Thursday 8/30/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 8/30/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall barges once again into Dr. Hilliard’s office. She refuses to leave until he agrees to once again take Spike on as a patient. After a lot of persuading, Dr. Hilliard agrees to take Spike on as a patient. Erica watches Zack as he holds Ian in his arms. After he comes out of Ian’s room, Erica hugs him. Joe, Opal and Ruth gather at the Comeback Bar to help Krystal throw a surprise birthday party for Tad. Tad shows off his new plasma TV to J.R. Complications arise when they try to hook the TV up when the lights begin to blink and smoke comes from the outlet. Jonathan offers to take Ava out for a night on the town if she will promise not to play celebrity. Annie refuses to tell Ryan where the package came from. She lies and tells Ryan that the package had come from her father, who had wanted to make amends for how he had treated her. They plan a trip to Chicago to see her father. Annie refuses to let Ryan know anything about what is really going on. Annie sees visions in which Ryan falls to his death. Kendall meets up with Erica at the hospital and finds out that Zach had gotten to hold Ian. Kendall is overwhelmed with happiness. Erica invites both Kendall and Zack out for a night on the town to help celebrate Tad’s birthday. Tad finally gets the television to come on, but then the lights go out altogether.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Gwen is determined to have Will's child inside her again and decides to have fertility treatment and seek another opinion about her condition. Gwen tells Sophie she lost the baby and warns her to keep her baby away from Cole because he is a bad person. Rosanna and Carly have a happy reunion and Rosanna assures Carly that Jack will return to her. Katie returns home and she and Jack have a happy reunion as well. Paul tries one more time to persuade Meg that Craig is dangerous but Meg thinks Craig would never hurt her because they love each other. Paul tells Barbara that he and Rosanna are going to destroy Craig and he doesn't care if Meg gets hurt in the process. Rosanna tells Craig that she is going to get Cabot Motors back and as soon as she gets her memory back she will tell the police he committed a felony. Carly is devastated when Jack informs her that he and Katie have decided to get married in two or three weeks.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Andy continues to taunt Ridge with the electrical rod and says if he goes to the police it will be the biggest shock of Ridge’s life. Andy had an accomplice to find the key, wouldn’t Ridge like to know who it was? If he goes down, he will take someone else to hell too. He is displaying the key and talking to the pigeons as little birdies when a security guard comes out, distracts him and the pigeons fly toward his face and Andy falls backwards to an electrical transformer death. Ridge returns to Brooke’s house where he slowly tells her Andy won’t be a threat anymore, he’s dead. And the worst part about it was that someone served her up on a silver platter by telling him where her key was.

Brooke’s sister, Katie, arrives at Donna’s door in time for her wedding. Thorne tries to avoid Stephanie who lectures him again about the difference in love and lust and needing Donna. He should not stop trying to find true love, but Donna is not the right girl for him. Ashley leaves a message for Ridge, assuming he is still with Brooke. Rick confides to her that Phoebe broke up with him despite everything looking okay after the Boldface Challenge. He’s glad she is still seeing Ridge, at least one of them is happy.

Stephanie drops by to see Donna, but comes face to face with Katie instead. She brushes past her while admitting she is the smartest one of the bunch. And hear this, there will be NO wedding. Not to be intimidated, smugly Katie returns the smile. Stephanie warns her not to cross her or she will regret it. Katie gets in her two cents by saying if Stephanie was any kind of mother at all, she would welcome the woman her son chose into her family. While Ashley is explaining some business, all Rick can concentrate on are her lips, her luscious lips and her touch the times they were together. Ridge tells Brooke they now need to concentrate on finding who this person is that would do such a dirty deed with helping Andy find the key. He is sorry that he doubted her earlier and hopes she can forgive him. And he wants her to know he never stopped caring. For R.J.’s sake, he hopes they will never let this distance happen between them again. He will always be on her side, no matter what. They share a kiss.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Billie gives Philip a tip of Lauren being spotted an at Oklahoman women’s shelter. Billie advises Philip to get Belle to go with him so the women will be more likely to share information. Philip asks Belle to go with him and she readily agrees. Max tells Shawn that due to borrowing the money against the garage to finance Jeremy’s side business, he’s going to lose the garage thus putting Shawn out of work. Max obliges Shawn’s request not to tell Belle but advises him to tell Belle the truth.

Sami has to give EJ CPR while Lucas works to break into the steam room. Still unconscious, EJ returns Sami’s efforts with a kiss. Lucas breaks in and reluctantly has to resume CPR on EJ until he is revived. Lucas accuses Sami of secretly wanting to be with EJ. Steve threatens to spill bleach on the liver but Bo grabs him in a headlock until the doctors can get Stefano and the liver into surgery. Though the surgery is a success, Bo and Steve hatch a plan to broadcast fake news of Stefano’s passing to lure Andre out of hiding.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Rather than having sex, Logan takes Lulu to a fair, but Maxie spies on them until Coop stops her. Ric warns Sonny that it's not wise to get involved with Trevor's mistress (Kate), then goes home and summons Logan to command him to get any information on how Sonny handles the Zakaras. Jax is infuriated that Jason and Jerry seem to be taking over keeping his family safe. Sonny is even angrier than that when Carly comes to see him and he learns how much danger she was in while rescuing Jax. He wants her to avoid Jerry, then he confides his angst about Trevor being in Port Charles. Thanks to Nikolas' threats, Dr. Ford relents on harassing Emily and allows her to take a vacation she does not want and opts not to take. Trevor grills Kate on how close she is to Sonny after she is upset about overhearing Ric slur her relationship with Trevor. Spinelli unloads his less than secret pain about Lulu and Logan to Jason. Lulu turns to Carly for romantic advice. Maxie tells Logan she will tell Lulu about their scheme if he does not sleep with her (Maxie). Ric tells Cooper that they will be able to take Sonny down soon.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Harley and Gus decide to get away for another attempt at an anniversary celebration and reconciliation. Harley is still struggling but puts down her guard long enough to make love. This doesn’t help the thoughts and feelings she is still having about their situation and frail marriage. Gus just wants everything back the way it was but Harley doesn’t think it will ever be the same again. Harley has also come to the conclusion that Alan helped the situation along but what happened can’t lie square on his shoulders. Gus can’t make Harley believe she is the only one he loves and she admits she doesn’t know that she will ever believe that again but she will go home and try to have a normal life.

Natalia and Rafe have their bags packed to move back to Chicago. Alan defends what he did as the best thing for the family. Rafe gets in his face after seeing everything people told him about Alan was true. Rafe goes to tell daisy in person that he is moving. She asks him to stay with Alan and let Natalia go. Rafe gets angry with her that she would ask him to chose. He storms out after making it clear he would never chose her over his mother.

After being left alone by Natalia and Rafe Alan panics when he learns he is all alone once again. Even the staff is gone for the day. Blaming Harley for destroying his family Alan goes to the cabin she and Gus visited. Alan is waiting outside to confront Harley, or worse. Natalia followed and stops him before he can do anything. Natalia agrees to stay after having an emotional conversation with Alan.

Coop asks Ashlee to have lunch with him, Marina, and a friend of his he is going to set marina up with. Ashlee agrees for Marina’s sake. Marina is against being set up after Ashlee lets it slip but stays when Cyrus comes into the dining room to dine alone. Joe, Marina’s date, is a real jerk towards Ashlee. Coop and marina defend their friend. Ashlee over hears and storms out ashamed that she isn’t accepted by Coop’s friends. Coop chases after her and tells her he doesn’t care but Ashlee is still being difficult about accepting Coop’s unconditional feelings for her. Coop tells her if she cares for him and wants to be with him she had better stop making excuses.

Marina joins Cyrus after her date leaves and Cyrus sends a drink to her. With everyone at the lunch date gone Marina gets stuck with the bill she can’t afford. She becomes upset and embarrassed that she can’t pay in front of Cyrus. He offers to pick up the tab but she snaps “not everything is about money.”  Later Marina speaks with a fellow officer that has been assigned to tail Cyrus. Marina knows he is planning something. Cyrus calls Griggs he is ready to bump up the Spaulding heist.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Jared cons Natalie into meeting him at Capricorn. Michael questions John if Lindsay could have killed Spencer because she knew that Tommy was really Todd’s. Marcie blasts Todd for hanging around Lindsay’s jail cell, hoping to get a scoop on the night that Spencer was killed. Nash, angrily, accuses Antonio of selling his share of the vineyard just to spite him for marrying Jessica. Blair blasts Miles for all his lies concerning the real whereabouts of Todd’s son. Jared persuades Natalie to give him just a few more minutes of her time. Starr and Jack drop by, unexpectedly, at Todd’s office. He tells them the truth about the whereabouts of their baby brother. Michael and John argue once again over whether or not a child should be kept from his or her real parents. John, reluctantly, agrees not to say anything to anyone that Tommy is Todd’s son. Nash becomes suspicious that Jared had gotten him into a card game and then he had taken his winnings and bought controlling interests in Nash’s vineyard. Miles shows Blair the letter that he had received from Spencer telling him where Todd’s son really was. At the club, Nash confronts Jared about buying controlling interests in his vineyard. Jack, Starr and Todd memorialize their baby brother. Blair listens to them. Lindsay urges Marcie to forget all about her.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Kay is using her magic again and is confusing Miguel. The floating head was on again. Kay tried to make up a story about looking for something for the wedding. Ethan is in the hospital in a coma. Theresa is by his side. Pilar is there and suggests that she talk to him. Rebecca is outside overhearing. Alistair watched Fancy and Luis make love. Pretty comes up to him and says that she loves him. Sheridan let Vincent go and saves Spike. Eve and Julian are upset with her. They cant believe she chose a killer over her nephew. The reason she saved Spike is that he said Marty is alive.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis continues to prepare for prison. Summer seems to be getting sick so Phyllis refuses to leave while her baby is sick. Michael tries to buy her some time but can't. Phyllis locks herself in a room with the baby so she won't have to go. Nikki worries how Ji Min's tell-all will affect her. David tries to convince Ji Min to reconsider. They try to get Jack to go public first to lessen the blow but he won't do it. Meanwhile Nikki gets a key to David's apartment. Amber tells Carson about Ji Min. He steals the $100 bill from her but she catches him and they decide to try and locate the money together. Ji Min is shown with the money and almost gets caught with it by Jill. Katherine approaches Jill and asks her to get Ji Min to cancel the interview. Jill tells Katherine that she won't but later she does ask him. Amber tells Katherine that she thinks Ji Min is the one who stole the money.

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