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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Aidan and Jack arrive at the hospital to see Greenlee. Aidan fills Jack in on what had happened to Greenlee and how he had had to perform the Heimlich maneuver on Greenlee. Aidan doubts that Greenlee will want to see him after her throwing a bed pan at him. When they go into Greenlee’s room Greenlee is glad to see them and asks them for a group hug. Aidan leaves them alone to visit. Aidan arrives back later with Greenlee a stuffed animal. Jack places the stuffed animal in Greenlee’s arms. Annie, Ryan, and Emma arrive to move in with Zack and Kendall and Spike . Kendall , Ryan and Spike pay a visit to Dr. Hilliard. Kendall urges Dr. Hilliard to take over Spike’s case. Dr. Hilliard once again refuses to treat Spike. Ryan has some very sarcastic remarks for Dr. Hilliard which further agitates Dr. Hilliard. After Ryan and Spike leave, Kendall once again goes into Dr. Hilliard's to persuade him to take over Spike’s case. Annie takes Emma to work with her. Amanda arrives at work and tells Babe that she is no longer a babysitter for Ava. Babe lets her know how the sales had gained since the pic of her and Ava came out over the internet. Babe encourages Annie to open up to Ryan and let him know what is troubling her. When Annie and Emma arrive home, Ryan lets Annie know that she has a package. When Annie opens it, it contains a watch with a note attached reminding her that their anniversary is coming up. Ryan is confused and wants to know who the package is from.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Will comes home and is heartbroken to learn that Gwen has lost their child but is determined to stay strong for her. Gwen is devastated by a call from Dr. Samuels telling her there is no chance she can have children. Paul and Rosanna kick Craig and Meg out of Fairwinds. Meg is heartbroken by Paul's harsh words to her which drives her to have sex with Craig. Paul insists to Rosanna that he doesn't love Meg anymore but Rosanna knows better. Henry is happy that the nephew of the former owner of the diner wants to buy it back. Vienna tells Henry that Allison made her see that she can make a success out of a diner offering healthier food and Swedish specialties so she tells Henry she wants to keep the diner. Rosanna remember what happened the night Craig ran her of the road and is determined to get her life back.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At Café Russe, Ridge and Andy stare at each other. Andy bolts as Ridge quickly follows. Donna manages to sneak past security and enters the sanctuary of the Forrester’s much to Stephanie’s dismay. Thorne reminds her that Donna is his fiancée. She has every right to be there, but Stephanie still thinks she is the competition. She even nixes Donna’s suggestion that she needs help with the wedding invitation which states the wedding will be at Stephanie and Eric’s. Absolutely NOT! However, Stephanie is outvoted as Eric says yes, next week it is. Donna hugs Thorne and throws a gloating look over his shoulder for Stephanie’s eyes only. After more badmouthing, Donna bursts out in tears against Stephanie’s hostile behavior. Eric declares the war is over, he has spoken! Nick is understanding when Brooke calls to say she can’t come to work just yet. Bridget changes her schedule and gets clothes and tells Brooke she will stay as long as she needs her. She’s happy to hear that Ridge was so supportive and that he’s made the right decision concerning the custody. Brooke is also going to press charges against Andy so he can never do this again; she vows to destroy him. Ridge follows Andy to the roof and confronts him, telling him he knows who he is and what he did. And it’s not going to work, Brooke is going to press charges and get her kids back.

Nick asks Storm if they can bring a lawsuit against the Forrester’s for using the name? Eric calls and offers the chance for Nick to sell him back Forrester Creations, an opportunity to bow out gracefully. Regardless, Nick won’t jump off a sinking ship. Andy laughs while he taunts Ridge and tells him if he pushes him, he will blow his perfect little world apart. He brags that Brooke really wanted it. She pawed him like an animal, and he gave it to her all night long. They jockey for position and Andy grabs a long electrical rod with live current, keeping Ridge at bay. Andy warns Ridge that if he goes to the police it will be the biggest shock of his life. He didn’t just find the house key, he had help in that area.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Steve finds blood on Benjy’s suitcase and his bloody shirt. A homeless man finds Benjy barely alive in a dumpster. Santo, only visible to Stefano, remains by his bedside. Stefano makes Rolf promise to destroy the folio. Steve, Bo, and a now clear headed Roman are able to piece together that Benjy’s surgical wound and Stefano’s renewed rush into surgery means that Benjy’s liver was taken by force to use for Stefano’s transplant. Steve grabs the organ cooler to keep Stefano from using Benjy’s liver. Hope and Kayla pass the time by discussing whether Steve could abandon them again.

Lucas thinks to use the car alarm to scare away the dogs and get out of the car. EJ uses Sami’s bra’s under wire to try and short circuit the air system but gets electrocuted and knocked out. Lucas returns to the gym and finds the locked entry to the steam room.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

While at the hospital to get tested for STD, Jax apologizes to Emily for all Jerry did to her. He has cut Jerry out of his life. Emily hopes Jerry might yet be redeemed. She turns down Nikolas' invitation to a holiday, citing work. Ric is suspicious of Trevor's presence in Port Charles. Lulu tries to get Spinelli and Logan to make peace before she goes out of town for a brief time. Jason thinks Carly and the boys should move somewhere safer until the newest Mob threat is neutralized. Carly has doubts about her marriage because Jax left her to help Jerry. Jax gets a clean bill of health and vows to never choose Jerry over Carly again. Kate goes in search of the truth about if Sonny deliberately caused his mother's death. Jason warns Jerry about the new Mob family. Spinelli daydreams about making Lulu jealous with three other blondes. As Lulu and Logan prepare to make out, Maxie watches unseen. Just as Carly is forgiving Jax and they are cuddling, Jerry bursts in and announces he plans to protect them, like it or not. Nikolas threatens to destroy Dr. Ford after he reprimands Emily for two personal conversations on hospital time in one day.

GL Recap Written by Dani

“Divine Intervention”

Billy has some shocking news for Reva. A Lewis Construction employee has been released from her job for stealing. Oh my, that is never good. But that isn’t the real shocker. This employee was so busy stealing from he company she didn’t file Josh and Reva’s divorce papers. That’s right folk, Reva and Josh is still married! Reva beat feets it to Cassie to break the news but can’t bring herself to do it. Instead maybe it will be easier and fate’s way if she tells Josh. One problem. Josh is away at the religious retreat at the lake. Fighting a ferocious storm Reva goes to the retreat. She waits in Josh’s room speaking to God to convince herself this is what fate intended. Josh has always been her destiny. In through the door walks a soaked Jeffery announcing he is a divine intervention. He is hurt and angry with her first for running straight to Josh. But just like with Cassie after being with Jeffery and hearing what he has to say about her in a prayer circle Reva decides to keep her information to herself. Reva and Jeffery leave for Springfield.

When they arrive back at the beacon for a little more playtime under the covers, Ava tells Jeffery Olivia evicted him in a fit of rage. Bad call on Olivia’s part, she is going to wake tomorrow to regret that move. Reva invites Jeffery to move in with her. He accepts. Both are nervous about how this will work out and stumble around trying to make the best of a weird situation.

Reva’s feelings are hurt when a young blonde knocks at her door the following morning in search of Jeffery. Reva puts on a brave face and makes plans of her own. The young lady is a client and sometimes lover of Jeffery’s, but today he only wants to talk business. The woman comes right out inviting Jeffery back to her room. His feelings for Reva a blatantly clear. He turns down the girl and turns to Mel for friendship. Mel tells him from her own experience to treat Reva as more than just a roommate. Mel can see he has true feelings for Reva.

Reva tries to console her hurt feelings by meeting with a divorce lawyer that is known to seduce his female clients. It works the lawyer comes on to her but she decides against a date with him. She too feels more for Jeffery than she has let on. Believing Jeffery is out with the girl that came to her door earlier Reva still goes home and settles in for a relaxing evening alone. Jeffery comes home with a huge bouquet of flowers. He tells her she is much more than just a roommate.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Natalie and Miles arrives on Dorian’s doorstop to talk to Blair. Natalie encourages Blair to at least talk to Miles. Blair, reluctantly, agrees. Talia comes to visit Antonio and finds them painting the living room. Both Jamie and Antonio encourage her to help. When Antonio is out of the room, Jamie asks Talia if she is going to be her daddy’s new girlfriend. Talia is really surprised, but Antonio sets her straight. Clint gives Nash the money to buy the vineyard from Antonio. When Nash arrives at Antonio’s, Nash finds out that Antonio had already sold his share of the vineyard. Lindsay has a heart to heart talk with Bo, but still will not divulge any info that John and Bo can use against her. John gets the info he needs to charge Lindsay with murder. They take the info to Bo. Miles lets Blair know that Todd’s son is with Michael and Marcie and the boy’s name is Tommy.

Passions Recap Written by

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty   **One Day Ahead

Phyllis continues to spend time with her family the night before she has to report to prison. Jack comes to see Phyllis and lets her know that he used his senatorial influence to make sure she is treated fairly in prison. Noah’s mood has changed and he is being rude to everyone so Jack takes Noah home with him. He is having a hard time dealing with Phyllis going to jail. Amber shows Daniel the 100 dollar bill she got from Ji Min and tells him why she thinks he took the money. They try to track down where the bill came from. Jack and Katherine worry about what Ji Min will say about the sale of Jabot to the press.

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