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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall wakes up and sees Greenlee standing over her.  Kendall jumps up and demands to know what Greenlee has done with her son.  A nurse comes in and tells Kendall that Zach has Spike.  Kendall wants to know what Greenlee is doing here and tells her about her dream in which she killed Greenlee.  Ryan visits Fusion and wants to know where Annie is.  Di and Babe inform him that they donít know where Annie is but Ryan suspects that Di is holding back some information. Annie pleads with her dad to tell her the name of the woman who helped him when he lost his hearing.  He wants nothing to do with her but ultimately gives her a paper with an address on it and sends her off.  Kendall and Greenlee argue with each other as usual.  Kendall eyes the medical instruments on the tray.  Greenlee picks up the tray and tells Kendall to make her dream come true and kill her.  Jonathan takes Ava to lunch at the Yacht Club.  Amanda and J.R. arrive.  A photographer cons Ava and J.R. into letting him take their picture.  Ava thanks Jonathan for being so understanding about the picture.  A girl comes up to the table and asks for Avaís autograph.  Annie begs her father into helping her help Spike.  Ryan inquires of Di and Babe as to where Annie is.  Di finally gives in and tells Ryan that Annie is doing research in getting help for Spike.  Ryan comes back to Spikeís room and finds Greenlee there.  He orders her out as usual.  The address on the paper that Annie got from her dad leads her to her motherís grave where she falls to her knees in anguish and sobs.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Allison is jealous when she sees Aaron hugging Sophie. Gwen worries as to what Iris’ agenda is. Cole goes to his mother Iris for a favor. Meg and Craig make it legal when they cancel their annulment. Meg asks Craig to be truthful with her about what happened the night of Rosanna’s accident. Paul sits vigil at Rosanna’s bedside, but there seems to be no more improvement. Craig claims it was an accident when Rosanna drove off the road, but Meg is unsure. Aaron and Allison have another fight. Cole needs money from Iris to break into the music business. Iris turns him down and suspects this is a set up involving Gwen. Rosanna awakens. Rosanna talks about what she wanted to tell Paul but gets upset when she is confused. Craig pours out his heart to Meg, who seems affected and tells him that she believes it was an accident. Why won’t he visit Rosanna though? Sophie calls Aaron on his lingering feelings for Allison. Allison lashes out about Gwen to Will because she is mad about Aaron, but then apologizes and admits to what is going on. Iris wonders what con Cole is going to pull, as later Cole watches Gwen from afar. Craig insists he is a changed man and he wasn’t ready to face the old Craig by going to visit Rosanna and see the finality of her injuries. Rosanna remembers worrying for Jen’s safety. Craig asks Meg if they can start over as man and wife -- not just in name only.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie confides in Taylor that Thorne is besotted with Donna, but it’s really Brooke she is worried about. Ridge thinks the kids are having fun, but they miss home and mommy terribly. He wonders if they would be better off with her? Ms. Bascomb stops in with Brooke, and Brooke thinks Stephanie is deliberately keeping her children from her since she has them most days and even some nights when Ridge has other plans. Ms. Bascomb concedes she thinks this is a beautiful well-kempt home, but she still has concerns where Brooke’s involvement with men are concerned. Can she put the children first? Brooke wants to know what she needs to do to prove that she is a competent parent and the children back under her roof? Ms. Bascomb surprises her by saying she is impressed with what Brooke is saying and she is going to put that recommendation into motion, and she could get her children back by tomorrow. Stephanie thinks she knows what is going to happen. Once the court is not watching Brooke every day, it’ll be front row center for the kids to see “men in, men out”, back and forth. If Ms. Bascomb and the court could see this, they’d never let the kids go back and live with her again.

Ms. Bascomb shares with Stephanie that she is going to visit the judge and ask him to reverse his original decision. Stephanie urges her to just drop in on Brooke tonight and see if she doesn’t catch her with some man for a wild night party. Ridge calls and leaves a message for Ms. Bascomb that he too wants to get the decision reversed and the kids back to Brooke. Stephanie contacts Andy Johnson and by chance Brooke just happens to walk in where he is dining. Stephanie spills a little too much information about Brooke being alone and even where she hides her house key. It must be fate, Stephanie wishes him luck. Ridge tells Stephanie she is fighting alone, he is ready to sign away his custody rights and give the kids back to Brooke. Andy approaches Brooke and wants to put a smile on her face. In their short repartee, he admits he is her secret admirer with the singing bird.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

A passenger gropes Stephanie. Stephanie purposefully tips a platter of food on the passenger and Max has to step in to physically get the guy to let Stephanie go. Jeremy spots Jett putting handcuffs on the passenger but seems to accept Jett’s claim that the handcuffs belong to Abe. Stephanie is overly impressed with Max for coming to her rescue. Jett reveals his ISA identity to Max and tries to make a deal with him for information on Jeremy but Max won’t rat out Jeremy. Jett tries to make up with Chelsea but she is still angry with him.

EJ decides to take advantage of being considered a hero for saving Lucas and calls in the news media. Lucas accuses EJ of being the one to trap him but EJ denies it. EJ offers to have Sami move in with him for protection but everyone is against the idea. Kayla sorts through Stephanie’s old baby clothes as she and Steve dote on Tyler. Steve cautions Kayla about using Tyler to make up for Stephanie leaving home.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

The Quartermaines and Alice are not receptive when Logan asks to date Lulu. Scotty visits Tracy and they argue over the Logan/Lulu situation. Patrick freaks out at the idea of Robin being pregnant. Lucky and Sam bond as they discuss their partners' unfaithfulness. Diane strikes several blows against Ric's case when she questions Mac, Lorenzo's banker, and Amelia. Maxie warns Lulu away from Coop. Carly's warmth towards her brother-in-law evaporates when he acts suspiciously again. The jury retires to deliberate. Robin takes the test. It's negative, to Patrick's joy and Robin's slight disappointment. Tracy summons Logan to her room and announces that he and Scott will be taking a paternity test. This is news to them and they don't seem cooperative. Carly gets Jerry to admit that he does not know where Jax is. The verdict comes back as the show ends.

GL Recap Written by Dani

It is Josh and Cassie’s wedding day. Blake helps Cassie get ready for her impromptu wedding on Main Street. Cassie is happy but feels guilty when she is visited by Tammy. Tammy tells Cassie she wants her to be happy and that she deserves all the happiness life can bring her. Blake is glad to be rekindling her friendship with Cassie. Cassie has chosen a white dress with a black sash to memorialize Tammy and make her a part of the ceremony. Lizzie saves Billy’s butt when he arrives at Main Street with Josh but doesn’t have the rings. Lizzie appears over Josh’s shoulder with rings in hand. Lizzie tells Billy she imagines if Sarah were there they would have gone shopping and bought new outfits for the wedding. Lizzie likes to imagine doing things with Sarah it makes her feel like she can see her baby.

Olivia is frantic trying to locate her missing daughter. Reva lets Emma call Olivia to reveal where the little girl is. Olivia rushes over to Reva’s to retrieve Emma. Reva warned Olivia she will stop at nothing to ensure Jonathan and Sarah’s safety. They argue over the various dirty deeds each have done to the other. Jeffery interrupts and invites Reva to attend Josh’s wedding with him. Reva accepts. Olivia promises nothing has changed.

At the wedding Reva will not tell Cassie that she is happy for her which upsets Reva and Cassie. During the ceremony Reva causes a ruckus dropping glasses and throwing things around to make loud noises. When Cassie and Josh are exchanging vows it is too much for Reva and she leaves the ceremony. Just before being pronounced husband and wife Josh, Cassie and their guests hear a car come to a screeching halt after hitting something. It was Olivia! And it was Reva she hit!

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Starr and Cole share an intimate moment by the pool.  Langston and Markko have made a mess (food fight) in Dorianís kitchen.  Langston and Markko share an intimate moment rolling around in the food on the floor.  Dorian puts up the ten million dollars in hers and Vikiís card game.  John questions Marcie if Spencer knew that she couldnít have children.  Marcie wonders why he is asking her this.  John imagines Marcie being the one who stabbed Spencer.  Todd and Blair almost kiss.  Antonio and Talia go to his Motherís diner to have a bite to eat.  Michael intrudes on John and Marcie.  Michael tries to get John not to say anything to Marcie about Tommy.  John refuses to give Michael an answer one way or the other.  Michael tells John that if he tells Marcie about Todd being Tommyís father, then they are no longer brothers.  Nora encourages Viki to think about what she is doing.  Dorian tells Viki that she has a lot more to worry about than just her cards.  Markko refuses to have sex with Langston.  Marcie is upset when she realizes that John thinks that she was capable of murdering Spencer.  Dorian wins the twenty million dollars in hers and Vikiís poker game.

Passions Recap Written by

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty   **One Day Ahead

Phyllis is found guilty! The judge grants her bail but she has to surrender her passport. Phyllis and Sharon argue when Phyllis suggests that Sharon is happy that this happened, and is upset that Jack defends Phyllis. Nick and Sharon worry about how Noah will react. Phyllis has a run in with Nikki, and Nick defends her. Later she has another run in with Brad. Victor, however, gives her his support. When Noah sees Sharon, he is angry with her because he thinks she is to blame for Phyllis being in trouble because she testified against her. Jack explains that Sharon has no choice. When Noah leaves, Sharon realizes that Jack actually does think that she is to blame for Phyllis’ conviction. Brad tells Heather that Phyllis planned to flee before the verdict came in. The Winters family reminisces about Dru. Victor blames Nikki for what has happened. Daniel talks to Gina about his problems.

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