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AMC Recap Written by Fran

The new color MRI testing equipment is delivered and Spike is to be the first patient to use it.  He will be sedated while the testing is done and Kendall reluctantly lets him go with the nurse so that the diagnostic can be completed.  While he is being tested, his parents, stepparents, and grandparents are all lost in thought about their fears and frustrations.  Zach thinks of the time that he spent with Ethan and the time that he wasted by not getting to know him or tell him that he loved him.  He also takes out his frustration on a broom while thinking about Ryan starting the whole series of events that have caused so much harm to his family.  He regrets not getting rid of Greenlee when she first came to town and expresses his desire to keep his family safe.  While he wishes to be a good sport and not cause harm to the other player, he resolves to hurt anyone who gets in his way.  Ryan remembers being the reason that Greenlee gained entrance into his family’s life and that he started all of the wheels in motion when he rode his motorcycle off the cliff.  In other wanderings, his mind wonders if he still loves Greenlee and how he will ever get a confession from her as to her part in the damage that was done to Spike, but then he realizes "it wouldn't change a damn thing."  Kendall mentally expresses her anger with Greenlee and her resentment that Greenlee’s was the last voice that Spike will ever hear.  She admits that she is afraid to spend time with Ian because she fears that he senses that everything that happened to him was her fault and he will hate her.  Then she wonders why no one else does.  Her hatred of Greenlee is vented in her mind as well. 

Annie has some disconcerting thoughts about a secret that she is keeping from Ryan and the others that she loves.  She worries that they will stop loving her when her secret is revealed and she will lose them all and end up alone, like Greenlee.  Erica rails against the unfairness of the bad things that are happening to her daughter and her daughter’s family.  Recalling that her mother, Mona, died 13 years ago, she tells her how much she misses her and needs to know how to help Kendall.  Jack ponders having to choose between supporting a daughter he hardly knows or a wife that he has loved for as long as he can remember.  Greenlee is taken to the crash site by Aidan who forces her to see what she did and the results of her folly.  Reliving the crash, she feels remorse at what her decision to take Spike from his mother caused to happen to him.  She tells herself that she is the only one who loved Spike from conception and talks of the bracelet with three hearts that Ryan gave her to symbolize her, Kendall, and Spike.  Kendall finds the bracelet in the blanket on Spike’s bed and sobs when she realizes what it is.  Greenlee finally admits that she gave up any rights to Spike when she left town.  Not only did she reject the most amazing gift that she would ever receive, but she also broke it.  Just before Joe arrives with Spike's test results, everyone privately admits that they're afraid.

ATWT Recap Written by Dani

Lily and Holden are still having problems with their marriage because of Lily’s reluctance to trust and open up with Holden. Faith overhears a fight between her parents and believe they are on their way to divorce. Lily promises they aren’t going to divorce but when faced with Holden alone she isn’t as certain. Holden tells her again all he needs or wants from her is trust and the willingness to let him help her. Lily opens up telling him her biggest fear is opening up and letting him see all her flaws and he won’t want her anymore. Holden promises that will not be the case but they have to have honesty and trust or they don’t have a marriage. Lily vows no matter what she will tell him everything from now on.

Noah is uncomfortable after falling into Luke’s arms and asks Maddie to go get pizza with him rather than stay and eat at the farm. When Maddie questions him about his strange behavior he asks her, out of the blue, if she will for go leaving town for college and stay in Oakdale. This upsets Maddie who is opposed to giving up on her dream but she agrees to at least think about it. Luke can’t get Noah off his mind.

Brad invites and exhausted Katie to the farm to help him deal with Parker. When they get there Parker is at a friends house so Brad and Katie drink wine and play cards. Katie wants to leave but brad keeps luring her back. She is having a good time and not worried for once about jack and JJ and insecure about Carly.

Ava catches JJ when Carly sets him free but is held by Silas. Silas calls Kit at the bar and reveals who Jack is. Kit sends Jack to the cabin sending him into the waiting hands of Silas. When Jack arrives to save Carly Silas fights him for his gun and gets it away from jack. JJ is taken to a back room of the bar where Kit orders Silas and Ava to “get rid of the cop and the lady for good”. Jack and Carly are tied back to back and struggle working together to free themselves.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Aly is anxious and talks her grandparents into a party for Thorne on his first day back home. Bridget catches Rick in a mood about Phoebe. He definitely has to win this contest to get Phoebe back. Phoebe discusses it with her Dad. He advises he’ll definitely be voting for her and Constantine, not Rick. Phoebe is a little shocked that it is okay for Ridge to forgive Ashley, but not okay for Phoebe to forgive Rick. It’s okay with her if he still wants Ashley, but it’s also her decision if she wants to forgive Rick. The plan is for Thorne and Donna to get married, she can’t believe it! He won’t let his mother intimidate her and wants to make this announcement. She whittles down to a little nothing and chases him into the bedroom, then feeds him strawberries and crème. Then she tries to talk him into just eloping. Get Aly, tell her and go back to Vegas. After the wedding, then his mother can have the big reception.

The looks on the faces when Stephanie sees that it is Donna that Thorne went away with and the guy that she wants to play Tiger with! Ridge doesn’t want to judge Rick, but still doesn’t feel the perfect guy for Phoebe is Rick. Ashley pops in on Rick at the beach house and he announces he is committed to getting Phoebe back. If he wasn’t so sure, he never would have let Ashley go. She tells him the same with her and Ridge. Stephanie tells Donna to get her little bag of tricks and get out of here. So they had a few rolls in the hay, but that’s not love. This is the way she is going to pay Stephanie back? You sleep with dogs, you get up with fleas. Go find the same street corner that her sister is on. She throws her bag out and yanks Donna by the hair to hoist her out too.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle admits to Shawn that Philip bought her the new clothes. Shawn gets Belle to see that Philip is trying to buy her love. Shawn admits to Belle that he really went to Indianapolis after getting the call from Mimi and fills her in on how he met Lauren and told her how to get in touch with Philip. Billie and Philip break into Lauren’s apartment but find it empty. Billie finds a gym membership card and Philip recognizes Lauren from the picture. Lauren returns home but hides out of sight when she sees the cops at her apartment. Philip is convinced that Shawn paid Lauren to have Tyler. Lauren returns to her apartment once everyone leaves but is still inside when Billie and Philip return for Philip’s cell phone. Lauren abandons Tyler at University Hospital where he ends up in Kayla’s care. Kayla asks the social worker to be given temporary custody of Tyler.

Sami is convinced Lucas is in the truck and refuses to leave despite EJ’s attempts to lead her away. EJ finally gives in and helps break the lock when Lucas is able to reach for the tape player to use Kate’s ‘help me’ cries to let Sami know he’s in the truck. Sami and EJ are able to get Lucas out of the truck and he is rushed to the hospital with a good prognosis. EJ leads Sami to believe that Andre and Stefano were behind this stunt.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lorenzo's gardener states that he feared for his life, which is why he never came forward. Jason explains that the man's brother was a drug dealer that he had to kill, so the fellow wants revenge. On cross, she is able to demolish him; then gets word that there is proof Alcazar is alive. Maxie pushes Logan to sleep with Lulu immediately, then they wind up in a clinch. Sam puts on a show of remorse for never telling Lucky about Liz and Jason and expresses her grief over all that she has lost and her fears over how long the deceptions may have gone on, to Lucky. Sonny coaches Spinelli on how to behave in court. Carly and Jerry debate the best way to proceed with their plan. Kate makes plans to leave town, but Sonny tries to persuade her not to go. Liz goes to see Alexis to ask for help with Sam. Spinelli gives Lulu a sonnet and a souped up laptop for her birthday, but is unhappy that she is seeing Logan.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Reva watches as Olivia and Emma share ice cream. Jeffery is suspicious of what Reva is up to when he sees her peeking around the corner at Olivia. He warns her not to go head to head with Olivia because it will not turn out well. Reva isn’t intimidated. Olivia gets mad when she sees Reva and Jeffery talking. Reva calls Olivia’s bluff believing she may be cold-hearted but she wouldn’t endanger her own nephew and an innocent child. Olivia call Lizzie over to break the good news to the morning mother. Reva cracks and agrees to play along. Olivia wants one more thing. She wants Reva to make Jeffery go to Josh and Cassie’s wedding with her. Olivia tries to talk to Jeffery who doesn’t want to hear anything she has to say. He listens anyway then turns her words around on her. He does has this bit of advice to give, don’t go to war with Reva. Something bad will happen. Olivia laughs off the idea that she is threatened by Reva. Unknown to Olivia, Reva has Emma at Cross Creek.

Gus returns home to an unfriendly Daisy who is mad at him for hurting Harley. Gus doesn’t have time to deal with her when he gets a call from a co-worker telling Gus about the shoplifting incident. Gus rushes over to Alan’s upset with him for bailing Rafe out. Natalia and Gus figure out if Rafe isn’t at the house he is with daisy who is alone at Gus’ house, they rush over together to stop whatever is going on, which is nothing. Gus tries to play the good father but Rafe gets an attitude and storms off when Gus takes the watch that Alan gave him. Natalia insists that Gus come back to the mansion and they all eat together as a family. When they arrive back home Rafe wants his watch back. When Gus won’t give it to him Rafe tells his father he only wanted it because it was a gift from his grandfather something he never had before. Gus feels horrible and lost not knowing what to do about anything. Natalia comforts him. Gus admits she is the only thing that has made a bad day a little better.

Daisy talks to Harley and tells her she can tell how much Gus misses and loves her and she should call him. Harley takes Daisy’s advice and calls but Gus’ phone is on the table in the hall while he and Natalia talk in the study.

Lizzie and Billy are working very well together and very much enjoying each other’s company. Billy tells her he is having a 72 ounce steak. The idea of a steak that big amuses Lizzie and she tells him she will just eat off of his rather than order her own meal. they laugh. Alan walks into the dining room of towers and is shocked and perplexed to see Lizzie and Billy sitting together and laughing. Alan wants her to get away from Billy but she stands up for herself and very proudly tells Alan of her new business relations. Billy and Lizzie have another good laugh when they dismiss Alan as if he is nobody.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Marty surprises everybody in the courtroom by pleading innocent to the murder of Spencer. John and Cole and all her friends are happy. That is until the judge sentences her to return to jail. Todd informs Blair and Dorian that Vikki is letting Miles stay at her home because Natalie insists. They are baffled at why she'd do that. Natalie asks Miles to accompany her to the B.E. party that Asa is holding. Clint asks Dorian to come with him. Jessica and Nash are considering getting their winery up and running and debating whether she should be his business partner. Antonio tells Nash that he wants to buy him out of Capricorn to get rid of him. Talia asks Antonio to accompany her to the B.E. party. There is a mysterious guy in jail who is about to get sprung free and who looks like he knows Natalie and/or Jessica.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Everybody celebrates Luis' release. Luis is with Pilar and Fancy. Theresa is with Ethan and they plan to elope. Gwen and Rebecca talk about how to spoil Theresa's wedding day. Sheridan tells Pretty that she should tell Luis what Fancy has done to her. Eve sees Vincent in jail. He tries to choke her. Eve calls a psychologist to see Vincent. Nothing really happens today. It was very slow.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Lily is disappointed when Devon isn’t too anxious to help her find a date. Later he buys concert tickets for him and Lily but she tells him she has a date and has told the guy that Devon will go out with his cousin, making it a double date. Victor tells Nikki he won’t be funding the Clear Springs project. Victor tells Neil he wants to ruin Nikki. Nikki and Victoria try to get funding elsewhere but can’t. Cane tells them he has no choice but to stop construction. Gloria asks Michael to do a background check on William’s brother. He gets a call that the verdict is in for Phyllis. Sharon and Nick talk about how she wants to have another child and why she hasn’t told Jack yet. He tells her he wishes he had another child with her. She says she doesn’t think it would have saved their marriage, he thinks it might have. He kisses her, she pushes him away. She says it is too late. They talk some more about old memories and he kisses her again. He asks her is she will at least lay there with him like she used to. She is nervous but agrees and lies down with him with her head on his chest. Finally someone comes to get them and Sharon says it is time to go back to the “real world” Nick notices that she has dropped an earring and puts it into his pocket. Later when she sees Jack he notices the missing earring and Nick gives it back to her. When Jack leaves Sharon worries that Jack suspects something. Nick compliments her and tells her that he loves her. She tells him to save that talk for his wife. He tells her he will never stop loving her. Nick gets a call that the verdict is in.

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