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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan finds Kendall along with Spike in Dr. Hilliard’s office.  He demands to know from Kendall what she is doing with his son.  He orders Kendall to give Spike to him.  He lets Kendall know that Ian is undergoing emergency brain surgery.  She rushes to the hospital to see how Ian is.  Zack imagines that Joe came out and told him that Ian died during surgery.  Josh tries to comfort Zack, but Zack pushes him away.  The doctor comes out and lets Zack know that Ian made it through surgery, but he is still in critical condition.  J.R. comes into the Fusion office and watches as Babe runs a tight ship while Greenlee and Kendall are away.  Ava and her agent come into the office.  Ava lets them know the plans that her agent has in store for her.  Babe steps forward and wants to see Ava’s contract with him.  Upon seeing the contract, Babe tears it up.  Babe shows Ava and her agent the contract that Ava has with Fusion Cosmetics.  Babe orders the agent out of her office.  Babe sets up a plan that Amanda will be Ava’s escort when she is out in public.  Joe, along with Jamie, lets Tad know that Jamie was offered a job in Africa working with AIDS patients with his Uncle Jake.  Tad is against the idea, at first, but then he gives in and agrees to let him go.  When Kendall arrives at the hospital, Zack gives her the cold shoulder because she wasn’t there when Ian needed her most.  Jamie comes to Fusion to tell Babe about his plans to go to Africa.  She is upset and tells him that he cannot go because she needs him here.  J.R. listens to what Babe tells Jamie.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Aaron loses his temper when a customer is watching Allison and Dusty’s video of them having sex online. Meanwhile, Allison watches in horror as Gwen and Will open up their email and see she and Dusty having sex. Cheri is impressed with Elwood’s work, and then can’t help but taunt Dusty with her surprise. Luke prepares to tell Maddie about what happened between he and Noah when Noah’s father overhears that he has something to tell Maddie and so Noah’s father presses Luke to tell them all. JJ has an emotional homecoming. Katie interrupts Jack and Carly. WOAK reporters want to film JJ’s homecoming. Carly convinces Jack to let them, much to Katie’s surprise. Carly uses this time to make Katie feel less involved in the family. Luke covers as to what is bothering him; Noah is appreciative, but Noah’s dad seems quietly suspicious. Luke voices subtle concern for Maddie and Noah’s relationship. Gwen continues to seem jealous of Allison. Sophie lends an ear to Aaron, as he talks about Allison; he feels helpless because he would like to be there for Allison. Sophie offers some advice. Katie leaves when she watches Jack and his family interact, to the thrill of Carly, but the confusion of Jack. Katie is in a huff when she sees Brad, but they seem to share another close moment. Jack comes after her, but Katie thinks she needs to go to Hawaii for WOAK and that they should postpone the wedding for a while. Jack is worried and upset, but Katie just thinks he needs to focus on his kids right now. After Jack leaves, Brad thinks she is making a big mistake. Katie thinks she is making a grown up decision to trust Jack. A distraught Allison tells Dusty about the video and he vows to make Cheri pay, which he later publicly and loudly tells Cheri the same. Aaron calls Allison, but she doesn’t pick up because she thinks he is calling to pass judgment. Gwen and Will talk about their future with the baby. Brad offers to keep an eye on Jack and Carly, which annoys Katie more. Jack agrees to stay on the couch at the house while Katie is out of town.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Barricaded in her safe haven home, Brooke stonily sits and contemplates the rape that just happened. She calls in some security guards and has the locks changed on the doors. She tells Dorothy Bascomb that she is ready for court. She lashes out at her that she let her look at her like a specimen in a jar, and then has the nerve to wonder why she is upset. Stephanie introduces Ridge to a custody attorney and is only too happy to show Ridge a newspaper headline with Brooke at the Cafe with her new admirer. The attorney suggests he make some phone calls to his contacts and try to find out the circumstances of why the hearing was postponed. Donna informs Thorne and Jackie of the same. Bridget drops by and notices her mother’s apprehensive behavior. She sees the scratches, bruises and insists on knowing what happened to her.

Thorne and Donna get frisky in the office. With black marker, she paints a big 'mine' over his heart, 'Donna's' on his lower abdomen and 'Stephanie' with a X across it on his back. Sensitive as she can be, Bridget tells Brooke she knows she didn't fall off a horse, someone did this to her. Who put the marks there? She is NOT alright! Finally she says it outright - was she raped?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Stephanie makes Jeremy admit that he’s been smuggling women into the country. Stephanie is furious with Jeremy until he blurts out that he loves her. Jenna tricks Max into thinking that she wants to make love in the elevator but then leaves him stripped naked and handcuffed to the elevator’s railing as a message from the man who he beat up for harassing Stephanie. Nick asks Chelsea to help him with the boys but Chelsea refuses and they argue. Chelsea turns to Jett to make Nick jealous.

Shawn has decided that they must move out of the mansion and arranged for them to live above the Pub. Belle is furious that this decision was made without her input. Shawn declares that they are moving out to Philip but Philip wants to hear it directly from Belle. Philip listens as Shawn accuses Belle of choosing Philip over him.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lulu and Logan make love. Jason and Liz agree that he should stay out of his son's life. Jerry manages to keep Irena from shooting Carly to allow her and Jerry to talk in private. Carly manages to find Jax after she is sent out to take a walk, but Irena's thugs stop the escape. Logan refuses to tell Maxie about him and Lulu and says he won't be sleeping with her. Diane cuts a plea bargain for Kate, but as she is about to celebrate by kissing Sonny, Ric shows up to say he's going for the maximum sentence.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Dinah is desperate to help out Mallet with paying the bills and goes to Alex to further their agreement along. Alex backs out believing she has taken care of the issue. Dinah laughs at her calling Alex a fool. Dinah describes exactly what Cyrus will say and do to con Alex and she will believe him because he is that god. When Cyrus is arrested by marina for speeding and Alex is forced to bail him out she starts to wonder if Dinah wasn’t right.

Dinah decides to cool of at Lizzie’s bar. She finds a credit card belonging to a woman and decides to pose as the woman. Why? No one really knows not even Dinah, but she feels good while doing it and finds she doesn’t mess up her words or small little actions. She is smooth. Matt helps her cover when mallet arrives to drive her home.

Daisy fights with Billy for trying to drive Dylan and Harley together while Rafe goes behind her back to work with Billy. Rafe believes Natalia and Gus deserve a fair shot. Daisy stands up for her mother. They agree to disagree.

Alan is busy doing his part to help shove Gus and Natalia together. Alan’s matchmaking must be put on hold so he may attend an important meeting, but it’s a meeting with more movers and shakers than he expected. Lizzie manages to corner Alan’s business client and convince him to hear a pitch from Alan and Billy at the same time. Alan agrees believing he can outwit the alcoholic hillbilly but he is in for a surprise. Alan manages to make Billy look like an amateur business man but Lizzie takes over and makes Alan look like a ruthless tyrant. Billy and Lizzie land the deal. Alan vows it was one win in a string of many losses but will Alan and Billy soon find themselves working together? Not in business but in the love lives of their sons?

Remy is still sulking around gambling and drinking a lot but has Mel found the right incentive to set Remy on a straight path. Mel introduces Remy to a young law clerk. They hit is off right away but Mel pretends to be opposed to the match just to make Remy peruse it more. The plan works. Remy scores the number of Lola to call her for drinks or a date some time.

Gus defends Natalia to Alan then to Remy at Towers. After sharing a glass of wine both have had enough stress for the day and decide to it’s time to go home. Gus suggests the freight elevator when there is a line at the regular elevator. They get stick. Both assume Alan is behind trapping them but quickly realize Alan isn’t that transparent. Just when Gus is admitting he has thought about and is not opposed to a nice normal life with Natalia and Rafe the door begins to open. On the other side is Harley, who isn’t happy to find her cheating husband in an elevator with the woman he cheated with.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Miles pleads guilty to stealing the tape from the psychiatrist’s office and using it to get the upper hand against Marty.  Everyone is surprised by Miles’ plea of guilty.  Lindsay blasts John for suspecting Marcie and Michael of killing Spencer Truman.  She points out to him that Marcie and Michael are his family.  Clint arrives for work as acting CEO at Buchanan Enterprises.  Everyone finds out that Lindsay had been named “Woman of the Year” and they wonder whom the presenter will be.  Nora walks in and finds out that she will be the one, who will be presenting Lindsay her award.  After being in court with Miles, Natalie comes into work at Buchanan Enterprises.  She pauses for just a moment by Asa’s picture.  Once in her office, the secretary comes in and tells her that someone is there to see her.  Jared Banks is introduced to Natalie.  He promises her that he is there to change her life for the better.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Theresa and Ethan are now married. Gwen wanted to make a toast but she was stopped by everyone. They happy couple is now on their honeymoon.  Alistair took Vincent and now is on the loose. Eve and Julian called Sam after they heard screams and Vincent missing. Sam and Luis find a list of people who Vincent is planning on killing. Sheridan is home and Vincent shows up. Vincent is there to kill her. Pretty and Fancy are in the study and Alistair walks in. They are shocked to see him.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Katherine writes Jill out of her will. Ji Min denies knowing anything about Jack’s dishonest business practices. Later when Jill talks to Jack, he tells her for that to be true, Ji Min would have to be extremely naïve, and Jill knows he isn’t naïve. David and Nikki continue to flirt. Colleen is impressed with Adrian’s book but says they should keep the contents from her father. Jana asks Adrian to visit her. He isn’t happy when she suggests that if something should happen to her, Colleen will be there to take care of Kevin. Nikki and Nick clash over Phyllis. Michael tells Kevin that if something happens to Jana, the hospital could face a lawsuit. Phyllis worries about going to jail, and spends time with Daniel giving him some motherly advice.

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