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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Zack stands over Ian.  He finds out that Ian had gained another quarter of an ounce.  Kendall is holding Spike in her arms and singing to him when Ryan comes to visit.  Kendall tries to apologize to Ryan for trying to get Spike help, but Ryan tells her not to say another word.  Ryan does sign language to Spike which enrages Kendall.  Zack sees Lily standing at the nursery window and motions for her to come in.  He offers for her to help feed Ian.  Kendall and Ryan argue over Spike and Dr. Hilliard’s treatment.  Ryan offers to take Spike home with him, but Kendall has her reservations.  Annie and Emma are at work at Fusion when someone comes up behind Annie and lays their hand on Annie’s shoulder.  Annie turns around startled.  Greenlee apologizes to Annie for what happened to Spike.  Krystal confronts Babe about being bummed out by Jamie leaving town.  J.R. brings Little A home from a day out on his boat.  Jack comes into the bar and Krystal agrees to help him forget his troubles for a little while.  Kendall becomes angry with Ryan for trying to take Spike away from her.  Zack comes in and agrees with Ryan that Spike ought to go home with him.  Jack and Krystal discuss Greenlee and what she will have to live with for the rest of her life.  Krystal tells Jack that Greenlee will never be too big to be picked up and dusted off.  Annie advises Greenlee that the pain that she is feeling now will go away in time. 

J.R. begins to question Babe about Ava’s contract with Fusion and Babe accuses him of trying to steal Ava out from under them.  Annie sees something disturbing on the desk.  Annie assures Emma and Greenlee that she is fine.  In her mind, Annie begins to hear the song, “Ring around the Rosie” and starts coughing.  Greenlee insists on taking Annie and Emma home.  With Zach’s help, Kendall agrees to let Ryan take Spike home with him.  Greenlee takes Annie and Emma home.  She fixes them some tea when Ryan comes in with Spike. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Carly isn't happy to see Craig with Meg and throws them out of her house.  Parker tells Jack and Carly how Craig helped distract him when J.J. was missing so Jack allows Meg and Craig inside to thank them for their help.  Carly blasts Craig and tells him she will never forgive him for putting Rosanna in a coma.  Paul tells Rosanna almost everything she has missed in two years but he neglects to tell her about his relationship with Meg.  Rosanna feels ready to go home and make Craig pay for everything he has done so Paul agrees to take her home despite the doctor’s advice.  Gwen is angry with her older brother Cole for leaving her at home with an alcoholic mother and never caring enough to return her calls when she tried to call him.  Gwen refuses to forgive her brother for all the pain she has been through with Iris.  Gwen also makes it clear to Cole that she won't allow him to hurt her family.  Carly is happy when Meg tells Jack he can't take care of himself yet and needs someone to help him.  Jack consoles Carly when she starts to cry because she misses Rosanna.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget has spent the night and tries to convince Brooke to eat something to keep up her strength. Ridge calls and questions Brooke’s moves and what is she up to? Eyeballing the paper, he asks if she is celebrating with a new friend? The custody lawyer tells him that he has contacted Deacon Sharpe and all papers are set for Ridge to petition for full custody of both R.J. and Hope. Felicia, Constantine, Phoebe and Rick check out the backstage at the Boldface contest. Nick comes over to Brooke’s and also questions why the custody hearing was postponed and why all the new security guards? He doesn’t like the answers he gets from either Bridget or Brooke and won’t leave without a better explanation.

Stephanie continues to badmouth Brooke, that she puts herself first and not the kids. She wants Ridge to sign the papers for full custody, though he reminds her if he does, Brooke will always have access to the kids. Both women keep shaking Nick off and telling him this is not a good time. Brooke needs a few more days without more added pressure. He backs off, but says he will be there for her day or night. Ridge tells Ashley that he felt he had no choice but to sign the custody papers. Brooke was one day away from getting her kids back and now this – she can’t show up in court. Stephanie slips into Brooke’s, notices Bridget leaving and the uneaten tray of food. She goes up and surprises Brooke and makes her catty remarks about the ‘next guy in line’. Brooke asks her to leave, of course. Phoebe tells Rick she can not do this right now, but he convinces her otherwise. Once they get on stage and look into each other’s eyes, things will fall in place. Ridge reminds Ashley this was HIS decision, not his mothers as she implies. He doesn’t want his mother to be in the middle of anything. Stephanie taunts Brooke about seducing this new guy, a stupid mistake and she has nobody to blame but herself.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bo, Hope, Marlena, John, Doug, and Julie gather at the pub the next morning to continue reading the letters. Colleen hides behind the curtains when Sister Mary Ann comes by. Colleen realizes that Sister Mary Ann saw her scarf and now knows she was there. Colleen sees it as a sign from God that she shouldn’t be with Santo. Colleen returns to the church and is confronted by Sister Mary Ann and Father Mallory.

Stefano is rushed to the hospital with liver failure. Dr. Rolf learns that Stefano need only a liver donor to help buy him more time to get the stem cells. Kate brings Lucas expensive gifts and is forced to admit that she got the money from Stefano. Lucas and Sami quiz Kate about being asked for something in return from Stefano and Sami believes Kate is telling the truth when she says there was no such request. Kate is still visiting with Lucas when Stefano calls to ask Kate to be the courier between him and Andre.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sam tells Lucky that she's sure Jason will have men watching Elizabeth. After some discussion, Elizabeth lets Sonny know she will honor Jason's wish and avoid him. Spinelli and Jason keep on looking for the identity of Liz's attackers. With an hour to go until the concert, Noah, Anna, Robin, and Patrick try to figure out how to deal with his bruised throat. Part of the solution involves getting the real rock star to the concert where he will sing offstage while Noah performs. However, there are technical problems. Trevor offers to help Kate solve her problems. He reveals that Ric is his son, who has always disappointed him and who will stop bothering Kate. Emily sees the darker side of Nikolas. Lucky agrees to be Sam's bodyguard.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Rick’s fear of Alan learning the truth about Beth’s baby and taking his family from him is beginning to take it’s toll. Beth notices, after it was pointed out by Alan, that Rick seems to be neglecting a lot of prenatal test. Beth tries to talk to Rick about it but he only makes excuses and gets nervous. Beth asks Lillian to make her an OB/GYN appointment as soon as possible under an anonymous name.

Cyrus steps in and saves Alan from possibly having to face the police when Rick calls security on him claiming Alan is stalking Beth. Alan had just dismissed Alex’s wishes to bring her new husband into the fold of the business. Alan always pays a debt and goes to Alex with a change of heart. Brother nor sister know Cyrus is planning a heist of the Spaulding fortune of an enormous proportion. Natalia however is wise to Cyrus’ slick ways but he proves to be more of a sweet talker than she was ready for.

Gus plans for he and Rafe to spend the day together watching the ballgame but after eating hotdogs and not getting a straight answer out of Gus Rafe is sick. Left standing alone on Main Street Gus has company in no time. Dylan picks up right where the two left off before the accident. Gus isn’t going to fall for Dylan’s innuendos this time but Dylan hits below the belt when he says out loud what Gus or Harley aren’t willing to say, yet. The marriage is over.

Harley decides if she can’t make Gus leave Natalia then she will make Natalia leave Gus. Harley tries to bully Natalia out of town but Natalia is a stronger woman that Harley expected. Their fight for Gus is cut short when Rafe comes home on the brink of passing out. Harley watches Natalia as she quickly goes into over-protective mother mode. Harley leaves in search of Gus but finds him in the hall.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Blair finds Cole’s pair of swimming trunks in the kitchen.  Starr starts to walk into the kitchen, but when she sees Blair with the swimming trunks, she tries to leave.  Blair tells her to stop and demands an explanation.  Starr tells her exactly what happened.  To Starr’s surprise, Blair believes her.  The “Woman of the Year” ceremony begins.  The poker game between Nash, Jared, and two others continues.  John visits Marty in jail and informs her that he knows that she hadn’t killed Spencer Truman.  Marty begins to relive the night that Spencer was murdered.  The poker game continues with one after another being eliminated leaving only Nash and Jared.  Jared continues to look at the picture of Jessica and Nash notices him looking at the picture.  Cole visits Starr and Blair and Blair gives Cole back his swimming trunks.  Blair gets a call from Todd inviting her to go with him to the “Woman of the Year” banquet.  Marty remembers that it was Lindsay that she saw coming out of Blair’s hospital room.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Eve comes to Sheridan's rescue. She has a flesh wound and will be alright. Julian leaves to find Vincent. Luis, Eve and Sheridan hear a gun shot and run to the mansion. Fancy and Pretty fight over the gun. Luis takes the gun away. Julian gets to the mansion and the girls tell everyone that Alistair is alive. Theresa and Ethan are still on their honeymoon. They get strawberries and champagne. She is ready to tell Ethan her secret. Gwen and Rebecca think they have the right room but it turns out to be a guy who Rebecca probably slept with. His wife slaps her and tells her to leave them alone. They finally get to the right room. Gwen knocks on the door but Alistair stops her. They are shocked to see him. Tabby hears screams coming from Norma and Edna's room. She thought that they were playing sex games but it was Norma getting a Brazilian wax.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Nick tells Phyllis he won’t be looking for a divorce if she goes to jail. Brad, Nikki, Neil, Lily testify against Phyllis; Daniel and Nick testify on her behalf. Phyllis then takes the stand and says she is sorry for what she did. Sharon meanwhile doesn’t want to go to Phyllis’ sentencing hearing but after talking to Noah she changes her mind. She brings Noah to the courthouse with a list of things that are good about Phyllis that he made. Sharon then takes the stand and testifies on Phyllis’ behalf! She tells the judge that Phyllis made a mistake and it wasn’t her intention to hurt anyone.

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