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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie just looks at the phone while it plays “Ring around the Rosey.”  Annie quickly calls the camp and finds that Emma is gone.  Annie begins to panic and calls the police when Jonathan brings Emma home from the dentist appointment.  She blasts Jonathan for picking Emma up when Jonathan reminds her that she asked him to take Emma to the dentist.  Zach is concerned when Ian needs immediate brain surgery and Kendall cannot be found .Greenlee and Aidan meet at ConFusion and Greenlee offers to buy him a drink.  Kendall takes Spike and meets with Dr. Hilliard about Spike’s hearing.  Kendall wants to pay the doctor for the treatments, but the doctor refuses the money.  Ryan inquires about Kendall and Spike, but no one seems to know where they are.  Dr. Hilliard tells Kendall that Spike will need the support of both his parents.  Kendall assures him that Spike will have her full attention.  Zach lets Ryan know about the special doctor that Kendall wanted to take Spike to see.  Ryan, with Tad's help, finds the name and address of the doctor where Kendall took Spike and arrives just as the appointment ends. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Noah asks Maddie to move in with him after he startles himself by kissing Luke.  Noah's father likes Maddie so much that he tells Noah that he is proud of him and will help pay for an apartment for him and Maddie.  Maddie tells Luke the news and Luke feels there is something Maddie should know about Noah.  Luke is unaware that Noah's father is listening to his conversation with Maddie.  Vienna and Brad advise Katie to marry Jack as soon as possible before it’s too late.  Cheri uses Elwood to help her send the sex video of Dusty and Alison to everyone in Dusty's address book.  Carly, Jack, and J.J. barely escape quicksand and manage to put Silas, Ava, and Kit in jail.  Jack once again tells Carly that he loves Katie and intends to marry her but Carly is determined to prove to Jack that he doesn't love anyone but her (Carly).  She insists that he is just in denial about his feelings for her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Andy crawls off top of Brooke and she cries as she slides across the stone floor to get away. Andy brags that she was incredible, and if he may say so, so was he? When she asks him to leave, he confides they are only getting started. He points out she has her reputation to lose, her children to lose. She realizes now that he has set her up. He regales it was the American dream, the chance of a lifetime. Taylor senses Nick’s apprehension and tells him he can go see Brooke if he needs to. Stephanie checks in with Dorothy Bascomb, but she won’t reveal her intentions. She and Eric argue about the fact that the kids are emotionally abused and she wants Ridge to have custody. She only wants a fair, impartial decision tomorrow so she sees nothing wrong with sending Dorothy over to Brooke’s to catch her, as Eric puts it.

Dorothy shows up very late at Brooke’s. Andy thinks it best if Brooke does answer the door. Dorothy finds Brooke shaken and disheveled and does question if she is alright? Brooke doubletalks and Dorothy feels something is not right, she might be under distress. Brooke reveals she is just a little nervous about the hearing tomorrow, so Dorothy leaves. Brooke tries to follow, but Andy is Johnny-on-the-spot by jumping back out, smiling and taunting her that she really excited him when he was standing on the stairs and she was defending him; perhaps now they could try it in the kitchen. He starts to put his paws on her when suddenly she produces a knife and screams at him to get away from her. Dorothy revisits Stephanie and asks about any alcohol abuse concerning Brooke. Stephanie recounts no, if any it would be boyfriends. Andy is still aggressive, but Brooke manages to stab him and he stumbles out. She locks the door, puts the alarm on and rams a large table up against the door. She grabs the knife and runs upstairs. Frantically, she locks that bedroom door too and throws the knife in the sink and looks at her bloody hands. She starts ripping off her nightgown and enters the shower. Viciously she scrubs and scrubs with soap and water, only feeling safe when she crumbles to the corner of the shower floor, hoping all the taint is off her body.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Kayla is wary of leaving Tyler alone with Steve. Kayla makes Roman agree to spend two weeks at his desk before she’ll authorize him to return to work. Secretly, Roman admits to Bo that he refused protection to entice Andre to come try and finish him off. Adrienne helps Steve get over the rejection and offers him tips on how to show Kayla he can be trusted. Kayla is bothered by Bo and Roman’s jokes about Steve being unfit and realizes she was wrong about distrusting Steve to be alone with Tyler.

Stephanie swears to Chelsea she loves Jeremy but admits that she started being attracted to Max again when he came to her rescue. Jett gets Chelsea to give him five minutes to hear him out but leaves her hanging in mid sentence when the five minutes are up. Stephanie demands that Jeremy make her a priority for once and Jeremy swears he’s trying to clean up his mess so he can spend more time with her. Jenna offers Max the chance to ride up to her floor together and then decide whether he wants to be with her. Nick contacts an officer who is able to find out that China is a known hustler on the strip and is currently in custody for solicitation for the next 30 days. Nick refuses to let the boys be taken by social services and plans to take them back to Salem.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lulu and Logan continue to grow friendlier, and though it seems very innocent, he assures Maxie her plan will come together and he will seduce the younger girl. Jerry tells Carly he will not allow her to hinder his plan to rescue Jax, and confesses that Irena has him. Then, he comes face to face with Irena who tells him that her death was staged. Sonny and Diane try to coach a very snobby Kate on how to behave in front of the judge. Spinelli is delighted that Jason is willing to open his life to include a family with Liz and the boys, but not thrilled that Jason will leave it up to Liz. Sam rescues Liz from the thugs, but is later seen paying them off for a job well done. As a result of the "attack," Liz rejects Jason's plea to build a life with him. Lulu tells Logan she wants to be with him. Irena tells Jerry and Carly that she killed Jax. Robin and Patrick realize they are snappy because of extreme exhaustion from working the night shift.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Olivia panics when she is going to be taken into custody. She attempts to fire Jeffrey in a rash decision but he has the calm head to see what is best for her. Olivia’s irrational attitude doesn’t help much during an interrogation by Marina. After Olivia snaps at her about dating criminals, Marina takes the comment personally and threatens to have Emma removed by social services. The threat causes Olivia to faint but does curb her tongue. Jeffrey hears Olivia fall to the floor when she faints and rushes in playing lawyer. Marina sees she was out of line and releases Olivia for the night.

Ava isn’t having any better of a night. Coop dumps her, for Ashlee. Coop goes to Ashlee’s room to find Stewart only half dressed. The circumstances to Stewart’s state of undress is purely innocent but Coop attacks him and physically kicks him out. Coop opens up and tells Ashlee how he feels but makes the mistake of saying it was hard for him. Ashlee believes showing your love and loving someone should be easy and sends him on his way until it can be effortless for him to care for her. Coop is devastated but calls later to tell her he meant what he said and he won’t give up. Both make peace with the events and words that were spoken earlier in the evening.

Josh is certain that he and Cassie will marry and there is nothing Reva can do to stop it. Reva doesn’t feel and doesn’t plan on doing anything to interfere, fate will take care of that for her. For the time being Reva has bigger issues when she learns Cassie went to the police on her behalf. Afraid of losing her leverage with Olivia, Reva checks herself out of the hospital and goes to Olivia’s room. Jeffrey has just gotten Olivia home and calmed down when Reva arrives. Reva tells Olivia, in a way that Olivia understands what she is saying without revealing to Jeffrey the truth, that she has taken care of Cassie’s claim and told the officer that she didn’t remember anything. Reva tacks on one last statement, “but if I were to remember…” letting Olivia know as long as she stays quiet about Jonathan and Sarah, Reva will stay quiet about the accident.

Reva and Jeffrey go home together. Reva complains of her day, specifically Josh and Cassíe getting married. Jeffrey tries to step aside without any hard feelings but is surprised when Reva tells him it is actually with him where she wants to be.

Ava comes crying to Olivia’s room. Olivia comforts her eldest daughter telling her “We have to fight for what we want!”

Josh and Cassie rush around town trying to find someone to marry them but it doesn’t happen for them.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Miles has his day in court with Natalie by his side.  The judge declares that there is not enough evidence to take Miles’ case to court and drops all the charges against him.  Miles pleads guilty when it comes to what he did to Marty.  Marcie has breakfast with Lindsay at the diner and lets her know that John not only thinks Michael killed Spencer, but now John thinks that Marcie may have killed Spencer.  An unknown man is shown into a hotel room.  Bo assigns Antonio and Talia to work together on some new cases.  Talia is rattled when she finds that she will be working so closely with Antonio.  Nash comes into the room and finds Jessica packing.  He asks her if she is leaving him and she replies that she is.  Max sees Blair outside the courtroom when Todd walks up.  John visits Marty in her cell.  He lets Marty know that he figured out who killed Spencer and it wasn’t she.

Passions Recap Written by

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Colleen confronts Brad over costing Adrian the job in Paris. Jana tells Adrian that Brad and Colleen have been living under assumed names. She also brings up things that aren’t true, like she and Kevin having a child, which confuses Adrian. Adrian talks to Colleen about it, who confirms it is true. He wants to put it in his book, but only with her permission. Jack plans a scavenger hunt for Sharon that ends with a surprise – tickets to Paris! Sharon is extremely happy but can’t get her mind off of Nick. Kevin and Jana worry about her surgery. Logan tells Brad that she will be leaving town to work with Doctors Without Borders. Summer comes down with a fever. Nick and Phyllis can’t get in contact with her pediatrician so Nick calls Logan to come over. Nick comforts Phyllis when she worries about what will happen to Summer if she has to go to jail. After Summer settles down, Phyllis and Nick dance together. Phyllis enjoys it but can’t help thinking about what is going to happen to her.

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