Monday 9/10/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 9/10/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica pays a visit to Dr. Hilliard and is surprised when she finds out that she already knows him.  She threatens to ruin him because he has taken advantage of Kendall and Spike.  Kendall and Zack lie on the sofa when Zach accidentally knocks over the lamp.  From the baby monitor, they hear Spike crying.  Kendall is surprised and remarks that, “Spike can hear.”  Greenlee and Aidan meet in a bar.  Greenlee blasts him because she thinks that he told Erica that Dr. Hilliard is treating Spike at her request.  Kendall wants to call Dr. Hilliard.  Ryan and Annie come in and Kendall tells him that Spike can hear.  Ryan is surprised.  Once J.R. gets over the shock of Adam dressed like Stewart, he pitches his new idea about Ava to Adam.  Adam flatly refuses to help J.R. in his business venture.  Babe comes into the Comeback Bar and proudly shows the bartender that she got her high school diploma.  Jonathan and Ava come into the bar and the bartender instantly recognizes her.  Aidan owns up that he does like Greenlee.  Zach lets Kendall know that he called Dr. Norton.  Kendall informs him that she doesn’t want Dr. Norton, but she wants Dr. Hilliard.  Dr. Horton arrives and begins to check on Spike.  Dr. Norton discovers a rash on Spike’s leg.  Spike soon stops breathing.  Dr. Horton has to give him a shot to get him breathing.  Kendall calls Dr. Hilliard and tells him the news that Spike can hear.  Joe soon arrives and a lot of questions begin to arise as to the rash that Spike has and was there anything different in Spike’s life.  Kendall owns up that she had been giving Spike some vitamins that she had gotten from Dr. Hilliard.  Dr. Hilliard and Erica arrive.  Dr.  Hilliard gives Joe a list of the ingredients in the vitamins that he prescribed for Spike.  Babe and Ava have a talk about her relationship with Jonathan.  Babe questions Ava if she is having sex with Jonathan.  Ava refuses to tell her anything.  Babe asks Ava if she could be pregnant.  Greenlee shows Aidan a watch on a chain that she found on the beach.  She tells Aidan the story of “The Gift of the Magi” and hires Aidan to find out who lost the watch and the story behind it.  Once Dr. Hilliard is gone, Erica tells everyone that it was Greenlee who found and paid Dr. Hilliard to treat Spike.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Henry is bothered by the Colonel’s obvious coldness with Luke. Maddie and Noah make plans to move into their new apartment. Paul realizes Meg may have stayed in the guest bedroom while at Craig’s. Craig can’t deal with not being able to support Meg. Something physical seems wrong with Carly, as she struggles to get through a meeting. Katie and Jack realize they are not at all on the same page in regards to children and wonder where that leaves them. The real estate agent comes to show them four bedroom houses with room for a nursery. The Colonel tells Henry that he doesn’t like Luke’s ‘kind’ and doesn’t want his son near him. Meg shows up to see Paul to tell him to leave Craig alone. Carly has fallen asleep while trying to draw ideas for the space when Katie and Jack show up to see the place. Carly overhears their fight about her wanting kids, and at the end, Katie finds Carly there. Neither one is happy, but Carly tries to explain. Lucinda gloats in front of Craig and knows exactly what buttons to push with Craig about Meg. Meg doesn’t buy Paul’s sudden love for Rosanna. Henry meets Noah, but then is unsure about things and wonders if she should transfer to Wesleyan after all? Maddie worries what is going on? Henry finally admits that he strongly feels the Colonel doesn’t like gay people and he thinks that there could be something going on between Luke and Noah; Maddie is stunned. Meg apologizes and admits that she still loves Paul and she thinks he still loves her. What if she wasn’t married, she wonders? Paul tries to hide his feelings for Meg, but she sees through it. Carly apologizes, explains her reason to be there and shares with Katie that she shouldn’t be embarrassed they were fighting – all couples do that and she can now see how much Jack loves her. Katie thinks Carly is being nice because she won – she will always have Jack’s kids and she won’t, but Jack doesn’t think that is the case. Maddie goes to see Luke and asks him if something is going on with him and Noah, as Luke stutters. She got her answer; she needs to talk with Noah, she realizes. Craig realizes Meg is not at the Farm as he thought. Meg kisses Paul.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At the altar, Thorne reminisces about what Katie just told him about Donna not really loving him. As the ceremony proceeds, Stephanie and Katie’s eyes are gazing at him. Dare anyone say I object? Donna says her vows, but Thorne is in a trance and must be nudged when it’s his turn. As he begins, he tells her how much he loves her and Ally loves her too, but he can’t do this. Nick greets Taylor with a big kiss, in fact several big kisses and feels rescued from his work. He has big ideas, but not about kid’s names right now. He shares his view that Donna is only marrying Thorne to stick it to Stephanie. Taylor feels perhaps she should crash this wedding to offer professional advice and rushes off. Donna chases after Thorne and tells him she understands; this is just cold feet. She cries and begs that whatever doubts he has, she can explain. The guests are flabbergasted, but settle for drinks by the pool.

Donna spies Katie and immediately goes after her sister for sabotaging this wedding. Katie warns her she gave her time to do this, and she was only telling the truth. Donna accuses Katie and Stephanie for being in cahoots. And Thorne finally sees what was before him all along. Donna dissolves in tears of embarrassment and runs out. Taylor arrives just in time and thanks God there was no wedding. Thorne beats up on himself for being so dense and not seeing this coming……the constant seduction and rush for the wedding. He laments that Katie saved him from a terrible mistake and thanks her. Stephanie takes a moment to get in her digs to Donna and then orders her to leave the premises. Donna attempts to strike her, but it is blocked. Then tells her she did not get her revenge on her today, but someday she will!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle pretends that Philip is her husband and that they are looking to bring her sister Lauren home to live with them but the center’s director still won’t let them talk to the other residents. Frustrated by the lack of success, Philip blurts out that Tyler is his son and Belle is forced to tell the whole truth. Philip spots Lauren among the residents and corners her. The security guard knocks Philip out and drags him out of the center. Belle decides to stay another day to help Philip. Bo reveals that the hospital staff around at the time of Stefano’s ‘murder’ were all undercover police. Shawn asks Bo to help him get into the police academy but Bo only gives in after he fails to talk Shawn out of the decision.

Kayla visits with Steve while he pretends to be awaiting a jail cell. Kayla insists that Stephanie know the truth about Stefano and Steve gives in. EJ asks to see Stefano’s body. Roman tries to stall EJ by insisting he wait until after the autopsy but EJ is convinced that Stefano isn’t dead. EJ questions Steve about his theory but Steve shows off the blood spatter on his shirt as proof that Stefano is really dead. Max tries to stall but decides that they’d be better off jumping. Max and Stephanie land safely and find an abandoned campsite.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Emily frets to Lucky and Liz about why Nikolas is acting so out of character, and he is not forthcoming when he arrives, but then, they get word that Leticia was found dead. Lucky is summoned to the scene. Sonny lets Kate know how much she has come to matter to him. When Skye asks Ric about getting Lorenzo's personal effects back, their conversation is cut short by a visit from Trevor. Jerry grabs Sam and orders her to sleep with Trevor. Jax is unhurt by the car bomb. Sonny informs him that he is taking over protecting Carly and the boys and sends them to the Island. Jerry is picked up for questioning in Leticia's murder.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Ava pretends to be the graceful loser in the fight for Coop’s affection. Ava, just like her mother would do, is slinking around trying to dig up dirt on Ashlee to use to win Coop back. Ashlee doesn’t know exactly what Ava is up to but she doesn’t trust her. Coop continues to try and convince Ashlee his feelings for her are real. Today he invites her to a movie and to his surprise she accepts. While Coop waits for her Doris gets to Coop first. She is trying to warn him about something that happened in Ashlee’s past but Ashlee arrives before Doris can say anymore. Ava is busy cozying up to Stewart to get dirt on her rival. Stewart lets it slip that Doris insinuated something very bad happened to Ashlee before they came to Springfield.

Doris still doesn’t accept that Ashlee is working for Buzz and is quite embarrassed when she puts Ashlee on the spot during an interview and it is revealed under her jacket she has one of Buzz’s campaign buttons on.

Harley is registering daisy for school and is taken aback when she sees Gus with Rafe and Natalia doing the same. Gus tries to talk to Harley but she really doesn’t care. All she wants him to say or do is tell the boys together. Gus is resistant but agrees. The talk goes well and Harley wants him gone as soon as they are through talking to Zach and Jude. Harley tells him she is calling a lawyer. Gus sulks at the Spaulding mansion and baits Natalia into a “what if…” conversation. He suggests they talk about the possibility of them being a family. Remy arrives to pick Natalia up for a date. She will not cancel her plans with Remy because she thinks Gus is only saying such things because he is hurting. Natalia leaves with Remy.

Billy and Lizzie rush to the ER. Josh and Cassie are fine unfortunately the same can’t be said for some of the other families that were in the building. Billy takes full responsibility but denies booze had anything to do with it. Josh decides to put the ministry on hold to help Billy out of this mess. Frank arrives on official business, it doesn’t look as though the collapse was just an accident.

Cassie doesn’t think Josh should take the blame for Billy but Josh gets upset that she could think he wouldn’t help Billy. Billy admits to Lizzie maybe his judgment was clouded from the drinking and he can’t let Josh ruin his life over Billy’s drinking problem. Cassie goes to the police station and tells Frank it was all her fault. The deal was made when Josh was in prison and she was in charge. Billy arrives taking blame himself. Josh goes to reverend Rutledge and explains why he must hold off on becoming a minister to help his brother. The reverend understands.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Lindsay is just about to make her plea when Todd bursts into the courtroom and yells that everyone is guilty.  He points at Tommy and claims he is his son.  Everyone is surprised by Todd’s sudden outburst.  Jared pays a visit to Nash to discuss the vineyard and the publicity.  Jessica visits Marty and brings her a gift of Irish Soda Bread.  Blair finds the guard, Derek, tied up and gagged by Todd.  John asks Todd how he got out of jail.  John takes Marcie and Michael out of the courtroom.  Bo orders Todd to be held in the courtroom and if he makes a move for the guard to see how many times he could shoot him.  Bo takes Lindsay back to her cell.  He begins to question her as to how long she knew that Tommy was Todd’s.  Todd lashes out at Rex for forging the death certificate so that it would appear that Todd’s son was dead.  Blair tries to calm Todd down, but Todd will not listen.  Lindsay explains everything to Bo.  John explains everything to Marcie and Michael and that Tommy is Todd’s son.  Marcie doesn’t want to believe it at first, but John tells her that he has proof.  John goes back to the courtroom where Todd is still being held.  Todd talks the lawyer in the courtroom into being his lawyer.  Todd orders the lawyer to tell them that he isn’t going anywhere without his son.  The lawyer orders them to produce his son.  Jessica comes home and finds that Nash and his business partner had been having a meeting.  Jared comes out of the bathroom just as Jessica turns around.  Jessica is shocked by Jared’s appearance.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Lily goes to Kevin's to get Daniel to sign the divorce papers and isn't impressed when she sees Amber there wearing Daniel's shirt. When she talks to Colleen about it, she thinks that a "divorce party" is just the thing to cheer her up. Later they see Cane and invite him to the party. Lily seems to like Cane as she is really nervous when talking to him. Colleen moves in with Adrian. Daniel isn't happy when Amber tells him she was working with Carson to find the money. They decide to rent the room that Ji Min died in to see if they can find the money. Amber finds it! Adrian runs into Heather, who was roommates with the girl that Adrian knew that committed suicide. Sharon is upset with Jack and tries to avoid him. She goes to the Athletic Club with Brad. Jack finds them there and joins them. When Sharon leaves the table for a moment, Jack warns Brad to stay away from Sharon. Cane is concerned with some theft that has been occurring on the Clear Springs jobsite and hires JT to help him investigate.

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