Thursday 8/9/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 8/9/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Fran

Kendall continues to be devastated by the news that Spike is deaf.  Dr. Norton, the hearing specialist from Dallas, arrives and tells them that the very new machine that Spike needs to be tested with is only available in Dallas and two other international locations.  Kendall wants to take Spike to Dallas to have the tests done, but Ryan remains the voice of reason, telling her that he is not well enough to fly this soon after the trauma and surgery.  Erica and Jack argue about Greenlee remaining in Pine Valley after what she did to Kendall and her children.  After pleading with Jack to get Greenlee professional help, she gives him an ultimatum and storms off when he insists on protecting the woman who is trying to destroy her daughter.  Unbeknownst to both of them, Pam and a cameraman are taping this discussion from the bushes.  Stuart urges Adam to try to patch things up with his children by posing as him (Stuart) and doing some painting at Tad and Krystal’s home.  Adam does as suggested and hears Krystal admit that she still cares for Adam.  Zach returns to Spike’s room with some good news.  He has purchased the testing equipment that Dr. Norton needs to assess Spike’s hearing loss and it is en route to Pine Valley arriving the next day. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Henry tells Vienna her accountant took all of her money and she is now broke.  Vienna finds it hard to accept her new situation but she tells Henry as long as she has him, she will be happy.  Will and Gwen tell their friends about the upcoming birth of their baby.  Allison listens to Dusty as he talks about missing Johnny, Jennifer, and Emily.  Carly follows Kit to the cabin where Silas and Ava are hiding and finds J.J.  Carly unties J.J. and they start to get away but Silas and Ava return before Carly and J.J. can escape.  Luke and Noah bond as they talk about their families and share a close moment after a swim and towel fight.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thorne repeats to Donna, he wants to marry her. It’s fast and it’s amazing, but he doesn’t want to lose her, will she say yes? She’s happy to agree, but she has doubts about his mother accepting the marriage. They have mad, passionate sex and she promises that morning, noon and night for the rest of their life. Thorne immediately picks up the phone and orders the city’s best jeweler to bring his finest engagement rings.

Brooke assumes the song bird is from Nick until he tells her it wasn’t him. She asks for a hug. Stephanie is gleeful with Eric that all seems to be going well and Ridge and Ashley are closer than ever. Andy Johnson drops in on an unsuspecting Stephanie and is indeed happy that she steered him on to Brooke. But one thing, what is Stephanie’s real interest in this? Why him? She comes partly clean, that she never liked or got along with Brooke. She admits that Brooke is vulnerable and needs a man in her life, perhaps him. He knows just enough that he knows CPS has been there and Brooke could lose her children. Donna plays down the hugeness of the diamond, she only wants Thorne, etc. He convinces her that he wants the whole world to know how he feels and this certain ring says it in spades.

Brooke calls Stephanie and wants to see her kids. Stephanie relays they had such a fun-filled day, they are already in bed. Brooke doesn’t believe her and demands to come over anyway. Stephanie thwarts this by warning her that she can have her put in jail. Donna feigns hurt that Thorne doesn’t want to get a chapel tonight and get married immediately. He wants to take it slower, let Aly and the family get used to Donna and then move in together and then get married. She accepts his plan, a Forrester the world has never seen!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Shawn acts offended that Belle would question him but Belle sees through his act and demands the truth. Shawn starts to tell Belle about the call from Mimi but changes his response when he spots Lauren lurking in the bushes. Belle accepts the basic rewording of Shawn’s previous excuse. Belle joins John and Marlena at the pub where she gets lectured on lying to Shawn about the new clothes. Lauren asks Shawn for help getting out of trouble now that Philip has tracked her down but Shawn wants no part of it anymore.

The Bradys seek the help from a key expert and he is able to trace the key’s source to a tabernacle in Ireland. Hope and Bo deduce that the tabernacle has to be at the same Irish church where Colleen was and make plans to go there. Roman and Sami argue about going after the DiMeras. EJ sends Lucas a text message pretending to be Kate. Lucas heads to the pier to meet Kate but finds a voice calling out for help. Lucas tracks the voice to the refrigerated truck but inside finds a mannequin made up to look like Kate. Once inside, EJ locks Lucas inside. Lucas tries to turn off the cooling system but gets shocked and is knocked unconscious. Kate shows up at the hospital to visit roman and Sami realizes that Lucas could be in danger. EJ offers to escort Sami on the search and though they find the truck, EJ lures Sami away from it.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Kate's condescending attitude ticks off Epiphany, who is very derisive of haute couture. Liz is stunned and annoyed to find Sam playing with her boys when she comes home. Under Diane's questioning, Skye outlines how Lorenzo liked to play mind games designed to hurt his enemies. Lulu and Logan decide to hold off on sleeping together. Amelia tries to skew her testimony in Jason's favor, but when the gardener comes on and attests that he saw Jason carry Lorenzo's body out and put it in his trunk, all good seems to be undone. Sam begins her attempts at seducing Lucky. Fearing she is losing Kate to Connie, Kate announces she is leaving, so Sonny kisses her, and she runs.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Doris ridicules Ashlee for her crush she has on Coop and for holding out hope that Coop may be more interested in her than Ava. Coop arrives to go over a college course catalog with Ashlee and tells her not to let Doris get to her. Ashlee but she does want to go after what she wants and that’s him. When Coop needs to rush off to Ava Ashlee forces his hand making him choose between them. Coop picks Ava and returns to her. Coop asks Ava if she wants to start dating again. She very much does and basks in her happiness on Main Street when they go to see a movie. Coop keeps looking longingly at CO2 but Ashlee isn’t there. Ashlee walks by hand in hand with Stewart and Coop’s jaw drops.

Cassie and Josh are finally making plans for their wedding but Cassie gets news that Rob (her ex-husband and Tammy’s father) has died in prison. Jeffery meets her at the police station to gather Rob’s belongings. Cassie becomes distant after reading a note talking about what a fun person she used to be. Cassie meets up with Josh and drags him to Lizzie’s bar for some fun and dancing.

Reva struggles with walking away from Jeffery while he fights to hold on to her and Olivia is always just one step behind Reva watching her. Reva’s reluctance to end her relationship with Jeffery for good is really trying on Olivia’s nerves .Olivia gives Reva one last chance. Reva overhears a message Olivia is leaving for her and the wheels begin to turn.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Tate Harmon's trial is underway. All the people whom he's threatened are there to confront him in the courtroom. He pleads guilty, admits that he wishes he could have finished the job, doesn't need a lawyer, and will have his "followers" finishing what he started. So it's an open and shut case that he's going away. The guard takes him to his cell and introduces him to his African American cell mate. Rex and Adriana are happy about that but have a serious problem on their hands now that John knows they have both covered up knowing that Tommy McBain is really Todd Manning's son. Marty knows that John has something on his mind and wants to help him right before her own trial for the murder of Spencer Truman. Todd is outraged that Viki is listening to Natalie and letting Miles live in the Carriage House. Viki tells her brother it's only temporary and he might very well get what is coming to him when he goes to court.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Jeffrey tells Gloria he has a criminal record and she asks Michael to find out what he did. Cane lets everyone know that unless the mess at Clear Springs is cleaned up, the project will be cancelled, and Nikki will default on her loan. Neil warns Victor that it isn’t good business to be getting revenge on Nikki through the company. No one is interested in helping Nikki with the clean up. Daniel goes to Jack and asks for a job. He agrees and Daniel goes to work in the NE building which doesn’t sit well with Neil. Meanwhile Lily packs up Daniel’s belonging and has second thoughts about their divorce. Neil encourages Devon to set Lily up on a date to take her mind off of things. Nick and Sharon leave to look for a new location for the photo shoot. They look at an old bank that is being renovated and end up locked in the vault!

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