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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan arrives home with Spike and finds Greenlee there with Annie.  Annie tries to explain to Ryan that Greenlee drove her and Emma home.  Ryan and Greenlee go outside to talk.  He forces Greenlee to keep her distance from his family.  He assures her that if she gets close to Spike again, he will get a restraining order against her.  Tad and Aidan enjoy a night out at The Comeback Bar.  Krystal and Tad try to cheer up Aidan, who just broke up with Di.  Kendall moans to Zack that Spike should be with her.  Amanda takes her job of watching Ava when Ava is out in public very seriously.  Ava complains to Amanda that there are no pictures of her in the magazine.  Amanda tries to console her.  Ava wants a drink, but Amanda refuses to let her have it.  Ava wins out and steals a drink from the waiters drink tray.  Greenlee complains to Dr. Hilliard that he is not helping Spike as he had promised.  Dr. Hilliard explains that he cannot do anything for Spike unless his father agrees.  Annie lets Ryan know that she doesnít think that it is a good idea for Spike to live with them.  Ryan is confused by Annieís decision.  Zack comes back into Kendallís room and finds her gone.  Kendall has wandered down the hall and into a room where a woman is feeding her baby.  Kendall asks if she can hold her baby, since she doesn't have any.  Tad insults Aidanís method of line dancing.  Ava comes into the bar and gets up on top of a table and attempts to begin undressing.  Krystal forces her off the table. In order to attract attention from a photographer in The Comeback, Ava grabs Amanda and kisses her on the lips, prompting all the cameras in the place to start clicking.

ATWT Recap Written by Dani

Craig is angry then confused as to why Meg will not wear the wedding band. Meg explains and Craig rushes her off to the jeweler for a new one. Craig receives a disturbing phone call from Rosannaís doctor and becomes nervous . Craig claims he wants to whisk Meg away for a honeymoon when he is unable to make contact with the doctor again. Meg wants to eat dinner first at the Lakeview.

Paul is completely honest with Rosanna even though he is ashamed of his part in keeping Johnny from Jennifer. Rosanna does harbor blame or ill feelings towards him for what he did. Paul has a bit of bad news for Rosanna, Craig took everything and all her money that was hers for himself. Rosanna may be weak but she isnít stupid. She smiles and tells Paul she will enjoy taking it all back from him. Paul rolls Rosanna in a wheelchair into the lobby of the Lakeview, Craig turns in horror to see his worst nightmare has come true.

Cole is angry with Sophie and blames her for everything. Sophie is cold towards Aaron but finally comes around to talking and tells him the Gwen is Coleís sister. Gwen confronts iris for bringing Cole into her life and puts a stop to what ever iris is planning. Gwen kicks her out promising Iris she nor Cole will ever be a part of the babyís life. Allison stops by to speak with Will after being humiliated by on-lookers at Alís. Gwen isnít mean to Allison but she isnít kind. When Allison turns to leave Gwen falls to her knees with stomach pains.

Dusty wants to make certain that Cherie leaves town for good. He meets her in her suite. They have a drink while she asks him for $50,000 to start up shop in a new town. Dusty turns her down flat. dusty becomes light headed and unable to stand he collapses to the floor unconscious. Lily and Holden fight about Dusty, Allison, and Aaron. The underlying argument is about their relationship and how Holden cannot trust Lily. Lily is strong, she defends herself and Dusty. Holden walks out claiming he has work to do. Lily calls Dusty. The ringing phone wakes Dusty up though he is still foggy in the head. Before Dusty can get to the phone he sees Cherie passed out as well. Only there is blood dripping from under her blouse.

Henry and Vienna stress when they donít get customers into Alís. Vienna decides to put on a sexy milk maidís outfit and pass out samples. Her idea is a hit.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The Boldface Challenge Show starts and C.J. remarks to Rick there is some serious star power in the house. Everyone is there – Taylor, Nick, Ashley, Ridge, Eric, Bridget, Donna, Thorne, Felicia. And the participants, of course, Rick, Phoebe, Constantine. It kicks off with Jon McLaughlin, then Elliot Yamin. Brooke keeps trying to get Stephanie out of her house. She threatens to call security and then contact her brother to get a restraining order against Stephanie, who fires back that’s okay as Ridge is filing for full custody.

Constantine takes stage and charms the audience with his song just before announcing the winner of the challenge. Stephanie shows Brooke the custody papers as Brooke doesn’t believe Ridge would do this to her. She vows she won’t let Stephanie do this to her.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Nick brings the boys to Hope’s house for help and to try and talk things out with Chelsea. Instead, Chelsea decides to break up with Nick and goes out with Jett. Hope urges Nick to fight for Chelsea. EJ calls Lexie and Benjy to the hospital but neither are willing to donate their liver. Sami and Lucas make Kate accept Stefano’s request to be the courier. Lucas and Sami decide to work together to set up Andre and Kate, after admitting that she slept with Stefano to get the money, agrees to help. Sami convinces EJ to go through with the liver donation.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Carly does not seem angry with Jax over the sex he was forced to have with Irina, she just keeps baiting her captor until Jerry can show up to confront Irina and do a rescue. When he arrives, he offers to pick up where they left off, in exchange for Jax's life. The bugs are worked out and Noah is able to go on with the show. After the successful end, Eli leaves and Anna goes on assignment to London. Kate is not happy to learn Sonny was having her watched and insists that Trevor Lansing is a fine man. Sam convinces Ric that the thugs who tried to take Liz and the boys are connected to the newest crime family. She later offers to let Lucky out of their agreement after seeing how tense it made Elizabeth, but he will have none of that. Jason and the Jackal track down Sam's thugs, who admit that Liz never would have been hurt and that Sam hired them.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Matt and Dinah continue their game in bars of make believe. Dinah is still milking bar tabs off of the stolen credit card she acquired last week. Vanessa sees matt and Dinah drinking together in the middle of the day and goes to Mallet. Mallet blows off the notion that either are doing anything wrong, and even maybe Matt and Dinah need some time to just blow off steam. Vanessa isn’t so sure.

Dinah sees Griggs in the elevator at towers and the games end. She becomes scared and unable to find her words again. Matt calms her down but they decide to call it quits on the drinking for the day. Dinah lies to Mallet claiming to have nightmares about Griggs and asks him to call the prison in Europe and make sure Griggs is locked up. Mallet talks with the warden and assures Dinah everything is fine.

Harley and Gus argue. Harley doesn’t want to talk to him because the first place he went to was the Spaulding Mansion. Gus begs for forgiveness and tells Harley what a mistake he made and how they are soul mates. Harley wants to believe him but she can’t bring herself to forgive him just yet. The argument or conversation at this point comes to a sudden end when Gus notices a tick on Harley’s arm. Gus removes the tick for her but Harley wants to go to the hospital for a Lime disease test, alone.

Gus returns to the mansion and packs his things to leave. Gus explains to Natalia that he has to go for Harley and he wants his marriage to work. Natalia is willing to accept that but believes it won’t last. Natalia kisses Gus who kisses her back. Rafe and Alan are watching from outside the door, proving to Rafe that Alan has been right all along.

At the hospital Cassie comforts and sits with Harley who catches her best friend up on what has been going on. As they talk CassŪe begins to believe Harley was drugged and not drunk. Harley sees cassia’s logic and goes along, asking for a drug test. The test comes back positive for Valium. Cassie believes Alan drugged Harley, but Harley believes it was Natalia.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Nash loses all his money to Jared.  Miles tells Natalie that he knows more about Toddís son than he has let on.  Marty tells John that Lindsay murdered Spencer, but asks what her motive was.  At the awards banquet, Lindsay is presented with the ďWoman of the YearĒ award.  Lindsay begins to reminisce about Jen.  Both Todd and Blair try to assure Starr that they are not out on a date.  Miles tries to convince Natalie that he has no idea where Toddís son is.  Marty thanks John for believing in her innocence.  Roxy tries her best to console Nash after he loses all his money.  Marty calls Cole to let him know that soon all this will be over and tells him that she cannot give him any details.  Marcie is confused by Lindsayís attitude during the ceremony.  Michael fears the worst when John interrupts the festivities.  Marcie makes a spectacle of herself in front of everyone by telling the crowd that John is there to arrest her for Spencerís murder.  Lindsay steps forward and lets them know that John is not there to arrest Marcie, but to arrest her.  Bo asks John to fill him in on all this.  Jared offers Nash a chance to win back his money, but Nash refuses.  Jared calls Antonio.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Fancy is ready to leave Luis because she thinks she is bad like Alistair. He tells her no. Kay is using her magic to much. Miguel thinks he is going crazy. He is going to see Eve. Kay used her magic to take him to Hawaii and have the dishes clean themselves. Alistair tells Gwen and Rebecca about poisoning the strawberries. They celebrate Theresa's death. (They think she will die.) Theresa is finally ready to tell Ethan but he doesn't want to hear it. She goes to the bathroom and he eats some strawberries. She comes out and tells him but he is not responding and not breathing. She yells for help.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Jack tells Sharon he is proud of her for speaking on behalf of Phyllis. Everyone is surprised that she did it. Phyllis thanks her for it. Phyllis continues to prepare things in case she ends up going to jail. She makes a video for Summer, which Nick sees. He is touched by this and they kiss.

Adrian and Colleen have dinner with Lily and Devon. Lily is really angry over Sharon. Phyllis tries to apologize to Neil but he doesn’t want to hear it. Sharon talks to Neil, who understands why she did what she did but still wants Phyllis to go to jail. Jana’s surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, but she seems to have some kind of a seizure while Kevin is visiting with her. Nikki finds out that Victoria is having a boy.

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