Tuesday 8/28/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 8/28/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie suggests to Ryan that they all move in together for the sake of Kendall and Spike. Ryan is dead set against the idea. They all argue. Jonathan comes to visit Ryan in Kendall’s hospital room and finds Lily there doing work for Zach. Lily thinks that Ava is a lesbian and shows him the pic of Ava and Amanda kissing. Amanda blasts Ava for the stunt. They argue as usual over their different points of view in the matter. Ava claims that she kissed Amanda for the publicity, but Amanda tells her that she sabotaged her own career. Ava argues that her career will blossom because of the kiss. Greenlee confronts Aidan about his visit to Dr. Hilliard’s office. She believes that due to his actions, he has ruined Spike's chance of getting the treatment he needs in order to hear again. J.R. comes into the Comeback Bar and receives the pic of Ava and Amanda kissing on his cell phone, and gives them a very difficult time over it. Zach and Ryan talk about them all moving in together. After careful thought, Ryan finally agrees to this solution, temporarily. After Zach, Kendall and Spike leave, Ryan begins to question Annie about her real motives in this decision. Jonathan tries to explain to Lily that Ava only kissed Amanda for the publicity. Aidan and Greenlee get closer. Amanda cuts Ava loose, feeling that she can do whatever she wants to from now on.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jack suggests a movie, which thrills Carly thinking they will get alone time, except he wants everyone to go. Rosanna wants to know about Paul and Meg. Meg comes looking for Paul and an explanation. Craig realizes that Meg has gone to see Paul. Tom takes on Dusty as a client. Holden demands honesty from Lily, and she admits what happened to Dusty and how she has his gun. Paul explains succinctly his past with Meg, but he claims he is completely over her. Carly wants Brad to help her in her plan to get Jack alone at the movies, and Brad seemingly agrees, but then doesn’t let her have alone time. He claims he is looking after Katie, which annoys Carly to no end. Margo agrees to release Dusty after Tom convinces her that there is no real evidence. Lily defends Dusty, which upsets Holden because he thinks she isn’t thinking of her family again. Holden wants to go to the police with the gun because she is risking her freedom by keeping it. Paul and Meg come face to face and he is cold considering her choice in spouses, as Meg thinks she deserves an explanation, but she doesn’t get one. Craig goes to see Rosanna and tries to convince her that he means well, but she is not interested. He is going to pay. Craig is convinced Paul is poisoning her against him, as Paul returns and taunts Craig about his freedom. Brad explains that he wants Katie happy, even if it isn’t with him, and that Carly should stop the games. Holden brings Margo the gun, and they have to explain what happened. Dusty apologizes for putting Lily in the middle, as an angry Holden confronts him. Dusty rips up his statement and tells everyone what really happened. Carly is thrilled to massage Jack’s leg when he has a cramp, which relaxes Jack as he lets her help him. Paul admits to Rosanna about seeing Meg, but claims they have closure now. He won’t leave her side again; they will make Craig pay together. Meg is devastated by the way Paul treated her. Craig thinks they need to stand together to beat Paul because he is out to get both of them now. Meg thinks Paul hates her, and finds comfort in Craig’s arms. Tom chides Dusty for not telling the truth and hopes there is nothing else he left out. Margo explains to Lily she may be in trouble, but it helped her that she came forward early. She better hope that Dusty’s gun isn’t the murder weapon. However, Margo then receives information from forensics; Dusty’s gun was the murder weapon, as she arrests him for murder.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge says he is so sorry about the rape. Brooke pulls away from his arms and doesn’t want to talk about it. He still wants to do something and not have her shut him out. He sits beside her and cradles her head, she is safe with him! He demands to know who did this to her? Has the guy been arrested? He’s disgusted that she will not report this. She says enough that he realizes it is Andy, the guy in the picture at Café Russe. Stephanie praises Eric for his best designs in years. He hopes so, it’s make or break at the next fashion show. Stephanie says there is only room for one Forrester brand, and it’s theirs. They sign more papers with the banker for the previous boutique loans. Clark shows Nick his designs who states they stink. Nick agrees with Jackie they won’t be able to compete with the Forrester’s. They put their heads together to find that weakest link.

In the throes of passion, Rick pulls away. He has to be sure that Phoebe really wants this. She keeps saying their time on stage was like a dream. She admits she is finally listening to what everyone else in saying. They need to be on the same page, and maybe that will happen someday, but she is not ready yet. She kisses him and tells him to be happy; that is what she wants for him. Brooke has flashbacks and takes a call from Bridget who is on her way over. Brooke tells her she will have the security guard walk her to the door. Ridge vows that Brooke will not lose her kids over this. He’s going to find this bastard; he has to pay. He checks at Café Russe and finds Andy comes in every night, so he waits for him. And looks daggers when he sees him walking in.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

EJ demands to be allowed to go through with the surgery in exchange for telling Bo what happened to Roman. Roman ends up catching up with Bo regardless so Bo arrests EJ. EJ convinces Bo to give him time alone with Stefano and is able to convince Stefano to give up Andre. Stefano gets a visit from Santo who tells Stefano that he’s not going to die. Andre hits Lucas in the head with his gun sending him to the floor. Andre drags Lucas away when Sami comes looking for Lucas. Sami finds Lucas’ wedding ring on the floor and calls Roman but Roman is too drugged up from EJ’s sedative injection to help. Sami calls Bo next and EJ uses the distraction to slip out and go after Andre. EJ helps Sami get rid of the gym manager but leaves her alone to check the steam room. Andre corners Sami but when EJ returns, Andre pushes them both into the steam room and locks them in with the heat turned up. Lucas wakes up in a locked car surrounded by vicious dogs so he calls Bo for help.

Hope and Kayla question Steve about being a new dad again but Steve doesn’t want to risk abandoning another child. Benjy comes to the Brady home fearing for his life since he turned down Stefano’s transplant request and they agree to help him hide out. Benjy steps outside to hide his car but Steve soon realizes that Benjy never came back. Steve finds Benjy’s abandoned suitcase and hat outside.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny tells Kate all of his pain filled history with Trevor Lansing. Carly demands details of when Jax slept with Irina and is angry about his cheating. Ric confronts his father; he is not happy to see him in town. Trevor threatens to make sure Ric loses Molly if he does not let Kate go free and clear. So, Ric agrees. Amelia asks Lucky if he's slept with Sam or just thought of it. He says neither. Jason tells Sam he knows she set up Liz. She claims it was to teach Elizabeth how dangerous Jason's world is. Elizabeth confides her worries about her marriage to Emily. Amelia lets Jason know that Sam is planning to sleep with Lucky. Carly won't sleep with Jax until he has a clean bill of health; Kate refuses to sleep with Trevor on general principles. Diane is beyond angry that Sonny does not want her to work for Kate any longer, hence, she will not get any designer couture.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Lizzie decides to take Buzz to the mat over his relationship with Lillian but Lillian takes over saving Buzz from Lizzie’s wrath. Lillian proclaims her happiness and that her relationship with Buzz is exactly what she is looking for. Buzz decides to spread the wealth of love and do a little matchmaking. He enlists Ashlee, who has completely abandoned her mother’s campaign due to Doris’ insistence on playing dirty when it comes to the Coopers. Buzz waits until the perfect moment to send Ashlee and Coop to the Beacon together to pass out flyers. Ashlee is opposed but gives in when Coop asks how he will ever prove his feelings towards her if he isn’t allowed to spend any time with her. They begin to have a good time until Ava runs into them and doesn’t pass up the opportunity to slander Ashlee. Ashlee doesn’t take it and ends up with the upper hand. Coop rambles about how he admires that Ashlee stands up to Ava, as he talks he turns his back to Ashlee who quietly slips away.

Doris threatens to attack Lillian in the press next but Lillian doesn’t feel threatened or afraid of Doris or what she can say. Lillian is committed to supporting Buzz personally and professionally.

After breaking up an argument between Vanessa and Matt Billy decides he and Lizzie are going to do more than make money. They’re going to do something good. Lizzie snoops around and finds the old blue prints and map Phillip had designed when he had a vision of taking over Springfield. They determine that Alan is going to take over Phillip’s original plan and go to Buzz with the inside info.

Alex is angry and suspicious when Cyrus doesn’t make a Spaulding meeting. Alex summons marina to the house but learns Cyrus hasn’t been spending his time with her. Cyrus is meeting with Griggs and unknown to them Dinah sees them together. Before she can confront them Griggs slips off. Cyrus acts as if he is concerned for her though he is only covering his own butt. On his way home to Alex Cyrus bumps into an innocent patron of towers and steals a diamond tennis bracelet right off of her wrist. Cyrus gives the bracelet to Alex to make up for missing the meeting.

Dinah turns to Matt about seeing Griggs for the fourth time. Matt tries to help her without getting close after being warned by Vanessa she didn’t like matt and Dinah spending time together. Dinah knows something is wrong and defends Matt against anything Vanessa has or may do to him. Matt admits he needs Dinah as much as she needs him and then kisses her. Dinah doesn’t know how to handle the kiss and goes back to her and Mallet’s room in tears.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Sarah comes into the bar to ask Cristian for a job.  Starr and Cole try to synchronize their class schedules so that they will have classes together. Miles tells Todd and Blair that he knows for sure where Todd’s son is. Marty asks a guard if John is in the building. Marcie confronts Nora asking why John is accusing Lindsay of murdering Spencer Truman. John asks Lindsay how long has she known that Tommy is Todd Manning’s son. Todd orders him to shut up. Todd picks up a knife off the table. Michael tries to get Marcie to calm down. Rex comes into Bo’s office saying there is no way that Lindsay could have killed Spencer. Lindsay refuses to give John any info that he can use against her. Marcie continues to show herself at the police station. As Cole and Starr are kissing, Dorian walks in on them. Starr tries to explain that they are only synchronizing their courses. Dorian informs Starr and Cole that Lindsay was arrested for the murder of Spencer Truman. When Todd attacks Miles, Blair keeps him from choking Miles to death. He orders Miles never to mention his son again. Michael talks Marcie into going home for the night. John orders an officer to escort Lindsay to her lawyer. Sarah tries to mix a drink but it is a total fiasco.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Spike and Vincent team up to finish the death list. Spike says the next name is Vincent. Vincent acts like he did in the jail cell. Fox and Esme talk about their life and how Esme takes care of her niece. We found out that Esme's sister and brother-in-law died. Fancy tries to break up with Luis but he wont let her go. Gwen and Rebecca still celebrate Theresa's death so they thought. They go and check on Ethan. When they arrive they see what has happened and try to call for help.  Chad and Whitney try to call for help but Alistair shot Chad in the chest. Chad is dead (we think).

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Ji Min tries to get Jill to forgive him. After run-ins with Katherine and Jack, Jill asks Ji Min to go public with the Jabot deal, and he agrees. Cane argues with Jack over Jill and warns Ji Min to stay away from her. Phyllis spends time with her family. Heather approaches Amber with an offer to cut a deal. Michael is furious when he hears that she spoke to Amber without him being present. Amber learns that Daniel and Kevin have the money to pay back the government and worries that she will get a stiffer sentence because she isn’t able to pay the money back. She approaches Gloria to loan her the money. Gloria refuses and tells her that she is the reason Kevin is in so much trouble. Colleen tells Amber that she sees through her act and doesn’t trust her one bit. She thinks that Amber knows where the money is. Amber says that she has thought about it a lot and she thinks it had to have been Ji Min that took the money. Later she approaches him and asks him to change up some money for her – she gives him some twenty dollar bills in exchange for a $100. Jana’s surgery is over and she seems to have come out of it okay. Gloria tells her that she may have survived a brain tumor but is she comes after Kevin again, she won’t survive her.

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