Thursday 8/16/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 8/16/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall wakes up and finds herself in a bed in a room that she doesnít recognize.  Zach assures her that everything is fine.  Annie comes into Spikeís room at the hospital and Ryan but no Spike.  She immediately fears the worst.  Ryan explains to her that Spike is in a special room with Kendall.  Ryan begins to question her as to where she was the day before and why she hadnít told him where she was doing research.  She explains to him about her father and that he is deaf.  Jack visits Erica and gives her with the document that finalizes their divorce.  Jack and Erica agree to be friends.  Jack kisses her which leads to them making love.  They enjoy their reconciliation until Erica notices the television and sees that they are showing the argument between her and Jack from the day before.  Jack takes it the wrong way and thinks that Erica planned this and walks out on her.  Greenlee is on the computer searching for specialists that deal with hearing loss.  She successfully finds a doctor and goes to see him.  She has the doctor to call Kendall.  Kendall is surprised by the doctorís call since she doesnít know him and doesnít know how he knew about Spike.  Annie begins to teach Ryan sign language.

ATWT Recap Written by Dani

Vienna is sad because she has been forced to sell all of her jewelry to help eliminate the debt she and Henry have found themselves in. Henry has the cash with him from the sale of the jewelry. A local poker player sees Henry with the cash and invites him to a high stakes poker game. Henry is loosing big time until the final hand. All monies are in and his opponent Bart is drained of money so he throws a set of keys in the pot. Henry wins! Bart doesnít have the money he owes Henry but tells him he is good for it and has Henry and Vienna meet him at Alís diner in an hour. Bart is packed and ready to leave town but not before paying his debt. He hands Henry the mysterious set of keys. Bart is the one-time owner of Alís diner but Henry and Vienna have now won the diner fair and square. They are the new owners of Alís. Craig believes meg wants to be married to him and she denies it but admits to wanting a partner in life and business. Meg seems happy for once until she runs into Barbara who lays a guilt trip on Meg. Craig can tell Barbara is up to something. She is smiling almost gloating, but about what? Meg asks Craig to take her home, she wants to spend the night with him. As much as Craig has fault to finally get meg into his bed he turns her down.

Maddie has decided to stay in Oakdale to be with Noah. Luke is upset and doesnít feel she is making the right choice. Luke notices that Noah is acting strangely towards him and not because he is in to Maddie but because Noah felt the spark that Luke felt, he just wonít admit it. Luke talks to Aaron about his feelings and beliefs. Aaron is understanding and listens as a friend. 

Rosanna is awake and remembers odd bits and pieces of her life but has no idea how long she was out. Paul doesnít pressure her and helps when he can but he keeps the very complicated story of their lives as simple as he can to give her time to adjust. Rosanna is afraid to be alone and wants to be near to Paul. He lies in bed next to her to bring her comfort.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Flooding, Houston station hit by lightning, no feed, so this comes directly from the transcript only.

Brooke is surprised to find Andy is her secret admirer with the caged bird. He orders wine and tries on more than one occasion to hold her hand. He wants to make up for his first bad impression when he spilled wine on her dress in the restaurant. Stephanie is delighted to watch Dominick for Felicia when she meets Constantine. It quickly segues way to Dorothy Bascomb and she wishes Ridge would fight this custody irreversible, but he seems content with Brooke getting her kids back, despite the fact that she knows she already has another secret admirer in her life. If she could just get Dorothy to see that. Felicia advises her to drop it. Phoebe tells Constantine she is not sure she can sing with Rick again as she can not mean those words from a love song to a man who betrayed her. He advises her she can, it’s just acting. Nick pops in on Stephanie who wants once again for her to leave Brooke alone. She chides him for always riding to the rescue to the damsel in distress. Go home and be with his own wife and unborn child. He admits he wants Stephanie to let Brooke have the kids back and leave his wife out of this. The next time Stephanie goes after Brooke in any capacity, she will have to answer to him. She reminds him he can not watch Brooke 24/7, sooner or later she will mess up. She is her own worst enemy. Andy reveals he is a lawyer, but it’s his sister that is the real family law attorney and he’d like to help. Brooke puts Andy off and says he seems like a very nice man, but she has a very busy day tomorrow. She hopes to get her kids back, though with her mother-in-law, she is prepared for the worst. Constantine meets Felicia at Café Russe and she is impressed that he did his homework and knows she likes Daldier’s and had cancer. And that he even wants to donate the proceeds of the Boldface Challenge toward her research hospital. She gives him a kiss. She spies Brooke and calls her mother about the tall, dark and handsome, holding hands and sipping wine. They say goodnight and Andy tells Brooke he hopes tonight is the last night she spends alone.

Phoebe seeks out Rick at Bridget’s and lays it on him that she doesn’t want to rehearse or sing with him. He ends up giving her a kiss and teasing her about having lost his voice and can’t sing. But he recants and tells her that he really wants to sing with her and show the whole world how he feels. And hopefully in the midst of all of that, she will remember how good things were and how good they can be again. Stephanie tells Nick she doesn’t want to carry on with this conversation or what Brooke does or does not do. She wants to get on with her life and if he’s smart, so will he. He leaves her with one last thought, if Brooke’s house is not safe, he’ll know it’s because of Stephanie. Brooke is surprised that Andy followed her home and is at the gate out front. He wants to drop off an article for her to read. She advises him to just leave it at the mailbox. Later when she is readying for bed and turning out the lights, she unexpectedly hears the bird chirping and turns and faces Andy.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Jeremy and Max tell Rawlings that they want out of the side business and demand that Rawlings bring them back all the women. They don’t realize Jett is eavesdropping. Max is desperate to get the women back regardless of Rawlings’ refusal and lets it slip that he made a deal with Jett. Later, Jeremy confronts Jett. Chelsea cautions Stephanie against taking Max’s heroism personally. Stephanie cries as she admits that everyone’s warnings about Jeremy could be right. Stephanie and Max talk of how they’ve remained friends after dating and it leads to kissing. Nick visits Chelsea in Vegas to show her that China has brought around her children to spend time with Nick. Nick decides that gambling to raise the $25,000 to pay off China is the only way to get rid of her, so much so that he turns down Chelsea’s offer of sex to keep him from gambling.

The head nurse reams out Sami for lying in bed with Lucas. Sami and Lucas making out causes Lucas’ monitors to go off and signals the nurses to come rushing in. Lucas and Sami are forced to spend the night being watched by a nurse. Anna and Tony come to the hospital to visit Roman. Roman confronts Anna about dumping him for Tony but cautions that Tony will eventually leave her. Tony tries to get Stefano to end the vendetta as his dying wish but Stefano refuses.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason is found ďnot guiltyĒ by the jury.  Liz goes to the courthouse to see Jason.  Everyone is happy with the verdict except Ric and Lucky.  Liz and Luckyís relationship is very strained.  Even though she and Patrick agree they arenít ready for a baby, Robin seems to have second thoughts.  Jax tried to escape from Irina but her guards shoot him with a tranquilizer gun.  Jerry admits that he lost track of Jaxís whereabouts a week ago.  He leaves town to find Jax (without Carly).  Thanks to Max, Carly learns that Jerry is headed to Turkey so she goes there as well.  Coop warns Lulu that Logan is a very angry person.  Sam collects the rest of her things from Jasonís apartment.  Sam promises to get revenge on Liz.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Josh and Cassie are on the brink of being pronounced husband and wife when a car crash interrupts their ceremony. Frank and Jeffrey go to investigate and find Reva lying on the ground unconscious and bloody. Olivia is standing on the sidewalk in shock. Everyone assumes Olivia plowed Reva down on purpose. Olivia becomes defensive over the allegations. Jeffrey decides he will defend her although he believes she hit Reva intentionally. Olivia’s past isn’t looking so good for her now. Olivia goes to Alan to tell him about the kidnapping of Emma. Alan commends Olivia for trying to get rid of Reva. Alan and Olivia forge a mutual bond over the incident.

Josh and Cassie sit diligently by Reva’s bedside awaiting word from the doctors and for her to wake up. Both speak to her and ask her to fight and make it through. The initial tests results look good and a full recovery is expected. Cassie begins to believe Reva staged the incident just to keep her from marrying Josh.

After visiting with Alan and realizing she could be in some big trouble Olivia goes to Reva’s hospital room and says “I don’t know if you can hear me but I did not intentionally run you down.” Reva’s eyes pop open she is not only awake but alert. “I know, but I’m the only one who knows. Pretty convenient isn’t it?” Olivia is stunned.

Billy really struggles with his drinking and Reva’s fate as well as a ghost from his past. Alan firing jealous insults at him doesn’t help matters. What does help is his new friend Lizzie. Lizzie supports and helps Billy as well as finally take her own stand with Alan. Lizzie has chosen her path to follow, work with and be Billy’s friend and abandon the Spaulding family and business. Lizzie feels Alan is the one who made that decision for her but she is glad now.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

The Death of Asa Buchanan

This episode deals with the death and burial of Asa Buchanan at the age of 82.  All the Buchanan family and friends are notified of Asaís death.  All the family members gather at Asaís mansion for his funeral.  Everyone reminisces over the past dealings that they had with Asa down through the years.  Bo takes the death of his father especially hard.  Blair is in Asaís study when Max walks in.  They reminisce over Asa.  Max kisses Blair.  Joey and Dorian reminisce over the time that they spent together in the past.  Viki and Dorian are locked in the wine cellar together.  Rex offers his moral support toward Bo over the death of his father. 

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Theresa and Ethan are ready to get married. Gwen got Theresa a dress. Whitney overhears that Gwen and Rebecca are planning to ruin Theresa's day. Luis sees Sheridan and Spike together. Luis calls the police to take Spike away. He wants to know why the two were together. Fancy and Pretty argue about Fancy ruining Pretty's life. Eve overhears them and comes in. Luis arrives at the end and wants to know what is going on. Tabby, Endora, Edna, and Norma dance and Tabby throws her back out. Afterwards they look at pictures of the past.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Kevin tells Colleen that Gloria gave him the money for Jana’s surgery. They go to see Jana and her doctor tells them that the surgery is risky and Jana may die anyway. Michael tells Phyllis that the DA knows that she planned to run away with Summer before the verdict came in. She isn’t worried because she says there is no proof. Michael is still concerned. Jack asks Sharon is she was the one who told the DA, Sharon says it wasn’t her. Heather enlists Maggie to help her find evidence against Phyllis, who in turn asks Paul for his help. When talking to Nick, Sharon remembers that she did mention that Phyllis was planning on running away to Brad, but doesn’t say anything to Nick. Ben sees Sharon hug Nick and isn’t impressed. Sharon goes to Jack and tells him about Brad. A probation officer is interviewing everyone regarding Phyllis. Everyone denies that Phyllis had plans to leave town before the verdict. Ben talks to Sharon about her relationship with Nick, which doesn’t sit well with Sharon. Jack has already had a run-in with Ben in regards to his constant warnings about being involved with Phyllis, and decides enough is enough and tells Sharon that he is letting Ben go. Phyllis’ meeting with the parole officer seems to be going well until she spots the wig Phyllis was wearing, Phyllis and Nick try to cover it up. Later when she tells Michael what happened he is furious! Maggie has a photo of Phyllis from airport security, time-stamped at around the time her verdict came in. The parole officer confirms that it is the same wig she saw at Phyllis’ house.

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