Bo holds up the newspaper and shows him the headlines which reads, “McBaby.”  Bo questions John as to how long he knew about Michael and Marcie raising Todd’s son.  Dorian asks Starr about Langston.  Starr meets up with Starr and she tells Starr that she has something to tell her.  Todd’s preliminary is due to begin.  Miles walks into the courtroom.  After all is said and done, the judge grants Todd two years probation with one hundred hours of community service and a fine of one hundred-fifty thousand dollars.  Miles tells Todd that he is not pressing charges against him.  Starr finds out from the newspaper that Tommy McBain is her brother.  Marcie and Michael meet with a lawyer about how to regain sole custody of Tommy.  Marcie vows to fight Todd for custody of Tommy.  Bo suspends John from the police force.  Marty meets up with Miles in the corridor of the courthouse and serves him with the annulment papers to end the farce of their marriage.  Marcie and Michael find out that Todd was released from jail.  Todd and two officers arrive on Michael and Marcie’s doorstep to serve them with papers that give Todd custody of his son.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty   **One Day Ahead

Amber wrestles with her conscience over what to do with the money. Later when Gloria finds out that unless Kevin, Amber and Daniel all pay back the money, they will all go to jail, she offers to lend Amber the money, but she doesn't want her holding it over her head. Later Gloria comes to Amber and tells her that she will give her the money no strings attached. It is Nikki and Victor's anniversary. Nikki tells David she is sure that Victor released the tape. Nikki and David sleep together. Afterwards Nikki thinks back to when she and Victor met and about their wedding. Victor tells a reporter that he thinks the ethics committee will do the right thing in regards to Jack. Sharon is disappointed in Jack for lying. He gets a visit from his father who tells him the same thing.

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