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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the Yacht Club, Jack and Erica share an intimate moment. Greenlee walks up to join them. Zach holds Spike in his arms while Kendall gets his milk ready. On the beach, Ryan encourages Annie to talk to him and tell him what is bothering her. Annie begs Ryan to kiss her because after she tells him her story, he will never kiss her the same way again. Annie relates how her charming but cruel brother pushed her father out the window, causing him to become deaf, but her parents covered for their special son.  Annie then confesses to Ryan that her false testimony against her brother got him a 10-year prison term for robbery, which caused her mother to commit suicide. Ryan assures Annie that none of this is her fault and promises to protect her and their family. Later, they all visit Ian at the hospital. Krystal tells Stuart (a.k.a. Adam) that she knows he is there because he has fallen under Jenny’s spell. As Amanda and J.R. discuss his grandiose business plans for Ava, a man comes on board and tells them to leave so he can repossess the yacht. Jack mentions to Erica that Greenlee was the one behind Dr. Hilliard treating Spike. Kendall wonders how Zach knows her better than she knows herself. Krystal talks to Stuart about Adam treating his family like possessions. Stuart points out how Adam misses Skye. Krystal looks into Stuart’s face and remarks that she knows that look; it's the way Adam looked when he talked about Charlotte. Erica calls Val and asks him to find Dr. Hilliard. When she storms into his office, they recognize each other. Though Amanda encourages J.R. to go to his father and ask him for his shares back, he refuses to be under his father's thumb again. When Adam, as Stuart, asks Krystal if she wants to be free of her feelings for Adam, she assures him that she soon will.

ATWT Recap Written by Dani

Hey, As The World Turns fans! Bad news. Today's episode was preempted by sports, so you will have to wait until next week to catch back up with the happenings in Oakdale. Summer is winding down but the heat is turning up on ATWT. Holden and Lily are on the rocks but Lily's devotion to Dusty is growing. Could there be a love hook-up in their future? Gwen and Allison have made a decision that will affect Gwen and Will's entire future. I wonder what Will will think of having his decisions made for him? And about this idea of Allison and Gwen's, doesn't Gwen seem unstable right now? Drama could be abound in more than just the baby department. All looks bright and sunny for Jack and Katie, but I just don't think they're going to make it not with hurricane Carly brewing in Milltown. Yeah ,she cried and acted like she thought it was really over but with her nothing is over until ...well nothing is ever over with Carly. Paul and Rosanna continue to drain Craig of all his finances, and Meg is left whimpering on the sidelines. How far will they go? And is there love rekindled or are they just in it to stick it to Craig? Luke made a stand for himself yesterday that left Noah feeling left out and hurt, was it enough of a show to finally make Noah realize how he feels? The only way to find out the answer to these and find out the latest of what is stirring in Oakdale is to check back here not just Monday, September 10, but everyday!

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Today's show was pre-empted.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Max tries to stand up to Rawlings but is knocked down. Rawlings reveals that all the girls in his employ are not prostitutes but in fact all working to fleece the high rollers. The girls, now revealing their own gun power, keep Max and Stephanie hostage while Rawlings flies the plane. Rawlings gives Max and Stephanie parachutes intending to make them jump out of the plane. Jett, fearing death, declares his love for Chelsea while they are en route to the hospital.

Lucas questions whether Sami is so caught up in the vendetta because it gives her the excuse to be with EJ. Roman and Bo pretend to have arrived at the hospital in order to escort Stefano safely home when Steve walks up. Bo and Roman act protective as Steve claims to Stefano that he’s come to make amends. Touched by the gesture, Stefano allows Steve to come close where Steve ‘stabs’ Stefano. In the commotion of Roman and Bo tackling Steve, Tony injects Stefano with a drug to slow down his vitals so he’ll appear to be dead. Lucas checks out the crime scene and orders EJ to stay away from Sami now that the vendetta has died with Stefano.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

At Jax's insistence, the family moves into the Metro Court where he can provide better security, including help from Jerry. However, Sonny tries to insist on them moving in with him instead. Carly refuses, but Jason forces her and the boys to move. He says Jax may come as well. Kate also will not allow Sonny to protect her or move back to Manhattan. Later, she seems to recant, but is not delighted to find that Carly is moving back in. Through Trevor, Zacchara tries to hire Jason, but Jason refuses the meeting. Emily overhears Nikolas discussing "plans" with Alfred, but he won't tell her what they are in reference to. Then, he insists on getting her and Lucky's approval on a new hotel suite of offices, but fails to show up to meet Lucky. Liz warns Sam off of Lucky when she gets too friendly, or appears to. Sam tries once more to fire Lucky. Lucky refuses to be fired and tries to reassure Liz. Ric explains the situation with his father to Alexis. Shortly thereafter, Trevor shows up and meets Alexis, turning on his charm. She seems fooled. Georgie is not thrilled when Spinelli promises he has never entertained romantic thoughts in her direction. An attractive new doctor seems drawn to Patrick. The show closes with an explosion throwing Jax to the ground just as he learns Jerry has escaped where Jax had locked him away. (Note- I apologize for not knowing how or why Jerry got in that situation. A newsbreak cut into that segment.)

GL Recap Written by Dani

Oh sorrow. Guiding Light will surely be missed today due to a special presentation that CBS felt was more important than our daily dose of Springfield madness. Fear not! the latest and greatest of Springfield's good guys and bad guys will be back Monday September 10. Until then you will have to wait to get the answer to your burning questions. Has mallet too turned to a life of thievery? And what about his partner, is she right behind him? Cyrus and Dinah are looking like two law abiding citizens at this point. Cassie and Josh are still holding out hope for a legal marriage sometime soon, but it isn't going to happen until Reva is found. What?! Won't they be in for a surprise, if they managed to escape the collapsing building they were expected to be in. Yes, Reva is missing. Unfortunately Jeffrey has been sent on a wild goose chase but can he get back on the trail in time to save Reva from Alan's evil hands? I think Reva will fare just fine, she always has. Life isn't Rosey for one person in Springfield, especially if their last name is Cooper. Harley and Gus now have to figure out how to work together and live in an all too small town while adjusting to their permanent separation. Hopefully Dylan and Natalia will be there to help pick up the pieces. Oh that's right Natalia and Remy just made a commitment to be together and not let Gus interfere.

Well no matter what does or does not go down in Springfield one thing is for sure. What ever is happening out of town, specifically California where Jonathan and Sarah are hiding. And Reva and Alan are to follow will be worth the wait to see the two long-time soap vets back on the small screen and hopefully Tom Pelphrey as Jonathan to return soon after.

Make sure you mark this site as a favorite and you check in here everyday to keep tabs on the Coopers, Lewises, and Spauldings.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Nora visits Bo in his office. Bo lets Nora know that Lindsay is his friend. Cole brings Marty home from jail. Rex and Adriana have made love. Marcie brings Tommy to visit Lindsay in jail. Starr wants to know where Todd is. Blair lets her know that Todd is in jail. John visits Michael and finds out that Marcie is gone. Todd hears Marcie talking to the guard. Todd yells out that he wants to see his son. Bo wants to know what Nora wants. Nora lets him know that Lindsay’s arraignment is tomorrow. Blair lets Starr know that she is the reason that Todd is in jail. Blair lets Starr know that they had found Todd’s son and he is alive. Michael suggests leaving town. Derek tells Lindsay that her arraignment has been moved up. Blair encourages Starr that Todd will get his son back. Marcie with Tommy heads for the courtroom, but Bo stops her before she can enter the courtroom. Todd feigns a pain in his side to get the guard into his cell. Todd knocks him down onto the floor and grabs his gun. Rex has a bad dream and wakes up with a start. Rex gets a call that Lindsay’s arraignment is less than an hour. John encourages Michael to hang in there that this is almost over. Lindsay’s arraignment begins . Todd ties up and gags Derek in the jail cell. Starr lets Cole know that Todd had been arrested. Blair comes to visit Todd in jail and finds Derek tied up and gagged. Todd rushes into the courtroom and lets everyone know that Tommy is his son.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

The last day on NBC had surprises. The demons get Endora and Miguel. Tabby and Kay tried to stop them but couldn't. Tabby and Kay get the basement door open and they go downstairs. Endora, Miguel and the demons are gone. Luis goes to see Fancy and Pretty. Fancy admits that she drank to much of the lemonade that Pretty admits she spiked. Fancy gets a headache after Alistair messes with the remote of the chip that is in her head. Fancy starts to get a nose bleed after the "headache". Luis calls for an ambulance and Fancy falls to the floor. Fox and Esme talk about having a relationship after Fox's divorce. Fox says he will be poor and wants to know if Esme will still want to be with him. She has to think about it. They sleep together. Afterwards there is a gone shot and Fox is bleeding on the floor. He is shot in the chest. Eve goes and tells Valerie about Vincent's death. Val says she doesn't care. Eve also tells her about Chad's death. Val knows that Vincent is alive and wants to kill Eve. When Eve leaves Valerie looks in the mirror and it really is Vincent. He wore a mask.

Sheridan attacks Spike. She demands info about Marty and Spike lets her see a live feed of him. Spike gives her a close up of Marty and a calendar to prove that the feed is real. Ivy, Julian, and Sam arrive at the hospital. The doctor thinks that Ivy and Julian are Ethan's parents. The doctor told them that he will be okay. Ivy gets mad at about Theresa getting to see him. He asks if he has a son. Ivy says she wishes she could marry Sam and Sam and her kiss. Ethan wakes up and talks to Theresa and says that he loves her. He asks if he has a son and wants to see him. Pilar goes to get Little Ethan. Gwen comes in and is holding a baby boy and says here is your son.

Passions BONUS Recap Written by Cherri

A demon tries to kidnap Endora.  Miguel attempts to save her, while Kay and Tabitha tell him that they are witches.  The demon takes Endora into the basement.  Miguel follows, determined to save her.  Once Tabitha and Kay get the door open, they rush down to find the basement completely empty. Fox and Esme discuss their future together.  Fox tells her that he thinks he could be happy with her.  As he gets up to leave the room for something, he is shot in the chest by an unknown figure hidden behind the curtain.

Ivy throws a fit about not being able to see Ethan, and storms off. After Theresa announces that Ethan is awake, Sam goes after Ivy, and tells her Ethan is going to be okay.  He thinks that they will be okay, too, and leans over and kisses her.  Luis walks in and is happy to see Fancy and Pretty getting along.  Pretty leaves and they are alone together.  Fancy throws her hands up to her face and cries out in pain.  Her nose starts to bleed and Luis goes to call 911.  He turns around and Fancy passes out on the floor.

Sheridan threatens to kill Spike if he is lying about Marty being alive.  He takes her to a room filled with computers where he pulls up a video of Marty playing with a train set.  To prove it is live feed and not recorded, he zooms in on the calendar in the corner, which shows September. 2007. Vincent threatens to kill Valerie and orders her not to tell Eve that he is alive.  Eve tells Valerie that Vincent is dead, and Valerie states that she doesn't care that he fell off a cliff.  Eve wonders how Valerie knew how Vincent died as she did not tell her.  Valerie says she heard it on the radio on the way home from work.  When Eve leaves, Valerie tells Vincent that it is safe to come out.  Vincent talks, and his voice comes from Valerie.  Standing in front of a mirror, Vincent pulls off a mask of Valerie's face.  Ethan tells Theresa that he heard her tell him that he had a son.  He tells her he wants to see his son.  Pilar goes to get Little Ethan.  Then, out of nowhere, Gwen walks in carrying a baby boy and tells Ethan that the baby is their son together.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis is still adjusting to prison life. Because she tried to sneak a phone call, she has restricted privileges so Nick has to pretend to be her lawyer so he can get in to see her and let her know that Summer is okay. One of the clerks recognizes his picture form the paper which angers the warden, who seems to already have it in for Phyllis, and he kicks them out. Maggie informs Jill that Ji Min's death may have been due to a fall. Jill is upset and calls the reporter that was supposed to meet with Ji Min to tell him she still wants the story to run. He says he can't run it without the tape of Jack that Ji Min had as proof. Katherine and the reporter call Jack, who denies that the tape even exists. They all spend the day running around trying to find out who has the tape. Jack thinks he is in the clear until later that night, when he is watching TV with Sharon and Noah and hears the tape being played on TV! Katherine, Jill, Nikki, David & Victor all see the news as well.

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