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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall is still upset over the fact that Spike almost died because of the treatment that Spike had received from Dr. Hilliard and she blames herself for persuading Dr. Hilliard to treat Spike.  Jonathan and Ryan have a meeting with a client.  J.R. is on the phone at the bar at the Yacht Club and he looks around and sees Jonathan at a nearby table.  Annie tells Amanda and Babe about how Spike just about died the night before.  Annie lets Babe and Amanda know that it was Greenlee’s idea that Dr. Hilliard treat Spike.  Babe suggests that Greenlee see a psychiatrist.  Ryan joins Greenlee at her table at the Yacht Club and he lets her know that Spike just about died from the treatment that Dr. Hilliard gave him.  Greenlee begins to panic for the safety of Spike.  Ryan tells Greenlee that this stops now.  Ryan puts a guard on Greenlee so that she will never get around Spike, Annie, or the rest of his family ever again.  Amanda sees a picture of Ava kissing a strange man on the internet.  She wonders how Jonathan will react if he sees the picture.  Babe finds a pregnancy test in the wastebasket.  She first nods toward Annie, then to Babe and then she asks Ava.  Ava begins to panic, but she gives in and confesses that it is hers.  Babe, Annie, and Amanda vow to stand by Ava no matter the outcome of the pregnancy test. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Holden tells Lily if she keeps hiding things from him, their marriage is over but later decides to reconsider after giving some advice to Jack.  Holden enters the Lakeview and sees Lily and wonders why she is dressed like a hooker.  Krista tells Lily that she thinks Cheri's son, whom she was forced to abandon, may have killed her.  Meg and Paul decide to love the person they are with when they discover they don't have a future together.  Paul pushes aside thoughts of Meg as he is making love to Rosanna.  Jack decides to have a baby with Katie after getting some advice from Holden.  Carly gets dizzy at a sample sale where Katie manages to buy the dress Carly wants.  Katie sees Carly nearby after she and Jack have talked and tells her she and Jack are going to wait a year and then have a child.  Carly faints and falls to the floor and Katie laughs because she thinks Carly is faking in order to make Jack run to her side.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke remembers the night of the attack, with Ridge telling her it will be okay, she’s staying with him until they find the low-life that helped Andy. Stephanie thanks Katie for stepping in and pointing out to Thorne he was making a mistake. Katie assures her she is not going to stand there and listen to Stephanie belittle her sister. And it’s obvious she is fishing for information on Brooke too. Stephanie says it always comes back around to Brooke, and she doesn’t want Brooke to wheedle her way back into Ridge’s life again. Ridge calls his P.I. and wants them to check out every name, pool guys, landscape men, whoever might have been on Brooke’s premises lately. Stephanie calls and harps on Ridge for letting Brooke wrap him around her little finger and cause him to miss his brother’s wedding. She reminds him that he’s neglecting sweet Ashley as well. He can’t keep pushing her aside for Brooke and expect her to accept that. Ridge says he will talk to Ashley, and hangs up on his mom.

Ridge suddenly remembers the bartender at Café Russe said Andy left his cell phone there. There must be numbers or messages in there that might help them find the accomplice. Stephanie maintains to Katie that Ridge belongs to Ashley; he is not finding his way back to Brooke. Katie warns her to just leave it alone. Felicia finds her there all alone and Katie suggests they join forces to get Stephanie to back off. Ridge talks the bartender out of Andy’s phone. He has to find a spare battery to get it to work and tells his P.I. now they can find that SOB’s accomplice.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Philip and Belle call in the police to help talk to Lauren. Lauren claims at first that there is no baby but later admits Tyler exists when she obliges Belle and Philip’s request to talk outside with them privately. Lauren shows the cop the form Philip signed terminating his parental rights and the cop has no choice but to let Lauren go. Belle convinces the cop not to arrest Philip when Philip’s temper flares. Kayla and Bo rush to Vegas to help Jett and console Chelsea. Chelsea seeks Kayla’s advice about Jett’s confession of love. Bo uses his contacts to determine that Stephanie and Max were on the plane with Rawlings but the plane landed in Mexico without them. The FBI is able to get the girls to confess that Max and Stephanie were made to jump out of the plane while over New Mexico. Kayla and Bo rush to New Mexico to look for them. Jeremy returns to Salem and asks Nick to help him contact Steve. Nick calls Kayla but Kayla tells him to call the police when she finds out Jeremy is there with him. Jeremy guilts Nick into giving him cash and a five-minute head start before calling the cops. Stephanie plays up her sore ankle to get close to Max. Stephanie gets mad when Max blames her for getting them involved with Jeremy. Stephanie grills Max about their relationship but Max advises her to first be honest with herself.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

The town reels from Leticia's murder. Jax yells and Sonny, demanding the return of his family; Sonny refuses. Then, Jax confronts Trevor, but Jerry stops him from doing anything stupid. When Sonny considers that the boys might be better off as Jax's sons, Kate tries to console him and dissuade him from the idea. Emily is rattled and remains concerned about Nikolas. Alexis is freaked. Lulu comes home. Spinelli is still pining, but Georgie tries to plant the idea that he could love another. Both Lucky and Nikolas express concerns for Sam's safety. Jerry warns Trevor that if his family is hurt or harmed, Zacchara will pay. So will Trevor. Ric welcomes the idea of Zacchara defeating his brother. When Lucky wants to make love, Liz turns away.

GL Recap Written by Dani

School has begun for Rafe and Daisy. Daisy is happy to see Rafe at lunch. She tells him how she really wants to do well this year but as she is speaking a police officer arrests her for assaulting Jeremy. Rafe promises to help and runs home to get his mother. Luckily Gus is there. Gus and Natalia go to Harley’s first before going to the police station. Harley wants Gus to use his Spaulding influence to get her released. Rafe gets to the station before his parents. Rafe steals a set of keys and busts her out. Rafe takes Daisy to the mansion to confront Jeremy. Everyone converges on the confrontation in the study at once. Rafe stands up and speaks about Daisy. His words moves Jeremy and he drops all charges. Daisy is so touched by Rafe’s speech she has decided she doesn’t want to wait any longer to giver herself to him. She asks if they can go back to the lake house they visited earlier in the summer.

Harley has been struggling with the notion of removing her wedding rings. She just can’t seem to do it until she walks up on Gus telling Natalia he will be there for her no matter what. Harley takes off her rings when Gus and Natalia leave together.

Dinah checks in on Cyrus and wants an update on when he plans to make his move. Cyrus is still angry about having to cut Dinah in so she is not received well but he agrees to let her know. Dinah spends her time shopping since she can’t do anything else and Mallet won’t take her money. Marina sees matt and Dinah enjoying themselves while shopping for jewelry. Marina blasts Dinah accusing her of taking advantage of Mallet and not really loving him. Matt jumps to Dinah’s defense. Marina is taking her frustrations over Cyrus and his proposal out on Dinah.

Now that Marina has made Dinah feel bad about herself matt walks her home. Matt can tell she is hurt by marina’s words and he tries to lift her spirits. Dinah thanks him and kisses him a little to intimately on the lips.

Cyrus returns home after talking with Dinah to learn he and Alexandra will be hosting a huge national benefit for diabetes. Cyrus gets the idea to pass on the Spaulding fortune and hit all the marks at the benefit. He has devised a plan and meets with Griggs to tell him about the change in plan. Griggs likes what he hears. Cyrus’ next stop is the police station where he invites marina to a life of their own. Marina gets angry that he doesn’t recognize she is not like him and being a morally upstanding person is who she is. Cyrus believes she is taking a pass at happiness because she has been brainwashed into believing she is a Cooper and can do no wrong.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Todd’s lawyer orders John to turn Todd’s son over to him.  Marcie, through tears, orders Michael to tell her that they are not going to lose their son.  Michael, also through tears, cannot say a word.  Langston visits Starr at La Boulaie.  Starr tells her all about her baby brother and how he will soon be coming home.  Clint visits Dorian and hears some of her latest interference into other people’s lives.  He advises that her girls are doing fine for themselves, but she still has to have someone to worry over and try to manipulate their lives.  Jessica is more than a little bit surprised to see Jared.  Jared tells her that he feels as though he already knows her.  Todd tells the judge that John and the entire Llanview Police Department kept this secret from him.  He questions the judge as to what she is going to do about it.  Dorian’s latest interference in someone else’s’ life is centered on Langston.  Marcie believes that this is all a lie.  Michael tries to convince Marcie that John is right about everything.  Michael encourages Marcie to be realistic.  Michael wants to figure out a way to be able to keep Tommy.  Roxy brings Tommy into the courtroom.  The judge orders Michael and Marcie to be brought back into the courtroom.  Marcie questions Michael as to whether anyone knew that Tommy was Todd’s.  John comes in and tells them that the judge wants them back in the courtroom.  Marcie fears the worst and thinks that the judge will take Tommy away from them.  Nora figures out that Lindsay had killed Spencer because she figured out that Tommy was Todd’s son.  The judge reconvenes court and addresses the allegations against the police department.  The judge orders Todd to be taken back to his cell.  Jared finds out that Nash and Jessica have a daughter.  Once Nash leaves the room, Jessica orders Jared to tell her why he is here.  Jessica offers Jared twice the money that he paid for the shares in Nash’s vineyard.  Jared refuses and tells her that this isn’t about money.  The judge decides that Tommy should go home with Michael and Marcie.  Nash comes back into the room and wants to know what is going on.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Lily goes to Kevin's to get Daniel to sign the divorce papers and isn't impressed when she sees Amber there wearing Daniel's shirt. When she talks to Colleen about it, she thinks that a "divorce party" is just the thing to cheer her up. Later they see Cane and invite him to the party. Lily seems to like Cane as she is really nervous when talking to him. Colleen moves in with Adrian. Daniel isn't happy when Amber tells him she was working with Carson to find the money. They decide to rent the room that Ji Min died in to see if they can find the money. Amber finds it! Adrian runs into Heather, who was roommates with the girl that Adrian knew that committed suicide. Sharon is upset with Jack and tries to avoid him. She goes to the Athletic Club with Brad. Jack finds them there and joins them. When Sharon leaves the table for a moment, Jack warns Brad to stay away from Sharon. Cane is concerned with some theft that has been occurring on the Clear Springs jobsite and hires JT to help him investigate.

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