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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall, Zach, Ryan, Annie, Jack, and Erica find out that Spike has permanent hearing loss, but the doctor suggests an alternate treatment.  Kendall insists that her son is not deaf.  Kendall suggests taking Spike to another clinic that will fix his hearing loss.  The others try to talk Kendall down, but she still insists on taking Spike out of the hospital.  Zach tries to make Kendall understand that they cannot take Spike out of the hospital.  Jonathan offers his help saying that he will do anything to help Spike.  Jack tries to get Erica to leave the hospital.  Leaving the room, Jack and Erica run into Josh.  Josh makes a call and tells the person not to even breathe until they call him.  Annie tries to console Ryan.  Greenlee poses as Bianca to sneak her way in to see Spike and Kendall.  Josh meets Greenlee in the hall and he tells her that Spike is deaf.  A talent agent meets with Ava, and promises to make her a star.  Krystal and Colby watch Ava meet with the talent agent.  Greenlee wants to do something for Little Spike, when Jonathan walks up.  Jonathan orders Josh to get her out of the hospital or he will drag her out by the hair of the head.  Jonathan blames Greenlee for Spike being deaf.  Josh tries his best to defend Greenlee to Jonathan. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Gwen and Will are unhappy that Iris has returned to Oakdale because they suspect she may be up to something they just don't know what it is yet.  Iris leaves a message for someone telling the person she is back in town.  Aaron steps in to defend Sophie after Cole gets mad at her for making a joke.  Brad loses his shirt and pants in game of strip poker to Katie.  A drunken Brad tries to kiss Katie but she stops him and makes it clear that she loves Jack.  Jack and Carly barely escape when Silas sets fire to the cabin with them still inside it.  Jack asks Carly to go home but she refuses to leave until she and Jack bring J.J. home safely.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna flaunts her ring into Stephanie’s face, she is Thorne's fiancée. Stephanie is astounded. Okay, so she showed him a good time in Vegas, it should have stayed there along with all the other baggage. Rick tells Ashley that after all he put Phoebe through, he deserves to have to jump through hoops to get her back. And he will do anything and everything to get that trust back. Jackie warns Nick that Stephanie has an Achilles' heel and it’s not the company. She is going to get hers from Donna. Stephanie tells Thorne she is not going to let him drag his little daughter through this. Donna will not get revenge by taking him away from her the way Brooke’s kids were taken from her. She demands she take off the ring, but Thorne will not let her. Donna declares him her hero! Phoebe drops in on Constantine and he tells her the Boldface Contest is going crazy over the internet and it won’t be long before they know the winner. She watches him sing, and has bittersweet memories of Rick in Sydney, but doesn't know if they can recapture that.

Stephanie unplugs the telephone cord as Donna is boasting to Jackie that things are turning out better than she anticipated. Stephanie warns her she is using her son, but did she also think Donna was being used too - again? Thorne will sober up after this long weekend and see her for just who she is, another Logan slut. Donna coos that she is going to delight seeing her face across the table over all the years, all the family parties, birthday's, Christmas' and she'll be the one smiling at her funeral. Is she getting the picture? She had it so good with her sister, now she is stuck with her.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lauren hides out of sight when Billie and Philip return but Billie can smell Lauren’s lingering perfume. Lauren continues to eavesdrop as Shawn and Belle arrive to tell Philip about helping Lauren get in touch with Philip. Philip accuses Shawn of helping Lauren to get back at him. While they argue, Lauren sneaks out the window. Abe vouches for Steve and Kayla as parents and uses his connections to help speed up their approval. Privately, Steve lets Kayla know how unhappy he is with the idea. Seeing Kayla’s devotion to baby Tyler reminds him of how it felt when Stephanie was born and Steve agrees to the idea of taking Tyler in.

Andre, disguised as a nun, is hiding out in the Ireland church when Bo and Hope arrive. Bo finds large muddy footprints on the church floor and fears Andre could have left them. Bo, after some prodding by Hope, agrees to try and open the tabernacle on his own but the key doesn’t work. Andre sends a little boy into the church to leave behind his toy truck containing a bomb.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Mac arrests Kate for a hit and run, though only a car was hurt, and she is guilty. Sonny can't get her free, and it is her second offense, so she has to stay in jail. Lulu defends Logan when Spinelli tries to tell her that Logan is bad and he has evidence to prove it. Coop finds Maxie and Logan in a clench and shuts her out as a result. Ric protests when Diane wants to introduce evidence that Alcazar is alive, but the judge allows it. So, she shows a series of "recent photos and bank transactions." Lucky is angry with Elizabeth for asking Alexis to keep Sam away from him; meanwhile, Nikolas asks Sam to keep her distance from Lucky. He seems to be onto what she is plotting. Lulu does not believe Spinelli when he reports that Maxie and Coop had a public fight about her kissing Logan, and walks away from him.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Doris campaigns around town for votes in the unopposed election for Mayor. Ashlee is enlisted to help but pulls her support when she learns that Doris has teamed with Alan to redevelop Main Street which would bring an end to CO2. Ashlee and Coop decide to run their own campaign to stop Doris and Alan’s plans. Buzz becomes angry with Alan when they tell him what will be happening. Buzz promises karma will come back on Alan.

Frank confronts Gus about the way he has been acting and for hurting Harley. Natalia has brought dinner over for Gus but hides when Frank arrives. Natalia can’t help revealing herself when franks blasts Gus and lays all blame on him. Natalia defends Gus. Frank and Buzz leave. Natalia naturally takes care of Gus making sure he eats and telling him how to heat the leftovers and that she will get him some groceries. Before she leaves she drops a bomb on him. She wants him back. She tried to let him have his marriage with Harley but she believes he belongs with her. Gus is stunned.

Alex calls Dinah to help her keep her marriage to Cyrus on track. Dinah, not being as quick-witted as she once was, doesn’t turn the offer down but has to think about it. Alex waits for the phone call that comes surprisingly quickly. Not only will Dinah help keep Cyrus and Marina apart she has already started. In exchange for Dinah’s work Alex will secretly pay all of Dinah’s medical bills and get her the specialists she needs to get better.

Remy gets into a barroom brawl at Lizzie’s bar. Dinah calls Marina to come get him. Marina takes Remy back to her place to sober up. Cyrus listens from outside the door as Remy and Marina talk about him. After a brief run in with Dinah in the hall Cyrus decides against an evening with Marina and goes home to Alex. He brings her the flowers and wine intended for marina. Alex kisses Cyrus and he doesn’t turn her away.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Clint and Dorian play a friendly game of cards.  She reaches over and kisses him.  Starr, Cole, Langston, and Markko walk up and see them kissing.  Sarah walks in and catches Cristian on the computer.  She inquires if he is looking at porn.  He refuses to let her see what he is working on.  There is a knock on the door and it is Antonio.  Nash kisses Jessica.  They check the messages and find one from Natalie inviting them to Monte Carlo night.  Natalie walks into the kitchen of Llanfair and apologizes for what happened between Miles and Todd.  At the Angel Square Diner, Blair holds Tommy, unbeknownst to her that she is holding Todd’s son.  John goes to confession.  Dorian offers her condolences for Marty not being granted bail.  Nash wants to scour up an investor in his vineyard.

Passions Recap Written by

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Kevin is upset that he can’t sell the coffeehouse. He isn’t happy with Gloria who won’t give him the money but is buying gifts for everyone. He is shocked when he meets Jeffrey. When Jana’s condition worsens, Kevin tells Gloria if she doesn’t give him the money, he will turn her in! Catherine reluctantly agrees to a short term loan for Nikki to help her out. Sharon feels guilty about kissing Nick. Phyllis calls Michael to tell him she is running away with Summer before the verdict comes in. Nick is furious and calls her but she won’t listen to him. Michael tells the court that Phyllis is very sick and tries to buy them some time in case Phyllis does show up. Jack tries to call her but she doesn’t answer. She calls him back and they reminisce but he isn’t able to persuade her not to leave. Sharon is angry when she overhears the conversation. Phyllis is wearing a black wig and calls Michael to say goodbye. He goes to court and give them the sickness story. The court isn’t buying his excuses and the judge warns him that either Phyllis shows up, or a doctor to testify to her condition, or Michael will be held in contempt of court.

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