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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall visits the room of a woman with a newborn baby in the hospital.  The woman is apprehensive and frightened of Kendall and her motives.  Kendall quickly explains to the woman that she is not able to hold her own two boys.  She tells her about Ianís premature birth and Spikeís hearing loss.  Zack comes in to join Kendall in the womanís room and urges Kendall to leave.  As they start to leave, the woman asks Kendall if she would like to hold her baby.  Kendall, readily, agrees.  Ryan urges Annie to open up to him about her past, but Annie tries to make him believe that nothing is wrong.  Annie goes upstairs to move Emma into her own bedroom.  Ryan is confused by her actions.  As Annie comes into Emmaís room, she imagines that Emma is singing, ďRing around the Rosie.Ē  She orders Emma never to sing that again.  Emma lets her know that her grandfather had told her what Annie had done.  Greenlee visits Dr. Hilliardís office and explains to him her connection to Spike, Kendall, and Ryan.  Aidan arrives and Greenlee quickly hides in the closet.  Aidan pretends that something is wrong with him that he needs Dr. Hilliardís treatment.  Dr. Hilliardís explains the treatment and the dollar amount of the treatments.  Upon hearing this, Aidan walks out.  Erica explains to Jack about the new program that her television station is offering.  Jack is confused, at first, about Ericaís intentions.  After hearing Erica out, Jack puts the stipulation on the deal that Erica make wild, passionate love to him.  Kendall and Zach visit Annie and Ryan to regain Spike.  Ryan doesnít want to go along with the idea, but he knows there is nothing he can do.  Annie offers the solution that they all move in together.  Greenlee confronts Aidan about his ruining her plans to get treatment for Spike.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Allison is with Gwen when she develops cramps. Meg tells Holden of her intention to stay with Craig and asks him if he can accept that? Craig is stunned when he comes face to face with Paul and Rosanna. Dusty wakes up to find a murdered Cheri beside him on the floor and his gun looks to be the murder weapon. Allison stays with Gwen, but the pain gets worse and then she starts to bleed. Holden tells Meg that he doesn’t like her choice, but he will be there for her. Craig shares an awkward reunion with Rosanna and then Paul, but wonders what trick up their sleeves they have? Dusty finds Margo in the hall after being called there because of a gun shot report; Dusty claims he stumbled upon the scene. Lily arrives and accompanies him to the police station. Margo finds out that Dusty’s fingerprints are at the scene. Dusty tells Lily what happened and how he has his gun on him. Lily quickly tells him to give her the gun before Margo finds it on him. Allison calls Susan so she can examine Gwen, who is getting worse. Susan suggests they go to the hospital after her exam, but Gwen can’t make it, as she doubles over in pain. Meg faints when she comes face to face with Paul. When she comes to, Craig explains that Paul is alive and is back with Rosanna. Meg is stunned as they stare at one another, which is not lost on Rosanna. Paul looks crushed, but hides it well when he sees Meg’s new wedding ring. Craig whisks Meg away after only a few words to Paul. Lily leaves with Dusty’s gun right before they frisk him, as Margo doubts Dusty’s story. Susan has to tell a devastated Gwen, as Allison watches nearby, that she lost her baby. Rosanna questions Paul’s connection to Meg and whether he is in love with her. Meg questions how Paul could be alive and why he wouldn’t have tried to contact her. Craig worries that Paul and Rosanna are back to hurt him and use her. Holden sees how distracted Lily is and wonders what she is hiding? After Craig goes to bed, Meg heads out. Allison tells Gwen that she is going to stay with her until Will gets back. A distraught Gwen thanks Allison for her help and support. Lily explains some of the story of how Cheri was killed and Dusty’s was there, which leads to a disagreement between them. Holden thinks Lily is lying and that there is something else she is not telling him. Margo tells Dusty she is holding him for 24 hours because he is their prime suspect right now.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Phoebe does the honors of announcing who’s the lucky man to sing with her – Constantine. Rick walks off stage as the winning couple sing. Seeing Rick slink off, Phoebe starts singing their song and he returns and joins in. Afterwards still on stage, she tells him she doesn’t care who won the contest, she still loves him and they kiss. Alone Phoebe tells him she could not let him go, not walk away. She laments she is sorry for the way she has treated him and he accepts her apology. They agree to start over, and he wants to do everything right this time. Before she can say no, Ridge walks into Brooke’s bedroom. She’s curt with him and asks what he wants? She realizes his mother has finally turned him against her. She was there and laid her poison out. He can not possibly love her and take the children away from her. At home Donna bursts in and tells Stephanie, Eric and Thorne that Ridge filed for full petition of custody of the children. But she wishes for the sake of the children that the Logans and Forresters can stop fighting.

Rick doesn’t think he can continue kissing Phoebe as he wants to make love to her so badly. Donna pleads her case, but Stephanie isn’t interested in reconciliation. She emphatically refuses when Donna asks her to stand up for her at the wedding. Brooke begs Ridge to please tear up that piece of paper and not do this to her. Ridge brings up the man in the paper and she vehemently denies that he is her new boyfriend. He says he signed the petition because R.J. and Hope need a lot more stability in their lives than she is providing. She tells him to get out of her house and when she starting shouting, he puts his hands on her and she freaks. Finally she admits that she was raped.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Jeremy arranges to get all the women out of Vegas but balks when Max insists that they go to the cops as well. Jeremy asks Jett to put in a good word for him with the cops and Jett admits that he knows about Jeremy smuggling women into the country. Stephanie and Max talk about their kiss, vowing to never let it happen again.

EJ’s liver turns out to be a match but EJ has to convince Stefano that he truly wants to do the operation. Bo and Roman plot to arrest EJ prior to the transplant so that they can entice Stefano to give up Andre and the vendetta in exchange for the operation. EJ stabs Roman to evade arrest. Sami distracts Andre but Lucas in unable to grab the folio in time. Andre disguises himself as a woman to evade arrest but is spotted by Lucas and Sami. Lucas follows Andre into the steam room but Andre holds him at gunpoint.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sam "tries" to dissuade Lucky from accepting the job as her bodyguard, to preserve his marriage, but he insists on staying. Liz figures out why this is happening in all of two seconds. Sonny and Trevor meet and trade verbal barbs. Trevor lets him know how much he cares for Kate. Jason learns that Trevor is the Zacchara family lawyer. Trevor tells Kate that Sonny killed his mother, Adella. Spinelli keeps trying to convince Jason Sam is not guilty. Jerry shoots Irina, freeing Jax, Carly, and himself. Amelia tries to warn Lucky that Sam wants to get him in bed and get revenge on Liz is the process. Lucky says he knows. Jason is waiting for Sam when she arrives home.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Harley and Cassie work together to piece together who would have best benefited by drugging Harley. They have three suspects. Alan. Natalia. And Dylan. Cassie wants to believe it was Dylan, because look who his mother is. Cassie determination to pin Harley being drugged on Alan and/or Dylan is for her own selfish issues. Cassie goes to Reva rather than Dylan, hence the selfish reasons on Cassie’s behalf. Harley goes to Natalia. Natalia denies doing anything so underhanded. Harley can see the truth in her eyes. Just as Harley realizes Natalia didn’t spike her drink Alan and Gus walk in. Alan denies having anything to do with Harley ending up in Dylan’s bed but when it comes out what was used to incapacitate Harley Gus knows Alan is lying. Earlier Gus and Natalia found a bottle of Valium in Alan’s desk. As quickly as Alan’s family and home began to fill with family members it disappeared in an instant.

Gus cast Alan out of his life forever before leaving with Harley to go home. Natalia feels not only was Harley physically hurt Alan had no regard for Natalie’s feelings so he hurt her and Rafe as well. Natalia orders him to stay out of her and her son’s life. Olivia who had enlisted Alan’s help before striking a deal with Reva calls in the middle of the truth being revealed and tells him he will never be a part of Emma’ or her life again. Olivia’s call was prompted by a visit from Reva. Reva threatens to send Olivia to jail if she doesn’t get Alan off her back. Earlier Reva and Alan had a not so pleasant encounter at Towers where Alan had many questions about why Olivia would be so desperate to come to him for help. What was Reva and Olivia trying so hard to hide and or prevent.

Dinah still isn’t convinced that it was not Griggs she saw in the elevator at Towers. Dinah goes to her doctor who tells her seeing emotional things is not out of the realm of possibility. Outside Dinah sees and speaks to Griggs. She suddenly pulls Mallet’s gun from her purse and fires. Very shaken believing she killed him, Dinah goes to Mallet for help. They hurry back to the hospital and the body is gone with no sign of a shooting. Dinah is having a hard time telling fact from fiction and it doesn’t get any easier when she believes she sees Griggs in the hall of the Beacon.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Natalie is confused by Milesí actions and the fact that he knows more about Toddís son than he has let on.  Miles holds up a key that holds the solution to the whereabouts of Toddís son.  Miles rushes out.  Antonio sits at the bar when Talia starts into the bar.  When she sees Antonio, she is embarrassed by her outfit and starts to leave.  Antonio sees her and tells her to come back.  Talia explains to him what she was doing dressed like that.  Jared Banks comes into the bar and approaches the table where Natalie and Miles are.  Natalie tells him, once again, that she is not hiring him at Buchanan Enterprises.  Jared then walks over to Antonio and introduces himself.  Jared offers him top dollar for his share of Nashís vineyard.  Antonio is reluctant to sell to him, at first, but after talking to Talia, Antonio agrees to sell.  Nash still grieves over losing the money to buy out Antonio.  Roxy tries to help him think of a way to get back his money.  Jessica calls and wants to know what was going on, but Nash is reluctant to tell her.  John arrests Lindsay for the murder of Spencer Truman.  Marcie canít understand why Lindsay will not tell them that John made a mistake in the arrest.  Rex and Adriana are just as confused, but Adriana begins to understand why Lindsay could have killed Spencer.  Lindsay is taken to the police station for questioning, but she refuses to answer any of Johnís questions.  Miles goes to the locker where the vital info about Toddís son is.  He is visited by the ghost of Spencer.  Miles takes the file out of the locker and begins to read it.  Todd and Blair begin to realize that they are a good team when it comes to the newspaper business.

Passions Recap Written by

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Jana prepares for her surgery, but is scared so Kevin agrees to go in with her. While the doctor is operating Jana starts to act strangely. Maggie thinks that Paul should tell Heather that she is his daughter. Paul and Heather spend some time together. Phyllis receives her sentence - six years in prison. Noah wonders why his mother and Brad, who have done something wrong also, are not in trouble. He tells Jack and Sharon that he wants to live with his father. Nikki and Phyllis argue over whether Nikki should be a part of Summer's life while Phyllis is in jail. Michael feels guilty and vows to do everything he can to help Phyllis.

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