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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Unaware of what day it is, Ryan and Zach sit outside of Spike’s hospital room waiting.  Their conversation naturally turns to Greenlee and that it is her fault that Spike is deaf and Ian was born prematurely.  Zach doesn't like that Ryan is concerned about Greenlee who he has taken care of.  Zach and Ryan argue over who's most at fault:  Zach for causing the blackout that destroyed the sperm sample and wiped out Greenlee's whole future or Ryan for letting the unstable, obsessed, unhappy woman back into their lives.  Greenlee is flirting with a man in The Comeback Bar while Aidan and the bartender look on. Talking to Bianca on the phone, Kendall assures her she has plenty of support and talks about know how much Spike enjoyed the fire station and fire truck that he got for his birthday.  Annie comes in to work and lets Di know that Spike is permanently deaf.  Kendall also informs Bianca that the doctors feel that Spike’s deafness is permanent.  The way Kendall answers questions about Ian concerns Bianca who realizes that something is wrong between her sister and her newborn.  As Jack visits Kendall to comfort her, she remarks how unfair all this is and how torn she is between her two sick boys, then she asks him to put Greenlee in jail for stealing her son.  Since Jack is unable to do that, Kendall turns away from him.

Aidan pulls Greenlee away from Wheeler, but she refuses to let him take her home and threatens to tell Di that he likes to manhandle women alone in the dark.  Aidan is confident that Di trusts him, but Greenlee thinks that trusting anyone is a big mistake, then she retches in the bushes.  Once recovered, she wonders why Aidan hasn't told anyone that she admitted to trying to steal Kendall's son. Aidan advises her to confess the truth to Kendall if she truly wants forgiveness.  When Annie receives a call on her cell phone and says it's a wrong number, Di asks who she is expecting. Although Annie doesn't give a name, she states that it's the only person she could talk to right now. Suddenly realizing who it is, Di expresses concern that Annie is contacting someone she said she would never talk to again, but Annie insists she has to do it for Spike’s sake. Ryan worries when he can't reach Annie who hurriedly makes travel reservations.  While Kendall naps, Zach takes Spike to meet his baby brother as Jack sadly looks on.  Kendall dreams of a happy family picnic with her healthy children until Greenlee arrives, threatening to take it all away.  In order to defend them, Kendall kills Greenlee.  When she opens her eyes, Greenlee is standing in front of her.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Gwen worries about Iris. Allison apologizes to Will and Gwen and then admits that the rumors are true. Aaron and Cole go toe to toe again ad Sophie plays a nervous mediator. Katie worries when she can’t reach Jack. Brad tries to support Katie and get her through this. Will and Allison talk about the past, as an uneasy Gwen watches. After Cole walks off, Sophie tries to defend him to Aaron, but seems to be hinting that she no longer has a choice to leave him. Carly breaks into Kit’s bar to look for clues, and finds an address, which seems to be a clue, on a piece of paper. She is caught when Katie breaks down and calls Carly causing her cell phone to ring when she is hiding. Gwen admits to some insecurity with Allison still, as Will happily reassures her. Gwen admits that Iris’ reappearance into their lives when they have no money rattles her. Kit forces Carly to pick up her phone when Katie calls; Carly is cold to her and then hangs up, which leaves Katie furious, as she relays this to Brad. Brad suggests Katie clean the kitchen to get her mind off of Jack. Kit and Carly’s claws come out. Carly gets the upper hand and ties Kit up and demands she tell her where her son is. Sophie admits that she is pregnant. While cleaning, Katie loses her ring down the drain and it gets mangled. Cole is revealed to be Iris’ son when he meets up with her at Al’s. Sophie thanks Aaron for being a good friend, and hugs him just as Allison is walking up. Uneasy at how close they are getting, Katie reminds Brad that her heart belongs to Jack. Armed with the address she found, Carly heads off in search of JJ.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Jackie drops off a gift for Thorne with Stephanie. Aha, Stephanie realizes now that she is the one who steered Donna onto Thorne, two peas in a pod. But she vows the wedding is never going to happen. Brooke too is shocked when she finds out about Thorne and Donna and she surmises that Donna is going to make Stephanie very, very unhappy! This won’t get her Hope and R.J. back, so she has to do something to fix it now. Brooke tells her to join a book club or a dance class if they are both that lonely. Donna knows she can make Thorne wake up like a man again and if it makes Stephanie a little crazy, or a lot, well boo-hoo. Stephanie bellows to Eric that Donna has Thorne in a horizontal half Nelson. Does Eric want him to be the sacrificial lamb? No, but he cuts that he understands when a man says he wants more intimacy in his life. She still maintains that Donna has more mileage on her than the Queen Mary and she does not love Thorne. They are still arguing when Thorne walks in and his mother calls him dim. He wants to speak to her alone. If she can't be happy for him, then just ignore him, leave him alone. She doesn't have to like Donna, but she does need to back off and respect his choice and not treat him like the runt of the litter.

Stephanie apologizes and she realizes she has not been there for him this past year when he needed her. She wanted to but she didn't want to treat him like a child. She professes her love for him, but he tells her he needs to be loved and hugged not when he was twelve. He needs more now, from Donna and they are going to be married.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Stephanie vows to stay by Jeremy’s side. Jeremy admits to Max that his side business is really smuggling women in from Eastern Europe and that the boss behind the whole operation is Andre. Jeremy begs Max for help on getting out so Max tells him to talk Rawlings into stopping the operation. Bo gets the bomb to an outside trashcan full of water from the rain. Hope gets the tabernacle open with the key but Andre grabs her from behind. Hope tosses the folio from inside the tabernacle over to Bo but Andre holds Hope at knifepoint to demand the folio. Bo hands over the folio and Andre keeps Hope at knifepoint until he can get outside. Andre sneaks up behind Bo and slashes him when Bo heads outside to try and catch Andre. Bo and Hope agree not to tell the rest of the family about the folio yet.

Steve worries that Kayla will be too attached when it comes time to hand Tyler over but Kayla insists she’ll be fine. Stephanie isn’t pleased to find Steve and Kayla doting over Tyler. Steve is able to console Stephanie by vowing that she’ll always be his baby. Chelsea and Nick view the DVD footage of Nick and China’s wedding. Chelsea believes that Nick was swindled and remains by his side. China threatens to sue when Nick requests an annulment. Nick stands up to China but China demands half of Nick’s Vegas winnings in order to not sue.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Impersonating a paralegal, Spinelli visits Jason for advice about Lulu; at the same time, Lulu asks Carly how to avoid hurting Spinelli while she dates Logan. Ric asks Sam to lie on the stand and say she heard Jason confess to killing Alcazar and anyone else she can think of. Jax submits to Irena's rape of him to save Carly and the boys. All the trouble Kate causes results in her being offered a choice; solitary or being released into Sonny's custody. Robin is in a terrible mood, lashing out at Patrick, until he pushes and she admits she might be pregnant. Irena calls Carly and tells her she just slept with Jax. Lulu and Spinelli make up. Sam's testimony is not helpful at all to Ric.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Buzz’s frustration about Main Street being turned into a promenade by Alan builds and he takes it out on Doris, Alan’s partner in crime. Buzz snaps when Doris has the nerve to ask him to speak with his patrons about voting for her in the race for mayor. Buzz throws a box of buttons down the sidewalk then tears every campaign poster he can find down . Doris tries to intervene and the fight turns physical. A CO2 waitress call Coop to come get control over Buzz. Coop and Ashlee rush to CO2 to break up the disagreement. Ashlee finally lets Doris have it for the way she has always treated Ashlee and anyone who Ashlee ever liked or cared about. Ashlee takes her stand on the side of the Coopers. Later Ashlee and Doris clear the air without all the yelling. Doris explains she only ever wanted to protect Ashlee and she never meant to hurt her. Doris promises that one day Ashlee will find someone who really loves her and can love her better than Coop ever could. This breaks Ashlee’s heart because she is in love with Coop. Buzz announces his run for mayor against Doris. Coop realizes and admits to Marina he thinks he cares for Ashlee as more than just a friend.

Alex gives Cyrus a position at Spaulding in exchange for him ending things with Marina for good. Cyrus accepts and goes to Marina’s room where he tells her they have to not only take a break but they are over for good. Marina’s heart breaks. Cassie tells Blake what has been going on with her lately after receiving the letter from Rob. Blake tells her to just tell Josh the truth. She does and he is understanding. Together they really evaluate themselves not only as a couple but as individuals. Josh decides to attend a retreat that is required to become a minister and Cassie is going to find her own self along the way. They decide to go ahead and get married before Josh leaves for his retreat. They feverishly make phone calls putting an impromptu wedding together.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Langston, Markko, Cole and Starr play five-card stud and when someone loses, he/she have to remove a piece of clothing.  Roxie enjoys herself at Monte Carlo night.  Viki gives Clint a check for ten million dollars from David.  Natalie is there with Miles.  Blair is completely beside herself when she sees Natalie with Miles.  Rex has coffee with Adriana.  Rex cannot believe that John figured out everything about Tommy being Todd’s son.  John is up on the roof when Marcie and Tommy join him.  Marcie begins to question him as to what is wrong with Michael.  John tells her to ask Mike.  Marcie tells John that she thinks that she knows what it is that Mike cannot discuss with her.  Bo calms down Todd and Miles and stops them from arguing.  Natalie tells Miles that he doesn’t have to explain himself to Todd.  Sarah arrives at Monte Carlo night.  Dorian sees an acquaintance and excuses herself so that Clint and Sarah can talk.  Antonio threatens to run Talia in for the dress that she is wearing.  Antonio is taken aback when she hears Jessica come in and introduce Nash as her husband.  Blair and Todd reminisce over the wedding that never took place because of Margaret Cochran.  Blair encourages Todd just to live his life and that will be the best revenge on Miles.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

JT and Victoria go to a doctor’s appointment. He finds out the sex of the baby but she doesn’t want to know. When she gets back to the office she removes Brad from his projects. Later Brad sees the sonogram photos and sees that she is having a boy! Amber is having trouble finding a job. Cane calls her and tells that he would like to see her. He tells her to sign a document saying that they were never legally married and she isn’t entitled to any of his money. She tries to tell him that she still loves him but he tells her if she doesn’t sign, he will have her charged for the fake marriage. She signs it. Katherine tells Amber she feels sorry for her but knew what she was about from the days he met her. Carson tells her that he will drop the charges against her and offers to help her find the money if he will give half to her. Sharon talks to Brad about her kissing Nick and he again tells her that she doesn’t love Jack. Michael stalls as much as he can, hoping that Phyllis will show up, which she does! The go back in the court room where they learn that there isn’t a verdict, one juror has changed her mind. Michael tries for a mistrial but the judge denies it. Phyllis tries to remain optimistic. The jury asks for a copy of Sharon’s testimony. Phyllis gets angry with Nick when she finds out Daniel was fired. He tells her that actions have consequences which she takes personally. He tells her that she didn’t think of her family before she blackmailed Brad. Heather offers another deal which Phyllis refuses. It’s too late anyway, because the jury has reached a verdict!

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