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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall and Zach argue over her taking Spike back to Dr. Hilliard for treatment.  Zach wonders what Ryan will say about Kendall visiting Dr. Hilliard again.  About this time, Ryan and Annie walk in.  Ryan questions Zach and Kendall as to what is going on.  Kendall explains to Ryan about the vitamins and her visit again to Dr. Hilliard.  Ryan goes totally ballistic and runs upstairs to get Spike and his things to take him to the park so he can spend some time alone with his son.  Adam is outside of Krystal’s home.  He is on the phone and he asks the person if everything is in place and to let him know anything, anytime day or night.  Adam poses as Stuart as he goes into Krystal’s house.  J.R. and Amanda have just finished making love.  She gets up and starts to leave.  She explains to him that she has a meeting at Fusion.  J.R. reminds her that Ava is the reason that Fusion is a “monster.”  Amanda wants to know why J.R. is so obsessed with Ava.  Ava and Jonathan are at the beach and she suggests that they stay there all night.  Ryan takes Spike and leaves Kendall and Zach’s.  Annie offers to go with him, but he refuses her offer.  Zach notices the “cold” attitude between Ryan and Annie.  Adam (posing as Stuart) comes into Krystal’s living room and finds Krystal, Tad, Sean, and Colby all having a good time.  Krystal offers Stuart a bowl of chili and for him to get ready to hip-hop.  Jonathan lets Ava know that he had a brain tumor and how Ryan and Erin took him to a doctor who found the tumor.  Adam has to sit there and grit his teeth when he finds out Sean and Colby’s plans for the evening.  Tad offers them a solution to the problem in that he will go with them to Philadelphia.  Stuart encourages Colby to go see her father.  Kendall follows Ryan and Spike to the park and tries to explain her position.  Photographers (hidden in the bushes) take pictures of Ava and Jonathan kissing. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Gwen and Will argue about letting Alison be the egg donor for them because Will thinks Gwen should have time to grieve her miscarriage before having another baby.  Will, however, loves Gwen too much not to let her do something that is going to make her happy so Gwen and Will tell Alison they both agree to let her be the egg donor for their child.  Noah gets jealous when he sees Luke talking to another guy, but Luke tells Noah he has decided to move on with his life and find someone who will love him since Noah has chosen to be with Maddie.  Brad tries to help Carly move on with her life by getting her in contact with someone who needs an interior designer for a new building.  Carly gets even more depressed when she sees Jack and Katie who are looking for a new house in the newspaper.  Katie tells Jack that she wants to have a child with him but she is surprised to learn that he doesn't want to have any more children.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie overhears and puts Donna to task. Is that the real reason she is marrying Thorne? Donna sees suspicion and disapproval in Katie’s eyes and admits Stephanie deserves to have her world turned upside down. Pointblank Katie asks if Donna loves Thorne? Donna pretends to be indignant with these feelings from her own family. She sets her straight; it’s the Logan’s against the Forrester’s. If Stephanie has to suck lemons, that’s great. Katie doesn’t have to approve, but she will stand up for her; the Logan’s always stick together. Thorne tells the minister he is anxious to get this started. All are worried about Stephanie. Eric conveys to all if she is this so against the wedding, perhaps it is best that she not attend. Stephanie and Jackie exchange not so clever barbs. Stephanie has one last talk with Thorne where she reveals she is not happy about this, but this is his lesson to learn and she will support it. She reminds him how much she loves him and will always, always be there for him. Katie pays a last minute visit to Thorne and chagrins when he laments what a lucky man he is. He lays out a rosy future for him and Donna. Katie thinks it’s beautiful, but then has to burst his bubble when she says Donna’s motives are not entirely pure. Rick seeks out Ashley and manages to get into damaging remarks about Brooke and Ridge being up at Big Bear. Ashley is determined to be understanding.

Stephanie dresses and joins the others. Donna gloats as she puts on her white wedding dress. The day of Stephanie’s surrender! And no one is going to stop her. Katie confesses to Thorne that Donna doesn’t love him the way he thinks. She’s doing it to make Stephanie insane. She can’t stop him, but she can make sure he knows the truth. He refuses to believe her. Phoebe and Felicia notice Thorne looks a little green at the altar. Then Katie, she doesn’t look that great either. Clueless Storm accompanies Donna down the aisle. She mouths a “I Love You” to Thorne who can only stare back in doubt.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Jett agrees to stall the agents so Max and Chelsea can get the girls out of town. Stephanie wants Jeremy to fly the girls out on Touch the Sky’s plane in exchange for her running away with him but Jeremy chooses to run away on his own. Chelsea refuses to leave the casino before the bust goes down. Rawlings shoots Jett in the back as Jett’s talking with Chelsea but Rawlings disappears within the mob of people rushing to get out. Rawlings boards the plane, now holding Max, Stephanie, and all the girls, at gunpoint.

Sami and EJ continue reading the letters. EJ likens the story of Santo and Colleen to his and Sami’s relationship. Santo and Colleen consummate their relationship. Colleen refuses to go away with Santo but agrees to see him again. EJ takes advantage of Sami’s drugged state and kisses her to prove his claim that they should be together. When Sami realizes what is going on, she throws EJ out of her room.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jason assures Carly that she and the boys are safe in Port Charles, as long as they are under guard. Trevor threatens to take Molly away from Ric, since Ric is an even worse parent than Alexis. However, if Ric can neutralize Sonny, he can keep his little girl. Sam lets Alexis know about the Zacchara situation. Alfred tries to explain why he canceled Nikolas' offices at Jax's hotel, but Nikolas is unhappy with him. Lucky shows up, needing a brotherly ear. Meanwhile, Liz and Emily plan a day at the beach for the four of them. Spinelli brings Maxie a box of truffles, designed to look like Europe to thank her for helping him with his angst. She is thrilled and waxes lyrical about her dreams and love of literature before turning serious. She suggests that Spinelli should consider his future, that Jason might not always be there. Carly warns the boys to not try to slip their guards again. When Logan arrives to apologize for the mix up, she's not forgiving. Sam threatens to call the guards when she runs into Jerry, but he's unphazed by that. Alexis drops in on Jason to find out if Kristina is in danger because of the new mob problems. He thinks not, since she is tied to Molly, and by extension, Trevor, Zacchara's lawyer, Molly's grandfather. This is news to Alexis. Later, Sam tries to cozy up to Trevor. Jax is ready to take the boys and leave when Carly tells him about the situation. Ric wants to hire Diane to help him keep custody of Molly. Then, he tells Alexis he thinks it's time for Molly to go home to her mom. Sam tries to dismiss Lucky from being her guard, due to the increased dangers, but he won't hear of it.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Billy is growing fond of Vanessa once again and wants to try and get close to her. Vanessa is having an awful day trying to hammer out the details of her divorce. Billy asks her to have coffee and he makes her laugh. Vanessa seems to be in a better mood. A contractor who is also having coffee says hello to Billy. Vanessa is surprised because she and Matt were going to use the contractor but found out he used low grade materials. Billy is impressed by her business savvy. Later as Billy and Lizzie prepare to attend a donation ceremony they hear on the news that their building collapsed. Billy becomes worried because josh and Cassie were suppose to be in the building.

Jeffrey is desperate to find Reva, he just knows that something amiss is going on. When a search of the house turns up no clues Jeffrey goes to the Spaulding mansion. Unfortunately Cyrus sends Jeffrey on a wild goose chase telling him Alan went to a small town in Mexico. Alex is impressed by Cyrus’ natural dishonest nature when he tells her he hadn’t seen Alan in days.

Dinah blackmails Cyrus into not only making her partner but also giving her a sizeable down payment. When Dinah shows Mallet the money he becomes worried. Dinah fights for the money she earned and for her man. Dinah is jealous that Mallet seems to be trying to protect Marina more than their life together. Mallet returns to work even more worried about Dinah and their mounting money problems. When an officer brings Mallet a paper bag full of money that needs to be counted before going to evidence the dark side creeps out. Mallet slips a couple bundles of cash into his desk drawer before processing the rest of the money.

Marina struggles with what Cyrus has asked her to do. When Alex tells her that he only wants sex Marina is forced to really weigh her options.

Dinah celebrates her new partnership with Cyrus by going shopping. Matt joins her in hopes she can lift his spirits. Dinah becomes defensive but realizes Matt is the only friend she really has.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Rex and Adriana can’t seem to get enough of each other as they go back to his loft.  He offers to let her move in.  Natalie visits Miles and wants to know if he heard from Todd.  Roxy visits Marcie and Tommy and tells Marcie that what she has in this box will get Lindsay off the hook.  Marcie looks at her and is puzzled.  Michael comes in to John’s office and begs John not to tell Todd that Tommy is his.  John lets him know that it is too late, that Todd already knows.  Todd bangs on the bars of his cell as the officer brings Lindsay back to her cell.  Todd asks the officer to give him his phone call.  Lindsay wants to know what Todd did now.  Todd lets her know that he is going to sue John for keeping him from his son.  Sean decides to spend the evening with Layla and Vincent.  Lindsay acts as though she doesn’t know anything about Marcie and Michael raising his son.  Lindsay denies that Tommy is Todd’s son.  Todd promises that Marcie and Michael will pay for taking his son.  Michael is furious when he thinks that John has told his secret.  John lets him know that Miles told Blair who then told Todd.  John also lets him know that he has Todd locked up downstairs on assault charges, but he cannot make them stick.  John reminds him that they have only a small window of time to tell Marcie the truth.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Ethan starts talking more and more about his son but he isn't awake yet. Sam comes to Julian and Eve and takes Julian to the hospital for some reason (sorry I couldn't catch it). Eve goes and tells Valerie about Vincent's death. Demons come to take Endora and hold back Tabitha and Kay. Rebecca asks Gwen who her new man is and faints. Of course we cant hear the phone conversation. Fancy wants a relationship with Pretty and warns her about Alistair. Alistair spies on them and hopes that Pretty will side with him. Sheridan is still trying to convince Luis to look for Marty.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Friday's show is pre-empted due to the US Open.

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