Friday 8/17/07 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

The specialist that Greenlee went to see about restoring Little Spike’s hearing contacts Kendall.  Kendall is thrilled to think that Spike could get his hearing back.  Kendall promises that she will get back to him with her decision.  Dr. Hilliard thanks Greenlee for the money, but wants to know her name.  Greenlee refuses to give him her name, as she doesn’t want word to get back to Zach and Kendall.  Greenlee happily meets Jack for lunch.  He soon burst her happiness into a million little pieces.  Erica meets with her boss, who pitches a new show idea to her.  At first, she doesn’t want to involve Jack, but when the boss shows her the dollar amount, she quickly tells her boss to consider it done.  Di tells Aidan that she agreed to be a rep for Fusion in New York.  Ryan and Annie discuss her father’s deafness and her Mother’s death and how he never knew about this before.  Kendall tells Zack about the specialist and his eagerness to help Spike.  Zack has his reservations about this specialist.  Kendall wants to know where her husband that stood by her side during the birth of Spike has gone.  Zack finds out that Ian is hemorrhaging and he needs immediate brain surgery.

ATWT Recap Written by Dani

Silas and Ava are keeping themselves and JJ held up in a boiler room. JJ overhears them talking about killing Jack and Carly but Carly is on to them and sneaking down the stairs. JJ believes it’s his mother so he coughs to let her know where he is. Silas leaves to go get JJ medicine and JJ talks Ava into running with the money. She does. Carly swoops in and unties JJ. Before they can get away Silas returns. Carly gives JJ the cell phone and tells him to run. Carly stays behind to battle Silas with a huge wrench. It looks like she and JJ are going to make until she stumbles upon JJ up to his neck in quicksand. Carly manages to pull her son to safety but falls in herself.

Katie and Brad receive word from Dallas that Jack is hurt and in the hospital but they don’t know anymore than that. Katie is worried and believes there is a bad omen hanging over her and Jack because her wedding ring was mangled in the garbage disposal last night.

Noah is surprised by a visit from his father that has an offer for Noah. He will give him a large cash gift if Noah will enlist. The tension becomes heated between father and son until Maddie returns to work. Noah’s father changes his opinion and attitude towards Noah after learning that Noah has a girlfriend. It isn’t said directly but Noah’s father pushes him to go in the military so much because he fears Noah is gay. Noah and Luke kiss before Noah meets his father and Maddie for lunch.

Cherie attempts to trick Lily into letting her discreetly rent a wing of the Lakeview for a convention. Lily agrees but dusty steps in before the contract can be signed. Cherie is furious that Dusty will not stay out of her business. Cherie hints that she is going to go after Allison.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Andy stands before Brooke in her house wanting to show her an article about a custody case. He reveals he got in through the terrace as he noticed earlier that she always left that door open. He suggests a nightcap to top the evening and get her in the mood for tomorrow. He won’t take no for an answer; he won’t let her ask him to leave. He doesn’t believe that is what she wants. She doesn’t want to be rude, but asks politely for him to leave and he finally does, saying he will see her later. Stephanie grills Felicia about Brooke’s ‘date’ only to find she left the restaurant alone. Rick is devastated that Phoebe thinks she can’t sing with him, because she doesn’t feel it anymore, but she can with Constantine. She confides she knows what they had, but she also knows she can not get that back with him. All the I love yous and promises can’t keep you from being hurt. He agrees they can’t go back, but perhaps they can at least go forward. Perhaps slowly they can build it back, but she has to give him a chance. Felicia likes what she hears as Constantine sings in the studio. He wonders if he falls in the bad boy category? She rewards him with a kiss.

Stephanie calls Andy and he fills her in on his disappointment on the evening with Brooke, though he still is standing outside her door. Stephanie’s former words ring in his ears – she’s just a regular girl and keeps her key under the flowerpot. Brooke hears a strange noise and investigates, but finds nothing amiss and goes back to her bedroom. Brooke sits at her dressing table and is applying hand lotion when hands clasp across her face from behind. She fights him and even manages to get away and run downstairs. Anticipation is everything he sneers as he pulls her robe off and pins her to the floor.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

EJ confides to Tony that his life’s desire is to have Sami love him. Tony tells EJ that he can still have Sami if he can get the folio that contains what is needed to end the vendetta. EJ tells Lucas and Sami that Kate is the one Stefano has chosen to retrieve the folio from Andre and bring it to him since she recently came into new money. Lucas refuses to believe this to be true but Sami convinces him that it’s worth trying to intercept the exchange. Sami turns down Lucas’ desire to be intimate but when a nurse comes in offering a full body sponge bath, Sami refuses to leave Lucas’ side. Sami convinces the nurse to let her finish the bath. The nurse catches Sami and Lucas coming out of the shower together.

China watches as Nick gambles for the money to get out of their marriage. Nick declares that after losing all his money at gambling he is now completely broke and it convinces China to sign the annulment papers without getting any money. China sends the children to be with Nick. Stephanie tries to stop her and Max making out but is too attracted to him. Chelsea keeps Jeremy from entering the hotel suite while she warns Stephanie and Max about Jeremy’s arrival. Jenna, hired by someone else, purposefully flirts with Max.

Jett denies any police involvement when questioned by Jeremy. Jett reams Max for getting involved with Stephanie during their investigation. Chelsea criticizes Stephanie for not standing up to Jeremy when he appears to be flirting with Ilsa.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny has to try and talk Kate out of jumping bail to go to a fashion show. Lucky warns Jason away from "his kids." Carly follows Jerry to Russia when he goes after Jax, and, pretending to be Jerry's wife, she cons an official into helping her find Jerry. Liz admits to Emily that she wonders what a life with Jason would be like, Sam continues to try to switch Lucky's affection for Elizabeth to herself, and Spinelli wonders if Jason would have room for Liz and the boys with Sam gone. Jason admits he'd like to try. On her way to Jason's, thugs accost Liz and the boys. Irina comes to the conclusion that holding Jax longer might be too risky, so maybe she should kill him before Jerry arrives, so that he only finds a dead body.

BONUS GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Jason has been acquitted, many people have questions about what directions their lives should go in. Elizabeth admits to Emily that her marriage with Lucky could be over and she would rather be with Jason. Spinelli encourages Jason to consider raising Elizabeth's kids and letting them stay in his house now that Sam is gone. Lulu even realizes that her brother and Elizabeth are through and that maybe Jason has the right to raise his son. Sam and Lucky are getting along really well, agreeing that they have both been betrayed by Jason and Elizabeth and admit that they both feel like fools believing in their respective relationships. And it looks like Sam and Lucky would very much like to hook up with each other. Kate/Connie believes that she is above the law and asks Sonny and Diane to pull strings for her to flee to Paris. They tell her that that is not possible and that she needs a lesson in understanding reality.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Doris tries to solicit for votes on Main Street and at CO2 but Buzz puts an end to it as well as announcing his own bid for the mayoral seat. Doris is outraged that he would even think he could compete with her but confides to Ashlee in private that the election will be a popularity contest. Doris convinces Ashlee to try and talk Buzz out of running against her but her words have no effect on Buzz. Ashlee stands up to Coop when he notices that Doris is trying to manipulate Ashlee, again. Stewart arrives to help out for Doris’ press conference in hopes of seeing Ashlee, she is flattered. Ashlee kisses Stewart and invites him back to her place. Doris gives a press conference personally attacking Buzz’s children. When the press turn to Buzz for comment he plays nice, noble even. Buzz will answer any questions except for anything to do with Ashlee.

Coop is disturbed by Ashlee’s accusations that Ava is manipulating him and goes to Ava’s room. Ava welcomes him and tells him she loves him. Coop pulls away, he can’t tell her he loves her back.

Olivia is stunned by Reva’s candid admission of intent regarding the accident. Reva acts out exactly how she is going to act for Frank unless Olivia takes Jonathan and Sarah’s secret to the grave. Olivia asks about Jeffrey. Reva is willing to play fair, she is going to let Jeffrey decide who he wants but the games are over.

Cassie believes Reva intentionally ruined their wedding ceremony but Josh isn’t buying Cassie’s theory. That is until he speaks alone with Reva. He can read her like a book and asks her if she purposely threw herself in front of Olivia’s car. Reva denies doing such a thing but believes fate intervened because it is not meant for Josh to marry Cassie. Josh tries to fight Reva’s notion that they are only meant for each other but she persists. He tells her he will marry Cassie.

Cassie begins to feel very guilty for thinking such a horrible thing about the sister that has always been there for her. Cassie decides she is going to step up and fight for Reva just the way Reva would for her. Cassie goes to Frank and asks him to look more closely at Olivia’s guilt.

Jeffrey doesn’t want to speak to Olivia anymore than he has to but agrees to spend a few minutes with her because Ava wants it so badly. While Jeffrey is in Olivia’s room an officer arrives to drive Olivia to the police station for official questioning into the attempted murder of Reva Shane.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Natalie, Joey, Kevin, and Jessica spend some quality time together.  Blair wants to know why Max kissed her.  Sarah tells Cord that she doesn’t deserve to be in Asa's house, since she never found the time to visit him.  When Lindsay asks where Bo is, Nora informs her he went for a walk with a bottle of bourbon and Clint went to him, so she doesn't have to run after him.  Asa’s ex-wife, Alex, arrives and is quite upset that no one notified her of Asa’s death.  Matthew wants to know who this woman is, so Alex tells him that she is his grandmother.  Renee shakes her head at Matthew that she is not his grandmother.  A claustrophobic Dorian tries frantically to get free of the wine cellar while Viki wonders what she ever did to deserve being confined with her.  Viki doesn't believe Dorian when she confesses to killing Victor Lord and is relieved when Nigel rescues them. Everyone still grieves over the death of Asa.  Even though Clint assures his brother that their dad was proud of him, Bo is angry at Asa for never showing him any respect. Bo drinks himself to oblivion and falls asleep in the barn with Matthew by his side.  Nora finds them and covers them up.  Nigel shares the secret of David Vickers being a Buchanan with Max who decides not to tell the family just yet. Having overheard, Alex begins to search for David. Clint pours a drink and sets it in front of Asa’s picture on the mantle.  Dorian hugs Clint as he cries over his father.  Viki goes to the airport and buys a one-way ticket to anywhere.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Theresa, Pilar, Whitney and Chad trap Gwen and Rebecca so they can't tell Theresa's secret. Gwen breaks a window to get out. The wedding begins. The judge starts to speak gibberish because of Kay. Miguel wants to see Theresa get married so Kay tried to use magic to make that happen. They finally get there and the wedding starts again. Eve and Julian see Vincent and he is going crazy. Vincent starts saying things that they cant figure out. Pretty starts to tell Luis what Fancy did to her. Fancy denies it. Alistair is back.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Brad learns Adrian is still investigating him. Adrian calls Colleen and asks to see her. He tells her that when he was away, he found out that Brad was the reason why he didn’t get the job in the museum in Paris. She tells him about Jana. Later Adrian goes to see Jana, who tells him that Brad has been living under an alias. Colleen confronts Brad over costing Adrian the Paris job.

Phyllis’ bail is revoked. They find out that Paul was the one who got the photo of Phyllis at the airport. Michael and Phyllis both speak to Paul about his involvement. Phyllis warns him not to cross her, she knows that he was hiding Sheila and will expose him. Noah is still angry with Sharon and wants to spend time with Phyllis. Phyllis blames Sharon for going to the DA with the info that she tried to skip town and isn’t happy when Nick sides with Sharon. Daniel talks to Noah and tries to convince him that Sharon isn’t to blame and tells him that even though their mothers don’t get along, they are still brothers. Sharon confronts Brad over going to the DA. The judge decides that Phyllis can remain out on bail but she has to wear an electronic monitoring anklet.

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