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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee is at work at Fusion talking to the tiger that Aidan bought for her during her stay in the hospital.  Erica comes in and sees her with the tiger and informs her that she can’t have it.  Greenlee is puzzled by her actions.  Zach sits alone in the living room when Kendall comes in.  He asks her if she forgot something.  She informs him that she will be back to give him a sloppy kiss.  Zach questions her if she forgot the vitamins that she had been putting in Spike’s milk and he holds up the bottle of vitamins.  Aidan is at the Yacht Club when Jack comes in to join him.  Jack thanks him for meeting him.  Jack tells Aidan that it is time that they discuss Aidan and Greenlee.  Annie and Ryan are on their way home from Chicago and Annie still refuses to open up to Ryan and let him know what is going on with her father and the phone calls.  Erica tells Greenlee how Jack really feels about her.  Zach and Kendall begin to argue about how Kendall lied to Zach about where she had been going.  Instead of going to see Dr. Mayer as she had told Zach, she went to see Dr. Hilliard.  Zach is upset that Kendall lied to him about where she had really been going.  Jack thanks Aidan for saving Greenlee’s life.  After Erica blasts Greenlee for a few minutes, Greenlee picks up her things and leaves.  She goes to the Yacht Club where she meets up with her father, Jack, and Aidan.  Erica goes through some of the things that she purchased for Ian.  Erica calls Jack and asks him to meet her at Fusion.  Jack leaves Greenlee and Aidan.  Greenlee becomes worried that Aidan told Jack what had happened between them the night before.  Aidan assures her that he hadn’t told Jack anything.  Ryan gets on the laptop computer and finds out what really happened to Annie’s father.  Annie is more than a little disturbed when she finds out that Ryan was checking up on her.  Josh visits Ian and sits by his bedside.  Julia comes in to visit and inquires as to how Ian is doing.  Julia waits for some sarcastic remark about her and Jamie breaking up.  Josh surprises her and apologizes to her about his previous actions then takes out for coffee.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Lily dresses up and goes undercover talking with some girls at the Avalon, and finds out Cheri was very afraid of a mystery man, but the girls catch Lily in a lie. Holden confronts Dusty about Lily. Will and Gwen go to see a fertility expert, but Susan first gently suggests that they not rush into a decision to have a baby. Craig’s credit cards are declined, as Paul stops in to gloat. Lily is able to cover her lack of knowledge of Cheri and tells the women to call her if they want to talk. Allison goes to find Dusty, but finds Aaron and Holden with him, which causes her to take off, as Aaron goes after her. Lily calls Dusty while he is arguing with Holden and tells him to meet her because she has useful information. Aaron and Allison reforge a tentative friendship. Will has his reservations about getting pregnant again, but Gwen is full steam ahead about it. Allison tells Aaron about how she has been trying to be supportive of Will and Gwen since they lost the baby. Meg is annoyed that Craig didn’t tell her what was potentially going on with Rosanna. Will and Gwen meet with the fertility doctor, who cautions them against rushing into anything and offers Gwen that her only hope is finding an egg donor. Lily tells Dusty about the mystery man and how she wants to investigate it further because she is the only one that has gotten them this far. Lily tells Dusty that she isn’t going to tell Holden what she is doing. Allison is happy to hear Aaron says he will call her again. Paul goes to offer his condolences to Will and Gwen. Craig tells Meg that Rosanna has frozen his accounts; they are broke. Allison goes to check on Gwen and finds herself making a surprising offer. Will voices his concerns to Paul about Gwen getting pregnant again. Paul tells Will that he and Rosanna are back together and that Meg has to live with her choices. Meg and Craig move into the Farm. Craig assures Meg that he would never turn on her like Paul did, and she believes that. Lily and Dusty let themselves into Cheri’s room and find something stunning – an engraved wedding band and a lock of boy’s hair. Something went wrong because Cheri looked too happy in the picture to leave this boy, and that trouble must have followed her to Oakdale.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie comes home and immediately orders Donna and all her wedding troupe out of the house. Eric comes in to save the day and orders her to leave Thorne and Donna alone; they are not going to have this discussion again. What matters to him is that Thorne is happy and it should for her too. She asks can’t she count on him? He replies no, she has the wrong guy. Donna tells Katie that Stephanie doesn’t bother her any more; she has her right where she wants her. But, she does need a maid of honor, will Katie stand up for her? Stephanie summons Katie to the living room and berates her for what she thought was the brains of the family. Can’t she see this is not about love, but all about revenge? She’s done all she can to stop this wedding, now she needs Katie’s help.

Felicia, Bridget and Jackie all wonder where Stephanie is. Felicia snarks she is probably off in some corner sulking; Eric assumes up to no good. Donna finds Thorne in the guest house and promptly peels off to her little nothings and almost seduces him, all the while trying to convince him to bring his mother around. Jackie catches them when she brings Donna her dress, which she declares she hopes Donna is not going to wear after all. Katie tells Stephanie that her low-blows are very unattractive, and Donna and Thorne can make their own decisions. Stephanie refuses to stand by as a silent witness to this fiasco even though Thorne personally asks her to be there. In the middle of an outburst between Jackie and Donna, Katie overhears Donna say she is going to marry Thorne and really enjoy sticking it to Stephanie. Katie confronts her about this last remark.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

EJ refuses Sami’s objections and together they read aloud the next set of letters. As the back-story continues, Colleen denies having been with Santo tonight. Santo enlists Mrs. Fitzpatrick, Stefano’s caretaker, to don Colleen’s scarf and claim she was the one Sister Mary Anne saw in Santo’s room tonight. Mrs. Fitzpatrick asks that Colleen join her in caring for the children at the inn. Nick comes to Billie with his fears that Artemis and Demarquette are not really China’s children since they are too well mannered and genius level intelligent. Billie agrees to investigate. A strange man follows Nick and the boys when they leave the pub.

Jeremy wants to leave town upon landing in Vegas so as to avoid jail time and asks Stephanie to come with him. Max asks Jett to stall his fellow agents so they can get the women out of town but Jett doesn’t think he can do that. Stephanie admits to Max and Chelsea what Jeremy plans to do and Chelsea reluctantly reports it to Jett. Stephanie considers going with Jeremy.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Kate gets between Sonny and Trevor in an argument, and chooses Sonny's side. He warns her about the dangers of his world, then fears that he himself will be paying the price of his perilous life when Jason reports that the boys were left unguarded. Jax takes the boys school supply shopping, but has a crisis at the hotel when Nikolas discovers that the space he leased was given to someone else. Jerry meets with Trevor, professing to want a deal with Zacchara. Logan warns Maxie not to tell Lulu about their romp in the sack, or else. Sonny advises Ric to be very worried about the new mobsters in town. Trevor makes it clear to Kate he is not happy about her choosing Sonny over him, and she does not see why she can't have both as friends. Georgie tries to console Spinelli, and to talk him out of learning to shoot or trying to be Jason II. Sonny tears Logan a new one for leaving the boys unguarded. Jason tells Carly never to go chasing after Jax and leave the boys again. Nikolas learns it was Alfred who cancelled his rooms at the Metro Court. Finding Trevor holding Molly shakes Ric.

GL Recap Written by Dani

“It takes a thief”

Cyrus watches Bonnie and Clyde while Alex works. The movie left quite an impression on him as Cyrus takes a journey in his memory back to scores he and Dinah used to work together. Was it just the money or was it more the thrill of pulling off the score and being on the run that he loved. Near the end Cyrus remembers taking Dinah to a farmhouse that he loved and admired. Between flashbacks of his time on the run Cyrus is struggling with his life with Alex and his desire and love for Marina.

No longer able to keep his plan and his true feelings from the lovely detective Cyrus breaks into her room and reveals his scheme to rob Alexandra. Marina cannot believe what he is confessing and moreover she cannot believe he expects her to keep it to herself and ultimately run away with him. Cyrus is securing the purchase of the farmhouse and he gives Marina a photo of the house as a reminder of the life he wants with her there in that house. Marina is now struggling herself with her duty as a police officer and her deep feelings for Cyrus.

Meanwhile Cyrus treats Dinah rudely and calls her pathetic. Dinah begins to follow him because she knows he is up to something. Cyrus thinks in Dinah’s state she isn’t capable of keeping up with his cunning mind so he isn’t aware of her presence. Dinah hears marina repeat his entire plan. She calls the Spaulding mansion to speak with Alex but warns Cyrus she has gotten a lot better at shadowing than she was just earlier in the day. Could she know? Cyrus is left to wonder.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

John handcuffed and arrested Todd for his assault on Miles the previous night.  Todd is more than a little upset that John will not allow him to be with his son.  Rex, Adriana, Layla, Vincent, and Sean meet at Capricorn for drinks and small talk.  When Sarah comes up to take their drink orders, they all give her an extremely rough time.  Michael and Marcie spend some quality time together.  Michael wants something more from Marcie but Marcie has her reservations.  Jared comes to visit Nash, but Nash lets him know that now is not a good time.  Reluctantly, Jared leaves.  Jessica comes out of the bedroom and wants to know who was at the door.  Nash lets her know that it was his business partner.  Jessica and Nash make love.  Cristian makes some very unflattering comments about Sarah to Vincent, Layla, Rex, and Adriana.  Sarah overhears his remarks.  Blair makes a statement to John as to what really happened the night before when Todd attacked Miles.  Todd is taken to jail.  Todd is angry with Blair (when she comes to visit) him in jail.  John calls Michael and tells him that he needs to see him.  Michael once again lies to Marcie about where he is going.

Passions Recap Written by Cherri

Fancy passes out from the lemonade, and Alistair has a doctor stick a device up her nose.  He tells Pretty that because she helped him, she will be his favorite granddaughter.  She doesn't hear him tell Fancy that they will go back to the way things used to be, just the two of them.  Sheridan and Luis argue over whether Marty is alive.  Sheridan tells Luis the story of how she got her information, without revealing her source.  Luis demands to know who gave her the information and she admits that it was Spike.

Eve gets drunk and mourns the loss of her son.  She tells Julian that she hates Sheridan and she will not let Sheridan get away with killing Vincent. Julian tells her she will get through this with his help.  Whitney tells Theresa she is leaving Harmony for good.  She is moving to New Orleans to start over with the city that is starting over.  They have a tearful good-bye as they reminisce over the past few years.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty   **One Day Ahead

Jill and Cane are comforting Jill, who refuses to leave the Athletic Club until she knows what happened to Ji Min. She is resistant at first to Katherine but eventually realizes that she is sincere. Cane calls Ji Min's parents to tell them what happened. Nikki and David worry about the reporter that David had contacted with Nikki's side of the story in regards to Ji Min. The news of Ji Min's death gets around town. Maggie informs Jill that Ji Min was strangled. Jill doubts that Amber could have done it in that case. Meanwhile Jana is feeling self-conscious so Colleen helps her to fix herself up a little. She gets upset though and worries that the tumor may come back.

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