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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Everyone is aghast when J.R. comes into the bar and tells them that he had lost Tad. They decide to split up and look for him. They are all in a heated discussion when Tad sneaks in. He motions for the waiter to bring him a drink, but not to tell them that he was here. Tad finally makes his presence known to the group. Jack comes to the hospital, bearing gifts, and finds that Greenlee is packing to go home. He invites her to go to Tad’s surprise birthday party, but Greenlee refuses. Annie and Ryan arrive in Chicago. They decide to spend some much needed time alone together. They make love. Once Ryan is asleep, Annie sneaks out to meet her father. Annie begs her father to put a stop to all this before she does something that she won’t regret. Zack and Kendall arrive at the hospital. There are hugs all around for her and best wishes. Kendall thanks Babe for holding things together at Fusion for her. Ava puts her arm around Amanda, but Amanda quickly pushes it away. Kendall warns Ava to watch herself. Greenlee eats dinner alone. Erica explains to Tad about the new television program with her and Jack. After everyone has left, Tad plants a kiss on Krystal.

ATWT Recap Written by Dani

Hearts are being broken all over Oakdale on today’s episode. Noah and Maddie prepare to move into together while Luke confronts Noah about his true feelings and being. Noah tries to deny that there was anything there but a very understanding Luke points out how miserable Noah will be if he lives a lie. Plus Luke adds he doesn’t want to see Maddie hurt. Noah is resistant to coming clean about being gay. When he tries to walk out Luke reaches for him. Luke’s touch stops him. They almost kiss before Maddie walks in. She knows something weird is going on and wants to know what it is now!

Today is Katie and Jack’s engagement party. A small casual affair at the farm. Carly arrives dressed in Jack’s favorite little black dress, against Lily’s advisement. Carly’s attempts to get noticed by Jack are fruitless but someone did indeed notice. Katie! Katie tells Carly to give it up and quit chasing after Jack, because he loves her and wants to marry her.

Holden learns that Lily was present when Dusty and Cherie had a confrontation that ended in a threat. When Lily meets with Holden to go to the engagement party they argue. Holden is angry that she is keeping details from him and becomes more angry when she tells him she is going to post Dusty’s bail. Holden gives her an ultimatum. The family and their relationship or support Dusty. Lily thinks it is unfair she must chose and doesn’t answer. But she does go to the police station to bail dusty out, after she and Holden argue more about Dusty’s guilt or innocence.

Henry and Vienna seem to be the only people lucky in love. They celebrate a successful day at the diner by closing and making love on the table. Winston interrupts. He wants to get to know Maddie’s family since she and Noah are moving in together. Henry tries to keep his past and his not so law abiding ways to himself but Vienna is quick to brag on her Henry. Winston doesn’t like Henry or his gambling ways. He isn’t impressed by the diner either. Maddie drops by surprised to see Winston. He has seen all he needs to and makes a polite exit but not before inviting Maddie and Noah to dinner to celebrate their new apartment.

Henry and Vienna decide to skip the engagement party to pick up where they left off before Winston and Maddie interrupted.


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

R.J. and Hope beg Stephanie if they can see their mommy today? She answers she is supposed to take them to their tennis lesson, but Abby and Ashley drop in. Ashley is worried about not hearing from Ridge. Ridge pampers Brooke with breakfast in bed. His being there means everything to her. Taylor overhears Nick grumbling about how long this is taking to sue the Forrester’s. That doesn’t occupy her long. She thinks she may be carrying an alien inside her, all she wants to do is…….they smooch and he can’t believe it, but he obliges by clearing off his desk and they fall upon it. At Stephanie’s urging, Ashley calls Ridge again, but he’s with Brooke and abruptly blows her off until later. Katie surprises Brooke who didn’t even know she was in town. Briefly Brooke fills her in on having gone through a bad time, but Ridge dropped the custody suit so she’s going to get her babies back. Ridge drops by to pick up the kids, who are happy to be going home. Ridge has to leave a cell message for Stephanie that he has the kids, going home to Brooke, he’s dropping the suit and Brooke will never have her children taken away again. The children greet their mother with open arms, and Ridge is pleased to see all of their happy faces.

Ashley comes back to Stephanie’s to retrieve Abby’s sunglasses and Stephanie glumly confides in her that Ridge dropped the suit and he took the kids home. But she thinks Ashley is still his future and all of Brooke’s antics aren’t going to work. Brooke vows to the kids they will never be apart again. Ridge contends he only wants to find out who told Andy so much about Brooke and set her up. Somebody out there helped him, and he promises that person is going to answer to him. Stephanie picks up the paper and sees the piece about Andy being electrocuted.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle decides to hold off on telling Shawn about the trip to Tulsa until the last minute. Hope criticizes Shawn for not telling Belle about losing his job and is against his desire to join the police academy. Shawn makes plans to meet Belle for dinner to tell her the truth. Shawn isn’t happy about Belle and Philip flying off together and privately accuses Philip of using the trip to get back with Belle. Philip doesn’t bother to hide his motives when alone with Shawn.

Kayla leaves Pocket alone with Steve while she tends to Benjy. Steve calls Hope over to help when he can’t get Pocket to stop crying. Kayla returns home to find Steve alone with a well cared for Pocket and a clean hotel suite so she takes it as a sign that they should have more children. A new round of antibiotics help curb the infection allowing Benjy to wake up. Lexie and Kayla bond over their mutual hatred for Stefano.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny's visit either rescues Kate from unwanted romantic attentions or interrupts an intimate moment between her and Trevor. He goes home disgruntled and not in love with love after hearing Trevor's snide remarks. Spinelli convinces Jason too well that Logan was overly aggressive with both him and Lulu, inciting Jason to want Logan out of the organization and promising that he will never force Lulu to kiss him again. Spinelli realizes he's gone too far and is upset over that and losing Lulu. Sam goes over to needle Liz about her new relationship with Lucky and to assure her that she's done with Jason. This causes more tension with Liz and Lucky. Logan and Maxie make love. After listening to Lulu's take on her relationship with Logan, Carly pays a call on Logan, getting Maxie out of his bed and into the closet, to promise him that if he hurts Lulu, he will be hurt. When she goes home, Jax has returned and is planning a rosy future with the boys. She disapproves of this, because they may not have a future. They fight again. Sonny orders Kate to go back home and even to sell her home when she comes to visit him. Sam meets Lucky and continues to subtly seduce him, but he still does not act on it, just goes home to fight with Liz more. Jason witnesses the encounter and warns Sam again that if she hurts Elizabeth, she'll pay with her life. Lulu promises to never forgive Spinelli if he gets Logan killed.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Reva receives a random newspaper article from a small town in California. At first the reason and sender is puzzling then she figures out it is from Jonathan to let her know where he and Sarah are. Olivia drops in and to Jeffery’s surprise she has a surprise confession. Olivia admits to blackmailing Reva over Jonathan but further more she has given up on Jeffery. Olivia explains her feelings about the past and their present. Gus finally wins Harley’s heart over when he tells her exactly what it is he loves about her and how he couldn’t love Natalia because of those reasons. Gus gets down on one knee and purposes to Harley, again. This coming after Harley becomes upset after overhearing him tell Alan he and Harley intended on renewing their wedding vows. Harley says no at first and they argue over the feelings she believes he is harboring for Natalia but finally she is so touched by his admiration she says yes. Harley and Gus intend to renew their vows today, but not without interference.

Alan offers to send Natalia and Rafe to a specialist in New York for Rafe’s health and to just get away. They leave immediately. Daisy overhears Alan talking to the NY doctor explaining how he is going to claim Rafe is severely sick to lure Gus away from his second wedding ceremony. It works. Alan calls Gus playing it off as just letting him know and Gus comes running. Gus writes a note for Harley and her family but it accidentally gets taken out in the trash. Harley waits now worried that Gus has had second thoughts.

Daisy swears to Alan she is going to warn Gus and Harley. Alan orders his butler to stop her when she pushes him out of her way Alan has her arrested for assault. Reva is enraged and orders Alan to leave her family alone.

Alan gets a random call from a stranger regarding Jonathan Randall and Sarah Randall. Alan is confused why the questions, they are both dead. The stranger on the other line informs him Jonathan and Sarah are very much alive.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Jessica has arrived home to surprise Nash, but she finds Nash gone. Blair tells Todd that she has something to tell him, but he thinks that she is talking about them getting back together. She advises him to sit down that what she has to tell him, he will want to hear. Before she can say anything, Marcie and Tommy barges in. Marcie wants Todd to do a story on how John is trying to railroad Lindsay into confessing to the murder of Spencer Truman. Natalie tells John that Blair knows where Todd’s son is and is going to tell him. Nash confronts Jared as to why he had bought controlling interests in his vineyard. Marty is finally released from jail and all the charges against her have been dropped. John walks in just as Blair has told Todd that Tommy is his son and that Marcie and Michael has his son.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Today's show was pre-empted.

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