Tuesday 9/4/07 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee and Aidan arrive home. They begin to kiss which leads to them making love. Annie meets with her father. He is reluctant to do as she asks. She informs him that he can do what he has to do and she will do what she has to do. She starts to leave, but he tells her to stop. She comes back to him and lets him know that this is what she wants him to do. Ryan wakes up and finds Annie gone. He quickly gets dressed and goes in search of Annie. When he gets back home, he finds Annie home. Without telling him where she had been, she quickly gets undressed and goes to bed. Ryan is puzzled by her actions. Tad and Krystal arrive home and find Colby and Sean asleep on the sofa. Zach arrives home and finds Kendall and Spike asleep on the sofa. He picks Spike up and takes him to bed. He promises to come back to get Kendall. Kendall wakes up and finds Spike gone. For just a minute, Kendall thinks that Spike is gone again. Zack lets her know that he had taken him and put him in the bed. He carries Kendall upstairs to bed. Greenlee wakes up and finds Aidan lying on the sofa beside her. Against her requests, he re-bandages her ribs. Greenlee informs him that if he apologizes for last night, she will break his face. Colby is awakened early by the sound of loud music coming from next door. The new neighbors, Ren, Dre, and Corinna, come to visit Krystal, Tad, and Colby.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Luke can't deal with the fact that he is lying to Maddie about Noah and almost tells her the truth when she almost catches them in a close moment but in the end he can't bear to hurt her and makes up a cover story. Lily bails Dust out of jail and they go to the Avalon to find out information from Cherie's girls but the girls won't talk to Dusty. Lily later returns to the Avalon without telling Dusty and pretends to be a hooker named Lola who used to work for Cheri the girls give Lily the name of a possible suspect in Cheri's murder. Jack has finally had enough of Carly and he tells her that her little game of wearing the dress that she wore on their first date reminded him of the good times in their relationship as well as the bad times. Jack tells Carly he doesn't want to be hurt anymore like when their marriage broke up so to protect himself and his family he will maintain a relationship with her for the sake of the children but outside of that they can't be friends anymore. Carly is heartbroken after Jack leaves because she knows that she pushed things too far and now she has lost Jack forever.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge washes the dishes while Brooke reads to her children. He cajoles them into going to put on their jammies and going to bed so they can get an early start to Big Bear tomorrow. Things seem to be back like old times. Jackie admonishes Donna for marrying Thorne when she doesn’t love him; she just wants to ruffle Stephanie’s feathers. Thorne pops in and says they have a problem. Ally has a bug and he thinks they should postpone the wedding for a few days until she is better. Donna tries not to show her disappointment and does a quick almost strip tease to tempt him. Rick drops by Ashley’s lab looking for Ridge. He says he can’t imagine Ridge juggling two women at the same time, and he does not want Ashley to get hurt. Ridge apologizes to Brooke for all the things she went through with the rape, and he added to it with the custody battle. He interrupts Rick and Ashley and says he needs to talk to her. He explains why he filed the custody petition in the first place and now he wants things to get back to the way it was. Ashley wonders if that means with Brooke too? He vows that he loves her, but he needs to spend a little more time with Brooke and the kids and they are going to Big Bear tomorrow. How does she feels about that?

Thorne at a fever pitch with strip tease/seduction, Donna pulls away with the excuse of getting her wedding dress altered in time, so the honeymoon will have to wait if they postpone the wedding. He decides no. Ashley conveys that she is not that insecure but she is human. Ridge gives her all the reassurance she needs with a romantic kiss. Katie realizes that Brooke is still in love with Ridge. And Ashley Abbott or no Ashley Abbott, he will come back to Brooke after this Big Bear trip. He always has before.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bo asks Tony to help keep Stefano in the hospital long enough to stage the murder. Tony suggests they use Steve as the assassin and everyone needs some convincing on that choice. Steve agrees to do it and has to convince a scared Kayla to let him. Stefano is too paranoid to remain in the hospital beyond tomorrow so Bo decides that they must stage this mock murder tonight. Stephanie comes to Steve to tell him about Jeremy’s crime but Steve agrees to help Jeremy by helping Stephanie since she is determined to stay with Jeremy.

EJ ignores Lucas’ objections and returns to Sami’s hospital room once Lucas leaves. EJ refuses to believe that Sami doesn’t love him. EJ swipes the latest batch of letters out of Sami’s hand and refuses to give the back unless they can read them together. Kate tells Lucas that an almost accidental step into an empty elevator shaft is proof that Andre is trying to kill her. Kate turns down Lucas’ offer to stay with them but gives in when Roman offers the protection of his place.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Liz tells Lucky that if he does not get over his jealousy about Jason and what happened in the past, their marriage is over. It turns into an ugly fight with accusations being made on both sides about Jason, Lucky's drug use, Maxie, and Sam. Robin and Patrick enjoy a race, then discuss what might have been if he'd pursued his dream of making that a career and why he didn't. Since being a doctor meant meeting her, he has no regrets. Sonny and Kate bicker about her ties to Trevor. Yet, she admits that she believes Sonny more than she does Trevor. Spinelli and Georgie bond while he fixes Mike's waffle iron. She is discouraged by his continued fixation on Fair Lulu. Jax begs Carly to forgive him. He swears he will never chase after Jerry again. She finally melts and kisses him. Nikolas gives Emily a romantic dinner and is sweet, but she knows he's disappointed about her not going with him to Italy. She's also not willing to discuss their future.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Just as planned, Alan’s puppet of a son runs to Natalia and Rafe’s side. Unfortunately for him, it is too late for his marriage by the time he figures out that Rafe’s sudden illness was just another ploy of Alan’s . Harley waits with her family, giving Gus the benefit of the doubt but finally she faces the facts that Gus isn’t showing up. Harley sits alone with the burning truth, her marriage is over, when Gus arrives ready to get married. It’s over, Harley tells him and goes on to explain she cannot live her life with Gus if she has to share him with another family. Gus makes an effort to beg, but it is too late for real this time. Harley does love him and loved the marriage they had, but they will never have that life back. Harley goes home to Daisy after Frank bails her out of jail. As Gus sits alone on Main Street, Rafe joins him.

Remy is enjoying a date with Lola and learns she has a very naughty side. When Remy isn’t so inclined to misbehave with her afraid of her families’ reaction, Lola comes clean about the two families setting them up. Lola agreed because she heard Mel complaining about Remy’s backroom gambling habits and wants in. There isn’t a game tonight he tells her, so she settles for sex. They go back to the Beacon, but Remy ends the date abruptly when he sees Natalia. Natalia tells Remy how right he was about Alan and how wrong she was for treating him so badly. Remy is willing to give her another chance if she will put them first and not jump every time Gus calls or comes around. She agrees and tells him she is finally ready to move on.

Alan abandons his matchmaking and vow renewal tampering the second he learns that Jonathan and Sarah are still alive. Alan hurries to Reva’s house armed with his new knowledge of Jonathan and Sarah’s whereabouts. Alan lets it known that he knows where Jonathan and Sarah are, and he intends on going there. Alan claims his interest in the mining town in California is because he is planning on investing in mining. Reva doesn’t tip her hand, but as soon as Alan is gone, she panics. Jeffrey begins to believe something is seriously wrong with Reva after Ava tells him about Alan and Reva arguing just hours ago when Alan threatened her.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Rex and Adriana visit Michael and Marcie. Marcie insists that there is something that Michael, Adriana and Rex are keeping from her. They all insist that they are not keeping anything from her. Todd, Blair and John have a confrontation over the fact that Michael and Marcie have Todd’s son, Tommy. Todd wants to confront them, but John draws a gun on him to keep him from going over to Michael and Marcie’s. John insists to Todd and Blair to let him handle this in his own way. Clint and Nora share a drink at Capricorn. Clint is concerned that Nora isn’t objective enough to handle this case. Nora insist that she is objective enough to be the prosecuting attorney for this case. Sarah keeps bumping into Jared, who sits at the bar. After the third time of bumping into Jared and apologizing for her awkwardness, she glances at his cell phone and sees a pic of Jessica. Sarah quickly informs Clint and Nora that the man at the bar has a pic of Jessica on his cell phone. When Clint and Nora glance toward the bar, they see that the man is gone. Jessica threatens to throw the rest of her dinner on Nash unless he tells her what is going on. Nash finally owns up and lets Jessica know the truth about his losing the money to buy Antonio’s portion of the vineyard. Dorian visits Lindsay in jail. Dorian encourages Lindsay to call Will.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Whitney says goodbye to Theresa. Theresa is still by Ethan's side and he is waking up slowly. He mumbles that he has to get better he has a son. Rebecca thinks Theresa has won the battle and came clean with Ethan. Luis tells Sheridan that he has moved on and she should too. She tells them that she knows for a fact that Marty is alive. Pretty and Fancy have a late night snack. Fancy gets tired after she eats the snack and drinks the lemonade. She doesn't know that Alistair has drugged the lemonade.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis is at the jail getting checked in and is upset that she can't make a phone call to check on Summer. She begs and begs and finally the guard agrees. She can't get Nick so she calls Michael who tells her that Summer has a respiratory infection. Phyllis is beside herself. Later when she is with the wardens he asks to use the phone again but he refuses to let her. When he leaves the room for a minute, she tries to call Nick but gets caught. The warden warns her that she won't get preferential treatment in here. Meanwhile Jill calls an ambulance for Ji Min and attempts CPR. When the ambulance arrives, they try to revive him but tell her it's too late, he is gone. Amber calls Michael who comes right over. Cane comes to comfort Jill. Katherine calls him and he tells her what happened and that she shouldn't come over, Jill doesn't want her there. Of course she comes over anyway. Jill is upset at first but later she lets Katherine help her. Maggie and Heather arrive to question Amber and Jill. Amber tells them that she thinks that Ji Min had the stolen money but they don't find it in the room. Amber and Carson both accuse each other of stealing the money from Ji Min.

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