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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan tries to call Annie from the hospital, but all he gets the message that the phones had been disconnected.  Jonathan comes into the room to check to see if he had found Kendall and Spike.  Ryan leaves Jonathan with Spike until he can go home to check on Annie.  When Ryan arrives home, he finds that Annie and Emma are gone.  He searches upstairs and when he hears them come in, he is overjoyed to see them and that they are all right.  Ryan begins to question Annie about “the brother.”  Kendall talks to Ian through the window of his isolation room.  Kendall apologizes to Ian for not being there for him.  Zack is in the elevator and hits his fist against the elevator wall.  He comes into the room and sees Kendall with Ian.  Babe and J.R. share an emotional good-bye with Jamie.  Ava visits Jonathan in Spike’s hospital room.  Jonathan gets a call that he has to take care of and he leaves Ava alone with Spike. 

Ava goes into Spike’s room and sits down beside his bed.  She begins to talk to him.  Kendall goes into Ian's room and stands by his incubator.  She begins to talk to him about how they are going to be a family.  Zack visits Ethan’s grave and asks for his help in being a better father for Ian than he was for Ethan.  Zack comes back to the hospital and finds Kendall standing by Ian’s incubator.  Zach confesses to Kendall that he was afraid, and they hug.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Vienna is having trouble dealing with being half owner of Al’s. Cheri taunts Dusty in front of Lily. Susan supports Allison in her time of need. Noah, Maddie and Noah’s father spend time together, as he is thrilled with Maddie. Dusty tells Lily about the video retaliation. Vienna tries to make the best of her situation. Jack and Carly fight their attraction. Lily offers Dusty her support after she hears the story. Noah admits to Luke that he wanted to kiss him. Jack and Carly bicker about what is between them. Maddie tells Henry of her plans to move in with Noah, as he has his reservations. Maddie explains that she and Noah have complete honesty between them. Carly tells Jack that he refuses to accept that they are still in love. Luke worries about what is going to happen with Maddie since Noah is lying to himself and Maddie. Noah thinks he is doing the right thing for everyone; he can control it. Luke doesn’t think Noah should live the life his dad wants him to. Noah pleads with Luke not to tell anyone. Dusty and Allison deal with the aftermath of the video. Cheri calls Dusty with a proposition. Luke doesn’t tell Maddie anything when she walks over to them in the middle of their conversation, as they walk off talking about getting an apartment together. Carly explains to Jack that she has a new tactic – she is not going to press or seduce him – she is simply going to wait him out until he realizes they are still destined to be together. Jack doesn’t want to hear anything she has to say; his future is with Katie, as they bet on it – literally.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke cries to Bridget that she didn’t want her to know; she didn’t want anyone to know. She relates the rape with Andy trying to pick her up and then eventually following her back to the house. She still refuses to call the police for fear that she will lose her children. Lying on the couch after lovemaking in the office without the door locked, Thorne tells Donna he will not let his mother abuse her. He intends to talk to her one more time. Ridge’s attorney tells him and Stephanie that Brooke wasn’t prepared to go before the judge today. That gives Stephanie one more chance to vigorously suggest that Ridge seek permanent custody, the right thing to do. And to keep reminding Ridge there is most likely another man involved in Brooke’s life. Sweeter than honey, Donna puts the screws to Stephanie wanting her to help her with her bridal plans. Stephanie remarks that will be when hell freezes over. Thorne wants to make sure that Ridge is not going to railroad Brooke from seeing her kids, thereby hurting Donna too. Stephanie states these two Logan sisters are a danger to their family, even if he doesn’t see it. She points fingers at Donna to think long and hard before she interferes with Ridge trying to get permanent custody.

Bridget tells Brooke that she is a survivor of a terrible crime and gives her a number of someone to call to talk to. Too bad she took a shower and got rid of evidence, but she will get her doctor bag and treat her. She tucks her in bed and crawls in as well to comfort her. “Just let me take care of you.”

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Shawn and Belle, with Philip within earshot, argue about whether Philip is trying to break them up. Shawn calls Philip over to demand the truth but Philip denies it. Belle plays peacemaker and agrees to move into the pub as long as Shawn doesn’t prevent Philip from seeing Claire.

Hope, Bo, Doug, Julie, Marlena, and John get together to continue the story of Santo and Colleen. Colleen asks Shawn to lie for her so she can go meet Santo but he refuses. Colleen meets with Santo anyway and Santo demands that Colleen make a choice between him and the church. Colleen chooses Santo but before they can make love, Sister Mary Ann knocks on the door.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Stage fright could cancel Noah's stint as Eli Love, but Anna convinces him to go on. However, a minor accident may have injured his throat. Jason tells Spinelli and Liz tells Lucky that they will not be seeing each other ever again. Maxie figures out that Sam faked the attack on Elizabeth and the boys. Kate informs Ric that hurting her will not harm Sonny, just her. Ric feels obligated to let her know his brother is mentally ill. She offers to cut ties to Sonny for a lenient deal, but he refuses. Maxie wants Spinelli to find out who attacked Liz so she can score points with Coop; he refuses her but is willing to fill the request, if possible, for Jason. Sam wants to hire Lucky as her bodyguard. Emily and Nikolas clash, to a minor degree, over the Lucky, Elizabeth, Jason triangle. Elizabeth asks Sonny to take care of Jason for her, but he is not sympathetic, considering how she's jerked Jason around with her back and forthing between him and Lucky. An old, male friend of Kate's shows up.

GL Recap Written by Dani

An end of an era has arrived. Though Gus and Harley have decided to only separate temporarily, Natalia has made it clear she is going to fight for Gus so will the Gus and Harley split be a permanent one? Harley rescues Gus and Natalia from the Towers freight elevator after it got stuck. Harley doesn’t wish to discuss her and Gus’ relationship any further. She is only at towers to show support to Buzz who is holding a campaign party. Harley’s behavior isn’t helping Buzz who’s political platform is family. Gus learns after trapping Harley in the restroom that she never slept with Dylan that night he saw her. Gus is sickened by what he did to Harley.

They decide to take the conversation home but are in for a surprise. Daisy and the boys have decorated and planned a special evening to celebrate their anniversary. Daisy gets them talking, remembering how they felt that day. Harley gives in and wants to try and move past Gus’ infidelity. Over the next few days every time Gus takes a step forward to get something reminds Harley of the betrayal and it’s two steps back for Gus. Harley finally realizes that she doesn’t think they can simply work it out. Gus agrees and they separate with the assumption it is only for the short-term. Harley breaks her favorite plate and cries realizing it isn’t just the plate that is broken, everything is. Gus goes to the Spaulding mansion where he tells Rafe what happened and no matter what is decided in the future there, with Rafe is where he wants and needs to be.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Cristian is working out on the bar bells when Sarah comes in.  She wants to work out on the bar bells, but Cristian refuses to let her.  John remembers an argument that he had with Michael over Tommy.  John begins to put the pieces of the puzzle together and finds that it all leads back to Tommy.  Dorian questions Lindsay as to who would present her with her award at the banquet.  Nora comes into the diner and they let her know that she will be presenting Lindsay with her “Woman of the Year” award.  Natalie questions Jared Banks as to why he would be the answer to her prayers.  Jared asks Natalie for just five minutes and he will leave on his own steam.  Jared reveals that Asa was his idol.  Natalie agrees to give him 3 minutes.  Rex and Nash team up together and hatch a plan to get into a high-stakes poker game.  Nora doesn’t believe that Lindsay is the “Woman of the Year.”  Marcie offers to help Nora write a speech to honor Lindsay.  Spencer appears to John and advises him to let this go because he cannot win this one. 

John tells Spencer that he is going to help him figure out who killed him.  Marcie apologizes to Nora for her remarks that she previously made about her.  Nora wonders why Lindsay is so important to her.  Clint thanks Dorian for getting him out of the office for just a little bit.  Lindsay comes into Roxy’s to get a new hairdo.  She tells them the news that she was voted “Woman of the Year.”

Passions Recap Written by

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty   **One Day Ahead

Jill meets with Cane to discuss her fears regarding Ji Min. He tells her about Amber tricking him into marriage and promises that no one will hurt her if he can help it. Later she confronts Ji Min and he admits that he did know what Jack was up to. She tells Ji Min that it is over between them. Sharon buys Jack a video camera. Noah worries about what Phyllis will do in prison. Neil, Nikki, Jack, Victor, Nick, Cane, Katherine and David all attend a meeting regarding Clear Springs. Nikki surprises everyone when she tells them that she secured a loan from Victor by putting up a portion of her marital assets. Katherine wonders what Victor is up to. After the meeting, Sharon hides out in Neil's office to avoid Phyllis. They talk about Dru, and Sharon admits that she thinks she is falling in love with Nick again! Meanwhile Phyllis warns Jack that if she goes to jail, Sharon will run to Nick the first chance she gets. Phyllis tells Nick that if she goes to prison, she wants him to divorce her and go on with his life.

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